Come Again, Haaretz?

The tweet has already been deleted. As Mediaite says: “If he WERE gay, why would that matter in regards to his support for the Iran deal?” Haaretz is Israel’s oldest daily newspaper.

  • rusty57

    If Senator Franken were gay, I wouldn’t mind taking swing at that.

    • another_steve

      Look… some of the best men are Jewish.

      Every Jewish mother knows that.

      • rusty57

        There are not enough menschen to go around.

        • Jerry

          What a mensch! Knows the plural of mensch.

          • gaymex

            My Jewish friend used to call me a mensch. I always figured there must be some hidden meaning that I didn’t know about…Is there something sarcastic that I should finally learn? It’s been a long time, so I can deal with the pain if it’s a bad thing.

          • Jerry

            As far as I know, it’s positive across the board, but what do I know, being one of the goyim?

          • gaymex

            Thanks, I was bracing myself. I guess I’m a goyim too, since I’m not Jewish. I’m confused.

          • another_steve

            To be designated a “mensch” is a good thing, yes.

            Some cultural Jews (and some religious Jews) have an instinctual distrust of the goyim. They are, after all, the perpetual oppressors who have for centuries chased us out of our villages — and much worse.

            “The Righteous Gentile” is terminology that many know from the Holocaust years — when non-Jews in Europe and elsewhere gave sanctuary to Jews fleeing the Nazis, often at their (the non-Jews’) personal risk.

            Jews, I think, carry within themselves a genetic remembrance of persecution.

            This is why, I believe, Jews have historically been at the forefront of many movements for social justice and equality.

          • mari

            A mensch is a man in the best sense of the word. If he told you that, he was complimenting you. And maybe enjoying your confusion just a little bit, but in a loving way.

          • GC

            Yes, it’s high praise: a mensch is a person of character, a dignified, caring, principled epitome of what a “person” or “human being” can and should be. And a mensch can be of any gender.

          • gaymex

            Wow…how far I’ve fallen.

        • another_steve

          It’s funny, but when I introduced my now-husband to my Jewish mama 41 years ago, her first reaction was to take me aside and ask me whether he was Jewish.

          The fact that he was a “he” was less important to her than the matter of whether he was Jewish.

          As fate would have it, not only is he a goy but he’s an activist involved in American goyish gay activism — specifically in the Catholic Church.

          By the time my mom died in 2006, she, of course, loved him and everything about him — including his gay activism in the Catholic Church.

          • – I thought you said he was Jewish!

            – Out of town Jewish.


  • bambinoitaliano
    • JT

      Maybe that’s why they thought he was gay.

    • DonnaLee

      Well they do all think TV is real life.

  • Chris

    Maybe if he were Gay, it would matter because of Iran’s anti-Gay laws? idk. Either way it was certainly a peculiar tweet.

    • Octavio

      BiBi owns him.

  • bkmn

    Sounds like an amateurish hit job. Is the editor a friend of Bibi?

  • GunnaHurt

    shouldn’t that be spelled “Haaterz?”

    • JT

      Or ButtHaaretz?

  • Gerry Fisher

    I may be biased, but almost all the critics of the Iran deal sound shrill, tangential, or slimy (in that they’re working another agenda). Ugh!

    • bkmn

      The Friends of Bibi Society, aka the neocons and their Blue Dog buds or their Israeli equivalents who would prefer to be profiting from another unnecessary war.

      • Octavio

        !!! Double Bingo !!!!

    • They want yet another war in the middle east and are mad because they aren’t getting one. At least not right now.

  • Judas Peckerwood

    We’ll take him — come on over, Al!

  • David Walker

    Brain fart. Instead of “Israel’s oldest daily” I read it as “Israel’s oddest daily.” Glasses need to be checked.

    • BearEyes

      not really

      • OrliJoe in Fla

        I agree, no, they don’t.

    • Chucktech

      Think that’s bad? I read “Gay US Senator Al Franken” and didn’t register any problem whatsoever.

      • geoffalnutt

        There may have been questions about Stuart Smalley (SNL), but not Al. Gee, Al’s wonderful, though.

        • bkmn

          His goal was to honor Paul Wellstone and he has certainly done that during his time in the Senate.

        • CPT_Doom

          He’s good enough, he’s smart enough and doggone it, people like him!

          • Six Pins Delores

            And it is the next Al Franken Decade! 🙂

  • Sam_Handwich

    just curious if anyone knows…

    what has the Haaretz editorial board said about the Iran deal?

  • LovesIrony

    Gay Brian Brown money begs for nom

  • 2amor

    I wonder what his wife Franni thinks?

