TEXAS: State Refuses To Issue Death Certificates Recognizing Gay Marriages

Via Houston’s CBS affiliate:

More than a month after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage, Texas is not fully recognizing the landmark ruling and refuses to issue death certificates that recognize same-sex marriages. “It looks to me like we’re headed back to federal court,” said widower John Stone-Hoskins, 36. He plans to file a lawsuit against the state on Monday, asking a judge to force Texas to let him change his late spouse’s death certificate to reflect their marriage. “We want to make sure in his lifetime his marriage to James [Stone] is recognized. He deserves that much,” said Neel Lane, attorney with Akin Gump, LLP.

Hoskins and Stone exchanged vows in New Mexico last August. But by mid-January, after a diagnosis with a genetic autoimmune disease called Sjögren’s syndrome, James, 32, decided to take his own life. “As you can see here, the marriage certificate is nice and framed,” said Stone-Hoskins. “The death certificate totally dismisses the fact that we were ever married.” Hoskins, who lives in Conroe, said that’s what hurts. James’ Texas death certificate lists him as single and refers to John as “significant other,” meaning he is not entitled to his spouse’s estate.

A video report is at the link.

  • Toasterlad

    Texas will NEVER tire of being the nation’s asshole.

    • Doug105

      So the rest of the flyover states are the skid marks?

      • Lumpy Gaga

        Intestinal tract. Waste just flows into the Gulf.

        • pablo

          They are full of shit.

        • Menergy

          Oh, I thought the Mississippi River was the “colon of the United States”…..

    • Texas! The brown star state!

      • TampaDink

        Perfectly apt visual imagery.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGP8wOjdtzA Can we do the same to Texas?

    • Max_1
      • JCF

        “Will we remain serene and calm when…Alabama get the bomb?!” [All thanks, Tom Lehrer]

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Bugs Bunny is a genius.

      • pickypecker

        And is pretty spry for 75!

        • Lumpy Gaga

          Healthy diet.

          • Octavio

            Lots and lots of carrots. It’s a miracle his liver hasn’t failed from too much Vitamin A.

          • TampaDink

            Carrot-raisin salad has always frightened us. We associate it with liver spots.

      • BudClark

        And a FORMIDABLE drag-rabbit (chuckle).

    • People4Humanity

      … only if you give me some gay leave time to prepare to move to Oregon!

      • TampaDink

        And for us to move towards somewhere saner. I have close relatives in northern Virginia…but am not convinced that would be a safe zone.

  • bkmn

    Take the state to court and name each and every person in the chain that is preventing this recognition from happening. Let them know they personally are on the line for monetary damages and things will change. I hope he has contacted Lambda Legal for assistance.

    • Sashineb

      Yes and I’m glad he’s going to court over this. This abuse should not go unchallenged.

      • ZhyKitty

        Poor man, having to deal with this on top of his grief. It makes me sick….those heartless bastards….

        • Sashineb

          Yes, and those bastards love to hate, in the name of their “loving” gawd. They’re nothing but hypocrites, just as hateful as they come. And I can’t wait for the good news about his lawsuit.

          • ZhyKitty

            Me too…and we know we have that to look forward to, don’t we? They will lose.
            I hope it’s a bloodbath, too, for what they’ve put this man – and so many others – through.

          • Sashineb

            Yes, and I hope they realize what they’ve started. Of course, we’ll hear their screams about “persecution” 24/7. Thankfully we have the internet so their nonsense can be publicized and seen anywhere, such as JOSH DUGGAR MOLESTING HIS SISTERS.

          • ZhyKitty

            Well summarized!

          • Sashineb

            Thank you! It’s not hard to miss the hypocrites. They’re everywhere, and they’re a dime a dozen. All they want is to control the lives of other people and yet do whatever the hell they want.

          • BudClark

            I clung to my High Anglican faith for 50 of my 70 years.

            I finally got tired of the bullshit (even in the Episcopal Church) and just gave up.

            I won’t go back as long as the present ArchWeasel of Canterbury is on the throne of St. Augustine.

            He’s no better than Poop Frankie — pretty words, signifying nothing.

          • Sashineb

            Yes, I know what you mean. Been there. Except I was holy roller pentecostal. So when they come at me with their promises of salvation and of the any-minute-now rapture, they don’t get too far. I’ve heard it all inside out and I’ve studied the “good book” thoroughly. There is no reasoning with any of these people. Even though they don’t agree amongst themselves, they think they’re on a mission, to convert the rest of us, or condemn us when we won’t convert.

          • TampaDink

            I hit my mid 40’s….and my stride when I finally was able to break free from my life long cathohilicsm. Not an easy habit to break.

          • 2karmanot

            Catholics make the best atheists.

