ISRAEL: Thousands Rally To Protest Stabbing Attacks On Jerusalem Pride

Ynet reports:

LGBTQ rights groups and youth activists were holding demonstrations in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa following the terror attack at the gay pride parade in the capital on Thursday, in which six people were wounded. Demonstrations were also being held in response to the Jewish terror attack late Thursday night that killed a Palestinian infant and critically wounded the other three members of his immediate family. Thousands attended the rally in Meir Park in Tel Aviv in solidarity with the LGBT community, which also marks six years since the killing spree at the Barnoar community center. Among those participating were Isaac Herzog and fellow Zionist Union MK Tzipi Livni, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, and former president Shimon Peres.

“I cannot believe we have reached such an abyss,” said Peres. “I took before this stage six years ago, mere days after the murders at Barnoar. I am finding it difficult to believe that we are standing on that same stage, once again before the same phenomenon. We have gathered this evening for a war of independence – Israel’s independence from insanity and insane people. This is not a disagreement between right and left. This is a profound clash between those with a conscience and those who lack a conscience.” “It is appropriate on this evening to remove the masks,” continued the former president. “Anyone who calls the pride parade a ‘beast parade’ should not be surprised when a knife is raised at a 16-year-old old girl.”

Speaking at the rally in Jerusalem, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin denounced the “Jewish terrorists” behind the attack. Opposition leader Isaac Hertzog called for the Israeli government to classify the far-right anti-gay group Lehava as a terrorist organization. (Lehava is a Hebrew acronym for “Stop Assimilation in the Holy Land.”) Speaking at the Tel Aviv rally, Meretz Chairwoman Zehava Gal-On called the attacker on the parade a member of “Jewish ISIS.”

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Hopefully, maybe some non-religious good will come out of her murder.

    • David L. Caster

      One would hope.

      • Bad Tom

        We see it happening before our eyes.

  • David L. Caster

    Clearly a watershed moment in the history of Israel.

    • tristram

      There’s no reason to think so.

    • JCF

      I wish.

  • Blake Jordan

    Let him go within days of his trigger event, and not monitoring his actions is F-ed up!
    Someone needs to lose their job, as well as this monster spending the rest of his life in prison!!!

    • David L. Caster

      The killer was in before and I hope this time won’t come out again, at least not on his feet.

  • TommyTune

    I would rather this killer be described as an “Orthodox terrorist” than a “Jewish terrorist.” I say place the blame squarely where it belongs – on the fundamentalists, as usual. Conservative and Reformed Jews by and large tend to hold no corporate anti-gay biases. Orthodox, on the other hand, always do – in each and every case without exception.

    Call the killer what he is – ORTHODOX.

    • Hip Byroads

      Russian? Greek?

      • Lumpy Gaga

        This ain’t no beauty pageant.

        • Hip Byroads

          Calling someone an “orthodox terrorist” because you don’t want to say Jewish sounds to me like you’re trying to pretty things up.

          Imagine reading a news report that says somebody had been killed by an “orthodox terrorist.” You wouldn’t know what the hell they were talking about.

          • Lumpy Gaga

            In the context of violence at a Pride event, I concede that my first guess would have been “Russian”.

    • JT
      • TommyTune

        Has Orwell ever been wrong about anything? I can’t think of a single example.

        • grada3784

          Just the date.

    • James

      Every religious so-called moderate enables and legitimizes the extremists.

      • crewman

        I do and I don’t agree. Moderates are clearly not in favor of this activity. Yet they allow to continue a belief system that at its core has seeds that will always be latent ready to germinate into extremism. The Bible is full of extremism, totalitarianism, and intolerance. Yes, there are contradicting verses for all of those, but there is more than plenty for the extremists to latch on to.

        But any system of thought can be grabbed by extremists and taken too far. Liberal ideologies can do evil too. I think the real common threat everywhere is extremism. In that sense, moderates are a benefit.

        Religion is additionally dangerous as a system of thought because it is threatened by analysis. It requires a lapse of good reason to accept its very premise. And that’s really the bigger danger of religious extremism to me. By convincing people to turn against reason, against education, against anything that would suggest another idea might be right, religions stop progress. Unless there is an abundance of moderates who only half believe the religion, and in everyday life go on with their lives as if they don’t believe.

        • James

          The difference is that liberal ideologies aren’t just fairy stories, and they’re not explicitly designed to promote the belief that one group (the believers) is superior and another (the non-believers) is inferior, polluting/polluted, and worthy of contempt and/or pity.

