So There Was A “Blood Rave” In New York City

Remember that opening scene in Blade when all the vampires are at a rave and the sprinklers douse everybody with blood? Yeah, there was a recreation at Terminal 5 in Manhattan this weekend.  Because Comic Con of course. Gothamist reports:

Put on by BBQ Films and tied to the weekend-long ruckus that is NYC Comic Con, the Blood Rave featured a live action performance of scenes from the film, with ticket-buyers encouraged to dress the part of hemoglobin-craving vampires. Also adding to the ambiance was electronic music legends The Crystal Method, who headlined the evening. But the star attractions were Blade… and all the (fake) blood. Just before midnight, a squadron of technicians suited up with body-mounted sprayers surrounded the crowd and, on cue, soaked the writhing masses with synthetic blood. No leather corset or bare tattooed back was spared as the ravers seethed with fanged glee beneath the crimson rain. For a few hours, it was truly weird and wonderful to see a sea of giddy daywalkers living out fantasy bloodlust.

Tons of photos are at the link.

  • SilasMarner

    Not my cup of tea, thank you.

  • Tipsy

    For authenticity, Wesley Snipes came in and murdered everyone.

  • skeptical_inquirer

    So basically a hipper version of the Republican National Convention.

    • Justin

      Yeah. In this one, they don’t actually drink real blood.

  • Michael Rush

    Everyone got to live out Carries prom experience …

    • Webslinger

      I can see your dirty pillows…

      • William

        And I liked it!!!

  • David L. Caster


  • Octavio

    Stefon didn’t mention a word about this?

    • Silver Badger

      Not a syllable.

    • Jeffrey

      It has everything!

  • Dramphooey

    Last night on my way home I encountered a beautiful bluegrass rendition of “Leaves That Are Green (turn to brown)” on a Prairie Home Companion. And then there was this happening elsewhere.

  • Paula


  • BobSF_94117

    So, when it was all over, had they picked a Speaker?

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      Comment of the month, at least. You win the internet!

  • Andrea_Rae

    looks uncomfortable. . . .imagine the cabbies taking them back to their hotels. . .

  • Jeffrey

    Well everything isn’t for everybody, but that guy in the pic is hot as hell.

    • LonelyLiberal

      I’d nibble on his neck.

      • JCF

        Heh-heh, I was waiting for one of you guys to say “I spray another bodily fluid all over him”. ;-p~~~

        • LonelyLiberal

          Well, that’s sexist. And it assumes that all males are just after a quick lay.

  • DaddyRay

    Bloody Hell

  • Dan Robinson

    I’m glad I’m old.

    • BudClark

      Considering the alternative, me too!

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      There’s an app for that 😉

      • Dan Robinson

        Undoubtedly but I’m too old for a smart phone. Now excuse me while I oil my joints. (hash oil works best)

        • NMNative

          Concentrates are nice.

  • ZhyKitty

    Fun! 15-20 years ago, I’d have loved a night like that!!!!

    • Joseph Miceli

      Yep! I’m with you. Listen to all these old fogeys! You’d think none of them had ever been young!

      • Dramphooey

        Oh, if you’re going to call us “old fogeys” here, with all due respect, is my view of a bunch of people at a ComicCon pretending to be vampires.

        • ZhyKitty

          ….and PROUD of it! lol

        • Joseph Miceli

          Don’t get all verkempt! I love my JoeMyGod peeps. I just think THEY might have forgotten what it was like to drink till 8:00am, take a hit of acid or fall into bed with a hot guy you exchanged eight words with.

          You can have any opinion of vampires you want. Lord knows I think they are silly. My reply wasn’t about that. It was more a comment on the “get off my lawn” crowd.

          • Dramphooey

            Hey, I’ll drink and dance until it’s time to stop at Panera Bread on the way home and fall into not necessarily a bed with a hot guy I exchanged no words with but you can keep the acid. For one thing I like eating hot dogs.


          • Joseph Miceli

            Oh, I’m 50 now. No Acid since my 20’s. But I DO remember it!

