Babes – Life Come Into Me [MUSIC VIDEO]

Immensely strange, in a good way. Stereogum recaps:

Last time we wrote about L.A.-based Babes, they were really turned on. Apparently, the five-piece is still revved up because their new video, directed by Sarah Hamblin, features a handful of men (possibly the band members) dancing suggestively in slow-motion, wearing speedos and assless chaps. The men appear to be auditioning for something in front of unamused singer Sarah Rayne Leigh, whose inner monologue corresponds with the song’s melancholy “life is pointless” lyrical theme. The only glimmer of interest Leigh shows is when one speedoed man shows up and covers himself in gold glitter, but promptly pisses her off by throwing silver glitter in her face. Leigh then lunges at him, still in slow motion, and rips off his mustache. End scene. Under this ruckus lies the band’s oozingly slow synth and Leigh’s timeless voice. Around 1:45, the video also features a short cameo from Leigh’s ex-boyfriend Harris Wittels, the late comedian, actor, and writer, best known for his work on Parks And Recreation.

  • bkmn

    Last time I said assless chaps I got the riot act from people telling me that all chaps are assless.

    • Rambie

      So someone had their chaps all in a twist? 😉

    • clay

      Were you with Porno Pete LaBarbara at the time?

    • scorpiomike

      I have a CD from a band called The Assless Chaps. I used to pick CDs at the used CD place based on the band name. That one could not be resisted.

    • Bill

      In their defense, chaps WITH an ass already have a name. We call them pants.

    • James

      Chaps are assless by definition. Assful chaps are better known as trousers (or pants, depending where you’re from).

    • perversatile

      Tragically “Chaps”
      has ben hijacked by Ralph Lauren
      aka Ralph Lipshitz,~
      so you’re obliged to
      just punch it home,
      and say
      “Assless Chaps”
      Which rolls off the tongue
      so nicely, while envisioning
      chaps worn sans denim-
      framing that cake sooooo sweet

      • bkmn


        • perversatile

          all you can eat Butt-fet

  • Love her “Implied Facepalm” looks.

  • Ray Taylor

    Ouch. What was that?

  • Brian in Valdosta

    That. Was. Funny!

    And the song was pretty great, too. It reminds me of songs by Mojave 3, whom I also love.

  • rusty57


  • CanuckDon

    Video aside, I really like the song…it’s very Lesley Gore-esque.

  • paisleyface

    That was great! The music is right out of John Grant Land!

  • Mike P

    Umm…can I have those 5 minutes and 11 seconds of my life back please?

  • Frank Dash

    It strikes me that men are now in a better position than women to allow themselves to be openly objectified in this society. Plus, it is a pleasant song.

  • Once again, I miss weird California, which is saying a lot when you live in Brasil… for example, on my walk about a km down the hill from my home to meet freinds at a restuarant, a pair of really buff lads road by on horses, there was a huge (as in every police car in the municipality – with very buff policemen) going on at the bridge as I crossed the river, a big mass in the 350 year old church – organ music blasting as I walked by,… and fireworks further down the hill… my friends from Rio waiting for me Rio asked me if it was always like this here… “Yes, always, why?”

    Oh, I forgot, I loved the song!

  • kcken

    If grindr was a music video…..

  • houstonray

    I am not sure what the hell I just watched, but damn if I couldn’t look away…

    Loved the song though, very haunting, reminds me of the Twin Peaks “Falling” song.

  • Tony Adams

    Every bit as good as chocolate cake.

  • JulieBL

    Loved that (though no sound atm). Nice move of her in a quasi wife-beater there at the end.

  • Chayste in LA

    That was freakin’ BRILLIANT!! Gorgeous song and *omfgwtf* icing on the cake! 😀

  • GunnaHurt

    Ugh. Uptight straight people should stop writing about anything sexual. The term “assless chaps” is so fucking stupid it makes me want to go kick whomever wrote it in the forehead.