Sarah Palin Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Treason

Sarah Palin this afternoon tweeted out an image which compares “wanted for treason” leaker Edward Snowden to Hillary Clinton. The image contains the logo of Sarah PAC. Apparently last week’s Trump/Palin buzz has died down and somebody needs to get her name back in the headlines.

  • bkmn

    Slander lawsuit anyone?

  • Treg Brown

    It would probably be in her best interest to pipe the fuck down about “treason” given her past, and how her hit list resulted in the shooting of a member of United States Congress.

    • bkmn

      That would require at least one brain cell in her head to function properly. They are used to just firing off all random-likey.

      • Doug105


  • Joe in PA

    Interesting commentary by Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

    • bkmn

      It is always best to ignore anything that comes from the punditry, especially those inside the DC beltway.

      • Joe in PA

        yeah, you are prolly right. Sigh.

    • Doug105


  • TommyTune

    Every time I hear something about the “server-gate” non-scandal on TV I change the channel. I will not be privy to this nonsense for one split second, and will therefore see none of the ads on any of the networks that peddle this horseshit as “news.” It’s Whitewater all over again and I’m already sick of it. As Gertrude Stein said, “there’s no there there.”

    • Doug105


      • DaddyRay

        Then there is the Valerie Plame incident

    • Prixator

      More recent than Whitewater – Benghazi!!!111!!!!1!!

  • Gustav2

    That’s just silly. The Far Left loves them some Snowdon and so does the Libertarian wing and some of the Tea Party wing of the Republicans.

  • Cuberly

    Um, seriously. Anyone remember the Alaska version of Troopergate?

    Of course her followers don’t but, puh-leze…..

    • Halloween_Jack

      Sarah tends to ignore big-brain words like “hypocrisy” because they have too many syllables.

  • Sk3ptic

    I wonder if she thought of this with her own brain or if Jeebus bukake’d it all over her in a dream.
    Either way, I’m grossed out.

  • Bad Tom

    How were these emails exposed, Ms. Palin? By being on an email server that may well have had better security than those provided by the Department of State? Reportedly, it had better functionality, by far.

    Also, these classified emails were reportedly classified after the fact. How anyone (even you, Ms. Palin,) could predict in advance which emails should not be on a server based on events that haven’t happened yet, is a bit of a problem, is it not?

    Also, having a private email server was allowed by policy at the time. Another inconvenient fact.

    The only emails that have been exposed from Ms. Clinton’s email server are the ones she has voluntarily turned over to investigators upon request.*

    Whatever you think of Edward Snowden’s actions, he dumped huge numbers of already classified files onto public servers, for everyone to read.

    Pretending the actions of these two people are exactly the same is as credible as anything else you’ve done, Ms. Palin, which is to say, not credible at all.
    * When Mitt Romney left the Governorship of Massachusetts, he destroyed all his email. Didn’t get in trouble for it, either. But that’s OK: he was a Republican!

    • canoebum

      There you go, being all logical and citing facts! Fat lot of good that does with the gooper crowd.

    • justmeeeee

      Are you trying to use logic on a moron???? Are you???

      • Bad Tom

        The logic and facts are for the rest of us.
        The moran is impervious, as previous experience shows.

    • Gindy51

      As well as the Bush and Cheney admin destroying over 5M emails during their tenure…

  • j.martindale
    • William

      I’m glad to be on this side of it.

      • Maggie 4NoH8

        No shit!

    • Gerry Fisher

      This is very, VERY wrong! [snicker]

  • Marc

    Isn’t that the Oatmeal’s bear graphic on the Sarah PAC logo?

    • Marc

      more or less

  • Steve

    I am very glad that Sarah Palin regularly reminds us that she’s still as completely irrelevant, uninformed, and has the same authority in the world that she had when she cost McCain the election 7 years ago.

  • Chris H.

    Did I miss the Tweet where she says Dubbya and Darth should be brought up on war crimes? Didn’t think so.

  • D. J.

    Doesn’t Mooselini have a family brawl to break up?

    • TampaDink

      Or another illegitimate grandchild to plan a baby shower for?

      • Bluto


        • Frostbite

          Anyone can, it’s on pay-per-view.

        • David From Canada

          Sarah Palin will do anything to keep in the public eye.
          She reminds me of the hooker to hit the streets first every night looking for business and $$$$ .

          • Jamie Brewer

            Get out the eye bleach…

          • Gindy51

            There are the Belmont twins!!!

          • TampaDink

            She is a room temperature mess.

      • D. J.

        They can just toss it out in the rain or roll it around in snow until the heavy gunk is knocked off.

        • TampaDink

          Or they might have one of their dogs/step-stools lick it clean.

  • TexasBoy

    Little Miss Trump-ette says what?

