Taiwanese Animators On GOP Debate

  • crewman

    I love that Taiwanese have a translation for “Amurica”.

    • vorpal

      They don’t. That was inserted by the translator.

      美國 (in traditional Chinese, which is what Taiwan uses, and in simplified Chinese, 美国) is what they used for America, which is the proper Chinese term (pronounced měi guó, which literally translates into “beautiful country”).

      • People4Humanity

        I love your grasp of Chinese language.
        And it’s said that Engrish is hald.

        • vorpal


          In other words, I don’t speak Chinese very well right now, because I haven’t practiced in a long time :(.

          At one point (after almost four years of studying), I knew around 3000 characters, which was still RIDICULOUSLY frustrating because you need to know about 5000 to be able to read a newspaper.

          Chinese is grammatically simple, but full of weirdness, and the tones and characters are the least of that, really.

          For example, there are these four character sayings (chengyu) that often make no sense on the surface as they’re morals / quotes from classical Chinese stories. Classical Chinese is completely different from modern Chinese, and some of the characters mean very different things or have very different uses, and each character generally represents a word, whereas in modern Chinese, most words are 1-3 characters. Thus, in essence, you need to know the story to understand the chengyu.

          The other thing – which I’ve never gotten a Chinese person to admit – is that they have a whole bunch of words that they ONLY use for speaking, and a whole bunch that they ONLY use for writing. Every Chinese person I’ve confronted on this actively denies it, but if you use one of the written words in speech or vice versa, they will think you are confusing or poorly educated, and even then STILL deny this quirkiness.

          It is so frustrating that I feel I can learn more Spanish in an hour than I can learn Chinese in ten hours. Argh!

          I am slowly starting to re-immerse myself in Chinese because I really don’t want four years of private lessons to go to waste :(.

  • Lakeview Bob

    i loved the Christie character. It was the most brutal.

  • Kevin Perez

    Ted Cruz actually looks a lot like Ted Cruz. The rest, eh. Considering how much time they had to put it together, this was really good.

  • Gustav2

    After watching this accurate discription of the state of Republican politics there absolutely no reason to check on what Chuck Todd says today.

    • bkmn

      Is there ever a reason to listen to Chuck Todd?

      • fuow

        The only good thing about Chuck Todd is when he’s not behind a desk and his suit coat is open. He’s packing.
        Only good thing.

        • olandp


          • fuow

            Well, I was accentuating the positive. When he was younger, he was rather attractive. All that’s left today is his big dick. Thick and long.
            Unfortunately, he, himself is a much bigger dick.
            Why oh why did they place him in such a position? He’s a second-rate conservative hack. At best.

          • People4Humanity

            Maybe the ladies are attracted to the standing, coat-open look?
            [add LogCabinettes, too + ex-gheyz]

  • bkmn

    Now I can’t wait for the next installment.

  • JT

    It sounds better to have the clown car described in Chinese.

  • Pity North Korea is so isolated. Would be fun to see their animated take on this.

    • vorpal

      Have they even (re)invented stick figures yet?

      (I’m guessing only if Kim Jong Il discovered them before his death while standing under a quintuple rainbow in a field of tulips of the purest white while doves did perfectly choreographed dances in the sky.)

  • SockMikey

    Would have been cute if the door bouncer wore a Fox News logo shirt.

    The (RNC?) guys holding the fans to make Trump’s Toupee look bad… 🙂

  • fuow

    Don’t you just love living in a country in which the decision making process as to the next president (shudder) is portrayed this accurately abroad?
    They nailed it.

  • Michael Rush

    from jon stewart / daily show , ( koch brothers )

  • Tom (Winnipeg)

    GOP, the laughingstock of the world.

  • josephsinger

    Taiwanese animators are part of the best things on the net.