NEW HAMPSHIRE: Trump Hits New High In CBS Poll

YouGov reports:

Trump’s most substantial lead is in New Hampshire, where he has the support of 40% of likely Republican primary voters. Carson comes in second again, but by a much greater distance, with only 12% support and a smattering of other candidates close behind him, including John Kasich at 9% and Carly Fiorina at 8%. Jeb Bush, who led most polls in New Hampshire throughout the early summer, is tied for fifth with Rand Paul, at 6%. Notably, three of the top four candidates in New Hampshire have never held elected office (John Kasich, Ohio’s governor, is the exception) and in all three early states polled the majority of Republicans back one of two “non-politicians” – Trump or Carson – with every other candidate in single digits.

The New Hampshire poll also shows Bernie Sanders with a large 52-30 lead over Hillary Clinton.

  • Billanddogs

    That’s the Republicans I’ve come to know – they go for the most incapable, least sane person available. If a candidate is stupid or crazy or incompetent or mean (especially mean!), they love ’em.

    • Homo Erectus

      Never forget who their front runners were at this time in the last presidential election cycle. (Hint a crazy-eyed woman and a shitstain).

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      In 2008 the Onion had a hilarious video about a cranky, nasty old man candidate who would beat McCain for the nomination. It was especially funny because of the interviews with the GOP primary voters, who said things like “I’m voting for a guy I can imagine drowning a bag of cats”.

  • clay

    “All contestants named ‘Rick’ must leave the dance floor.”

    Their decision making has gotten that silly.

  • AtticusP

    Trump supporters: still dumber than…

  • oikos


  • geoffalnutt

    It’s perfect! The party of nasty assholes crowning its chief nasty asshole.

  • Sam_Handwich

    I don’t watch much TV, but the only ads i’ve seen bleeding through from the NH market are from Kasich. So that might explain his spot in the poll.

    But what explains Trump? His celebrity, his rudeness? The base’s ignorant rage?

    • TommyTune

      That last item I suspect – ignorant rage, mostly.

    • Gustav2

      At current count, Kasich has spent $6 million plus. Early spending seems to be the Republican Super PAC game. (Kasich is having a tough time raising money, he is putting all his eggs in one antique New England woven wood basket)

      We are seeing ads in Ohio for Sen Portman’s re-elect in Fall 2016. There is just too much money to spread around, they have to use it somewhere. I wonder when this will backfire.

      • clay

        So far, it seems that most of the ad money is from the superPACs, rather than the actual candidates, which mean Jib might actually be able to pull it off IF his PAC starts ads by November.

        • Gustav2

          Kasich seems to be trying to us his current position in the NH polls to gain more money for the PAC and the campaign. So far the big Ohio money is not on board in a big way.

          • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

            He’s better be careful, as Rick Perry is finding out now: One of Perry’s megadonors wants his $5 million back now.

          • Gustav2

            They are trying to figure out if there is a legal way for the PAC to give it back. LOL

          • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

            This brings up interesting questions. We all know that since Citizens United, anybody with a few million to burn can outright buy a candidate, but what are the return/exchange policies? Is it like Target where you have to wait in line behind some lady who doesn’t have a receipt and can’t remember which store she bought her linens at?

          • Gustav2

            They know who gave the money, they just don’t have to report it.

    • Six Pins Delores

      “His celebrity, his rudeness? The base’s ignorant rage?
      IT is personification of RIGHTWING thinking.

    • JustSayin’

      You will notice e that to date tRump has spent nearly zero on campaigning compared to the others. News media is giving him lots of free press.

  • Mark

    It’s not a joke anymore. The GOP is going to back whoever can get the votes – and they don’t give two shits as to the ‘how’ or ‘why’. He is certainly rude, arrogant, boisterous, self-centered, etc, etc, etc – AND he is garnering the support. He’s playing for keeps – and gaining.

    Can’t really dismiss what is starting to look like a steam roller… matter how silly, stupid, or insane it is.

  • chris james

    The crazy Christianists will be right…put Trump in the White House and we will see the end times. Nothing like an ignorant leader of the most powerful nation on the planet to do us all in.
    At least GW Bushie had Darth Cheney to do his thinking, who thinks for Trump? No, our place in the world will collapse if he gets elected, perhaps after the Chinese/Russian invasion. The GOP is a failed political party and Trump will be the final nail in their coffin.

