Politico: Colbert Bests Trump [VIDEO]

Politico recaps last night’s show:

Donald Trump was in no fighting mood on Tuesday night. Rather than come out swinging, as he did at the outset of last week’s Republican debate, a subdued front-runner came out nodding in his “Late Show” interview with Stephen Colbert. Rather than engage or try to turn the tables, Trump, whose default mode is offense, repeatedly agreed with the wisecracks lobbed by the razor-sharp comedian, who has a knack for skewering self-serious politicians. “I want to thank you not only for being here but I want to thank you for running for president, because I’m not going to say this stuff writes itself, but you certainly do deliver it on time every day,” joked Colbert at the outset of the interview. “I think so. I think so,” agreed Trump. “I work hard at it. I think so.”

  • Sam_Handwich

    he can’t renounce the birther crap … it’s the only reason he has legs to begin with

    i enjoyed the reference to Pizza Rat!


    • radiofreerome

      That rat is strictly bridge and tunnel!
      Real Manhattanites fold their slices.

      • TampaDink

        Whose to say that the rat doesn’t live in Brooklyn or maybe Staten Island? ☺

        • radiofreerome

          That’s what “bridge and tunnel” means. It means you commute to Manhattan- you don’t live there.

          • TampaDink

            Ah. Thank you. I misunderstood…obviously, & presumed it meant that there are rats who live in the subways & on the bridges.

  • Steven Leahy

    I think Trump’s finished as a candidate and his long slide into oblivion is beginning. I think running for president is seriously kicking his ass more than he thought it would. He got his jabs and barbs out early, but there’s no substance to the man behind all the bluster. Really, behind the reality TV obnoxiousness, there’s just not much to the guy.

    • Buford

      Agree… I’m starting to wonder if the mainstream GOP conspiracy theory wherein Trump is really shilling for the Dems has some truth to it.

      • BobSF_94117

        He’s not schilling for Dems. He’s “entertaining” the nation while war chests are built based on the unseemly positions he’s taking. All the racism and callousness he brings to the stage ideas would never, ever have seen the light of day from a serious candidate. And the money is pouring in.

    • regal881s

      Being president of the United States is an EXTREMELY serious job! Yeah,morons bitch and moan about president Obama every fucking chance they get but president Obama is doing a good job and will be recognized as one of America’s best presidents by the time his second term comes to a close,whether said morons like it or not! Trump is not presidential material! He’s been extraordinarily disrespectful to president Obama and the presidential office itself! Really,the entire GOP has been disrespectful to Obama and the presidential office! With that in mind,there isn’t a single republican candidate fit for the white house,they are all a bunch of sociopaths and twat waffles! All Trump did was bring the GOP platform to the center of the stage in full spotlight!

      • Steven Leahy

        Trump is and always has been a joke. I agree with you on Omaha, I have always liked and admired him. He’s the best president in my lifetime. People where I live and work tend to hate him but I am unabashedly and loudly (when the need arises) supportive of Obama.

        • james_from_cambridge

          So agree. Best President since FDR, easily. He will be part of the new Holy Trinity of the Democratic party, along with Jefferson and FDR.

    • CanuckDon

      “The Emporer has no clothes! Now shut up and grab a housecoat or something.”

    • Prion

      • Gerry Fisher

        mmm-hmmm! In Frank Rich’s article, this is *exactly* the point he was making. Exposing how uniformly the candidates are empty suits and puppets.

    • Towa Tei

      “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

  • vorpal

    All this ridiculous talk of a wall… does he think he’s commander of the Night’s Watch?

    • Sam_Handwich

      a serious wall with a beautiful door! it’ll be Yuuuuuuge!

    • Buford

      Anyone who tried to construct a huge border wall through the middle of the gorgeous Big Bend region of Texas would have a full-blown war on their hands.

      • The efficacy of any wall they decided to build anywhere would be undermined by the 1%er’s and their contractors who would be given trillions of dollars to do so. The thing would be collapsing under it’s own weight within 20 years of being built due to shoddy building practices to milk as much profit out of the project as possible. And we’d be left with a mouldering, rusting heap of trash stretching across thousands of miles of our southern border. Even if high quality materials and best construction/labor practices were consistently applied the money to maintain it would never be approved so we’d end up with the same effect, it would just take a little longer for it to fall apart. (See: Federal highway system.)

        • cminca

          And just who do they think is doing construction in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern CA?

    • oikos

      Shit. Does that mean Winter is coming?

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Republicans are very WHITE walkers 🙂

        • oikos

          Time to stock up on Volcanic glass.

    • MDB
      • Joe in PA

        Did Vorpal have a sleepover last night? Hmmm.

      • JCF

        Aw! I love black kittehs…

    • Hue-Man

      Walker dropped out, taking his Canadian wall – all 5,000 miles of it – with him. When Trump drops out, will his Great Wall of Mexico disappear too?

      • Doug105

        Sadly no, the teaparty has mouthed off about that one for years.

        • Hue-Man

          Bridges falling down, water and sewer past their replace date, ancient airports, an electrical grid one lightning strike away from collapse, and the highest priority for spending government funds is the Great Wall of Mexico! DUH.

