Hillary Clinton Speaks To Extra’s Mario Lopez [VIDEO]

Via press release:

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for a candid one-on-one interview. Hillary sounding off on everything from what she thinks of Republican candidate Donald Trump to Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West. Hillary telling Mario what she this of Donald Trump’s popularity, “I am watching this with some concern because I think a lot of what he has said has been really inflammatory and destructive…He has not put forward any real policies…He has made a lot of claims and I think it may reflect on the Republican side some of the pent up frustration that they have…I’m going to let them deal with however they choose their nominee, but I am certainly looking forward, if he were the nominee, to debating him in the general election because there’s a lot to talk about starting with his really outrageous statements about immigration.”

  • S1AMER

    I’d love to see her chew him up in a debate. Yes I would!

  • justmeeeee

    First you gotta get there, don’t cha, Hills?

    • 2karmanot

      Ah hmmmmm

  • Gustav2

    “I know bigger whores than Kim Kardashian, it’s called “K” street.

    • anne marie in philly

      RAMEN, bro! all the lobby groups have offices there. that street stinks with the smell of mendacity!

    • Todd20036

      Shows what you know. I work on K St

      I’m a slut. I don’t charge

  • Sam_Handwich

    she really needs to re-boot her campaign. this sit and chat stuff is not working. forget Iowa and NH and talk to everyone. talk about big ideas.

    • Gerry Fisher

      For example, she could have been more efficient about eviscerating Trump in this interview, but she played it cautious. A recent Fiorini ad said something such as, “Trump’s an entertainer, I’m a leader.” Why the heck can’t Hillary nail it with such a succinct statement?

      • Sam_Handwich

        i don’t think that would get her anywhere, really…. except to inspire Trump to mouth off about her on one of his all-night twitter benders

        she needs to talk like Sanders – in large philosophical terms….because frankly, Sanders is much more of a threat to her right now than Trump. he’s not quite Obama in 2008, but he’s getting there.

        what does she specifically believe about public policy. how will she accomplish it?

        • Gerry Fisher

          >she needs to talk like Sanders

          That would be absolutely fine. There are a number of things she could do that would appeal to voters, connect with them, show leadership, and show an ability to shape public opinion beyond her supporters.

          Why hasn’t she make the adjustment to Bernie yet? Why doesn’t she have a BLM plan? Why not give a little on her conservative economic and energy policies?

          I’ve said this before, and I won’t belabor it: she *sucks* at sensing the zeitgeist, riding it, and blending a policy idea into the discussion to address it.

          We saw it in 2008 and we’re seeing it here, she’s kind of a political “stiff” who has a LOT of trouble adjusting. Not exactly what one would want to see in a President. (Very good manager and policy wonk, though.)

    • another_steve

      I agree, Sam. She seems to be losing her mojo.

      Apologizing for the email thing was a good first step, but may have come too late. She needs to connect more with people. She needs to tell people that she’s sometimes fragile, just like them, and sometimes makes mistakes. Just as we all do.

      She’s not good at “connecting.”

      She needs to “connect” more.

    • Toasterlad

      She doesn’t shift gears very well. I remember talk at the beginning of the campaign that she faced so much heat for not getting personal with voters, that that was going to be the strategy this time around. Well, she’s losing momentum daily, and Biden getting into the race is going to cut her numbers in half, at least. She really needs to try something new if she plans to make a serious run. Maybe book a few halls and prove that she can draw out Sanders-sized numbers like her followers insist she can if she only wanted to.

    • Reality Check

      I disagree, Sam. Obama and Kerry broke out of the pack by winning Iowa and/or New Hampshire then South Carolina. It might seem low-key to go small but in this case and in the past, this is what worked.

  • chris james

    I think every person who seeks to be president does it for different reasons. It is only too easy to point at Hillary and call her names because politics has been controlled by a world of men for way too long. Those who denigrate her are just proving their ignorance and afraid of women…they would feel castrated if she won.
    Most of the GOP candidates are after the job because God told them to do it or they seek the power and prestige…both bad reasons. I think Hillary is the only woman running who could handle the job should she be elected.

