Houston LGBT Rights Polls: Too Close For Comfort

Two separate polls conducted by Houston television stations show that the Yes On 1 vote, which would keep the city’s LGBT rights law, is leading by an uncomfortably close margin. Most worrying are the undecideds – who make up 18% of the KHOU poll and 20% of the KPRC poll, although the Yes side leads 45-36 in the latter survey.

As I’ve reported several times in recent days, multiple national anti-LGBT hate groups are funneling money to the Houston campaign, with NOM and the Family Research Council among them. On our side are the local and national media and many local and national corporations.

Remember the words of Tony Perkins – if they can pull this off in America’s fourth-largest city, they can do this almost anywhere. Please consider making a contribution to Houston Unites, as they’ve a number of smart counter-attack ads. We CAN do this, we’ve done it before.

  • LonelyLiberal

    I always count Undecided as No unless there’s a durned good reason not to.

    Fortunately, Undecideds are less likely to bother voting, so there’s that…

    • Doug105

      Unfortunately the bigots tend to be better at turning out.

    • clay

      I hate special elections for that very reason.

  • Circ09

    As I posted in another thread already – Houston Council Member Ellen Cohen is matching donations up to $10000 at HoustonUnites for the next 48 hours. So if anyone here has some spare change…

  • DutchBoy74

    This is why rights should NEVER EVER be up to a popular vote. On again / Off again. It harms people. I thought this country learned that from Prop 8.

    This kind of junk is going to continue until we get an Equality Act. Makes my blood boil.

    • Gerry Fisher


    • NedFlaherty

      The country did, in fact, learn much from CA Proposition 8.

      The Texas Supreme Court, however, did not.

      The only reason that HERO is on the Houston municipal ballot is that the state Supreme Court insisted that human rights, civil rights, and constitutional rights can be denied by a popular vote. The 9 justices on that court are: all theocrats, all arch-conservatives, all Republicans.

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  • justmeeeee

    Polls don’t mean shit these days. When will people learn that?

    • Outlaw Woman

      I agree … so much depends on how a question is phrased, in what scenario the poll is posed (random land line phone calls? man-on-the-street interviews? only those who choose to respond to an on-line poll?), the polling company, etc.

  • Bruno

    I don’t think they can pull this off almost anywhere. Houston is a huge city, and thus more liberal than most of Texas, but it’s still in Texas. Let’s not forget that we won the 2nd round in Fayetteville, AR just a few weeks ago, and have won other votes such as Gainesville, FL way back in 2009. And there’s no way they could pull this off in more progressive parts of the country either. A loss here is not a turning point by any means.

    • Alan43

      Definitely. And why is Joe taking the words of Tony Perkins seriously? The guy’s a liar, and on the losing side of history on this issue
      I know scare tactics are a common fundraising technique, but I think we also have to look at the situation clearly. Local losses won’t change the way the country is headed as a whole

      • JustSayin’

        Why take it seriously? You really asked that? Okay her is why, PEOPLE in particular LIBERALS don’t show up to votes unless they are personally affected! Get it? It is serious!

        • Alan43

          So scare tactics are the only way to get liberals to the polls? I’d like to think that liberals could respond to a reasoned argument. We mock NOM or FRC when they beg for money with ridiculous scare stories. We should avoid doing the same
          And I’d point out I wasn’t saying it was HERO that shouldn’t be taken seriously, only the words of Tony Perkins

  • Ray Muñez

    Yup, heading for defeat thanks to lumping transgender issues with sexual orientation. Same fucking thing over and over and over. No other minority group lets itself get used like we gay people let ourselves get used. So fucking ridiculous. If the public supports 1 thing and not the other, then pass the 1 thing and work on the other. We need to pass sexual orientation which will protect everyone – gay, straight, bi, cis and trans – from discrimination on that basis. Then we can help transgenders in making their case on the separate issue of gender identity.

    • MattM

      If you don’t like it, you’re free to leave.

      Throwing another minority under the bus so that the LGB’s can thrive makes us no worse than those who seek to completely legally disenfranchise the LGBT community. And don’t kid yourself, because you must know on some level that bigots don’t discriminate when it comes to hate – they hate each letter of the LGBT equally and indiscriminately. They only focus on the T now because 1) it’s not politically expedient to pick on the other three letters anymore, 2) because the transgender community is underrepresented and thus a sitting duck and 3) because lots of people, including LGBs, are transphobic and see no issue with not extending empathy towards them.