  • Capritaur


    • another_steve

      Ohmigod… Is that Barney Frank?

      He looks uncomfortable there — in bed with his suit on.

      • Capritaur

        Yes, the actual gay jewish congressman, in bed with Al Franken, who shares a vaguely similar name, and Arianna the Huffington beard, I can see why they’re confused…

        • another_steve

          In the queer culturally Jewish community, we love our Barney but refer to him as a “shanda fur die goyim,” meaning, an embarrassment before the gentile (non-Jewish) world.

          This hearkens back to the early scandal involving his rent boy, or whatever.

          The community’s moved on, of course, and we don’t speak of it any more.

          • A hooker scandal did cause any problems for David Vitter!

          • Lumpy Gaga


          • Six Pins Delores

            For the luv of goyim that’s tight, GeeZuss!

    • SockMikey

      That above pic is actually a screen capture of a comedy sketch video.


      To give you a sense of how long Frank has been fighting the battle for gay rights, we found this old video of the 16-term Congressman’s 1996 appearance on “Strange Bedfellows,” a short-lived comedy sketch hosted by Al Franken and Arianna Huffington, back when she was still a Republican and he was just a liberal comedian.

      Basically, the show consisted of Franken and Huffington lying in bed together arguing about politics. In this segment, Frank snuggles up to talk about gay slurs from Dick Armey and the Defense of Marriage Act.

      The result is bizarre and amazing.


      Strange Bedfellows Video (Franklin, Frank & Huffington)–arianna-huffington–barney-frank-and-al-franken-517228192

  • zhera

    It matters because, as we’re told on a daily basis, The Gheys want to destroy the world and also they’re Marxist, Muslim, Fascist, God-hating, America-hating, Fabulous Homonazis.

    Or something.

    • Gustav2

      You left out Jew hating.

  • Octavio

    Yup. Still the worst thing the neocons think they can say about someone is accuse them of being gay. What total fucking losers. The evidence that conservatives, neocons, republican’ts and teabaggers are clear-thinking people who believe in equal rights and truthfulness is shot down every time they open their fucking mouths. There is no such thing as a fair and balanced neocon, or Republican’t, or any other variety of right-wing ass wipe in the USA. We can safely — and truthfully — summarize them as all being racist hateful bigots interested in only their welfare and personal greed and not that of the country or other citizens. I don’t think it’s at all a stretch to accuse the right-wing being the real threat to freedom and democracy. They prove it over and over again what total fucking losers they are. Why even listen to them?

    On a light note, it’s too bad Sen. Al Franken isn’t gay. He’s certainly bright enough to be a member of the club. Alas, he’s hopelessly heterosexual. And a very good senator. Better than we deserve. Thank the universe he’s working for us. 🙂

    • JT

      With this gaffe and the earlier revelation about how badly the Israeli police fucked up the investigation with Jerusalem Pride stabbing survivor Yarden Noy, things are not going well for the Israeli government’s reputation on LGBT issues. As a follow up to their negligence in the attack itself, things are looking more and more damning for them.

    • gaymex

      Mother fucking DITTO.

    • tristram

      Your whole post (except the ‘light note’) is not really relevant to this tweet. I don’t know how or by whom the word “gay” was inserted into the tweet, but it was certainly not done by the considered consensus of the paper’s editorial board. If you followed the Jerusalem stabbing coverage in the English edition of Haaretz, you would know that it is quite fair and on the gay-friendly side. They do publish columns and opinion pieces by people of varying views – including some of the Israeli nutcases, just as the NYT publishes pieces by the likes of Rick Santorum. I checked several on-line resources, and this passage from Wikipedia summarizes the general view of Haaretz:

      Haaretz describes itself as having “a broadly liberal outlook both on domestic issues and on international affairs”. Others describe it alternatively as liberal, centre-left, left-wing, or far-left. The newspaper opposes retaining control of the territories and consistently supports peace initiatives. Haaretz is editorially supportive of groups of Israelis who are exploited or discriminated against, such as sex workers, foreign workers, Israeli Arabs, and Ethiopian immigrants.

      • Octavio

        If Wikipedia says all that, then Haaretz must be simply fabulous. Grrrrrrrr . . . . .

        • amitco

          Let me clear this, as an Israeli. Haaretz is left wing on peace issues with the palestinians and the rest of the arab states in the area.
          It is liberal on social issues such as LGBT rights.
          It is right wing on economic issues. As in Liberal in the old sense.
          In any case it has op-eds with different views from all over the political spectrum.
          I guess the Twitter operator is just an idiot. I wouldn’t surmise much about the newspaper from this.

