REPORT: iPhone 7 To Be Unveiled On September 9th

According to multiple tech sites, Apple will announce the release of the iPhone 7 on September 9th.

There’s still debate on whether Apple’s 2015 device will be called the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s — most people have their money on the latter, following Apple’s usual device patterns. The ‘S’ updates are more about what’s inside the device than outside, with no significant design change expected. However, leaks and reports suggest that the camera, battery and display technology are all going to receive big overhauls. Apple has been putting a lot of emphasis on the iPhone as a photography device, and that’s looking to take a step further with the iPhone 6s. An employee of Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturing company that builds Apple’s iPhones, is claiming that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will have 12MP rear cameras and support 4K video recording. This comes off the back of Apple acquiring a company in April which specialises in smartphone cameras to match DSLR quality. It also lines up with reports from known Apple expert John Gruber, who said that the iPhone 6s will have “the biggest camera jump ever”.

No change in screen size is expected.

  • Junior Minty

    But will the new hat have feathers or ribbons? It _will_ be right after Labor Day, and that is a transitional season!

  • Stubenville

    “The ‘S’ updates are more about what’s inside the device than outside, with no significant design change expected.”

    But how will people know I have the newest one? Waaaaah!!!!

    • GarySFBCN

      How? By the 10,000 selfies plastered all over social media that people will take of themselves waiting in line to get the new iPhone.

      • With “Posted from my iPhone” at the bottom. :p

    • metrored

      Don’t you know it’s what’s on the inside that really counts?

  • Oscarlating Wildely
  • TJay229

    In android news….

    Samsung Note 5 is to be announced next week. YEA!

    • Meanwhile, there’s no remedy in sight for the major data security flaws that impact 99% of all Android users. The fragmented nature of the Android operating system means that some users may see a fix, but a majority will not. Google for more details.

      • fuow

        Oh, puhlease. You applefanboyz ignore every single problem with apple products (like the treatment of workers who build them for you) and rail about everything else.
        I’ve seen too fucking many of my husband’s apple this and mac that and iShit other suffer from terminal ‘I feel like a brick today, tomorrow and forever’ syndrome to put up with that shit from you fanboyz.
        Don’t like RIM? Don’t buy Blackberry. Don’t like android? Don’t have dessert.
        Your precious iShit doesn’t stink any less just because other systems aren’t’ perfect, either.

        And now, in a very short time, my husband will see yet another disaster unfold as apple releases the exact same ‘update’ to destroy his last newest and greatest i6 like they did to his i4 and I will be the one to set up i7 for him.

        • My comment wasn’t intended to start a fanboy flame war. But clearly, it has served as an outlet for you to justify a well-deserved Valium.

          Happy Monday!

          • fuow

            Your comment was clearly aimed at nothing else but. You can take that Valium and shove it up your ass. The arrogance of the disciples of the iCult of Steve disgusts me.

          • Oh, I see. Well then, perhaps today two are in order.

          • fuow

            Shouldn’t that have been iValium?

          • If that’s what you want.

          • fuow

            But it only runs on i7 phones.

          • So you were right then, you’ll have to buy one of those!

            Have a nice day.

          • fuow

            Oh, but I shall. I’ve bought every single new iToy from that ishit company for decades.
            My husband loves apple, we can afford it, so I buy him the stuff he likes.
            Same with Cadillac. He loves them, so the XLRs keep the local GM shop rolling in the dough. By the time I buy him a CTS-V, that i7 will have been ‘upgraded’ to a 7s.
            I’ll stick with my reliable Chevys and dessert.
            I don’t wear designer clothes, either. Unless you count 501s.

          • Thanks for being such a dedicated Apple customer!

          • fuow

            You’re quite welcome.
            We settled this back when I put our systems on OS/2 and Red Hat. He loves one-button mice and design athestics are far more important to him than reliability.
            I’m a dog-breeder with advanced degrees in the natural sciences. Reliable, secure, supported software and bullet-proof hardware matter more to me than anything else.
            I buy him Cadillac and apple products because it makes him happy.
            He invests time and effort in keeping my ancient Chevys running.
            It’s called ‘being married’.
            As for the dedication, I compensate by pointing out every flaw and problem with your shitty products and your horrendously bad human-rights problems to all and sundry. I notice you side-stepped that, entirely.

          • That’s nice, dear. Your husband’s such a LUCKY guy to have you to buy him nice things. But, really, I’m sure he’d stay, even without them.

            Day in and day out. Every waking hour.

            Yes, lucky. That’s it.

            PS: We all have google now, dear. We can find out the truth about anything!

        • Rod Steely

          You are 100% right about how their updates destroy older models. Plus they are constantly trying to upsell you to the iTunes store first and now Apple Music. It makes me crazy!

      • TJay229

        Yea, but who likes a iPhone #Garbage #horrible

  • Day Late

    I was cutting edge for 3 months, goddamit!

    • Bad Tom

      Welcome to the future!
      It keeps happening.

  • bambinoitaliano

    I’m fine with my non hackable BlackBerry.

  • goofy_joe

    I am happy with my current iPhone, and have even toyed with the idea of jumping back in tech to a simpler non-smart phone. The cost per month is beginning to feel like a waste.

  • Duh-David

    My 5 has been having battery problems, and I have insufficient memory to synch with my laptop. I’ve been putting off replacing it until the latest and greatest came out. So, I guess the 6S will be the model I have for the next ten years.

  • MattM

    As much as I want to make fun of this, my current phone is giving me a lot of problems and I’m probably going to get this.

  • Paula

    I never play the keep-up game with phones. Its a communication device, not a lifestyle. I am using a iPhone 5S, purchased after washing and drying my iPhone 4S. I will have it until something goes wrong with it.

    • karen in kalifornia

      My flipphone is over 9 yrs old. So there.

      • mjcc1987

        What’s a flip phone?

        • fuow

          A reliable device used for voice communications. Something people used to do before the distance between the speaker and microphone grew to 2 meters on even the smallest ‘smart’ phone.

  • mjcc1987

    The 7 is new. How do I know? It’s one up from 6………………… now where is my wallet…

  • metrored

    I hope they make a new 4-inch model. I miss having a little smart phone.

  • WilloSF

    I am still hoping they come out with a model that is the same size as the 5/5s. That’s the Goldilocks size for me.