Trump Endorses LGBT Employment Protections

While the internet goes nuts over Donald Trump’s just unveiled plan to build a wall at the Mexican border, yesterday on Meet The Press he also declared that he supports LGBT employment anti-discrimination protections. Via NBC News:

He acknowledged critics who say he’s not a real conservative “have a point from years ago.” But Trump has insisted he’s more in-line with the GOP now, and pointed to Ronald Reagan, who he said was “a Democrat, absolutely, with a liberal bent” before becoming a Republican as a similar case. Still, Trump offered those critics further cause for skepticism during the interview. He said he was “fine with affirmative action,” noting “we’ve lived with it for a long time,” though many conservatives have argued it’s unnecessary today. He also said he’s willing to back recent court decisions banning private companies from firing employees because of their sexual orientation — and that he himself agrees with the decision.”I don’t think it should be a reason” employers can use to fire workers, he said.

So far Teabagistan doesn’t seem to have picked up on this outrage.