Joe Biden Keynotes Human Rights Campaign Annual Gala, Calls For Passage Of Equality Act [VIDEO]

Chris Johnson reports at the Washington Blade:

Although he’s previously articulated support for comprehensive legislation prohibiting anti-LGBT legislation, Biden took the opportunity of his speech to explicitly endorse the Equality Act, which would amend the Civil Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity. “I strongly support the Equality Act, and it will pass, it will pass,” Biden said. “It may not pass this Congress. It will pass because it’s simple and it’s straightforward.” Biden is credited in 2012 with dubbing transgender rights the “civil rights issue of our time,” an assertion he repeated at the dinner as he commended Defense Secretary Ashton Carter for starting a review expected to lead to an end of the openly transgender service in May. “It took the secretary of defense about 10 minutes,” Biden said. “In July 2015 no longer is there any questions, transgender people are able to serve in the United States military.” “All Americans who are able to serve physically should be able to serve,” Biden added. The vice president, whom many are speculating is considering a presidential bid, early in his remarks started to say, “A number of you have spoken to me over the years,” when an audience member interrupted him, shouting, “You should run!” Biden tried to tamp it down, saying. “No. You didn’t say that,” then returned to his remarks.

Below is Biden’s full address. Make some time for it.

  • Shy Guy

    “comprehensive legislation prohibiting anti-LGBT legislation”
    I think they meant prohibiting anti-LGBT discrimination. Though prohibiting anti-LGBT legislation would quiet down a lot of statehouses.

    “a review expected to lead to an end of the openly transgender service in May”

    I’m guessing they meant an end of the ban on transgender service.

    Perhaps they could hire a copy editor at the Washington Blade.

    • marshlc

      Oh thank goodness, I thought it was me.

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      I had doubt on my reading skills before a first coffee. I’m reassured.

    • 2patricius2

      I wondered if the Vice President misspoke, then I listened to his address and he did not. The reporter miswrote.

  • Gerry Fisher

    I find it absolutely bizarre that a straight politician has to hand the talking point “Same-sex couples can get married on Saturday but fired from their jobs on Monday” to Gay, Inc. Where the hell have these “activists” been?! (And good for Joe. He’s absolutely right, IMO.)

    • IdBlowBeau

      I find it absolutely bizarre that anybody listens to this troll with hair plugs.

      That said, his dead son was HOT, so something good occasionally comes outta his cock….

      • Octavio

        Troll alert. Troll alert for a troll with the worst taste imaginable.

  • No one makes a better Vice President than Joe Biden!

  • Robert W. Pierce

    I hope the next Democratically controlled government will make it happen. I widh him the very best. Am not sure what the American Equalities laws are exactly. Over here in the UK, LGBT people had certain protections prior to the 2010 Equalities Act being enacted. It was changed in 2010 and broadened to include everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation covering the following, protected characteristics:

    Being or becoming a transsexual person
    Being married or in a civil partnership
    Being pregnant or having a child
    Race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin
    Religion, belief or lack of religion/belief
    Sexual orientation

    Everyone is protected from discrimination in these situations:

    At work
    In education
    As a consumer
    When using public services
    When buying or renting property
    As a member or guest of a private club or association

    Also, trans-gendered people are allowed to serve in the military. Meanwhile, the Gender Recognition Act of 2004 is being reviewed for an upgrade, as well as for gender neutral passports.

    • StraightGrandmother

      Wouldn’t it be nice if that were the law everywhere.

      • Robert W. Pierce

        Indeed, it certainly would be. Let’s hope the Democrats are successful at bringing it about. Long overdue.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Biden, a democrat who voted for Bill Clintons DOMA, is enthusiastic about a law that protects the roman cult and other cults from penalties if they discriminate.

    It’s a step forward and better than ENDA because it includes housing and public accommodations but it’s flawed because it exempts cults. “The Equality Act updates the law to add explicit protections for sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity to existing civil rights laws. It does not change the religious exemptions already in place in federal law. Those religious entities that are currently exempt will remain exempt, with regard to expressing a preference for people of their faith in employment, under Sections 702(a) and 703(e) of Title VII) and for the sale, rental, or occupancy of a dwelling owned by a religious organization for non-commercial purposes (under Section 3607 of the Fair Housing Act) will remain allowed to do so.

  • Dead Giveaway

    Another scumbag opportunist. He’s no ally unless it’s politically advantageous.