          • McSwagg

            That’s because, as former Catholics, we have sooooo much to disbelieve.

          • 2karmanot

            High 5’n it Mr. 70….70 here

        • canoebum

          They don’t consider us to be human beings. We’re factory rejects. Malformed. Disposable.

    • Skokieguy

      Yes, I’m with you. Why should the taxpayers foot the bill for the intentional acts of a few? No doubt the people standing in the way receive big political donations (and certainly personal financial benefits) from wealthy religious assholes who want to cause pain and inflict harm even thought they know they will lose a court challenge.

      Although I’m sure municipal employees are shielded from personal responsibility when performing their job duties, what they are doing is NOT part of their job duties.

      I would love to see them pay personally. Bankruptcy or maybe even jail time. We can dream!

  • pickypecker
    • TampaDink

      This reminded me of one of that countless poems, songs & ditties that my old man (who apparently could memorize almost everything) shared often:

      There once was a family named Stein
      There was Gertrude and Feuer and Ein
      Gertrude’s poems were all bunk
      Feuer’s writing was junk
      And nobody understood Ein.

      Read more: http://mnkd.proboards.com/thread/862#ixzz3hX4Dp08C

    • billbear1961


  • Sk3ptic

    (May I just say I’d be pissed if my husband killed himself over Sjogren’s. This is a treatable (though not curable) condition.)
    That being said, FUCKIN’ A, Texas, GET A GRIP and GET OFF MY LAWN!

    • vorpal

      I have zero experience with Sjörgen’s, but if you don’t understand why someone might kill themselves over an autoimmune disorder – even if they are “treatable” (and in many cases, treatable is not as treatable as you’d think), you are lacking in compassion, IMO.

      Crohn’s is “treatable”, too, but after being bedridden for four years, with constant fevers between 101F-104F, nonresponsive to many medications, extremely addicted to pain meds, and yet still often in massive amounts of pain, humiliation, and embarrassment, and a detriment to my friends and family’s emotional state, I felt fully justified in trying to kill myself.

      • ZhyKitty

        *gentle mama bear hugs*

        People who don’t suffer daily the painful, embarrassing horrors of autoimmune diseases usually just can’t understand what it’s like…
        They don’t understand the debilitating fatigue and depression that comes with it, either.
        That whole “This is the best it’s ever going to get, this will only get worse.” thing that’s always in our heads… you have to live it to understand it.

        • vorpal

          Fully agreed. I used to be like them and remember it well. Crohn’s has made me a much more compassionate and sympathetic person – one of the benefits, I guess.

          I had to find a way to get to the hospital every two weeks for a blood transfusion because my body was almost incapable of absorbing iron and B12, so every time I stood up, I would almost pass out, and with that and all the pain meds, it was extremely unwise and probably very life-threatening for others on the road had I attempted to drive.

          People really don’t understand and think I am being hyperbolic and reactionary when I say that I would have much rather had cancer. At least, with cancer, there is something to fight against, and an eventual outcome. With autoimmune disorders, your body is at war with itself, and as they’re chronic but often do not end up killing you, it is a seemingly endless nightmare of constant suffering.

          I am GREAT now, but it required massive surgery, took four years (and much anxiety) to get off of huge doses of opiates, and it has impacted my life in many negative ways. I hope that the remission continues – and my doctors are extremely optimistic that there is no reason to believe that I will have another flareup due to the measures that were taken – but if one does occur and is as bad as the previous one, I do not plan to go through that suffering for four years again.

          Thank you for your kindness and wonderful hugs! They are much appreciated, ZK! You are one of my favourites on here :-).

        • And the pain and fatigue are often accompanied by loosing friends. They do so get tired of hearing that you’re to tired to do such and so. Or it hurts to bad to sit in a car and then the movie theater. And it hurts to walk, “But I’ll drop you off at the door!” Forgetting that there is acres of walking just to cross the lobby and down the hall and then into the theater itself. Where the ramps and steps are a whole different ball of painful wax.

          I was mostly bed ridden for about 15 years, and at the end had lost every single friend I had. No one understood, no one would adapt to my limited ability to move around. I’m better now and no longer bed ridden, but still certain things will spark a recurrence and once again I have trouble walking and using my hands.

          • BudClark

            The same thing happened to me.

            As long as I was healthy and had money, I had LOTS of friends.

            Now that I am basically house and wheelchair-bound, that has withered to about a half-dozen of the friends I USED to have.

            BUT, my netfriends and colleagues have helped keep a roof over my head and food on the table since 2003 (!).

            And I’ve never met the vast majority of them. They know me only through my musical compositions and the articles I write on the professional blogs.

          • TampaDink

            As you pointed out, we do have friends, people who genuinely care for us….but who only know us online.