        • JT

          There are two different issues here. One is whether religion even in a “moderate” form produces problems. The other is whether “moderate” religious believers are themselves to some degree complicit in the stirring up of anti-gay hatred.

          It seems to me that insofar as religious “moderates” have been far too uninvolved in opposing, in religious terms, the extremism of people in their own religions, they have contributed to the appearance that religion is somehow necessarily anti-gay and that they are somehow not being true to their own religion if they support gay rights (or “accept” gay people). That in itself can intensify anti-gay sentiment in others, especially those religiously inclined but theologically unsophisticated, because the loudest voices (maybe the only voices) they hear preach hate. Just as “moderate” Muslims have been criticized for not enthusiastically opposing Islamic extremism, so too one can criticize the “moderates” of all religions for not enthusiastically opposing the anti-gay hatred of their fellow religionists.

          • crewman

            Well said.

          • bambinoitaliano

            If we pick apart scripture by scripture, religion is one crazy satanic cult! It’s like a group of ancient bad legislators on acid making shit up as they go along. We talk about the crazies who pick and choose what they choose to follow, the same can be said of those with good intentions. They too pick and choose what scriptures to follow and what they discard. If those are truly the word of god, shouldn’t believers adopt the entire scriptures evil or otherwise? There are way too much inconsistency and contradiction to be written by a superior being. These books of scriptures are just horribly written kakameme not worthy to be published let alone worship for so many years.

          • JT

            Yes, the writings are exegetically problematic and full of inconsistent threads. That’s one of the reasons it’s so hilarious to hear a fundy try to claim belief in the “literal” “inerrant” word of god. If a divine being had really produced them and wanted them to be obeyed, it did a pretty bad job.

          • bambinoitaliano

            Beyond sexual politic and beyond gender politics. The gay right movement is on the verge of exposing and destroying the core of the world power base that was held on for centuries. The scam that has been carrying for thousands of years where those who dare to challenge were killed and tortured. It’s no wonder they are so vehemently fighting against us every step of the way. We are the last of the group that makes religion relevant and it’s existence. The corporation of christianity is dying in the industrial world. It will soon be relegated to cult status. The other religions will probably follow suit but will take longer to get there.

          • canoebum

            The point you make is one of the reasons I was drawn to Buddhism. It has it’s scriptures, known as sutras, many of which predate the Old Testament. One key difference: sutras were taught with the capacity of the listeners to comprehend the lessons contained within, at the time they were taught. In each was included an admonition to discard it after a certain period as later sutras were taught. So, the early sutras became out-dated and were intended to be discarded in favor of more advanced teachings to come. Finally, the early sutras were to be discarded altogether and only the teachings of the Lotus Sutra (and its two accompanying texts), was to be considered. The earliest sutras contained admonitions and prohibitions that would be familiar to readers of the Old Testament. The problem we have in our modern age, is too many people cling to lessons intended for a culture that disappeared thousands of years ago. Hence, all the contradictions and notions which make no sense in a more advanced time. This is one of the principal weaknesses of Abrahamic traditions, and why much of what is taught in Buddhism continues to appear relevant to modern people.

    • Stev84

      Even worse: Ultra-Orthodox

      There is a difference. Not that the Orthodox aren’t somewhat crazy already, but the Ultra-Orthodox are worse.

  • GarySFBCN

    May this be a turning point in Israel’s trajectory. Actually, let this be a lesson for all politicians in every country who court/incite the right-wing for votes.

    • James

      I’m sure a lot of them are taking careful notes.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Religion is the opiate of the masses and now they’re overdosing as never before. It’s time to rid ourselves of religion, once and for all.

  • ericxdc

    Clear and unambiguous words. We shouldn’t need a 16 year old girl’s death to hear them. But, these words need to be spoken by leaders in Israel… and here in the US:

    “We have gathered this evening for a war of independence … from insanity and insane people. This is not a disagreement between right and left. This is a profound clash between those with a conscience and those who lack a conscience.”

  • SunsetGay

    You see those tens of thousands pouring into the streets to protest this murderer in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv? They are the true faces of Israel. Despite the back and forth between the Zionists and Islamists, most of Israel is civil, advanced and forward-thinking.

    These far-right extremists do not represent anything even close to a fraction of the Jewish people.

    • tristram

      “These far-right extremists do not represent anything even close to a fraction of the Jewish people.”

      But they get their way. They build their settlements, chop down olive groves, shame women, spread hate. They act with impunity – protected by the government and parties that want their support.

      • CottonBlimp

        They don’t just act with impunity, they’re even subsidized by the government in the form of welfare checks.

    • Ish

      Those tens of thousands turned their back on the murder of several hundred children one year ago.

