KENTUCKY: Judge Updates Ruling On Clerk Kim Davis, Sets August 31st Expiration For Stay On Marriage Order

US District Court Judge David Bunning today updated last week’s ruling on county clerk Kim Davis’ demand for a stay on his order that she must issue marriage licenses to all qualified couples. Today’s order clarifies that last week’s temporary stay expires on August 31st unless the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals acts sooner.  Via Equality Case Files, here is today’s order:

  • her no marriage licenses policy”

    Says it all right there.

    • koolaidyarn

      Good catch!

    • StraightGrandmother

      I like that he used quotation marks.

  • Ed Burrow

    clock is ticking, bitch.

    • bkmn

      The clock is ticking for her defense lawyers. They have filed a request for an appeal but they haven’t filed the full paperwork yet.

      • Mr. Spiffy

        If her lawyers are any good, they won’t file anything until the last possible minute. It’s a litigator game.

        • Randy Ellicott

          I guess it depends on the definition of good your using, a “good” (as in someone who understand how the laws of the country work) lawyer would have never taken the case…

          • If that was the case, we wouldn’t have shitty defense lawyers.

          • Mr. Spiffy

            I just meant technically good. They are obviously pretty horrible morally speaking.

        • RoFaWh

          They aren’t any good.

      • RoFaWh

        Liberty Counsel, I presume?

        Haven’t they missed at least one other deadline and thereby caused the client to lose the case?

      • LovesIrony

        When I called the Court of Appeals the very nice woman said that all initial filings were due on August 27. To which I replied: oh a full two months after the supreme court ruled that same sex couples have a constitutional right to marry they will still be denied this right.

  • bkmn

    Dear Judge, perhaps you could also rule that Ms. Davis’s second, third and fourth marriage licenses were invalid. See if that changes her small mind.

    • RoFaWh

      Small, yes. But mind? I think not.

    • Reality.Bites

      Why invalidate her marriage licenses? Much better to invalidate her divorce decrees. Bigamy is a crime. Shacking up isn’t.

  • sfbob

    Good. I’m glad set an expiration date. If the Sixth Circuit doesn’t want to touch another marriage case they can just sit on Davis’s request until the stay expires. I suppose Sutton or Cook or someone like them will act on it but it would be nice if they decided they didn’t want to get their butts handed to them by SCOTUS once again.

  • Rex

    She’s at minute 13 of her 15 minutes of fame.

    • GunnaHurt

      don’t be silly. She’ll lose this, get fined, make a million on her “GoFundMe” campaign and get a speaking deal and book tour. She knows this, it’s why she’s drawing it out for so long.

      • bkmn

        And every time her story is told on the airwaves Liberty gets more donations so it pays for them to drag this out.

        • parachihuahua

          Actually, that’s where all the “GoFundMe” money goes as well, for the “retainer and fees” that Liberty needs to represent them.

      • Rex

        Let’s just hope that as the list of those proclaiming “religious freedom” that lose cases gets longer, they’ll no longer be able to get the attention and will go away. I can dream, can’t I?

        • ColdDesert

          You assume (or she assumes) that her fans can read. This is Kentuckkky after all.

      • KnownDonorDad

        And if you have no scruples, you too can join the fun and profitable world of cake martyrdom!

      • sonoitabear

        “make a million on her “GoFundMe” campaig”

        GoFundMe has a corporate policy against campaigns for law-breakers…

        • GunnaHurt

          true, but there are many “Christian” options that will take those campaigns.

        • Schlukitz

          But, but…there is always Crowdfunder and a dozen similar sites that will be all to happy to serve her.

      • noni

        And the courts are a party to it now.

  • JaniceInToronto

    And so it goes on and on… I would put money down that it will get another continuance of some sort after the expiration. Legal games are so much fun.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      As sands through the hour glass…….

      • MDB

        …so are the stays of our lives.

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      I doubt this judge will further stay. He’s going to leave this to the 6th circuit. (But, these judges are so unpredictable). It sounded like he said, in his stay decision that she didn’t merit a stay on any of the criteria, but he simply granted a temporary stay to allow the 6th to decide to take it or not… leaving the rest of the timetable to the 6th.

      Today’s development appears to be a clarification on an expiry date for his “temporary” stay, since it was initially open ended.

      Crappy, but marginally better than it was before this clarification.

