Baume: LGBT Issues At First GOP Debate

  • Joe in PA

    O. M. G…Matt! Merkin Sommelier? Absolutely PERFECT. You are my hero Matt Baume!

  • Joe in PA

    Geez, if only we have ‘main stream’ media responding to the statements of pols like this. Amazing job.

    • ohbear1957

      Or Logo. They should be running this video every hour, on the hour today and throughout the weekend. Instead of re-runs of the “Facts of Life,” it would be refreshing to see some original content by, and for, the GLBT/Queer communities.
      Brilliant work, Matt.

      • MattM

        But then they’d have to actually be an LGBT network. That would cut into their free time and profits.

  • geoffalnutt

    Did I hear that last bit right???!!! “merkin sommelier”? I’m completely dead! Call the hearse. Dig the hole. Sing a song.
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

  • Trump’s merkin sommelier? Abandon hope all ye who enter there!

  • Gustav2

    Part of Kasich’s problem with marriage equality is his spiritual leader:

    • JT

      His priest is an Anglican with that mind and mouth? He’s a wingnut even there.

      • Gustav2

        Anglican, not Episcopalian. Teavangelical with the Book of Common Prayer.

        • JT

          Well, compared to the “Anglican Communion” he’s way out right, and that includes denominations with the word “Anglican” in their name.

          • Gustav2

            This is why Kasich’s rhetoric re: gays is limited to his close friends and fellow travelers.

          • JT

            So, is his denomination the spinoff bigots of ACNA, which claims a whopping great 100 k or so members on the continent?

          • Gustav2

            I think it is in the Communion but very conservative.

          • Reality.Bites

            It’s basically the people who broke away from the Episcopalian church and demanded to be put under an African archbishop.

    • popebuck1

      It is the height of irony that the Anglican Church is so dead set against same-sex marriage – when they were founded expressly so that Henry VIII could get a divorce. Their whole church was created specifically to redefine marriage!

  • JT

    Frothy Mix Santorum: I will lead this country into a civil war over same sex marriage.

    Great job, Matt. Anyone who ever doubted that Santorum was a blithering idiot should now see how wrong that was.

  • medaka

    Hoist them high with their own petards, Matt — right on!

    There was also the trans/military question lobbed at Mike Duggar Huckabee Duggar, which he pretty much avoided with his lovely Christian “kill people and break things” schtick.

  • gaymex

    I appreciate Matt more with each passing day. Thank you.

  • He’s right about the relative absence of LGBT issues — they don’t want to talk about it because it’s a losing proposition once they’re past the primaries.

  • medaka

    Oh, and notice Santorum’s wack-offy hand movements here too, like around 2:44.

    Is that his signature color?

    • rextrek1

      what’s really remarkable is – that there is STILL republicans?????

      • lymis

        If we could reverse the gerrymandering, I think they might not last all that much longer.

  • ArchiLaw

    Matt Baume for President!

  • DaveDocSC

    Matt might have been a good replacement for Jon Stewert.. He is so sharp and fast. Go Matt Baume!

  • Michael Rush

    It would be so great to have Matt Baume explain all this to Rick Santorum on live tv .

  • Octavio

    Merkin sommelier? Yeah. Sure. Whatever.

  • NMNative

    Thanks Matt!

  • Timothy Kincaid

    I don’t understand the attack on Kasich… his answer was supportive, not anti-gay and the audience applauded.

  • GayEGO

    Good show Matt! Your comments support my humorous name calling of Rick Sanitarium! I get the impression that some of the GOP candidates don’t want to express their feelings about marriage equality, perhaps they are afraid they will lose votes!

  • I don’t know why you keep posting this Baume’s shitty videos?

    • RoFaWh

      If you think Matt’s videos are shitty, maybe you need to clean your eyeglasses. And stop being such a shitty troll.

      • I don’t wear eye glasses.

        • RoFaWh

          You also don’t understand figurative speech.

          • I do but that was just stupid.

  • RoFaWh

    I’m goling to be so shallow that calling me a monomolecular layer doesn’t do justice to the situation.

    Matt, in the first frame, has a facial expression that is the same as the one he uses when saying “Yes, I think it would be a very good idea for you to strip down to your jockstrap.”

    He’s as cute as a bug’s ear. That he also produces informative, articulate videos is just icing on the cake.

  • Jim

    Well, that’s not what happened in Houston either, Matt. The Houston city clerk validated the petitions as the city charter requires. The city attorney and the city council overrode the clerk and rejected the petitions–an act which is not legal under the city charter. That’s why the city lost its case in the Texas supreme court and that’s why the anti-discrimination law is going up for a vote in November.