      • Sk3ptic

        Sjogren’s is nothing like Crohns, Vorpal. By treatable, I mean the symptoms GO AWAY. I have 2 decades of experience treating both. And many other autoimmune diseases, so I can speak to this without hesitation. To say I lack compassion is extremely insulting, to say the least.
        There are MANY horrific diseases I agree are worth ending one’s own life over. I’ve had the remarkable opportunity to help many people suffering find a way to look into it. Sjogren’s isn’t anywhere near the top of that list.
        Given your own situation I can understand why you’d lash out, but again, you are comparing two very different diseases.

        • vorpal

          Perhaps. I am willing to admit when I am wrong, absolutely, but it will take a bit more convincing for me to reach that point.

          Can you say that all cases of Sjogren’s are equally treatable? I suspect that, like Crohn’s, some are more treatable than others. I have met people, for example, with Crohn’s, that had almost no serious problems, and others where they were young and the number of drugs and surgeries required almost killed them.

          I will defer to your expertise (and think it is awesome that you have been involved in treatment), but I just want more info. I did not mean to insult you, but recognize that so many people speak out against euthanasia on the basis of emotional nonsense without anything other than their own extremely limited experience of selfishness.

          • Sk3ptic

            “Perhaps” nothing. It isn’t my job to convince you. But I’ll point out that all autoimmune disease is not equal…and to get hyperbolic about it is complete disservice to people who carry the burden of the diagnosis.
            Of course there are difficult cases of Sjogren’s…but it is NOTHING like difficult cases of Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis or RA or lupus (and all its variations), which collectively are among the worst of the worst. CREST syndrome is so horrifying it brings tears to my eyes even as I write this, thinking of patients of mine who’ve suffered so hideously with it. These diseases are true torture, in every sense of the word, because they can demoralize, maim, and kill so slowly.
            So yes, I’d be extremely distressed if my husband, who I love more than life itself, killed himself over Sjogren’s. What had his doctor told him about it? What had he read on the Internet or on forums like this, where hysteria tends to rule over caution? Where did the system fail him?
            And notice that nowhere did I say I would be pissed at HIM. I can separate the situation from the person.

          • TampaDink

            I’m late (and uninvited) to this conversation.
            Having said that. Your JOB is also not to convince others who have lost loved ones to suicide (under any circumstances). Before you direct any of us survivors of suicide who & where our anger should be placed, I’d ask you…very politely, to withhold your judgement…and if you find that to be an unreasonable request, I’d ask you to very politely fuck off.

          • Sk3ptic

            Fuck you back, asshole. And do please read the thread again, for I am the one who was questioned for being angry. AT THE SITUATION, not the victim nor his survivor.

          • TampaDink

            You presented yourself as being angry at the person & situation. I overreacted. I apologize. When/if you had/have a loved one who commits suicide I have no doubt that you will be the voice of authority for all of us.

          • Sk3ptic

            Why you have the drive to antagonize me on this tragedy, I have no idea. I had no intention to present myself as being angry at the victim. I apologize for my being inarticulate. If I’d been angry at him, I’d have said so outright.
            I believe that somewhere an entire system around this man failed. Whether it was his physician, misinformation from the Internet…he got bad information that pushed him to an extreme decision. My heart goes out to everyone his death touched.
            I really can’t stand how ugly your last line reads. I’m not asking to be an authority for you or anyone else. I’m a participant in the discussion who is sharing actual experience.

    • zhera

      Not to get into the discussion you’ve had with Vorpal etc., but I do want to point out that we’re all different, and what one person sees and experiences as livable/doable might be impossible for someone else.
      Suicides are a result of desperation. Who knows what that man had to deal with before his Sjögren’s diagnosis. Was he depressed? Did he have other health issues that made his situation unbearable?
      Being pissed is a natural reaction after a suicide. Because we can’t be inside someone else’s head we can only guess what the final straw was. Being left behind with nothing but questions is never a good feeling.

  • BearEyes

    It was cruel in Ohio, It’s cruel in Texass.

  • Someone should inform the supposedly “fiscally conservative”
    GOP that wasting more money defending a positon that violates the law isn’t exactly a good use of the state’s money. The direction from the courts is clear and wasting money fighting for every inch of loss is just pointless.

    • Republicans like to say they are “fiscally conservative”. But they are the worst about spending without paying for it. They are the worst about deficit spending. So don’t even bother with that line because it’s just something they like to hear themselves say. Like most of the rest that comes out of the mouths of Teavangelicals it has nothing to do with reality.

      • Doug105


  • Bill

    Their cruelty seems to know no bounds.