      • lymis

        The usual criteria for a stay, if I recall, include the idea that there is almost never any justification for staying a Constitutional right, even if the litigation continues.

        The state has no horse in the race. It’s not like they’ll get to invalidate the marriages of the people who get licenses in the interim. So at most, she will have been required, by a judge following pretty damn clear current precedent, to do her job.

  • MattM

    *looks ahead to August 31st*

    REPORT: KY County Clerk Kim Davis Melts Down At Expiration of Stay

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      And Frees Charlie Brown in moment of Confuse.

    • WNY

      fingers crossed

  • Harley


    • Schlukitz


      More like Pffft. Pffft. Pffft.

  • mjcc1987

    They’ll be another appeal and another lawsuit and another appeal and ….. It’s fucking endless and these goons are NOT held accountable.

    • LovesIrony

      I laid the blame at this judge and courts actions for couples being denied their constitutional rights. They were pretty quiet at that one, though they did tell me I am entitled to my opinion, to which I replied. I am also entitled to a marriage license.

    • Schlukitz

      And we, the taxpayers, foot the bill for it.

  • GayOldLady

    The outcome that will make me happiest is seeing her ass in jail for contempt of court. She can’t and won’t get away with this forever.

  • Sam_Handwich

    What viable legal question is raised by this suit?

    It’s bullshit. I hope the 6th ends it.

    • Bruno

      With virtually no likelihood to win on appeal, no real harm caused to Davis’ religious beliefs, and no public interest in putting off the order, the 6th CA *should* end her truculence. But I wouldn’t put it past the likes of Sutton or Cook to throw in a stay out of “caution” or something similarly bereft of legal logic.

      • fuow

        We’ve been down this road before.
        It’s really quite simple.
        I don’t see why you keep expecting equal treatment for us gays.

    • LovesIrony

      The judges decision staying his denial of a stay was absolutely ludicrous and when I called his office I told them this over and over again. It made no sense saying why the stay was denied all 4 reason the court weighs when deciding a stay were insufficient but he stayed this decision anyway. I told them this was a harmful and suspect way to deny couples their fundamental right to marry

      • Elliott

        I am so glad I can finally gay-marry (/s) someone like you. You rock!

        • LovesIrony

          Thank you, I just felt I had to do more than post my frustration

  • pickypecker
  • KnownDonorDad

    She could get divorced and remarried (again) in that time frame.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      And chances are she will.

      • Schlukitz

        It’s only a question of time when her fourth husband tires of her bullshit, just like her previous three husbands did.

        What man, in his right mind. could stand living with that bitch?

        • David Walker

          Are divorce decrees public documents? Would they state who wanted to get the divorce? Are the reasons generic or can they get specific? Maybe someone who knows his/her way around the interwebs could find out who divorced whom in Kimmy’s cases and why.

          • Schlukitz

            I dunno?

            But, that certainly would be interesting information, would it not? ;-0

        • NowAnAgnostic

          My curious mind would like to see pictures of the men willing to marry her. 🙂

  • When things like this say they expire on a particular date (August 31, in this case), does that mean that the stay continues until midnighmon 8/31? Or can these couples get married first thing on Monday, 8/31?

    • Ed Burrow

      what does the bible say?
      (yes, twas a joke.)

      • MDB

        “Obey the government.” Romans 13:1-7

        13 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, 4 for she is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, tan avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience.6 For because of this you also pay taxes, for the authorities are ministers of God, attending to this very thing. 7 Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed.

        • Steve Teeter

          Tell that to the Tea Party.

    • Sam_Handwich

      i think it’s safer to count on the end of the business day on 8/31, but i think action is still possible through midnight

      there’s also the possibility that, even if the stay expires and no action is taken by the 6th, Davis and her office could refuse to comply!

      • Bruno

        Also, they will likely appeal for a stay to SCOTUS after the 6th CA denies one or doesn’t act. I don’t expect Davis to comply until SCOTUS denies, and frankly wouldn’t be surprised if she continues non-compliance even in that case.

        • MDB

          A wee part of me (OK a large part of my evil ego) would love to see DOJ and Federal Marshalls show up and drag her fugly ass into jail for contempt of a Federal court order.

          What? I’m not at all vindictive ? Little ole me ????????

          • parachihuahua

            I am really hoping she doesn’t back down, ’cause more than a wee part of me wants to see that one.

          • Schlukitz

            She won’t!

