More Corporate Support For Equality Act

From the Human Rights Campaign:

Four new major American companies have become the latest to endorse the Equality Act, federal legislation that would establish full, federal equality for all LGBT Americans. In doing so, these leading companies – IBM, Oracle, Orbitz, and Symantec – made clear that they believe all LGBT Americans should have the protections from discrimination in federal law that they deserve. They join American Airlines, Apple, The Dow Chemical Company, Facebook, General Mills, Google, Levi Strauss & Co., Microsoft, and Nike as part of a national business coalition supporting comprehensive, federal LGBT non-discrimination protections. Additionally, Hewlett-Packard in Fortune recently announced its support for the Equality Act.

STATEMENT BY IBM: “IBM’s workplace culture is built on the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all. We established a corporate policy on equal opportunity more than a decade before the Civil Rights Act. We championed an industry-leading policy of non-discrimination based on sexual orientation over 30 years ago, and expanded it in 2002 to cover gender identity and expression. IBM is proud to support the Equality Act and maintains our steadfast support for all employees to experience equality in the workplace.”

STATEMENT BY ORBITZ: “At Orbitz we’ve been advocates of equality and inclusion since our founding in 2001. Our support for the Equality Act is consistent with our other actions, such as signing the amicus brief calling on the Supreme Court to find gay marriage bans unconstitutional.”

STATEMENT BY SYMANTEC: “At Symantec, we are proud to support full and equal rights for the LGBT community. We believe having a diversity of perspectives ensures we make better business decisions and the products and services we offer meet the needs of the broad spectrum of people we serve worldwide, which is why we couldn’t be more proud to support the expansion of legal protections. We unequivocally support the Equality Act – for the future of our business and society.”

As I’ve mentioned before, the Equality Act will see little traction in the current GOP-dominated Congress, but this early groundwork is critical to what most consider to be the “heaviest lift” in our movement’s history.

  • bkmn

    We need to step up our game. Educate everyone that they need to vote or the fright wingers will elect people that will try to take away our rights. With the added voting restrictions in many states it means we need to make sure everyone has a valid ID and is registered to vote. We can NOT afford to let anyone on our side sit this one out.

    • Bj Lincoln


    • GC

      (Courtesy of Americans Against The Tea Party… but don’t tell the RWNJ’s that!)

      • David Milley


    • GC

      “Fright wingers” — I am so stealing that!

      An idea I read some months ago: we need to spread the meme among religious conservatives to stay home; don’t vote. God is all-powerful. If He wants a Republican president He’ll surely arrange it. Donating to candidates, registering, and voting questions God’s power and shows an unforgivable lack of faith. Stay home. Don’t vote.

      (The preceding message is for religious conservatives only.)

      • GC

        I usually don’t capitalize the pronoun for God, or even assume it’s “he”. Reminds me of an exchange on rec.humor.funny way back when all we had were coal-powered abacuses [edit: and TCP-over-carrier-pigeon], and we had to walk twenty miles in the snow to school, uphill, both ways. Paraphrasing from memory:

        (…something about “G-d”…)

        “Who or what is ‘G-d’? If you’re talking about God why not use his name?”

        “What makes you think God is a ‘he’?”

        “You’re absolutely right! We can’t presume to restrict God to one gender. We should use the universal pronoun, She/He/It. After all, for time immemorial, whenever things have gone wrong, people have looked to the heavens and exclaimed, ‘O She/He/It!'”

  • TMA

    As I’ve said before, I am currently in the process of planning a large-scale civil disobedience campaign for next summer to highlight the need for the Act. I’ve already secured crucial support and we are beginning to lay the necessary groundwork for this campaign to be a success. Please let me know if you are interested.

  • Stev84

    This is one of those rare cases where the Republicans won’t listen to their corporate masters.

    • Bill_Perdue

      They don’t have to.

      Bills like this are only proposed by Democrats when they have no chance of being enacted and they always feature exemptions that allow the cults to discriminate against LGBT folks in the educational and healthcare fields.

      The rich own both parties, lock stock and barrell. Pretending that they don’t own the rich flies in the face of everything documented about American politics.

      • MattM

        For once I actually can’t disagree with you, Bill.

        That’s so inconvenient for me.

        • Bill_Perdue

          Poor racist troll is inconvenienced. Good.

          • MattM

            Inconvenienced but not deterred. I’m gonna make you mine, Bill. I’ll woo you and you’ll swoon and we’ll finally be together.

  • ScottJL

    Add them to the boycott list. LOL.

  • Michael Rush

    are corporations becoming people ?
    discuss amongst yourselves …

  • StraightGrandmother

    Yes the Equality Act IS going to be a heavy lift but at least it is comprehensive, no leaving Trans people by the side of the road.

    We need to stay with it, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

  • JoeNCA

    Amazing how a bill that has overwhelming support in most every voting demographic, including majorities of conservatives and religious folk, is considered a “heavy lift”.

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      And probably 95% of the Fortune 100 companies.


    Here comes the gay steamroller again.

  • BudClark

    Let’s revive the “ZOOM! ZOOM!” tag!

  • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

    In a way, I almost think this legislation is already obsolete before it was even proposed, or like ENDA became obsolete before it ever got passed. The vast majority of the business world gets it now, and in 2015 almost any company you’ve ever heard of probably has a 90% rating or higher on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index (with notable exceptions like the evil Exxon-Mobil and Chik-Fil-Hate).

    20 years ago, I would have said that this was the #1 priority, higher than marriage equality or DADT repeal or anything else. But it’s been 13 years now since Richard Florida published “The Rise Of The Creative Class” and almost every company that wants to survive and thrive in the 21st century has already internalized the lessons from that study, if they hadn’t already by the time Florida wrote it. So it may be best to just let the market forces slowly decimate the dinosaurs rather than enact a law that has no practical effect (most companies that are worth working for already do this) and will just provide talking points for the usual aggrieved parties (looking at you, Bennie Shapiro and Ryan Anderson).