  • oikos

    After suffering the loss of the person you love and married, you have to go through the indignity of being treated as a second class citizen after the highest court in the land has ruled in your favor. I can’t even imagine how awful this is for John. I would sue those responsible for this in Federal court for every fucking penny they have.

    • OrliJoe in Fla

      Sue them, repeatedly, for every penny plus more. Make the State pay millions and those in charge personally responsible and, if possible, jail time.

      • ZhyKitty

        Yes. Someone needs to be PUNISHED for this.

      • Guy in CA

        They should be sued in their official capacity and individually, so their personal assets are at risk if a favorable judgement is awarded.

    • JT
      • BudClark


    • Ninja0980

      Indeed, these people truly are vile.

    • 2karmanot

      I’m am going through something similar here in supposedly liberal CA. My husband and I married last July after 25 years together. He died three weeks later. SS is denying me survivor’s benefits. It only amounts to $200.00 but the principle is it. The old laws Federal and State have now the built in unintended consequences of institutional bigotry in the form of previous minutiae. It will take years to sort out. Meanwhile oldsters like me will die before full equality is accorded.

      • oikos

        I’m so sorry you are going through that. Can Lambda or ACLU help you?

      • OrliJoe in Fla

        I am SO sorry for that!

  • AtticusP

    Oh, fuck Texas!

    Just secede, already!

    • pickypecker

      I’ve floated the idea to friends over and over that perhaps it is time for the Northern states to secede and be done with it.

      • AtticusP

        I would agree, except I look terrible in a blue uniform.

        • Lumpy Gaga

          I have absorbed minimal fashion sense in my time on the planet, but I do know that there are many more ways for gray to go wrong than blue.

          • AtticusP

            I think that statement is true on so many levels…

          • Octavio

            O/T (sort of): While I still had hair and most of it was gray I used Mrs. Smiths Bluing mixed in the conditioner. It worked rather well until El Squeeze told me that my silver/blue hair embarrassed him. LOL!

      • billbear1961

        New England, NY and the west coast could perhaps work out some kind of arrangement with Canada!

        • Man_in_the_mists

          I’ve been of the option that western Washington should wiggle their tech industry seductively at Canada.

          • billbear1961


          • McSwagg

            I thought all the floppy drives had been phased out.

    • crankyd

      Red States and Blue States being married is just sick, unnatural and an affront to my beliefs. I’m ready for the divorce too.

  • I guess the state of Texas has enough money to waste – maybe it’s time to shut down the spigot of federal funds that flow into the state – close down the military bases and move NASA out as well. There are way too many red states that have more federal money flowing in than they remit in federal taxes, while other states, like new York, seem to get the short and dirty end of the stick.

    • canoebum

      Yeah, we’ll welcome NASA to Upstate New York. They can take over some of the closed military bases, expand around Albany, Syracuse and Rochester (no shortage of budding scientists and engineers up here!). We’ve got plenty of room for them.

      • BudClark

        Upstate NY can be SCARY!

  • Gigi

    It’s too bad Austin is in Texas. I’d love to visit the city but refuse to enter the state because of shit like this.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      And as Sam Bee reported on the Daily Show, Austin itself is so bizarrely gerrymandered that the city has a total of four US reps, and three of them are RW nutbags.

      • Gigi

        I love Sam Bee. She’s a Canadian as well (as I) if I’m not mistaken. (Her husband isn’t bad either…if you know what I mean.)

        • douglas

          yes she and her husband are both Canadian.

          • People4Humanity

            … and, he is “do-able.”
            [allegedly, according to a close friend]

  • kaydenpat

    Shame on Texas for putting a grieving man through this ordeal.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      “What is this ‘shame’ you speak of?”

      — Texas

      • BudClark

        Supposedly Adam and Eve learned shame when they ate the apple from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

        Texas must not have swallowed.

        • Doug105

          And are trying to dumb down knowledge of everything else, each time they buy schoolbooks.

        • douglas

          If they ate from the Tree of Knowledge then why are the sheeple so stupid?

    • vorpal

      Indeed. His partner got diagnosed with a severely debilitating and distressing autoimmune disorder, and then committed suicide to escape from it (I can relate, having attempted and nearly succeeding at suicide for Crohn’s Disease), and now he can’t even get the dignity of being listed on the death certificate.

      Hasn’t this man suffered way the fuck enough already?

      • And as this is EXACTLY what was being addressed in Obergefell, they have no hope of winning if this goes to court. So why? Oh right. Because Republicans are bigoted mean-spirited assholes.

        • BudClark

          I am so PASTAFARIUS-DAMNED sick and tired of having to FIGHT for the tiniest PASTAFARIUS-DAMNED civil right!

        • billbear1961

          Precisely–this is at the very heart of Obergefell, and they KNOW that.

          This is nothing but sheer ANIMUS.