            Bet on it!

          • Schlukitz

            My hunch is that she is betting on the unlikelyhood that she will be arrested and carted off to jail, because that would make her the martyr that the Christians are looking for to back up their disingenuous claims that Christians will be jailed for their religious beliefs as a result of marriage equality becoming the law of the land.

            This is a ticking timebomb that no one wants to defuse, lest it blow-up in their faces.

          • MDB

            I want her crucified , upside down like her beloved more holy than Jesus, Saint Paul; then tarred n’ feathered and then drawn and quartered, then beheaded, then burned at the stake !!!
            What ? Too much you say ?? OK no feathers ! Geesh.

          • Schlukitz

            Yeah, but deep down inside, where you live, how do you really feel about her? ;-P

          • MDB

            She seems nice.

          • ! ! ! W0W ! ! !

            geepers MDB, that’s sorta harsh.

          • Steve Teeter

            Confess. You’d personally call the TV stations to make sure they showed up with the cameras on time. Wouldn’t you!

      • Schlukitz

        That is precisely what I am thinking.

      • RoFaWh

        Time for one of those online petitions to the White House, asking Obama to call out the Army if that Kim bitch still refuses to obey the law.

  • MDB

    Hopefully, LC might get this through their thick preneanderthal skulls when Judge Bunning has to refer back to this and say: “Did I stutter ? It is so ordered. Issue the damn licenses !!!”

  • I don’t give a shit if Judge Bunning has Jesus deliver her the order on an iced Tunnel O Fudge Bundt Cake. Bitch is not going to issue licenses.

    • parachihuahua

      Hopefully she will end up in jail on contempt and that might help with an attitude adjustment.

      • Tor

        What if she becomes a lesbian?

        • RoFaWh

          Were that to happen, I can easily see any number of devout lesbians switching to the other team.

        • Reality.Bites

          That only happens to men – Ben Carson.

        • agcons

          She’ll probably find her life improves immeasurably.

      • God bless the poor woman who has to strip search her. She’ll need a miner’s helmet, scuba gear and a klieg light.

        • abel

          And a nose plug, I’m thinking.

        • Snarkaholic

          And a blindfold!

    • Ginger Snap

      Whenever Bundt Cake is mentioned I just have to.

  • Sam_Handwich
    • sfbob

      313 pages of bullsh!t, beginning with “A same-sex ‘marriage’ [sic] license issued on Davis’ authorization and bearing her name and imprimatur substantially and irreparably burdens Davis’ conscience and and deeply-held, sincere religious beliefs which dictate to Davis that such unions cannot be ‘marriage’.”

      No need for me to read any further. It’s not for Davis to decide what is and what is not a marriage; the Supreme Court of the United States has taken care of it.

      • LovesIrony

        I got to page twelve, now I must wash my eyes

    • ChrisMorley

      Thank you, Sam.

  • LovesIrony

    I called this judges office, the judicial clerk that answered the phone got these questions from me:
    1.Are you aware of the Supreme Court’s decision on Obergefell v Hodges?
    2. What does the decision say?
    3. Does it say same sex couples have a constitutional right to marry?
    4. Does it say except in Rowan County Kentucky?
    5. Does it say except if the county clerk that issues licenses is a gay hating bigot?
    6. Do you think someone that works for a court that allows a gay hating bigot to deny the constitutional and fundamental right to marry to gay people is an anti-gay bigot too?
    7. Are you aware that some people think that someone that works for a court that allows anti-gay bigots to deny gay people their fundamental and constitutional right to marry is a gay-hating bigot too?
    8. Have you heard the phrase justice delayed is justice denied?
    9. Are you aware that because of this courts actions justice is being delayed and denied to couple wishing to get married.
    I closed with: Every time you attend or are invited to a wedding I hope you remember that you worked for a court that denied delayed this constitutional and fundamental right to citizens of Rowan county.
    <<<>> if only just a little.

    • What were the answers?

    • Rebecca Gardner

      What were the answers they gave you?

      • LovesIrony

        well a lot of them were yes. and some were we can’t comment on pending cases. but I pushed and kept at denying justice to same sex couples when even this ruling said the bigot had very little chance of winning. and people are still denied their constitutional rights because of this courts actions

        • disQusTed

          I’m thinking of changing my name to LovesLovesIrony. Thank you!

