TRAILER: Deadpool

TIME recaps:

“One thing that never survives this place is a sense of humor,” evil sidekick Ajax, played by Ed Skrein, tells Ryan Reynolds’ character Wade Wilson, a.k.a Deadpool, while strapping him onto a gurney. “We’ll see about that, Posh Spice.” Wilson deadpans. If the first official trailer for the eagerly-awaited Marvel movie Deadpool is any indication, the movie promises just as many laughs as it does thrills. The red band trailer, which begins with the cancer diagnosis which prompts Wilson to volunteer for the genetic experimentation program that gives him his superpowers (including an inability to be killed), is an action-packed blur of gunshots, punches, smashed cars and…more jokes.

  • joeyj1220

    But will Deadpool be bisexual as he is in the comics? (yeah, probably not)

    • Snownova

      Right now I’m happy enough that there’s an R-rated version of deadpool. If it’s a hit and there’s a sequel we can work on his sexuality.

      • Todd20036

        Now when you say “we”, is that something you and a volunteer are planning?

  • With Ben Affleck, Chris Evans, Brandon Routh and Ryan Reynolds now playing two superheroes each, you’d think there were a limited number of handsome actors to go around for comic book characters.

    • Brian in Valdosta


      With that said, I love me some Ryan Reynolds. He’s not only gorgeous, but he has great comedic presence and timing. I’m glad to see him returning to that area of his acting expertise.

      But I do think we need to be giving these roles to some newcomers. I know there have to be plenty of them just chomping at the bit to get parts like this.

      • Scott Carpenter

        Yes, yes, acting chops and all that, but…
        Making Ryan Reynolds look like the offspring of an avocado that had sex with an older avocado is, I’m fairly certain, illegal in all 50 states. And if it isn’t, it should be. I’m in favor of a constitutional amendment.

  • I’m sorry, I nearly sprayed coffee at the “Less angry Rosie O’Donnell” line.

    I was not originally planning on seeing this movie, but dammit, I may have to now.

    • FuBear

      Did the same. I tend to laugh out loud when something strikes that funny bone. Oh and cryptic. Yum.

      • *blush*

        • FuBear

          Hey I have a thing for nerds :). Being one myself.

  • Mike Plass
    • MattM

      “You look like Freddy Kruger facefucked a topographical map of Utah”

    • Todd20036

      He made a 1 episode guest appearance on Spider Man Web Warriors.

      This guy isn’t exactly a good guy, is he?

    • Todd20036

      Yeah, but only because of language.

      I want to see some bacon in this trailer, dammit.

  • Brian G

    The Green Trailer? Really? The only one worth watching is the Red Line Trailer. So NSFW………

  • Christopher


  • NMNative

    Well, my eight year old nephew thinks he’s coolest thing out there.

  • pj

    off topic perhaps… case you were wondering why a certain element of the american people are so in love with machine guns and automatic weapons i cite the case of the american comic book movie of the last 20 years. the slo mo glamorization of shooting people is so accepted that it is no wonder that churches, theatres, schools and kindergartens are the new locations for their recreation in real life. thanks to the NRA and their gun manufacturing sponsors anyone can live their fantasy. we will have weekly bloodbaths until the connection is made between our gun loving culture and this so called entertainment. even a classroom full of dead children hasent been enough to make it stop.

    • odsbjorn

      Thanks Tipper Gore for that fresh bit of insight.

      1980 called and would like its archaic logic back. Maybe you could explain how great Trickle Down Economics is great for everyone when you have a minute.

      • pj

        your bullshit response makes my point perfectly. thanks

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Haven’t watched the trailer yet, but will the movie show us Lady Death?

  • Tipsy

    Deadpool was a comic that went from “must read” to “force of habit” for me. I loved, loved, loved Joe Kelly’s run, as it had a tremendous amount of pathos among the jokes. Slowly but surely, however, the jokes took over, and it seemed to be more about “hey, how zany can we make this guy?” than telling good stories. I completely dropped the title after he was battling zombie presidents.

    Seeing that this trailer has a lot of nods to the Joe Kelly run (Ajax, Blind Al, Weasel) I am hopeful for this film.

    Too bad Deadpool isn’t MCU; I would’ve loved to see the Deadpool/Daredevil/Typhoid Mary story play out on screen.

  • Tom Tallis

    It’s a marvel to me that with so many super-heroes there is any crime left at all.