  • Homo Erectus

    Here’s a story about another neurologist whose life touched us all (who knew he was gay?).

  • Prion

  • Joseph Miceli

    Racism, materialism, crass bluntness, homophobia, misogyny, bankruptcy, class warfare…no wonder the Donald is the Republican frontrunner. He embodies the ideals of the Republican base perfectly!

  • Prion

    .. ..

    • Reality.Bites

      That’s what they meant the first time too. There’s been absolutely no change in GOP voters except that somehow they’ve figured out the gay bashing doesn’t work so add on extra racism and sexism.

    • DonnaLee

      The irony of people wanting to have a beer with the guy who didn’t drink didn’t seem to enter their minds.

  • Mikey

    What I’m wondering is, what about all those Rethuglikkkans who aren’t Trump supporters? Once you’ve eliminated the dredges at the bottom of the barrel (Rubio, Christie, Walker, Cruz, etc…), who will those candidates’ supporters switch allegiance to? Trump? Somehow, I don’t think so.

    For the time being, in a field of candidates that rivals my neighbour’s herd of sheep, Trumps “substantial lead” doesn’t mean all that much if all the other candidates’ supporters end up rallying under one single non-trumpish candidate.

    In other words, Trump has 40% of the intentions. That means that 60% of the intentions aren’t for him. So who of Carson, Kasich, Fiorina, or Shrub will end up bringing all of that anti-trumpery together?

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      Cruz is not at the bottom of the GOP barrel, although I agree he’s dregs. But he’s #3 out of the remaining 16 nationally right now. So the top 3 are Trump, Carson and Cruz. And catching up to them gradually is the woman who nearly destroyed Hewlett-Packard. Frightening the way the Republican voter’s mind works.

  • bdsmjack

    What about the large lead that Sanders has garnered over Hillz? Didn’t see that coming.

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      Neither did he. In a recent interview he says he’s as surprised as everyone else.

    • I saw it coming. Hillary has some SERIOUS image problems.

    • JustSayin’

      The problem is not the nomination but the actual vote. Sanders has little name recognition compared to Hillary as well as some of his positions are in opposition to many democrats and big money donors needed to win the general election. From a strictly democrat party point of view sanders is not as electable as Hillary.

      If he goes against bush or Cruz he does not really command enough resources to win. If he goes against trump or Carson their crazy will help Bernie a bit.

      Only if trump splits off asto run indie does Bernie have a solid chance.

  • VernNYC

    I have a bad feeling about this …


    Every time I hear Ben Carson speak I always think someone should attach him to a cable and turn the juice on. The man needs a jump start.

    • DonnaLee

      It’s the same as Palin people. Most of them see soundbites and read things and think they’d want her, but after actually seeing her speak to reporters, they’re turned off. Will be the same with Carson.

  • GunnaHurt

    See… this is no longer funny. It’s not entertaining anymore. Now it’s becoming scary. Because Trump could actually win this. We could actually have a blowhard with no experience or even knowledge of how to run a county running the country. If you want to see the downfall of the American Empire… here it is, folks. This is how America ends. We sold the country to billionaires who thought they could turn it into their own playground and suddenly one of them decides he’s going to buy the whole playground for himself. We’ll be like India within 20 years… a tiny class of ultra-rich, a very small working class and 97% desperately poor people who’ll work for pennies or starve. Congratulations, Fox News, this is what your constant “government is the problem” has given us.

  • I think at this point, Julia Sugerbaker would look at the GOP and scream, “Have y’all COMPLETELY lost your MINDS???

  • MBear


    [in my best Alex Baldwin voice] “oh…murrrikkka…”

  • Adam Schmidt

    When the primary season started months ago and we were racking up 12, 13, 14 candidates, I looked at Trump and thought he’s a fucking joke. He’s there for the attention and that’s it. But here the GOP shows they really are as fucking nuts as they seem because they’re actually supporting this idiot. That right now there’s a serious chance that he’s their choice for next fall.

    Every time I think the Republicans have shown just how stupid they can be, they go and surprise me by being even dumber than that.

  • JustSayin’

    Donald hold on for just two weeks more! Then you can flip off the RNC and go independent!

    At that point the political momentum will truly fuck up the July 2016 nominating convention in Ohio!

    It would be better if he hung on until February by November will still fuck em up.