          The courts should award HUGE damages to John!

          • Shy Guy

            Indeed. I bet they’ll try the same “but it’s not retroactive!” as the evil Alabama mother-in-law, though, and in this case unlike Ohio, the certificate has already been issued.

            It’s still just heartbreaking though. He’s already lost his husband to a horrible disease, and now has a terminal illness himself, and they can’t just let him die in peace with his happier memories.

            Who gains from spitting in the face of a dying widower?

          • billbear1961

            The SOBs will be informed that it IS retroactive.

            I only hope this gets settled soon, dear Shy, because John–I just read–is seriously ill.


          • billbear1961

            Just saw the longer, edited version of your reply to me, Shy!

            Who gains from abusing him? NO ONE.

            This is the work of the disciples of vicious, hateful HYPOCRISY.

            IF there’s a God, and that God is JUST, these bastards will one day PAY for their vindictive, petty, sadistic EVIL.

          • J. Stone-Hoskins

            They have been given multiple opportunities to rectify this. Their time is limited. Stay tuned for more news next week. There is a federal court order enjoining (Barring) the Governor, Attorney General and Department of State Health Services- specifically addressed to Texas defendants who are currently doing this. I expect a resolution soon, either on their own will, or at the direction of the Federal Judge. Either way, it will be done. The easy way or the hard way.
            J. Stone-Hoskins

          • billbear1961

            OMG, Jay, stupidly, I didn’t realize last night that it was YOU addressing me!

            Jesus, I can be dense!! (I didn’t see your photo until I reentered the thread just now. I rarely refresh the page because it usually takes forever to reload, and I was thinking of you and your husband by your first names.)

            I hope you will get satisfaction, and SOON! For what they’ve maliciously put you through, Texas should have to pay significant damages!

            The very BEST of luck to you in your struggle against these sick, evil bastards!

      • ZhyKitty

        Bless your heart…I’m happy your attempt did not succeed. I empathize with you greatly…
        I remember looking at pictures of what I could expect as an end result from Rheumatoid Arthritis when I got the diagnosis…and reading about the dreaded Rheumatoid lung disease and what the death was like from that.
        I was and still am scared of where it’s going, and tired of the daily pain and indignity, which we share – I have a friend with Crohns so I know you suffer…but my thought is that as long as we have more good days than bad, it’s still worth being here. You just have to remember that on the really bad days. *hugs*

        My heart breaks for this couple..the one who couldn’t face what was coming and took his life…bless his heart, so young…and his husband, left behind to cry. Life is nothing if not brutally cruel and terribly unfair for most.

        • vorpal

          RA is a tough diagnosis, to be sure :(. Have you tried the biologics like Remicade? Didn’t help much for my Crohn’s, but I know a lot of people have had good success with them with RA and Crohn’s.

          I am truly fortunate that I did survive, and it made my doctors take my pain MUCH more seriously and ramp up my pain meds dramatically, which gave me a lot more quality of life and made it far more bearable.

          Since my surgery in Jan 2010, I have had almost only good days! I can count the bad days on one hand. Sometimes it is easy to forget how tough things were back then. I am glad that my brain has filters like that for the sake of my own sanity.

          I wish you many wonderful days, ZhyKitty! Onslaught of positive and compassionate vibes are en route from my brain to you :-).

          Take care and thank you for being such a kind and lovely person!

  • People4Humanity

    Sue the bastard government officials — both their public and private persons. Treble damages. Court costs. Attorney fees. Civil damages. Contempt of The US Supreme Court.

  • grada3784

    Pettiness, thy name is True Christian™

  • Jumper


    • Leo Tallant

      “The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.”

      -Bill Watterson

    • SockMikey

      I would *love* to see the effect on the major religions if aliens did contact us openly and had no religious belief.

      I was amazed that the Catholic Church stated a few years ago that Alien Intelligent life was even possible.

      The same Church that persecuted Galileo and others for their scientific endeavors.


      On June 22, 1633, Galileo Galilei was put on trial at Inquisition headquarters in Rome. All of the magnificent power of the Roman Catholic Church seemed arrayed against the famous scientist. Under threat of torture, imprisonment and even burning at the stake, he was forced, on his knees, to “abjure, curse and detest” a lifetime of brilliant and dedicated thought and labor.

      By then an old man of 69 who in his defense referred to his “pitiable state of bodily indisposition,” Galileo was charged with “vehement suspicion of heresy.” He had to renounce “with sincere heart and unfeigned faith” his belief that the sun, not Earth, was the center of the universe and that Earth moved around the sun and not vice versa, as ecclesiastical teaching dictated.

