Paul Ryan Issues Ultimatum: I’ll Only Serve As House Speaker If Teabaggers Promise To Leave Me Alone

Ever since Kevin McCarthy abruptly dropped his bid for House Speaker, Breitbart has been running multiple daily attacks on that also terrible RINO, Paul Ryan. Tonight Ryan declared that he MIGHT serve as Speaker – but with a whopping proviso aimed squarely at Teabagistan. The Washington Post reports:

Ryan met Tuesday evening with tea party hard-liners and later with the larger group of House Republicans. His allies said they expected him to make clear that he will move to formally seek the speaker’s gavel only if he has the nearly unanimous support of his GOP colleagues, arguing that a speaker who starts with uncertain political capital would face a constant threat of intraparty reprisals. Ryan, 45, is expected to continue meeting Wednesday with House Republicans to explore his reluctant candidacy for speaker, evaluating whether the groundswell of enthusiasm that has greeted him in recent weeks can be sustained over the long haul. At the top of Ryan’s list of demands, his associates said, is a desire to lead the House GOP as its spokesman and agenda setter without the threat of revolt from the right, halting a dynamic that has dominated the tumultuous speakership of John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), who announced last month that he would leave Congress at the end of October.

Most of Breitbart’s attacks on Ryan center on his position on immigration.ryanbreit