Walker Punk’d By Climate Activists

(Tipped by JMG reader BKMN)

  • Goodboy

    What a duchbag. You just don’t trick people like that. People are going to unfairly connect Walker and the Koch’s with that kind of propaganda.

    • bambinoitaliano

      I agree. Not nice to out a rent boy in the public like that. Now we know what the Gawker ex chief editors have been up to.

      • Doug105


    • Doug105


    • Ginger Snap

      I love good snark before bed. Night night.

  • WiscoJoe

    This is why Scott Walker hasn’t made a single public appearance in Wisconsin since 2010.

    • Cherry

      I was going to say that wasn’t true but then I remembered that the only time he posts photos of his appearances on Facebook, he’s always at some company in WI, not exactly public.

      • WiscoJoe

        Exactly. He makes appearances at friendly local business venues that appear to be “public events” but have a strict guest list of carefully selected donors and supporters. Walker barely answers questions from reporters in Wisconsin, let alone actually put himself in a situation where he would be forced to interact with his constituents. The man is terrified of public exposure.

  • John Ruff

    Ha ha ha. Great pic.

  • GarySFBCN

    The important take-away is that we are more clever than they are and cleverness is POWER, but only if we use it and stick together.

    • Blake Jordan

      We have the clever, but they have the thuggery…

    • Rocco Gibraltar

      We are the elites they dread. That means we are educated and think by ourselves. Shocking.

    • Dead Giveaway

      You didn’t punk him.

      • ExGayTherapyKills

        900 million check from the Koch brothers is all it cost to be prez?

      • GarySFBCN

        I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Gustav2

    Sneaky bastards!

    Come sit by me.

    • John

      Alice R L! Who knew you were still around and being crafty! 🙂

  • clay


  • Ed Burrow

    I’d do bad bad things to the guy holding the check.
    Too shallow?
    Ok…great prank too!

  • BobSF_94117

    I’m sure it’s all amusing, but these stunts with Walker just increase his support.

  • bkmn

    If I had done that I would have put “Koch sucker” in between his first and last name.

  • Sk3ptic

    Just when I worry we can no longer assume that brains are part of the human organism, along comes someone like this dude to prove me wrong!

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    I am actually surprised no one stopped the guy. I would assume that one of his handlers would have spotted what the sign said and stopped the photo.

    • bkmn

      That would imply that Walker has someone with brains running his campaign and the Koch brothers don’t want to spend that kind of money.

      • MattM

        Like any Republican business, they use the cheapest labor possible. Surely outsourced.

  • JT
    • Lumpy Gaga

      Don’t misunderestimate him. I recommend this week’s cover story in the Nation by John Nichols.

      • AndyinChicago

        He has had huge progressive wellsprings try to kick him out of office multiple times in Wisconsin, a state that’s really hurting because of his horrible leadership, but has managed to maintain power all the same. He’s an idiot, sure, but a well funded and properly backed idiot with an ego and ambition.

        • bkmn

          And he almost succeeded in gutting Wisconsin’s open records laws so his behind the scenes actions could not be made public.

        • JCF

          …but note that precisely NONE of his 3 winning gubernatorial elections was a November Presidential year election. He wouldn’t be Governor now if they had been, I’m convinced.

      • Gerry Fisher

        My mind went to “how the hell did he get elected. Twice.” I’d like to read that article.

  • Blake Jordan

    That is what you get for being constantly on your knees with a Koch in your mouth…

    • bambinoitaliano

      Two Koch in the mouth better than beating around with a Bush?

      • JW Swift


  • danolgb

    The brothers had their little gathering this past week. This time they had it at the St Regis resort here in Orange County. They did allow some press this time, but only with the condition they didn’t identify anyone of the donors who were there. Nice to see the press doing their job. /sarcasm.


    • Goodboy

      Usual agenda. Raping the environment, eliminating regulations, more tax breaks, and funding lobbyist and politicians for said effort.

      • Doug105

        Pretending to give a shit about the poor.

        • Goodboy

          As long as their white. Don’t want to piss off their base.

      • clay

        . . . creating a super PAC to counter-balance Jib’s.

    • Cuberly
  • AndyinChicago

    He’s a well funded idiot. Just further evidence.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Hey! You look like the guy who hold the check! 🙂 Now go sit by Ed Burrow!

  • e jerry powell

    That is some ballsy cattiness. I admire it.

  • John

    If Scott Walker could read, he’d be SO angry!

    • billbear1961


  • bkmn

    Of course the Koch brothers are not the only ones backing Walker. We also need to make people aware that Culvers, Menards and lots of other businesses in WI have dumped lots of money and support into the Walker machine. Please feel free to add other companies so that everyone knows who is supporting him.

  • WiscoJoe

    Careful, Governor. Too much Koch and you may find yourself with a perforated septum, condemning you to live the rest of your life as a mouth breather.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Ok you skillful photoshoppers can you put the koch brothers head on the sides and that idiot in the middle? I’ll promise to sit by your side 🙂

  • Queequeg

    Nobody ever said that Walker was smart.

    • billbear1961

      Just a goddamned gangster.

  • sherman

    Old news, I posted it in the comments 3 hours ago.

    • WiscoJoe

      3 hours ago = ‘old news’

      Hooray for the Internet!

      • sherman

        Sorry I didn’t catch up to your comment for 16 minutes.

        • WiscoJoe

          What were we talking about, again? Sorry, I got distracted watching cat videos on YouTube.

          • clay

            That’s still a thing?

  • MDB

    Doncha’ just hate when that happens ??? Where were Walker’s handlers ? First a Philly cheese steak and now this…Oi vey iz mir !!!

  • jomicur

    So Walker’s handlers are as stupid/incompetent as he is. What a fine administration that would make for.

  • BeaverTales

    Punk’d or trolled?

    I can’t keep up any more….getting too old.

    • MattM

      Why not both?

    • billbear1961

      All the new jargon quite wears an old chap out.

      I know.

      But if the Queen’s Majesty can keep up, so can the bear!


  • dcurlee

    Hahaha Dope

  • Blobby


  • billbear1961

    Well done, Gaia’s young heroes!

  • Clive Johnson

    “Mark Salter, who was a top adviser on the 2008 presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain (R), is not a fan of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R).

    On Thursday, Salter went on Facebook and posted an article criticizing a comment Walker made about the Islamic State jihadist group (also known as ISIS or ISIL) at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Salter added a colorful comment.

    “I want to like him but Scott Walker is kind of a dumb ass,” Salter wrote.”


    [n.b. – I do not want to like him, nor do I.]

  • If Scott Walker were any more of a tool he’d have a handle sticking out of his ass.

    • JW Swift

      What a waste of an otherwise perfectly useful handle!

  • labman57

    Someone should buy Walker a T-shirt that says “I’m with STUPID” … with an arrow pointing straight up.

    Well, at least Scott still has his catchy campaign slogan: “I’ve got a Koch and a smile!”

  • Gerry Fisher


  • Xuuths

    I think it was a jerk move. You should be honest about what you’re doing, otherwise you lose any moral authority you might have had. This is no different from Photoshopping an image or altering a recording.

    I get it — it was a joke, a jest, a prank. It was still wrong, IMO.

  • That is genius.

    The elites haven’t caught up to the power of social media and the great leveling of information. They tried to end net neutrality and failed. They knew how fucked they are that anyone can post anything these days. This is so awesome.

  • DaddyRay

    Here is the video, Walker didn’t even realize he was punk’d


  • Ginger Snap

    Why do I miss all the good shit that happens in my state? I should spend less time sucking married cock in the alley and going to political rallies I guess.

  • JCF