      • Polterguest

        Poor little Ian. Oink, oink, oink.

    • GayEGO


  • gaymex

    The Republicans in the U.S. are pushing the same buttons. I don’t think they can contain the violence for much longer, but they will flee from any and all responsibility because they see us as evil and themselves as spokesmen for god and the american way of life. They don’t seem to have a clue that they are mentally ill…not a clue.

    • GayEGO

      Right on! :>) They have been brainwashed by their religions and are unable to think and keep church and state separate.

  • BeaverTales

    I don’t cry easily…but everytime I see the face of that murdered child I feel a storm heaving in my stomach. I didn’t even know her.

    I feel a killing rage when I hear politicians act like no one could have seen this coming. I can’t imagine how her parents must feel.

    I’m glad I wasn’t part of the crowd that subdued that jackass….I’d be in jail too, because his skull would be ghoulash.

    • Rich Farias

      I want him to die for this.
      Excruciatingly slowly.

      • zhera

        I want him to live.
        Excruciatingly slowly.
        I’m thinking leprosy could take care of that.

        • Bad Tom

          Either will do.

  • Robert Conner

    I know there’s zero chance of it happening, but maybe, must maybe, Israel could stop excusing the Haredim from military service so they can stay home and study Torah. The ultra orthodox basically live off a secular society like a tapeworm in a person’s gut.

  • Bad Tom

    “This is a profound clash between those with a conscience and those who lack a conscience.” –Shimon Peres

    This sums up the real conflict. Not between left and right, not between gay and straight, but between those who dehumanize other humans, and those who consider all people fully human.

    There was a time when we would expect something less from a high government official than Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement:

    “We strongly condemn the attempt to install hatred and violence in our midst. We will deal with the murderer to the fullest extent of the law.”

    Yishai Schlissel may well have accomplished the exact opposite of what he intended: instead of creating hatred for gay people, he exposed the vile hatred which is the core of his own being.

    And all civilized people are repulsed.

    Rest In Peace, Shira Banki.

    • JCF

      This is a profound clash between those with a conscience and those who lack a conscience.” –Shimon Peres

      “This sums up the real conflict. Not between left and right, not between gay and straight, but between those who dehumanize other humans, and those who consider all people fully human.”

      Yes, I agree—and would add “Not between theistic belief-systems and non-theistic belief-systems,” also. You can consider humans evolved, or God-created (or both!), but whether their lives are sacred/inviolable, or aren’t, is the difference.

  • Bill_Perdue

    Homophobia will never be eliminated in a backward state whose ‘leadership’ has a culture of rape and which is dominated by rabid racists with an active agenda of oppression consisting of ethnic cleansing, apartheid and occasional spurts of mass murder.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Is this your Lynn Anderson tribute?

      • Bill_Perdue

        No. It’s a lament for the fate of LGBT folks in a backward, racist, antigay, woman hating European colony where the lives of everyone but the rich are expendable, especially Palestinians whose land is being colonized and especially sexual minorities.

        No one in the region will be free until Palestinians are freed from ethnic cleansing, apartheid and occasional mass murder sprees by IDF thug and until Palestinians are free to return to the homes and lands they were driven.

        And thanks for asking.

  • prjoe

    Nuff said:

    • GayEGO

      It seems that we need to cure the religions and stop them from teaching this hateful old time hoopla! :>)

  • crankyd

    These bearded welfare scum are going to be the death of the only outpost of decency in the region. Time for the people to stand against them as the terrorists they’ve always been. Revoke their “God-given citizenship”, deport who is deportable and round up the rest and put them in a settlement camp to fend for themselves.
    aka: fuck ’em and hope they die.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    I haz kweschun:

    How come these guys can’t even sit next to a female on a plane ride, but can cozy on up close enough to stab one?

    • in these religions, it’s always OK to touch a woman if you’re going to rape or kill her.

  • MikeinAtl

    Yishai Schlissel should get a hot bacon grease enema

    • Lumpy Gaga

      From Ted Cruz.

  • sword

    The Ultra-Orthodox are controlling more and more of Israel. They don’t have to serve in the military, yet they are the ones clamoring for more militancy against Palestinians and others. They control Jerusalem and are most of the people building illegal apartments on the West Bank.
    Soon, Israel will be just another fanatical, anti-democratic part of the Middle East. How many other people will care when Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia nuke each other?

  • GayEGO

    It seems that regarding the LGBTs, the attackers are from religions that breed them. Terrorists are religious extremists. It seems that the evil ones are from religions. Not that all religious people are evil, just the extremists.