Australians To Rally Against PM Tony Abbott

Furious with Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s threat to fire party leaders who vote for same-sex marriage, this Saturday activists will rally in Melbourne. Via press release:

This Saturday over 20,000 people will head into the Melbourne CBD to show their anger at Abbott’s manoeuvring to maintain homophobic discrimination in Australian law. Five reasons to join us and rally: 1. Eleven years of discrimination is too many; marriage is a civil right. 2. The U.S. and Ireland joined another 19 countries to extend marriage rights to all; Australia lags behind. 3. Politicians must be pressured to support public sentiment and vote “yes” to the upcoming Private Members Bill for marriage equality. 4. Send a strong message to Abbott: get out of the way of equality. 5. To encourage members on the right to CROSS THE FLOOR and vote ‘YES’ for equality. Following the rally we head to the steps of The Old Treasury Building for a mass wedding ceremony conducted by celebrant and The Australian Equality party’s Senate candidate Jason Tuazon-McCheyne.

So far three MPs have said that they will defy Abbott.

Queensland Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro has become the third member of the federal government to reveal they will cross the floor in support of same-sex marriage. This came as confusion swirled on Thursday about the government’s position on same-sex marriage and whether or not Prime Minister Tony Abbott would hold a referendum or plebiscite in any second term. Labor denounced outsourcing the question of marriage equality to a popular vote, saying it would cost at least $120 million. Ms Gambaro is co-sponsoring the cross-party bill to amend the Marriage Act that will still be introduced into the Parliament next week, despite the Liberal Party voting down a free vote for ministers. That decision means there will not be enough votes on the floor to pass the bill in this term of government.

The rally’s Facebook page is here.


  • The Professor

    Hey, gotta give a small crumb of the Happyz to Brian, Bryan, Linda, Porno and the ADF. They’ve had a really rough few months…

    • vorpal

      If they’re fresh out, I’ll just accept a sadz IOU from them.

      The fact that their sadz are inversely proportional to our happiness and success is the delicious icing on the Christian-baked same-sex wedding cake. =evil grins=

      • billbear1961

        That cake better be moist, Christers!

        The kitty and the bear like their cake MOIST!

        • vorpal

          I’ve found that Christian tears generally are a great source for moisture!

          Unfortunately, they can sometimes impart a disgusting, rancid taste :(.

          =tackles you and wraps his paws around you=

          • billbear1961

            Kisses and hugs, sweetie!


    • Princess Lardass

      Even if it is halfway around the world and destined to fall against the tide of equality.

      • At this point all they are trying to do is delay the advance of marriage equality in the hopes that all their negative consequences will magically materialize and turn people against same sex marriage. of course there negative consequences are not real and so they are never going to materialize and so the anti-gays are trying to hold out for something that is never going to happen.

    • Speaking of which shouldn’t Brian Brown be taking advantage of this time to have a vacation in Australia, er I mean traveling to Australia to defend marriage???? Katy Faust made it over there, Brian Brown is missing out. Or perhaps NOM is truly too broke to send their leader traipsing around the world anymore.

      • Reality.Bites

        That’s a long uncomfortable flight for someone his size who can no longer afford to fly business class. Katy’s a lot smaller.

        • Yup, to broke to send their leader traipsing around the
          world anymore. It looks like the only thing NOM spends money on these days is keeping the lights on and Brian Browns salary.

      • He came here a year or two ago to do just that, and nobody even noticed, let alone welcomed him with open arms.

        • billbear1961

          I hope there will be many who will defy Abbott and vote for M.E., Roger!

          If many defy him, what can the jackass do to take revenge without severely damaging himself and his government?

          Ministers must be encouraged to defy him and stand up for JUSTICE!

  • vorpal

    This Saturday over 20,000 people

    If this was news about a conservative anti-LGBT event, they would predict 200,000, and 200 would show up, and the event would be declared a smashing success.

    Thinking of my Australian LGBT siblings and wishing them much luck in joining much of the rest of the first world in marriage equality.

    I still can’t wait to hear (or not hear) about how lame the White House Witness event from this weekend turns out, especially when based on the statistics posted, Brian Brown can’t even get 100 men (women welcome) together any more to protest same-sex marriage.

    • billbear1961

      I hadn’t heard about this, minou.

      • vorpal

        I don’t think it’s much to worry about, but plenty to laugh at!

      • vorpal

        OH NOEZ! They crept up to 21% of their goal! That’s 105 men (women welcome) to go count anal beads and say magical spells in front of the White House!

        Obama will probably just turn on the sprinklers.

        • billbear1961

          I’d release the hounds!


          • vorpal

            Haha! Okay, that amused me :-).

          • billbear1961

            Then it served a useful purpose, sweetie!



  • AtticusP

  • oikos

    Still amazed that here and elsewhere, people are still voting for 19th century policies and politicians.

    • Mark

      It’s like playing an old record over and over and over. It was a ‘hit’ then so surely it’s a ‘hit’ now. Ugh!

  • JT
  • Baltimatt

    Meanwhile in Germany:

    Der evangelische Pastor Günter Weigel pöbelt in einem Gemeindebrief gegen Homosexuelle und stellt deren Beziehungen mit Sodomie gleich: „Ehe für alle“ sei wie „Ehe mit dem Haustier”.

    Protestant pastor Günter Weigel caused an affront in a parish letter against homosexuals and compared their relationships to bestiality: “Marriage for all” is like “Marriage with pets”.

    Many in his congregation in Nemmernsdorf were not pleased.

    “Ehe für alle” (marriage for all) is a current slogan of marriage activists in Germany.

  • There won’t be enough votes to pass it but get people on record as to where they stand. I’m glad to hear that they are pushing forward with the vote, Abbott wanted to kill the vote completely by blocking a free vote pushing ahead with the vote doesn’t let him get away with it and puts them on record.

    Also a big thanks to the MP’s who have already said that they will defy Abbott, let’s get a bunch more of those.

    • billbear1961

      Hear, hear!!

  • GayEGO

    Abbott should be defied and ousted from his position, however that is done in Australia. He is simply costing the Australian citizens time and money as well as their equal rights.

    • billbear1961

      His party can challenge his leadership–again.

      THIS time, for God’s SAKE, with a declared challenger!

  • billbear1961


    Defy Abbott–if enough do, he’ll be powerless to do anything about it without severely damaging himself and his government!

    Defy him!