          • LovesIrony

            thank you, i simply had to do it had to

        • Rand503

          I just want to give you a BIG hug!

          Your one phone call had a greater impact that the entire HRC budget.

    • LovesIrony

      Really I am so proud of myself! I tossed and turned thinking of what I would say to the court today. I called yesterday and Monday too. On Monday I talked to the woman that actually wrote the decision and spoke with her again today.

      • StraightGrandmother

        You did good!
        What is the phone number you used?
        And this was to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, right?
        You spoke with a Court Clerk I assume?

        • LovesIrony

          The Honorable David L. Bunning
          United States District Judge
          US District Court
          35 West 5th Street
          Covington, KY 41011
          Phone: (859) 392-7907

          Sarah Townzen – Law Clerk, Term
          Jeremie Imbus – Law Clerk, Term
          George W. Hopkins IV – Law Clerk, Term
          * I talked with Sarah on Mon and Today, Jeremie on Tues.
          ** Sarah told me she wrote the order staying the denial of a stay. I did not let this slide.
          I called the 6th circuit court of appeals on Monday. I talked with a very nice lady there but she could only give me schedule information.

      • Steve Teeter

        But….But….Isn’t this judge basically on OUR side????

        • LovesIrony

          Justice delayed is justice denied. Hia ctions are delaying therefore denying justice to those that want to marry. He is not acting in our best interest but causing harm to us.

          • John Adams

            This was a case of first impression, and the judge was moving cautiously. This is not a cookie cutter opinion and stays are usual in such cases (and trust me no appellee – or their supporters ever thinks a stay is justified). Let us suppose that the 6th Circuit had found fault with his reasoning and remanded the matter for further consideration. The validity of licenses issued during the pendency of the appeal could have been called into question creating further delays for those receiving such licenses. You cite an old maxim “justice delayed is justice denied,” How about “haste makes waste.” By the way my only interest in this train wreck is they way the public thinks the legal system works.

          • LovesIrony

            Except the judge denied a stay but stayed his denial…. This is not “usual”. and if you thought the supreme court was going to allow this renegade bigot to defy their ruling, then you sir would be naive and not understand how the justice system of this country works. Please show me a dozen cases whwere a denial of a stay was stayed.

        • LovesIrony

          ask that of the couples trying to get married in Rowan County. you know the ones turned away from the clerks office.

          • John Adams

            Angry much? Please look at my response and quote me the sentence where I said that the SC would permit her defy the ruling? And exactly how long did this stay delay the outcome you wanted?

          • LovesIrony

            “Justice delayed is justice denied” and where are your cases were the denial of a stay was stayed. When you say something like : ‘Let’s us suppose…” Why should we suppose that the sixth circuit would find something wrong with his ruling? yes angry. angry at people that delay even for 2 months people’s constitutional rights . You should be too. What if it were you being denied your rights?
            As for quoting a sentence of your flippant statement. You did not say they would but you did not state that Supreme Court would not allow this bigot to defy them. They refused her stay request as did the sixth as did the district court. You don’t know as much as you pretend to.

          • John Adams

            1. Anger is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. 2. You seem to be attributing the entire two months delay to the stay. The stay only caused a few days delay. Since my comment was about the stay, I assumed that was what we were discussing. 3. I posed a hypothetica and noted that this was

          • John Adams

            Oops, must have hit the wrong key. As I was trying to say, I believe the judge was proceeding cautiously in case it was remanded (I did not say reversed). I also said that this might put licenses issued in the interim in limbo and create delays for those persons. As far as how I would feel about my own constitutional rights being delayed? I would hope that I would maintain my dignity and exercise patience (one of my few virtues I’m afraid). You are obviously passionate about this and that’s great.

          • LovesIrony

            I believe one must push for what is right and not expect it to come to me. I also believe bigotry must be fought hard. I think this judge has bent over backwards to accommodate this bigot to the detriment of loving couples. As far as anger is concerned:

            “The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn’t angry enough.”

            Bede Jarrett
            oh and where are those denial of stay stays?

          • John Adams

            So why do you think that he did that? Do you think he was thinking to himself, “I’ll just show those same sex couples (ominous laugh).” We obviously have very different approaches to life and the struggles associated with life. I believe mine has allowed me to be happier than I might otherwise have been. I hope yours works best for you. I will leave the last word to you.