    • Now Anon

      Hope all is well with you and yours and that the temblor wasn’t too awful. I got to ride out the Loma Prieta quake in 1989 in San Francisco and it was quite scary.

      • vorpal

        Yes! All is well with the hubby and I and our army of four kitties! The quake was huge and close to where we live, so the whole house was shaking like mad, but I stood in a door frame and laughed and laughed while hubby and the cats freaked out!

        Only a few things fell off shelves over here, and afterwards, since we are in a designated tsunami evacuation safe zone, a bunch of my coworkers and their friends came by and we had a party and drank mucho tequila and rode out the aftershocks… so all in all, from my perspective, it was actually a really fun evening.

        On the other hand, I feel terrible for all the people who suffered as a result :(… especially from the 15 foot tsunami that did a great deal of damage :(.

        • TampaDink

          Glad to read this update….and that all is well with you, your hubs & the kitties.

          • vorpal

            Thanks for the well wishes, TD!

            One of the kitties (our other black boy, not the one in my avatar) who is a freaking charmer who woos all the boys and girls but is probably dumb as bricks came out from under the bed about a minute after it ended. I think he forgot anything even happened by that point. But each aftershock sent him skittering back down there to join the other three. Later, rinse, requake, repeat :-).

          • TampaDink

            Rinse, requake, repeat has me laughing. ☺

        • Now Anon

          Thanks for all that! Didn’t know about the tsumani. I need to go back to TVN and check out the latest.

          In the Loma Prieta, that’s about all the damage we had. Luckily we were up on the hill at the top of Castro Street and the hill took all the shock. Still a lot of rocking and rolling, nonetheless.

          Also — tequila?? If I still drank, it would have been bottom shelf Piscola with nothing less than Pisco Capel. God I love that stuff!

          • vorpal

            Eeep! Glad you didn’t have much damage. Our good friends here lived on the 10th floor of a building and their kitchen was trashed, with everything conceivable broken in it from the building swaying to and fro.

            Don’t get me wrong: I do love me some Pisco, cheap or expensive, but man, the hangovers from it for me are unbearable. With tequila, on the other hand, I wake up feeling minty fresh and bouncy like the kitten than I am!

  • Gigi

    If not Trump, who then? Is there a good GOP candidate? (Not suggesting that Trump
    was good…)

    • Nope. Nobody that the entire right are remotely enthusiastic about. Every other candidate means civil war and screams of third party. Except Carson, who’s as electable as a mylar balloon of Dora the Explorer.

    • popebuck1

      That’s just it. If you want to know why Trump got any traction to begin with, all you have to do is look at the rest of that field.

      • Joseph Miceli

        Trump got traction because he is the perfect exemplar of the ignorant, racist homophobic misogynistic base that makes up the Republican party.

        • popebuck1

          Well, that too.

      • Gigi

        I know why Trump got traction. He had his own “reality” t.v. show. People liked hearing him say, “You’re fired.” They also liked hearing him make disparaging remarks about Mexicans and Rosie. They really want America “to be great again.” Whatever that means. In their feeble minds that’s an America without uppity blacks, liberals, Mexicans and gay marriage. They long for “the good old days,” which weren’t really all that good.

        • skeptical_inquirer

          They’re basically Archie Bunker.

          • And Archie Bunker was played by a hardcore liberal union-man.

        • popebuck1

          Exactly. It’s just that if ANY of the other candidates had the charisma of a bowl of cold oatmeal, they’d be able to respond. But they don’t.

          Trump has worked with the WWE, he understands the concept of “heel heat.” That is to say, he understands that it doesn’t matter in the long run whether they’re cheering for you or booing you – if you’ve got them paying attention to you, you’re winning. The other Republican candidates are such “black holes of charisma” (to steal Rachel’s phrase about Scott Walker) that it’s been child’s play for Trump, with his reality TV experience, to dominate the proceedings.

    • MarkOH

      Well, listening to my mother, she LOVES Ben Carson. “He makes so much sense”. I think their best bet is Fiorina, at least they might get some of the female votes. But, it’s the reason they are SO active in persecuting Hiliary. They are scared STIFF.

      • You need to check to see how many different meds your mom is on because, obviously, one or more of them is interfering with one or more of the others working properly.

  • So it looks like Trump is finally toast. Damnit, I thought this nonsense would last a bit longer. Because when he finally goes down, his rabble of orcs are going to make a commotion and I want them in disarray as long as possible. Plus I want Ted Cruz safely spiked.

  • Texndoc

    Back in the day he would brag “You won’t BELIEVE what my investigators have found!!” regarding Obama’s birth certificate. Colbert brings it up and he “doesn’t want to talk about it.” And as we know, when a candidate doesn’t want to talk about something, everybody backs off. Right? Right? I hope he dies screaming.

    • DonnaLee

      Same with the one about Obama coming to get everyone’s guns. I love to tote that one out every year, cause I must have heard it about 20 times in 3 months, then nothing.

  • oikos

    Let’s hope he hangs in there long enough to shatter the repuglican party.