          • Joseph Miceli

            Oh my God! That is hilarious!!!! I think I’ll wear my pink capris and drop some acid!!!

      • ZhyKitty

        LOL Maybe a lot of our brothers and sisters here were young in a different era? Perhaps, longer ago than we were young? lol
        I stayed on the night scene well into my late 30’s because it was part of my job, so I got to experience the vibe and scene of more than one era.
        I love Crystal Method… their music was part of the nightlife for me towards the end of my “going out” years, so it has fond memories attached….as does the 90’s vampire scene (we used to ride 3 hours to the city to go to Vampire themed clubs. Today, my niece owns all of my old (expensive) costumes, which have been re-purposed for whatever it is she’s into.).
        Anyway, I remember raves, before they were commercialized, much like Pride…and I’d have really dug a night out at a Vampire themed rave, in the not so long ago past, when my body could still party all night. : )

        • Joseph Miceli

          The Kingfish, in 1989, someplace in Louisiana in the woods near Derider and Fort Polk. 1000 to 2000 people all full of the finest Xtacy you could get. Glow sticks and bottled water until 8:00 in the morning and then it was off to the malls in our black outfits and parachute pants to scare families at the mall. I still can’t listen to “Information Society” without getting a flashback.

          Silly? Yes. Fun?
          I wouldn’t trade that time for anything!

  • DaddyRay

    The closest I will get is a Bloody Mary

    • bzrd

      My kind of Mary.

    • CanuckDon

      Bloody Caesars if you’re up this way in Canuckland!

    • kanehau

      That crab looks like it has one hell of a hangover.

    • StraightGrandmother

      What do you think the black around the rim of the glass is?
      Also right in the middle is some kind of a black thing and it has some kind of a green thing leaning on it.

      What do you think those 3 ingredients are?
      Thank oyu

      • JustDucky

        The black around the rim is probably Hawaiian Black Salt.

      • DaddyRay

        The Ultimate Bloody Mary

        2 oz vodka
        2 oz tomato puree
        1/2 oz lemon juice
        1 big dash Worcestershire sauce
        2 teaspoons freshly grated horseradish
        3 dashes Tabasco
        2 pinches celery salt
        1 pinch black pepper

        crab leg (cooked)
        whole shrimp (cooked)
        celery stick
        lemon wedge
        pickled green beans (preferably spicy)
        caper berries
        cherry tomatoes
        mini sweet peppers (fresh)
        black lava salt for the rim

        Add all of the cocktail ingredients into your shaker.
        Fill with ice and shake for 10 seconds.
        Pour the entire contents of the shaker into a black lava salt-rimmed pint glass.
        Add as many of the garnishes as humanly possible.

        • ZhyKitty

          That sounds heavenly.
          Oh, I used to LOVE a good bloody mary! Especially after a night of hard drinking and heavy dope. Mmmmmmm

          • Ginger Snap

            Start with a bloody Mary at Sunday brunch move to Mimosa’s with the food after eating a coffee with Baileys. Once the check is paid off to the bar because it time for T-Dance and Martinis. This is what ever Sunday was like after Saturday hard partying fo at least 20 years of my life.

          • thank you for reminding me of so many of my Sundays when I lived in SF 🙂 lol–at one point I was dating a Chinese-American and when we would go to the T-Dance he would always want to leave early. When I asked him why he said, “Because at my height I’m at arm pit level for most men and I don’t enjoy the smell once they’ve been dancing.”

          • Ginger Snap

            Musky, dusty Sundays.

        • StraightGrandmother

          Daddy Ray, thank you SO MUCH!
          I am totally going to make these for Christmas and New Years.
          I e-mailed the link to our children.
          We like Bloody Marys on Christmas.

          • DaddyRay

            Enjoy – they were delicious and very unique. I will have to see if I have pictures from the party. They were a bit hit.

            My only criticism was my friend didn’t make the bacon crispy enough.