      Because he was willing to do this, at least verbally, the more serious of the threats remained only that. As one of his punishments, for example, he was to recite the seven penitential psalms once a week for three years. He also was placed under house arrest for the rest of his life.


      Pope Francis says he would baptise aliens: ‘Who are we to close doors?’

      Vatican Astronomer Says Alien Life Will Be Discovered, But Will Not Prove or Disprove God
      Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/vatican-astronomer-says-alien-life-will-be-discovered-but-will-not-prove-or-disprove-god-126813/#Pe946QsuIiCYWLyT.99

  • LonelyLiberal

    Um, Texas? This is not going to go well for you. Just a friendly warning–those are some nice Federal benefits you receive, it’d be a pity if anything happened to those.

  • Ronald Ibach

    Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, Texas government officials gotta be assholes.

  • What’s the point of being a bigot if you don’t get to treat people like crap in the worst moments of their life???

    • Octavio


  • sfbob

    The state office of vital statistics claims they’re reviewing the Obergefell decision to see what changes need to be made to their forms. I guess there’s now a special kind of death that only pertains to gay spouses.

    Let me help them out here. They were married. Not “gay married” just married. One spouse is now deceased. Not “gay deceased.” John is James’s next-of-kin, not “gay next of kin.” Whether John or James are (or were) male or female, gay or straight, shouldn’t really have any implications as far as who inherits the estate of a person who is legally married.So no forms need to be changed. It should take the state maybe 30 seconds to update their software. In fact they ought to have done that 30 seconds after Obergefell was decided.

    • Stev84

      They also need special rules about giving people who issue death certificates a religious exemption.

    • BudClark

      That’s the trouble with dyed-in-the-shit Southerners. They never forgive, and they never forget. In case anyone missed it, they’re STILL fighting The Infamous War of Northern Aggression 150 years later.

  • Octavio

    The Lone Star State — assholey as ever.

    • The Brown Star State. There I fixed it for them.

      • McSwagg

        The Brown ‘Eye’ State is more like it (and I live here …. for now).

  • JT

    What the fuckety fuck from fucking Texas fucking fuckwads?

    • Leo Tallant

      JT, I could not have said it better myself.

  • Reality.Bites

    Texas: forever worried Alabama might outdo them.

  • BeaverTales

    There’s no reason for TX to behave like this except for animus.

    • Reality.Bites

      There’s no reason for TX.

      Fixed it for you.

      • BudClark


    • BudClark

      There’s no reason for TX to behave like this except for needing an enema.

  • JCF

    Hey, TexASS, WTF was Obergefell about again???

  • StraightGrandmother

    Deep in the Hate of Texas.

    • Mark

      What makes me so terribly sad is I have very dear friends in TX who are THRILLED we have equal marriage but it’s all the freakin’ right wing religious thugs who muck up the works. Save for them, I fucking hate Texas and all I go there for is to make a flight connection to get overseas…and then only if I absolutely have no choice.

    • billbear1961

      This hatred should cost them–BIG TIME.

      As People4Humanity says, the officials responsible should be sued, as officials AND as private individuals, for deliberately violating John’s civil rights, very much with malice aforethought, i.e. with no legal justification whatsoever, but solely with the malicious intent to injure.

  • KQCA

    Dehumanizing others even at their time of death.

    This is the real face of the people who oppose our existence. There is no way this can be sugar-coated as “loving the sinner but hating the sin.”

  • dcurlee

    Sorry for his pain and he will win. I live in TN and am so sick of the GD backward ass southern states

  • stevenj

    “James’ Texas death certificate lists him as single and refers to John as “significant other,” meaning he is not entitled to his spouse’s estate.”

    Aside from Texas’ asinine slowness which will hopefully get corrected, the importance of a will or trust for same sex married couples is underscored. It is not mentioned in the link that they had one or the other but I would think any legal problems with the state that the surviving spouse might have could be reduced or eliminated with an already drawn up will or trust.

    • Pat in AK

      Except that this would never happen to a heterosexual couple so we shouldn’t be required to spend the time and money to cover someone else’s bigotry!

      • stevenj

        Even heterosexuals have had legal problems after one spouses’ death. A legally drawn up will or trust and the money it costs can bolster a grieving spouse’s case (like this one in Texas) and even if no legal problems are presented (gay or straight) assures the settlors that their wishes be executed faithfully following a death. Also, a trust avoids probate courts which can draw out the execution of a will sometimes for a year or more. Someone else’s bigotry (or greed) can be lessened or avoided entirely.

      • McSwagg

        I’ve heard it said that if you have no will or trust, you are agreeing to have your estate settled according to what the state wants, not according to what you want. If you are OK with the state’s probate priorities, then you can forgo the will. If you want your wishes followed, you need a will, even if you are married.

