KENTUCKY: Trans Man Outs Himself As Having Been Granted Marriage License By Office Of County Clerk Kim Davis

LGBT activists and allies are once again outside the Rowan County courthouse this morning where local trans man Camryn Colen (third from left in photo) just outed himself to the press as having been issued a marriage license by the office of anti-LGBT county clerk Kim Davis.  JMG reader Tom Morgan is on the scene and he tells us that while another county staffer was issuing the license, “Kim was right there answering questions and it was Kim that told Camryn that she didn’t need to see his birth certificate that BTW is… FEMALE!!” The license was issued in late February 2015. Left to right in the photo: Levi Wade, Tom Morgan, Camryn Colen, Lexi Colen.  Mrs. Colen identifies as pansexual.

I will update this post when local media publish their reports.

UPDATE: Here’s the report from the Lexington Courier-Journal.

Camryn Colen, who is transgender, and his wife Alexis, who identifies as pan sexual, said Davis’ office provided the paperwork Feb. 26 without asking to see Camryn’s birth certificate, which still identifies him as female. “She saw just a straight couple in love, and she should see everybody like that,” Camryn said. “She shouldn’t just see straight couples like that.” The couple’s story was first reported by the Daily Independent in Ashland and The Trail Blazer, the student newspaper at Morehead State University. The Colens said they have wanted to step forward since Davis began refusing licenses for all couples in June, but were concerned about the safety of their 6-month old daughter. Camryn, 30, and Alexis, 21, have been together for two years. They moved to Morehead about a year ago and have tried to remain under the radar, Camryn said. But fighting for an equal world for his daughter is more important, he added. “Stuff has just escalated and gotten ridiculous, and we decided that we were going to come forward with it,” Alexis said. Camryn, an Iraq War veteran, said he decided to transition in 2010. Since stepping forward, the couple said they have received “massive” support from the community.