          • LovesIrony

            if you enjoy being walked over and have your rights denied delayed that’s for you. I have always stood up for what is right. I have stood up to bullies since the first grade. The parents of the bullied kid then took us to see the Rockette’s Christmas Show and a boat tour of NYC. I have always been popular I believe because of my integrity to fight for what is right.

    • StraightGrandmother

      This=> 4. Does it say except in Rowan County Kentucky?

      • LovesIrony

        Thank you.

      • Six Pins Delores

        Kim fervently insists YES! 🙂

  • dcurlee

    I’m just waiting when they lose how much she will cost the taxpayers of the state in lawsuits for legal fees…let’s see if the Liberty Council steps in to take care of that. As soon as the ruling that she lost all you will see are their tail lights

  • trying to figure out how i, as a business owner, can discriminate against myself, sue myself for being an ass (ohio doesn’t have workplace protections), lose & rake in the mounds of cash. maybe i should throw in communication with some invisible deity, just so no one mistakes my actions as a sign of mental illness.

    • parachihuahua

      Yes, you can sue yourself. Lowering the Bar is a legal blog with several examples. Doesn’t seem to always work so well, but…

      • eh, what could go wrong? especially if i defend myself against myself!

      • i may just skip the lawsuit and just make a desperate plea to help me resist the demands of the ‘same sex attracted woman’ who owns the business to offer massage to any human who could benefit from such a thing. if there are no medical contraindications, i am made to help people regardless of what their innermost or outermost thoughts might be. i need extra cash to do a study to find out how to force people in my area to give a shit about any of these things. and to change the code of ethics of the national professional association , national licensing board as well as the state medical board – as well as make up for the self imposed loss of revenue caused by violating all of the above.

  • anne marie in philly

    just start issuing the licenses, bitch, and stop all this bullshit nonsense. if you cannot do that, GTFO!

    • matt n

      but it’s her ticket to fame and fortune, anne marie

  • txscotty39

    The ignorance is strong in that one.

  • Gerry Fisher

    This is more in line with what a number of us were talking about in a post here the other day: let’s not let this get close to “justice delayed is justice denied.” Putting a time limit on it feels right.

    • LovesIrony

      I asked the clerk who wrote the order if she was familiar with this phrase, she said yes. I said then your courts action is denying couples of their fundamental and constitutional right to marry

  • JT
  • D. J.

    How can she put her name on a “SSM license” when they don’t exist? There are only marriage licenses.

  • delk

    More time for her to fast.

    • fuow

      She could fast for forty days and forty nights and would still be a fat c*nt.

  • Schlukitz

    Liberty Council:

    Wait, wait. We want to appeal the expiration date of the Court’s temporary stay of it’s August 17, 2015, governing stays of injuctions pending appeal. Irrespective of the outcome of that appeal, we have instructed our client to ignore the expiration date and to continue denying marriage licenses to all who apply for one.

    Your move.

  • Ronald Reagan is Dead!

    My hope is that the Sixth Circuit will refuse the appeal and she resigns along with her Gay son that works in the office with her.

    • LovesIrony

      and defendants are assessed plaintiff’s attorney fees

    • Sporkfighter

      I doubt she’ll resign … she’ll have to b removed from office. She has no other skills, no way to earn $80,000 a year with so little work and so little ability.

      • abel

        You’re right. Maybe next election will see her ousted. But until then she and her son will doubtless remain in their positions, just giving ugly, unwilling service. Then again, there’s always the GoFundMe Account!

    • matt n
  • D. J.

    Print up two blank Marriage Licenses. Place them next to each other. Ask Davis to identify which one is the SSM License. She can’t. Case closed. Do the job, quit or go to jail for contempt.

  • Bj Lincoln

    I can’t wait for her to be arrested for contempt of court. She has been in contempt all this time as well as getting paid for not doing her job. What will happen to the other people in the office who refused to do it? Just because she told them not to, they are going to get off?!

    • I was really wondering what that would look like. I wonder how the enforcement of the contempt order would be carried out?

  • matt n

    well, she’s got a chance with those morons in cincinnatti that ruled against gay marriage.

  • I’m sure Joe will be along with this shortly, but Gawker is reporting that our boy Josh Duggar had an Ashley Madison account.

    • David Walker

      You mean ol’ Fingers Duggar?

    • KQCA

      “JalapeñoBusiness predicts!”