  • this is where i’ll join some of the more sour pussed comments and say “why does anyone care what this dumbass says? grifters gotta grift. but we can ignore them.”

    srsly, i set phasers to “invisible” every time i see this bint’s name in a post. i won’t waste that time in my limited life, reading her dribblings.

    • tcinsf

      True, but seriously … didn’t “secretly exposed” set your jaw on edge?

  • jomicur

    Does anybody remember Palin criticizing Petraeus for sharing classified info with his mistress? Om, that’s right…she never did.

    • Bad Tom

      And Petraeus lost his job over it.

      • David L. Caster

        And narrowly avoided prison time.

    • CPT_Doom

      And her outrage over the Valerie Plame outing – that was one moment with the Quitter-in-Chief really proved she didn’t give a damn as long as Republicans were doing the wrong thing.

      • BostonDotTom

        “It’s not wrong when we do it” is a Republican motto.

  • Taylor

    She is sooooooooo dumb!

  • HZ81

    When she can spell “Classified” without any aid, Sarah can weigh in.

  • D. J.

    Doesn’t cost anything to send out a tweet. Mooselini is still holding on to the SarahPAC bucks.

  • Mike in Texas

    “Secretly exposed” not recognized by system.

    • ryan charisma

      I thought the same thing – if it’s secret, then by the very nature of the word “secret” – it’s not exposed. Which, IMHO, negates Bristol’s mother’s assertion.

    • tcinsf

      You beat me too it. First thing I thought.

  • ElJiffy

    Oh my, I misread ‘tweeted’ for ‘twatted’.

    • TampaDink

      In this instance, same thing.

  • tcinsf

    How does one “secretly” expose something? didn’t this brainless beeyotch major in communications?

    • Octavio

      She sort of majored in communication, kind of, she also likes to save money on insurance, she believes in the children, freedumb and yes, like America and uh thank you.

  • MattM

    To be fair to Palin, treason is a hard word to understand. It’s two syllables, after all.

  • justmeeeee

    You can tell how shifty ole Hillary is by the big dark glasses. Imagine how many secrets were spilled by Jackie O and we were all just too oblivious to notice!

  • Ryan

    Didn’t Palin conduct state business with her Yahoo Mail account? And had her info leaked on WikiLeaks?

    • RaygunsGoZap

      She did! But only the stuff she was trying to hide – like abuse of authority, conspiracy, targeting individual citizens for retribution, google search results for “faking pregnancy” and “raising grandchild as own”.

      Nothing to see here, commie socialist gaystapo gaydrone

  • William

    Colin Powell and Jeb¡ both used private servers. Release the bees!

    • RaygunsGoZap


      • William

        The political version of, “There’s always room for Jell-o!”

    • Bad Tom

      So, it’s, like, OK.

  • Gindy51

    Sarah who?

  • Xuuths

    So the secessionist who got an exorcism on camera and fired by FauxNews, who allowed an adult male to live in her house and (statutorily) rape her daughter but didn’t do anything, and whose unwed daughter has followed her moral lead by continuing to get pregnant without being married, and quit her job halfway — is now going to accuse someone else of anything?

    • DonnaLee

      See you’re trying to make sense of it, and you know that won’t happen.

  • anne marie in philly

    go hump a moose, bitch!

  • Mark_in_MN

    Yep, little Sarah was starved for attention again, so she though up something moronic (is she capable of anything else) and put it out there in as provocative a fashion as she could. Ho hum.

    The whole Clinton email thing is a whole bunch of nothing. But even if we were to take all the right-wing talking points at face value and as true, who cares? So what? What’s the big deal? What’s the problem? My answers are: no one should, nothing, nothing, and nothing. Snowden showed us how our government was misbehaving very badly, so there was something actually worth paying attention to there. But his revealing of classified documents and information? I’m far more concerned that there is so much stuff that is classified and secret when there should be very little to none.

  • Michael

    Palin? Isn’t she the one with the “pro-abstinence” daughter who can’t keep her pants on?

    • Bad Tom

      Yes. Pro-abstinence, but can’t abstain.

  • TexasBoy

    Hey, Sarah, been in any good drunken brawls lately?

  • LAguy323

    Actually, I think Edward Snowden is a brave American patriot. Hillary, on the other hand, is a corrupt, careless, see you next Tuesday.

  • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

    Sarah,wouldn’t your time be better spent trying to track down the identity of the father of your next grandchild rather than talking about things you know nothing about? (of course I know that’s never stopped you before).

  • JCF

    Whereas Sarah’s not wanted for ANYTHING.

  • SJWinCMH


  • goofy_joe

    How does one “secretly” expose anything?

  • Halloween_Jack

    The very, very thin silver lining to the cloud of Donald Trump’s presence is that he’s sucking away the attention and money of dumbasses who give to dumbass political figures. He’s been doing this for decades and has forgotten more about the scam than latter-day grifters like Palin will ever know.

  • ChadSF

    Sarah Palin is some kind of disease that just keeps on coming back despite treatment.