    • BlueberriesForMe

      I have read various profiles of her over the years. A summary of good points conclude that she is very intelligent, very hard working, and, at least in private, a warm and humorous person. OTOH, I’ve read she has a short temper and tries to do too much at once. She also gives the impression that her every move is calculated and that she gives too many sound-bites for answers. I understand that’s true for a lot of politicians. I’m sure she could handle the job. I just don’t think she’s inspiring people, particularly women, like she did in her last campaign.

      • SophieCT

        You know they are ALL politicians and every single one of all of their moves are calculated. I guess she’s more transparent than the rest of them in that regard.

    • Well I agree that she’s far more qualified than Fiorino. Are there any other women running?

      My issues with her are not about her being a woman, btw. Also, I’ve known the Clintons and followed them since the early 80s. I’m not sure what you think we don’t know about them at this point. I’d love for her to be a better candidate. I’d love for her to be addressing issues I care about. And I’d love it if she had a better record on things like the Iraq War, the economy (especially as it affects the lower 3 quintiles), and many other things. But I don’t see anything that makes me feel better. Instead there’s anger and a defensiveness towards anyone that dares criticize her. And every time I feel less good about her candidacy.

  • Gordon.

    If Mario Lopez was grilling me, I’d be so hypnotized that I’d tell him anything he wanted to know. = )

    • another_steve

      Thank you.

      There are certain disadvantages in life to being chronically gorgeous.

      If you are interviewing someone, for instance, or you are addressing an audience, 90 percent of those watching will zone out and be subliminally asking themselves, “ohmigod…ohmigod…ohmigod…is that boy saying something?…ohmigod…ohmigod…ohmigod….”

      (Come, on people: You know it’s true.)

      • DonnaLee

        Yeah I’m not even going to pretend like I could talk normally being close to him.

  • pickypecker
    • Sam_Handwich

      here’s one she should use..

      “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.”
      Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/abrahamlin395631.html#BDpI9R6I4Y6fdPOI.99

      • pickypecker

        It’s time one of these candidates took hold of the Labor Union issues and run with it.

        • Toasterlad

          Bernie talks about unions often.

          • Bill_Perdue

            All Democrats do, and all of them, by promoting a welfare state (at least at election time) instead of a workers state, betray the struggle of workers to end their exploitation by the rich.

            BS is running as a Democrat, and they’re anti-labor record from Carter to Obama is just as bad as the Republicans.

      • BearEyes

        tell that to scott walker.

        • pickypecker

          the man who has all but ruined a state that was once admired in my region.

  • Reality.Bites

    OT and breaking: Trump has been replaced as Apprentice host by Arnold Schvarzeneggar.

    Politics aside, I think he’s a terrible choice.

    • Sam_Handwich

      no shit? ahahahahaha

      You’re fired! HASTA LA VISTA, BABY

      • Toasterlad

        I have no doubt that will be the new line.

      • BlueberriesForMe

        “You WON’T be BACK!”

    • KnownDonorDad

      Well, Arnold actually has political experience….

      • Jamie_Johnson

        Yes, destroying California… not all experience is worthy of mention.

    • He did have a successful business empire at one time. But, this is celebrity, so, WTF?

      • Reality.Bites

        I didn’t mean as a businessman, but as a host.

        • I know. The host usually has a business they are promoting, though, is what I’m saying.

  • I thought that headline was a typo. Hil-dawg, stop. Just stop.

  • Ryan Hunter

    I would like to have a few words in private with Mario myself.

  • The fact that she didn’t jump on that hot piece of chorizo and run for the border with a gordo pinga just shows she has the self control to oversee our nuclear arsenal.

    • Toasterlad

      That made me laugh out loud.

    • OdieDenCO

      you can lead a Mario to a woman but you can’t make him like it.

      my gaydar pegs every time I see this guy.

      • pj

        your prong pegs….your gaydar pings.

        • OdieDenCO

          one and the same

          • pj

            they arent. one is sound and one is fury

        • Happy Dance

          Didn’t you catch the news the other day? Gaydar is stereotyping LOL

      • Helen Damnation

        You win!

        • Blackfork

          I LOVE your handle!!

    • BlueberriesForMe

      “Chorizo” just sounds SO sexy.

      • Hot, spicy, greasy and tingles going in and tingles coming out.