          • StraightGrandmother

            Thanks for the tip, I will make our bacon very crispy.
            I so love horseradish in a bloody mary, don’t you?

          • DaddyRay

            It does add an interesting kick

          • DaddyRay

            Bloody Marys on Christmas seems appropriate

        • StraightGrandmother

          I’m going to order the salt.

          Gotta have that salt, it looks so cool.

      • DaddyRay

        A friend of mine made these about a year ago for a 50th Birthday Brunch and shared the link when I asked how it was made

      • pj


    • They’ve gone too far.

  • perversatile

    …and I thought there was nothing
    more ridiculous than a foam party.

    • clay

      Considering what the foam can do to one’s skin, I’m not sure that this was more ridiculous.

      • perversatile

        ‘Considering what the foam can do to one’s skin…’
        or your urinary tract

  • rusty57

    One of the coolest opening sequences for a film with the exception of Hitchcock’s “Rebecca”, in my entirely subjective opinion.

    I’d need more room on the dance floor than I used to, but hell yeah!

  • Frank

    South Park did it first.

  • Webslinger

    $1 from each ticket was donated to the American Red Cross.


    PUREBLOODS: $108

    All tickets included a screening of the film, live music and performances, and a limited-edition event poster, and more.

    Purebloods got the special treatment they deserve as centuries-old royalty, including access to special areas, unique performances, and special one-of-a-kind gifts.

    • bzrd

      American Grifter Cross is always there at the raging fire advertising for money but when the displaced are interviewed about the help they received to relocate, spend the night, find clothing, many complain that there was nothing from ARC. It was a scandal when the salary of the CEO was mentioned because they weren’t helping the folks from fires east of San Diego a few years back.

  • Clungeflaps

    That looks hilarious and awesome.

    Better than Burning Man, where you are surrounded by a bunch of rich, precious techies on their first MDMA pill, thinking they are changing the world through steampunk sculptures and 5 years behind the times dubstep.

  • Jeffrey

    Whether or not it is your cup of tea is immaterial. Good for whomever for getting out there and having fun that doesn’t hurt anyone. If you’ve never gone to a club and done crazy stuff then I feel sorry for you. Im about to be 45 and my days of doing that are probably over, but I don’t begrudge the kids a good time.

    • StraightGrandmother

      So here is grandma, I wouldn’t like this.
      But this is not just any old disco/bar it is comic con so I suppose for those people who enjoy fantasy they enjoyed it.
      I don’t ever fantasize about blood (or anything else) so this isn’t for me.

    • I agree, may not be for everyone, but seems harmless. Although my first thought was Pat Robertson spinning this into some anti-LGBT rant on the the clubhouse.

      • BudClark

        What the GLBTQAI community does for for fun (in and out of bed) is none of Aunt Pitty-Pat’s damn business!

        • Of course, but that doesn’t stop the bitch from describing it in detail on air to scare his blue hair fan base.

  • Mike C

    Been to a few of BBQ Films events and they have NEVER failed to deliver an amazing time. They really know how to connect with fans of cult films. The events are always fundraisers for charity too. Great people.

  • empidonax_road

    Good lord, what is wrong with people?

  • KaBoomBOX

    Did Traci Lords bring the fresh meat?

  • Duh-David

    There was a leather bar in Cincinnati in the eighties, long gone, that would host an annual Hurricane Party, one of the few times in the year when Cincinnati dropped its inhibitions along with its pants. About midnight the DJ would mix into It’s Raining Men and they would turn on the fire sprinklers and industrial fans at all corners of the room. Water spraying horizontal through a bar of semi-nude men. My bestie of the time, still runs for the doors screaming whenever he hears the first few notes of the Weathergirls.

  • TreGibbs

    The sheer stupidity of the human race never ceases to astound me.

  • Ginger Snap

    All that red sticky corn syrup fake blood on sweaty half naked people, yum!! I would have loved this in my 20-30’s.

  • NMNative

    I guess I’m getting too old, this just looks gross.

  • bob

    Our society is in sad shape…..