        • Mr.Penguin

          Oh come on, you can do better than that.

    • rodnchance

      Also much smarter than the average neo-con with a SAT score of 800 for Math.

    • And where are all the “we’re not like that” Republicans to denounce this? Silent, as usual.

    • pablo

      What’s especially weird about this is that Haaretz is a left leaning newspaper. One of the few honest sources for mid-east news. I wonder if that’s changed.

  • Bill

    We are too good for this world and its people.

    Here’s hoping one day they live to deserve us.

  • Mark

    I may of been raised just poor white gay trash….but Franken is my name….
    Here’s your one chance Franken – – don’t let me down….

  • Haaretz….it all makes sense now. End time nut job Jack Van Impe and his equally nutty wife Rexella use Haaretz news headlines all the time to push their right wing/pro Israel propaganda.

    Apparently Haaretz is the newspaper equivalent of the right wing web site World Nut Daily here in America.

    • mari

      Back in the day, one of the TV channels we got on cable managed to imply commentary on him by scheduling Van Impe’s show in between “Xena” and “Andromeda.” I’m sure some of the people who watched never figured out Van Impe was serious.

    • tristram

      Not really – see my response to Octavio’s comment above. Haaretz has been described as the Israeli left-wing equivalent of Fox News – it’s as liberal as you’ll get in mainstream Israeli press.

    • Bloix

      Um, no. Ha’aretz is the most liberal newspaper in Israel and one of the most reliable sources of information on Israel and middle east issues in the world. It”s far from being homophobic and it has editorialized in favor of the Iran deal, eg:

      “The nuclear agreement signed Tuesday between Iran and the six world powers is an incredible diplomatic achievement and a historic milestone in the West’s relations with Iran since that country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.” (Ha’aretz, July 14).

      You would be interested in reading it, I expect, but unfortunately it’s behind a paywall.
      This tweet is a very odd thing for a Ha’aretz reporter to say.

  • MrBlifil

    Someone’s proJECTing….

  • olandp

    If only. I’ve had a crush on Al Franken since his SNL days. So cute, and so smart!

  • anne marie in philly

    where the fuck did they get THAT lie?

  • popebuck1

    Cuz if you’re against war, you’re a total homo, dude.

  • I wouldn’t mind Franken being gay at all. He’s totally adorkable imho. Alas, he is straight. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Also being gay has nothing to do with the Iran deal. Nor does being Jewish.

  • Rick Tan

    People here need to know that Haaretz is a liberal news papers, and they support diplomacy before making a fool of themselves.

    This is just a simple mistake.

  • bill weber

    Most of you don’t even know what Haaretz is, I see.

  • noamsane

    Headlines By Drudge®

  • disqus_tu7SEHpgGp

    Haaretz got hacked?

  • Max_1

    It matters… If you need to know who to stab in the back, that is.

    • Todd20036

      Thank God for social media. I’m being serious, too.

    • Six Pins Delores

      Fucking horrifying

  • SteveZStein

    Um, does Frannie know?

  • John T

    Just like how Fox News puts a (D) after any Republican’s name in the screen graphic after he’s been busted in a corruption and/or sex scandal. Then when Fox gets called out on it their reply is, “oops, it was just a mistake by our busy production crew!” but oddly enough this particular mistake only happens to Republicans. Of course, Fox News is the only news company I know of that has gone to court to successfully defend their right to publish deliberately misleading information (because free speech).

  • mrf95

    I wonder if Haarez inadvertently confused him with Barney Frank. Or as the aptly named Dick Armey referred to him as Barney Fag.

  • BeaverTales

    Well at least they still have Chuck Schumer: D- Tel Aviv (R- when convenient for him)

  • SockMikey
  • maxdi

    In Israel maybe “gay” really means “smilingly happy-go-lucky.” It is another country (even though many Congresspeople don’t see it that way).

  • flint2

    I guess there might be more of us to speak up when they try to harass another Alan Turing off this rock.

  • Kissmagrits

    Coming from Oregon with our openly bisexual governor and lesbian house speaker, I fail to understand any alleged connection between one’s sexuality and
    competence – or honor. And incidentally, the federal judge who overturned Oregon’s 2004 “One man, One woman” constitutional amendment, is also gay – but, a very competent jurist. And the federal judge who wrote the brilliant opinion overturning Prop 8 in California just happens to be gay, too. But, not officially until he retired.

    Damn! Those hostile, long-suffering Abrahamic religious spokesmen just keep inserting foot in mouth. May it ever be so – –

  • deliaruhe

    O, gimme a break! They’re just mixing him up with Barney Frank.