        • OrliJoe in Fla

          Ay, papi!

        • Happy Dance

          Elle Woods has the “Bend and Snap,” but we have the “Dip and Swirl!”

    • MattM

      But imagine having to talk to him. I bet he talks about himself CONSTANTLY.

      • Oh, but the solution is simple. “What? You’re talking? Why are you talking? You can’t be talking with my dick in your mouth. Good boy.”

      • CB

        Actually, I worked on a show with Mario a couple of years ago. He was great. Very professional and hardworking. A lot easier and more pleasant than some others and very humble, too.

        • Chuck in NYC

          I’ll take your word for it. Not sure what to think of his pants, though. Pleather?

    • Happy Dance

      Yes, I would have to molest Mario Hopez! Since he is a cheater, and he found the flying spaghetti monster, he is forever clean!

    • I’ll just leave this here…


  • TreGibbs

    My impression is that she doesn’t want it bad enough. I get the feeling she’s too jaded politically to honestly feel like she could change something. She knows what she’s up against – a divided country to the likes we have never seen before since the Civil War – and I have a feeling she knows how screwed up the USA is.

    • SophieCT

      She’s too normal compared to everyone else. I fear I am in the minority because I just want things to be normal.

    • Blackfork

      I disagree. She definitely wants it but is willing to sit back and let the Repubs eat each other as they’re doing right now. It’s way early in the campaign and the more she says now the less attention the shit-show clown car will get. The Repubs are destroying their own chances and whittling down their own credibility.

      • TreGibbs

        I hope you’re right.

  • twb6yz

    She barely speaks to the press and now we have to endure a puff piece with Mario Lopez? Sanders, Biden and O’Malley are looking better every day.

    • Sam_Handwich
      • Margie

        Love her quote. Are you a Mormon or an ex-mo?

    • Doug105

      Well that was a waste of my time, having watched it I can say, no one puffed on Mario Lopez.

    • SophieCT

      Because they’re media hos?

    • Blackfork

      Give her some slack. If I were her, I’d do the very same thing, because with 16 or 17 idiot Republicans vying for the nomination and falling over each other to say the stupidest things ever heard in our political arena, why open her mouth while they actively destroy each other and their chances of winning the White House? She’s pacing herself and that’s the smart thing at this point.

  • Silver_Witch

    Thankfully Hillary Clinton is going to be the one to solve the problems that keep me up at night. I shall email her to be sure she knows what those concerns are. And she knows and likes Kim K…so what could be better? Seriously 2 minutes about Kim Kardashi after months of silence on anything (like TPP, BLM, etc. etc.)

  • I’m really torn about Hillary and her decision. The electric blue she’s wearing clashes with the chair. But at the same time it makes her almost jump off the screen. She may be right.

  • olandp

    Damn, he didn’t take off his shirt. Get back to me when he does.

  • Acronym Jim

    “…Hillary sounding off on everything from what she thinks of Republican candidate Donald Trump to Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West.

    I initially read this as Hillary’s husband, Kanye West. Maybe it’s time to log off the Internet.

  • TexPlant

    all i can think about is how marion’s ass tastes

  • SophieCT

    “Although the survivors of sexual assault are predominantly women, this also happens to men,” Clinton said. “It happens to the transgender community — it happens to others as well. So no matter gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race — services have to be there for everyone.”


  • Margie

    Kudos to Mario Lopez for keeping himself together after listening to Caitlin Upton, contestant for Miss Teen USA, ramble on. I would have lost it. Chorizo, now I want to cook chorizo and eggs. Yum! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZR_XZ4oUbI

  • Ugh. This is not just about Hillary so Hillarybots, back down, but why is a serious presidential candidate choosing an entertainment show host for a rare interview instead of an actual news reporter? I know this happens a lot now, but WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?

    I know what this is about, of course. Extra is used to catering to the demands of celebrities being interviewed and only asking pre-approved questions. News reporters and news programs would be far less likely to agree to such demands.

    This entire election cycle is a new low in national embarrassment. Candidates don’t even have to pretend to be willing to answer questions or address issues any more.

  • NIFP

    I’m all for Hillary, but that pant suit didn’t help her thighs.