Tired Old Queen At The Movies #135 [VIDEO]

Clip recap:

Robert Mitchum plays Wade Hunnicutt, a small town southern patriarch in Vincente Minnelli’s splashy, trashy and wonderful “Home From The Hill” (1960). Along with Mitchum, who won his only acting awards for this film, are Eleanor Parker as his frigid wife who holds back her favors to punish him for his philandering, George Hamilton as his naive son Theron, whom he helps to become a man, George Peppard as Rafe, a young man who holds a secret no one wants to hear and Luana Patton, who falls for one boy and ends with another. Shot on location in Texas in gorgeous Technicolor, this heated melodrama, taken from a novel by William Humphrey, is filled with enough action, adventure, steamy sex and lurid family secrets to make the hottest summer nights even hotter.

  • David Walker

    Thank you, Joe, for keeping the tradition of something fun for Monday mornings. This is far from my favorite movies, but it does have three very hot guys in it. It’s one of those “Meh…well, I have some time” movies. Just remember the popcorn.

    • DonnaLee

      Nothing beats South Pacific for the hot men.

      • David Walker

        Well, yeah…OK. Still…

  • Emma Duncan

    I have not seen this,*spoiler alert* but I’m going to guess *spoiler alert* that the girl he falls in love with *spoiler alert* is his sister…sorry, to those who refused to heed my warning.

  • Funbud

    it’s a good, juicy ’50s melodrama. Vincente Minnelli had a knack for this sort of thing, although his melodramas are a bit less distinctive than Douglas Sirk’s. Eleanor Parker is always worth watching, and Robert Mitchum fills up the screen as usual. Luana Patton, a former Disney child actress (she was featured in his discredited and unavailable for viewing “Song of the South” among other films) plays George Hamilton’s sweetheart.

  • octobercountry

    I just watched this a couple of weeks ago; it’s full of soapy goodness. Though I did have to laugh a bit, about how George Peppard was unable to keep his shirt buttoned for the ENTIRE FILM—he put on a nice display the whole time.

  • Octavio

    I remember seeing this “film” at the Coral Theatre in American Fork, Ewetaw in 1960. I also remember it being one of the most boring snore fests I ever sat through. Ya gotta be real desperate for a peek of man skin if you’re willing to sit through this Wednesday Weeper just to get a chance to see George Peppard’s open shirt. Mitchum’s huntin’ dawgs are well-trained, through.

    Much more interesting samples of 1960 cinematic high art (which I saw at the same tiny home town theatre) are such classics as Ski Troop Attack, Date Bait, The Leech Woman, The House of Usher, and Thirteen Ghosts. All of them very charming low budget horror flicks which were so fashionable that year. 🙂

  • JCF

    Methinks it’s films like this which keep the “Tired Old Queen” young at [let’s call it] heart? ;-p