    • DonnaLee

      It’s already starting to crack from the strain from what I’m hearing….

      • oikos

        Can’t happen soon enough for the country.

  • bdsmjack

    “He was our Last Hope.”
    “No…there is another…”

    • 2karmanot

      OhMyGawd, is she eating Marcus’ best friend?

  • Steven Leahy

    Trump’s used to being in control of the conversation and outcome. When he doesn’t have that control, he totally flounders. He just does’t know anything materially about all of the political issues facing this country and the world for that matter.

  • Guest Guestie

    I remain convinced that the vast majority of these yahoos don’t want to “be” president, they just want to “run” for president — because of all the speaking gigs, book deals, and invitations to talk shows it generates for years. Trump included. Drop out of the race, yes. He’ll find a way to do so once he figures out how to blame someone else for it (cuz he’s not a LOSER!). But he’s never going to fade into oblivion.

  • Dot Beech

    There’s no down side for Trump. He’s having the time of his life. And, for the most part, he’s proven that he’s at least as qualified for the presidency as any of the other GOP candidates. Given the choice between Trump and any of the other GOP candidates, the obvious choice is Trump. Rubio? Paul? God help us. Trump will soon turn all this into another book and make some more money. In the meantime, any oxygen he sucks out of Jeb Bush’s miserable life and career, the better off we all are. Go, Donald! I’m voting Democratic, but Go, Donald! GO!

  • Mike Thakar

    God, please, smite all politicians from late night talk shows. I’ve given up on all of them — Fallon, Meyers, Kimmel and Colbert — who the fuck wants to be entertained by a bunch of wannabe presidential posers? Its bedtime not the news hour. They are ALL, whether its Trump or Clinton, a bunch of fake smiling fake story telling fake celebrity fakers. Fuck, there’s 14 fucking more months of this shit. FUCK.

    • I know. So boring. They should do the Graham Norton thing and put them all on a sofa together: line Ted Cruz or Donald Trump up beside Amy Sedaris or Louis CK and watch the politicians wither up and blow away.

  • Bj Lincoln

    I am beginning to like Colbert in this new role. I do wish he would stop with the politicians and move to more entertaining guests.
    There is no GOP candidate that can do the job of President. They can bitch all they want but the job is a lot harder and more complicated than they think. Obama has managed to accomplish great things in spite of the GOP trying to stop him at every turn and will be remembered as one of our greatest Presidents. That is going to be a hard act to follow, even for a DEM.

  • bkmn

    All along part of me keeps thinking that at some point Trump is going to stand up on a stage and get the crowd revved up then turn around and call them a bunch of losers, asking them who they think built the country (immigrants) and what does freedom of religion mean (you don’t have to be a crazy, ranting fundie). Basically call out all his “followers” on their crude hatred and ignorance. Maybe…

    • Gerry Fisher

      He’s giving people a platform to demonstrate what losers they are. Unfortunately, people are coming through. 🙁

  • olandp

    Trump is smarter than I give him credit for. Never pick a battle of wits with someone smarter than yourself. Stick to Megyn Kelly.

  • Am I the only one who thinks Trump was very, very smart here and this interview was very, very well done? Trump knows Colbert is beloved by the nation he wants to rule. He knows if he goes on the offensive Colbert will have a scorching comeback ready for every possible scenario. So he sat back, pulled his punches, simmered a bit but acted much more professional than he has of late.

    As a result, there’s now footage of Trump and America’s favourite pundit bantering, laughing, and making light of themselves. Colbert didn’t ‘beat’ Trump. This was well-orchestrated and pulled off without a hitch. This was a subtle but clear step forward for Trump.

    At least that’s my take on it.

    • Gerry Fisher

      Agreed. In terms of the skewering effect on the political landscape, these two are equals. It wouldn’t have served tRump to go after a kindred spirit…especially a kindred spirit who’s wittier than he is.

    • TampaDink

      Colbert called out his audience on Monday night when they boo’d Raphael Carnival Cruz….asking them to show respect for his guest. I think he’ll do the same with all of the candidates…and because of that all of them, present & future, will eagerly sign up to be booked on “Late Night with Stephen Colbert”.

  • Gerry Fisher

    I just read Frank Rich’s wonderful op-ed piece about the tRump dynamic. After saying that tRump most resembled fictional characters, Rich cited Colbert as having attempted some tRump-ian “messing with the political system.” http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/09/frank-rich-in-praise-of-donald-trump.html?mid=fb-share-di

  • Glen

    I have a feeling that Trump got burned on that last question saying that it was he (Trump) who said that, and then objected after he found out who really said it. So he insisted on a retake.

    Why do I think so? Because of how quickly he decided that it wasn’t him (though it sounds very much like something he would say), but also that he then said ‘It could be you.’. Why would he say that when all he was supposed to know is the phrase was something he or Colbert said.

  • Lantor

    I’ve not watched Colbert’s Late Show. Does he still do the conservative schtick?

    • TampaDink

      No. He retired playing the role of a conservative but has proven (so far) to be pretty good when interviewing conservatives without selling out to them.

  • Ore Carmi

    I’m so glad Colbert is still Colbert. He’s incisive.