    • BudClark

      Possibly, but they cost a FORTUNE in lawyers’ fees … up to $10K in some states. And blood families can still get them set aside, particularly in Southern States (until Obergefell) … as Evil Mother-In-Law discovered in Alabama.

      • SockMikey

        Our lawyer told us to make sure that we listed any other possible family members as secondary, tertiary, etc. in order to address contentious circumstances.

        To show that the Will considered such scenarios and other family.

        If I remember correctly both our Wills together were under $1000.

        • BudClark

          I did my own with a self-proving form I downloaded. Didn’t cost me anything.

      • Reality.Bites

        Evil Mother-in-law had nothing to do with wills or trusts. It was purely about marriage being recognized or not.

        • BudClark

          You’re right.

          My bad.

      • stevenj

        $10K seems rather steep and unrealistic. Here in pricey SF my spouse and I found a range from $500 (wills) to about $1600 (trust). And it (a trust) was drawn up by a very knowledgeable lesbian lawyer.

        • BudClark

          That was a quote from an article … sorry I can’t find the link. The article quoted $5K – $10K, depending on the state.

          I think it depends a LOT on how much you’re setting up, how much property is involved, are there children, etc.

  • Schlukitz

    It must be something in the drinking water in Texas.

    • McSwagg

      Edit: Worms in the water!!!

      Wow! are you keeping up with the news in Texas? This story was in the headlines all this week. And this is just south of Conroe, where the story above is from.

      • Schlukitz

        No. I had not seen news story. I was merely asking the old rhetorical question about the constant flow of insanity that seems to keep coming out of Texas…not that other states in the Union do not have their share of insanity as well. LOL

        Thank you for the video link. I hope that they resolve the problem before anyone get sick.

  • Steven Leahy

    And a small point but the video was actually done by WFAA channel 8, the fine DFW TV station that is also home to the wonderful Dale Hansen, sports anchor who passionately advocated for Michael Sam after he came out.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Special Place in Hell for those responsible for this….

    • joe ho

      too bad there’s no credible evidence for the existence of an afterlife hell. you’ll have to settle for places like texas, or alabama, or mississippi, or…

  • BudClark

    I went to graduate school at SMU 1971-1972. That was the most SCARY and MISERABLE year of my life. I didn’t finish my Master’s. I went home to Ohio, which, if you can believe it, was calmer and safer.

    Moving to CALIFORNIA was the best thing I EVER did. That’s STILL unfolding, and I’ve been here since 1976.

    • brian

      Bud, I’ve been here since 1995 and at times it’s easy to forget just how good we have it here. While by no means perfect we don’t have to deal with the petty BS that many others across the country face daily. From Michigan, then 11 years in Minneapolis and finally CA. By comparison to some places this is indeed Eden. Enjoy PS, see ya at Pride in the autumn.

  • billbear1961

    This is vexatious BS–they MUST recognize his spouse on the death certificate AND they fucking KNOW IT!!

    Sue the HELL out of them!

    Marriages are taking place. They are being recognized and benefits extended. It is the LAW OF THE LAND!!

    To do THIS, at a moment of tremendous grief for the surviving spouse, is an act of the most hateful and vindictive ANIMUS!

    It’s time for this BS to STOP!!

    The courts should act quickly and with iron determination!!

    Causing this kind of pain at such a moment out of nothing but sheer MALICE is utterly inexcusable, and Texas should pay HUGE damages to John!!

  • Ninja0980

    Just a reminder of how much utter hate and contempt these people have for us.
    This man can’t even mourn his spouse and deal with his own impending death without having to deal with the bigotry of Texas.

  • fuzzybits

    Sue those bastards! The last time I was in Texas was in the 80’s and have no plans to ever set foot in that state again.

  • GunnaHurt

    The Christians are going to fight us every. Inch. Of. The Way.

    NEVER underestimate the pettiness of Christians. They are so childish they have imaginary friends. They’re childish enough to do this to us.

  • So, Florida is known for its WTFuckery, but Texas just wants to be the queen of Fuckery.

  • I’ve Been Workin’

    Crank the suing machine back up, we’ve got more asses in Texas that need a’kickin’.

  • KnownDonorDad

    Evil vermin, with all apologies to vermin.

  • SockMikey

    It’s still important to have POA, Medical POA and Wills for each other even now if you’re married.

    I insisted that cars I purchased in Texas have both our names on the titles and got some push back a couple of times but after telling them if they couldn’t arrange it I’d go to another dealer, they somehow did.

    Deceases partner’s employer had a company insurance policy that went to the spouse (defined at that time as man/woman), then defaulted to Estate if otherwise.

    I was able to get proceeds only because I was the executor and main beneficiary in Will and it defaulted to main beneficiary after settlement of debts.