  • TexPlant

    I am offended that they allowed this fat bitch a stay to begin with. The supreme court has ruled and she has continued to defy the law of the land. I cannot wait until they put her hick ass in jail!

    • KQCA

      I wonder if this the courts are letting this case work its way up to establish a precedent once and for all? I’m not versed in legal matters like this. Do you happen to know?

  • Six Pins Delores

    Kim Davis, you are a LOSER! 🙂

  • StraightGrandmother

    Completely off topic but I saw another picture of her today and again, she is pulling in $80,000 a year she doesn’t have to buy ALL her clothes at Walmart does she?

    • pj

      wonder if they will let her keep all that hair in prison?

      • matt n

        orange is the new pink

    • Six Pins Delores

      LOL! StraightGranmother surely you are aware taste and class are mutable. 🙂

    • KQCA

      It’s Susie Moppet!

  • ben-andy

    Oops, gonna be some all-nighters at Liberty Counsel!

  • billbear1961

    “I know Davis is in the wrong! I’ve explained why she meets not ONE of the justifications necessary for a stay! But I’ll help her to SLAP plaintiffs in the face just a little bit longer, even though I’ve admitted to them their rights are being violated, because I can’t help but CRAWL on my BELLY before the Sixth Circuit. Gee, I have to provide an actual DATE when my temporary stay expires? It can’t be permanently temporary? It’s not like MY fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed RIGHTS have been, in an unprecedented move, suspended while that sneering BITCH mounts a MAD challenge to the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution! I sure hope my EXALTED SUPERIORS at the Sixth won’t be too unhappy with my adherence to proper legal procedure! It’s not like I’m a JUDGE with RESPONSIBILITIES to protect citizens’ CIVIL RIGHTS. I hope they won’t think I’m putting too much pressure on Their Eminences to do the same!”

    *grovel, grovel*

    *tremble, tremble*

    • billbear1961

      During the lead-up to Obergefell, when M.E. wasn’t even a matter of settled law, there were district judges who refused to stay their pro-equality decisions. Their rulings were sometimes later stayed by circuit courts, but the district court judges in question didn’t worry about that possibility, in advance. They stood up for equality and the Constitution, there and then, without apology, without wavering, as BUNNING SHOULD HAVE DONE.

      I find it very difficult to believe any serious court of law will tell that evil woman that if a couple meets all the legal requirements for a license, she may deny them that license because she personally disapproves of
      them for religious or any other reasons, that she may violate the Establishment Clause and impose her own personal religious test on them! (Then, again, we’re talking about GAY rights in the USA, where the right–the Apostles of Hatred and Hypocrisy–has gone totally off the rails!)

      But, while we wait, couples’ civil RIGHTS are being violated. A fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed civil right has been suspended in Rowan County, Kentucky, perhaps for months to come (it has already been nearly two that it’s been put on hold), while a smug fascist challenges the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution!

      Is there any legal precedent for such an outrage?! Is it the custom to SUSPEND–even temporarily–a fundamental right while a challenge considered VERY unlikely to succeed–almost MAD in its impudence–proceeds through the courts?

      Would this be happening if Davis, for religious reasons, refused
      to serve an interracial couple, or any other couple who meet
      the legal requirements for a license?

      I read of the hurt and humiliation those couples experienced when that
      snickering BITCH violated their rights–yet again and this time in violation of a court order!–and when NO ONE in her office or in the office of that state judge would intervene to HELP them!

      Those couples have already waited too long to see their right to marry respected! They shouldn’t have to wait one more DAY!

      I think, as some have said, that there is probably no need to panic about what’s going on, but there is every reason to be angry and DISGUSTED by the abuse we’ve seen those innocent couples repeatedly subjected to!

      I hope they will be awarded substantial damages, and that that evil bitch will be punished for her unrelenting and sadistic MALICE.

      • But, in the early going of the ME fights in courts, they *were* staying their decisions.

        This might be a similar road, on a different (though similar) concept.

      • Steve Teeter

        Wow, Bill, I thought you felt strongly about this.

  • prjoe

    Is this good or bad for our side?

  • Ninja0980

    Your move Sixth Circuit.
    Try not to be dicks this time.

  • Robert Adams

    Got to love the GOP. Always looking for ways to get rid of public employees who actually do their jobs, but in this case, well…. they will make an exception.

    How long do you think Ms. Davis would keep her job if her religious faith told her to organize her co-workers and form a Union?