      Edit: I notice you’ve only posted three whole comments since you created that username, and that your profile is private. Hello, obvious transphobic troll. Life without a soul must be so relaxing.

      • Ray Muñez

        Gay people fighting for gay rights is not throwing another group under the bus. We should never apologize for fighting for our rights. It’s a good cause. It helps everyone. It’s wrong to let that cause die and to see people harmed because trans activists have to be placated. No other groups is held to the standard you are trying to hold gays to. Latinos can fight for the DREAM Act and African-Americans can fight for an extension of the Voting Rights Act and they don’t have to apologize to us for not adding ENDA into their fight. They will help us when the time comes, but we don’t expect them to stop pursuing their issues as a kind of sacrifice for us. If we put such a demand on them, they would think we had lost our minds and they would say no. And none of those groups make that demand of us. It’s only gays who are subjected to this fucking nonsense and only by transgenders. Time to say No Mas. And you are free to leave if you don’t like it.

        • MattM

          Listen, troll, it’s the LGBT community. But putting on this “enlightened minority” charade to make yourself not seem self-serving and transphobic isn’t fooling anyone. Especially in light of the other troll comments you’ve made her and on Towleroad. So save the bullshit.

    • jesusismylove

      I’m with you on that. This is ridiculous were even having this conversation. God didn’t make them that way.

      • LonelyLiberal

        We’ll breathlessly await your proof on that. Empiricism required.

        Oh, and also on the justification you have for putting words in your god’s mouth…a definite no-no called being a false prophet.

      • MattM

        Where are you fundie trolls suddenly coming from? Were you all locked up in a pen, and then simultaneously released into a computer lab?

    • Gerry Fisher

      Might have been a reasonable strategy in the 80s, but we’re way too far down the road for that now.

      • Ray Muñez

        If you are going in the wrong direction, you get off at the next exit and make a course correction. You don’t say, “Well, this may be the wrong road, but I’ve been on it for so long, I can’t stop now!”

  • Belthazar

    At this point, TV ads are not going to win or lose it. IMO, it will come down to the “ground game” – who can get there constituents out to vote, particularly with it being an off year vote.

    • Dramphooey

      Donations help with that, too, I’m sure.

  • Ninja0980

    I resent the fact our rights are being put up for a vote once again.
    Sad to say though, nothing is going to be done at the federal level until 2022 at the earliest when the maps can be redrawn to hopefully give Democrats a shot at getting back the House.
    Until then, we will have be subjected to crap like this again and again.

  • Neely OHara

    The link in the above takes you to the “Sign Petition” page. The “Make A Donation” page is here;


  • TexPlant

    I do not have a good feeling about the vote. Too many closed minded fools in the state of Texas and the bad side spews lies as if it were fact – the simpletons eat that shit up!

    • Outlaw Woman

      I have to disagree … those same “close minded fools” in Houston (who will be the only ones voting, not all Texans) elected themselves a lesbian mayor TWICE.

  • Gerry Fisher

    People, put down the hateful propaganda pamphlets and take a look at the various American neighbors of yours who’ve passed laws like this without incident. Please. (I *hate* that this is being put up for a vote.)

  • Blake Jordan

    The haterz have won, by making it all about the fucking bathroom!!!
    I hate how stupid the average white heterosexual is, epsicially since they are allowed to vote on the rights of minorities.

  • mikensf74

    Thanks for sharing the link to Houston Unites, Joe. I’ll be making a contribution now, on behalf of Tony Perkins.

  • Max_1

    Shame… It’s 2015 in these 50 United States of America and people are still arguing over the terms of ‘Equal Justice Under The Law’ and voting to outlaw ‘some’ people’s Civil Rights.

  • Skokieguy

    This would be a travesty if they win, but at the same time, will this possibly help galvanize the not-paying-attention general public?

    Many people don’t believe the we don’t already have equal protection. [You can get married, so just shut up already]

    Just as the Westboro Church and Kim Davis have helped our side by exposing the naked unfairness and hate of the other side, if Houston repeals our rights, maybe it will cause it to be a bigger part of the 2016 elections and finally be addressed at the national level. Full equality may be approaching critical mass.