    I’m sure there’s many companies still having such policies on numerous insurance, retirement and other plans.

    Important to know details and have the bases covered.

  • Bud Evans

    I have Sjogren’s Syndrome and it can be unbearable at times. Here is a link to more information on the topic if you think you might be developing symptoms of it — there is hope: http://www.sjogrens.org/home/about-sjogrens-syndrome …also, some well-known celebrities like Tennis Player Venus Williams have been diagnosed with Sjogren’s http://healthland.time.com/2011/09/01/what-is-sjogrens-syndrome-an-expert-explains-venus-williams-diagnosis/ …so, if you have it, you are not alone. Don’t despair, it is treatable. PS – My most heartfelt condolences to the surviving spouse. You will win. We have the law, this time, on our side.

  • agcons


  • SockMikey

    Please don’t write off all of us in Texas, many are fighting the good fight.

    Hopefully Texas will go purple and maybe even blue in my lifetime, we are hovering at ~40% for past several election cycles.

    I’d like to see the electoral college replaced by popular vote.

    The addressing of voter restriction laws, reduction of early voting, restrictive ID rules and gerrymandering to game the vote are also important.

    We do have more than our share of asshole elected and appointed officials. No dispute there. Some of the craziest and most intolerant.


    • billbear1961

      “I’d love to see the electoral college replaced by popular vote and the addressing of voter restriction laws, reduction of early voting, restrictive ID and gerrymandering to game the vote.”

      They may also attempt to rig the electoral college (by the action of GOP state governments, in states that still tend to vote for Dems for president, passing laws that will order some of a state’s electoral votes to go to the loser instead of winner-take-all as it currently is in most states, while red states that vote GOP will remain completely winner-take-all–no votes going to a Dem loser, only some going to a GOP loser in states that vote for a Dem for president).

      They cheat like this–and we haven’t even touched on their tampering with vote machines and placing far fewer machines in poor neighbourhoods than they do in wealthy ones–as well as benefit from infamous SCOTUS decisions like Citizens United–and then BOAST they have “won a mandate” from the people!

      Corrupt LIARS!

      This is just one MORE reason why we need NOT accept governance at the hands of these FASCISTS, Mikey, even if they DO “win” in an election process they and their henchmen on the courts have thoroughly undermined and corrupted!

      By their OWN actions, they have undermined any legitimacy they would try to lay claim to!

      It would be open to serious questions and could be legitimately CHALLENGED by true patriots who could rightfully REFUSE to accept the results of such TAINTED elections!

      The CROOKS are playing with FIRE, Mikey!

    • People4Humanity

      Here you have a fellow Texan, based in Houston.
      The key problem we in Texas must deal with is gerrymandering! Due to a post-Obergefell decision by SCOTUS, we are now empowered to change this:

  • billbear1961


  • J. Stone-Hoskins

    This will likely be over in short order. I have an excellent firm. I appreciate everyone’s concerns, compliments, and prayers. James and I wanted nothing more than to be equal. Name change- no problem, death certificate has been an issue. More will be known next week.
    – J. Stone-Hoskins

    • People4Humanity

      Best wishes to you, from everyone here [as you can plainly see].

      Do give us an update!

      (email Joe Jervis directly at: [email protected])

    • Menergy

      “We shall overcome” springs to mind. Strength and endurance – may they be with you!

    • fuzzybits

      May you prevail.

    • PBGVNinja

      Wishing you love, warm and positive energy, confidence, and victory. Thank you for fighting the good fight!

  • ScottChicago

    I read a book a long time ago called If the South had Won the Civil War. In that scenario Texas became a separate country. Let them secede. Oriblrm is we would be next door to the Republic of Gilead with bits tribes of Joe six packs

  • clay

    Meanwhile, in Brownback’s Kansass, the state refuses to recognize same-sex marriages as far as adoption is concerned, and since the state bans single parent adoptions (and the state is saying these couples are actually two singles), they are disallowing married same-sex couples from adopting.

    • People4Humanity

      another day in Kansass,
      another day in Texass,
      another federal lawsuit.

    • billbear1961

      Married same-sex couples are NOT two singles–SCOTUS has RULED we are married with precisely the same RIGHTS as married heterosexual couples!!

      Take KansASS to court and SUE the CHRIST out of them!!

      Sue them in their capacity as officials AND as individuals!

      Let this relentless and vindictive harassment–this malicious persecution–at the hands of state governments directed at their own innocent and law-abiding CITIZENS come to an END!!

  • Kissmagrits

    Chickenshit Texans!
    I hope this and your other creative ways of being total assholes comes back to bite you in the butt. And I don’t think you should depend on the fed for getting your own way because this is such blatant discrimination of the worst kind.