Watch Amsterdam Pride And Control Their 360° Camera

Amsterdam Pride was earlier this month but you can still watch the canal parade from the perspective of the 360° camera atop the float in this photo. Use your mouse or arrow buttons to spin the camera around.

  • bkmn

    One could waste a lot of time.

    • Octavio

      For which exactly the illusion of “time” was created: to waste luxuriously and creatively. 🙂

      • Bad Tom

        What some call a waste, others call fun.

  • Jeffrey

    Forget the cam and just go. Amsterdam is an experience that every sexually adventurous person should have.

    • Bad Tom

      Seeing the cam footage might make me want to go.

      • Jeffrey

        It might. But I think Pride footage looks pretty much the same anywhere. Don’t go during Pride, go for May Day. Cruise the streets, go to a dungeon or dark room party. Climb down into the basement of a 500 year old bar. Just watch or get your knob wet. There’s fun to be had every day of the week.

        • Ginger Snap

          This makes me wat to go even more than I already do.

        • David L. Caster

          Indeed, everything would be totally jammed. Much rather go when it is a bit calmer but still interesting.

    • NinoCiraulo

      I was there for Amsterdam Pride this year. It is an experience! Also recommend Antwerp Pride..

  • Bad Tom

    Pretty cool parade. Nice to be able to see what’s going on in other countries.
    The panoramic application is spiffy, too.

    A zoom would be a terrific upgrade.
    Edit: Krpano seems to imply this is possible.
    ‘nother Edit: Zoomify is a separate application that you have to combine with Krpano.
    Yet another Edit: similar to what Google does with Street View, but with sound!

    • Octavio

      Screw that. I need an app that opens up a direct portal through which I can step across and be in Amsterdam for a couple of hours. BTW: Where’s my flying car?

      • Bad Tom

        Teleportation currently only works for really tiny quantum particles.*

        For flying cars, AeroMobil has a model coming out in 2017**
        * Dr. McCoy was right: the particle that emerges on the other side is just an exact copy of the original; the original is destroyed (or, more properly, decohered.)
        ** You need to spend ~$300K, and YES, you need to get a Pilot’s Certificate. That is of course, USA information only. How this works is highly country dependent.

  • Oh don’t mind if I do!
    360 you say?
    What is the safe word?

    • Bad Tom

      There is no safe word.
      Heh, heh, heh. Let the fun begin!

      I like how a hand waves to the camera before pulling it lower just before they go under a bridge. Good idea!

      The top of the float is just fabric. That’s why it wavers, it’s not a processing artifact.

      What is a processing artifact is the black pentagon which appears if you pan to stare directly down. I think this implies there were five separate cameras, rather than cameras with five leave irises for F-stop control.*

      These floats actually float. On water. That’s rare.
      * You can see the same kind of processing artifact on Google Street View. Just look straight down or straight up.

  • Brett

    This year was the largest crowd to date….and next year promises to be even better as it coincides with EuroPride ’16 which will be hosted by Amsterdam. Many of the homeowners along the canal are petitioning the city to stop the parade due to noise/etc, etc, etc….I don’t see the city stopping this as the parade next year might be bigger than the King’s Day parade 🙂

    • stupid homeowners. if they had a lick of sense, they’d be renting out their canal flats and apartments to europride tourists. you can make a killing doing that. and everybody wins.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Fun fun fun

  • David Walker

    Help, please. I hit the link and I get what looks like a response page. I click on the X and go to a promising-looking sight with a place to click for the camera. That takes me to an explanation of the camera or back to the comments. Does this depend on something my Dell/Windows 7 doesn’t have?

    • Silver Badger

      My Dell/windows 7 works OK. Are you sure you held your mouth right? Try a pirate squint. The men are wearing way too many clothes. Was it cold this year?

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      Worked for me (on a Chromebook).

    • Bad Tom

      Dell/Windows 7 should be fine. You shouldn’t need to hit the X. But if you do, the response page has a button that says “Play Pridestream”. If you click that, you should get back to the movie.

      If you see the movie and hear the sounds, things are OK. You don’t need to click where the little box that says “camera” is (that’s just a reference for where the camera actually is); just click somewhere on the movie, hold the mouse button, and drag. The scene will tilt or pan. Or, you can use the arrow keys to do the same thing.

      If you don’t see the movie, and/or hear no sounds, perhaps something is blocking the plugin. Are you using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or some other browser?

      Edit: With Firefox, it still works even if you block popups. No specials apps are installed.

      • Bad Tom

        David, an antivirus program could also be blocking the krpano plugin. You should check that.

        Most antivirus programs have an option to display what they are blocking, and to add programs to allow to run.

        Were you able to get it to work?
        Not that this is worth huge magnitudes of effort…

    • stuckinthewoods

      I clicked on one of the green pearls in the necklace on the lower left and got the view from there (I presume). Then I waited for it to load and play, as you might also have to do – because in our less populated areas of the US broadband can sometimes be fettuccini – and sometimes capellini. We’re exceptional !

  • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

    What a contrast to Ukraine. There are reports in European news sites that tear gas grenades were thrown into an LGBT conference (nobody injured, thankfully) in Odessa today. The city hall seized on this to cancel the planned Pride event, “fearing violence”. Ugh.

  • billbear1961