KENTUCKY: Liberty Counsel Tells Court That Clerk Is A “Conscientious Objector”

The Liberty Counsel yesterday filed a motion in the ACLU’s lawsuit against four-times-married Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis in which they characterize her as being similar to an anti-war conscientious objector.

“Like a noncombatant who cannot shoulder a rifle, a county clerk who cannot issue” same-sex licenses “can still faithfully and devotedly serve this country, and their county,” lawyers for Kim Davis argued in a pleading filed Thursday in U.S. District Court. Asking Judge David Bunning to deny an injunction forcing Davis to begin issuing licenses again, attorneys Roger Gannam and Jonathan Christman from the Orlando-based Liberty Counsel note that Kentucky law allows county clerks an exemption from issuing fishing and hunting licenses. “If Kentucky is able to accommodate personal beliefs and conscientious objection regarding something that is (to some) as trivial as fishing and hunting, surely Kentucky can and must provide similar accommodation for deeply held beliefs about the fundamental nature of marriage,” they said in their pleading.

The ACLU has seven days to respond to the latest motion. Earlier this month Davis testified that she had “prayed and fasted” about her decision to disobey the Supreme Court. The final ruling in the case is expected in mid-August. Kentucky’s county clerks are elected and can only be removed by the state legislature, which is out of session until January. Davis and other renegade clerks face fines and jail for contempt of court should the ruling go against them.

  • Because this argument always works SO well against the military.

    • If you enlist or join the military, there’s a good chance you’re getting sent into combat zones. It’s what the military does. Don’t act all surprised or high and mighty objecting when your number is called and its your turn to be deployed.

      Similar argument here – you knew that you are bound to enforce the laws and constitution of Kentucky and the United States. Even the parts you find personally distasteful. It’s what clerks do. Now do your damn job.

  • Gustav2

    Deeply held religious beliefs are a slippery slope!

    • TampaDink

      They can also be venomous snakes.

      • Gustav2

        But who knew “that Kentucky law allows county clerks an exemption from issuing fishing and hunting licenses.”

  • pickypecker
    • clay

      I thought that was a faux-vintage decorated waffle-weave long underwear. Silly me.

    • KQCA

      Pickypecker is just earnin’ snaps up left and right today.

    • oikos

      So is that Brylcreem slick back pony tail.

    • Hunter M

      Trust me, I’m glad she’s covering up as much as possible. Now if she’d only pull a bag over her fat head, then I’d be really happy.

    • Mister Don

      Be thankful that she had covered as much of her repulsive, reptilian flesh as she did, considering how much we have to look at it.

    • Hal Watts

      When she faces her jail time for contempt of court, prison orange will be a big improvement over her frumpy Pentecostal garb.

    • Daveed_WOW

      You can almost see the cat hair.

      • McSwagg

        I don’t need to see the cat hair. I can smell the cat piss from here.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Why is anyone injecting ANYthing now ?

    I thought the case has been heard and the judge
    will rule in a week or 2 ??

    • oikos

      Last ditch effort by Liburty Consul.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Ah, ok thanks.

  • DutchBoy74

    So now issuing marriage licenses is akin to being ordered to murder another human. I fail to see the harm being done to anyone else by writing ink on paper, making sure forms are filled out correctly and filing it.

    I do see the harm in single handedly denying a legal status to a family.

  • TampaDink

    In matters of civil marriage, she lost her right to claim even having a conscience sometime after her 3rd divorce just before her 4th marriage.


      I am truly happy that Liberty Council has chosen this particular martyr as their poster child for deeply held religious beliefs.

      • TampaDink

        She will be elevated to great heights from which all the word will be afforded a clear view of her hypocrisy.

        • David Walker

          And they will praise her and sympathize with her and let her dance with their snakes.

          • Scott Carpenter

            let her dance with their snakes.

            Can I watch? Pretty please? I promise this trumpet and cymbal will stay extra quiet and not rile the snakes.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Clearly, the answer is to “conscientiously object” to her providing so much as a dog license, until she is performing no duties at all.

    • clay

      speaking of licensing dogs to the owners . . .

      How is Charley Brown?

      • Octavio

        No one can find him. His purloiners have him hidden! (or they ate him)

        • clay

          fed him to their pet wolf.

  • John P.

    Is that the best they got?

    • vorpal

      It is Liberty Counsel, so the answer is most assuredly a resounding YES.

      They will find new ways to lose and humiliate themselves if it kills them. Here’s hoping it will!

  • Phil

    A bunch of bad analogies.

    1) the conscientious objector analogy omits the fact that you need to have conscription in place before that can be applied. I doubt Davis is being forced to function as county clerk against her will.

    2) people who object to issuing hunting and fishing licenses may be able to opt out of those duties (a bad idea), but I doubt the county clerk’s offices are allowed to refuse to issue them.

    • MarkOH

      Well said.

    • clay

      She could, like conscientious objectors in the first half of the 20th century, serve as a medical worker in prison.

      • D. J.

        That might be construed as cruel and unusual punishment for the inmates.

      • rusty57

        I don’t know, work as a prison orderly mIght be good place to meet husband number five.

        A veritable smorgasbord of available, if not quality, man flesh.

        • McSwagg

          She’s had at least three marriages that ended in divorce (aka bad marriages). Quality is not an criterion for her.

    • tristram

      I’d be interested in knowing the process they use to issue fishing/hunting licenses when a clerk opts out and whether it could be applied to marriage licenses in a manner that makes licenses available to all couples on a non-discriminatory basis.

      • j.martindale

        The state should not empower people to discriminate. Taxpaying citizens should not have to pay the salaries of public servants who are permitted to discriminate against them. State sponsored discrimination is wrong, period.

      • StraightGrandmother

        However when a person has to go through hoops to get a hunting or fishing license, the deer & rabbits are not stomping their foot saying, “But we are being discrimminated against.”

        There is no fundamental right to a hunting and fishing license, animals are not suffering indignity when someone can’t get a hunting license. When a gay couple steps up to the counter, their turn in line, they should not have the indignity of being told, “If you will sit over there Sally will serve you when she is done with her current resident” Meanwhile the straight couple in line behind them, they are next in line, the clerk issues them a marriage license.

        Ther is a dignity issue to the citizens requesting a Civil Marriage License, there is no dignity issue having to wait for a hunting license.

        • Eric in Oakland

          This is also different because a conscientious objector to hunting licenses doesn’t issue hunting licenses to anyone. She doesn’t get to issue licenses to some people but not others.

        • Dennis

          Also opting out of issuing a hunting license does not violate the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

      • StSean

        on what basis could a clerk opt out of issuing a fishing or hunting license?

        • Steve Teeter

          Strongly held religious beliefs. Yeah right.

        • tristram

          The article says that KY allows such an opt-out. There are people who object strenuously to hunting and probably fishing as well. There are some religious groups (I’d call them cults, but that goes for all denominations) that incorporate veganism. I suspect that most Kentuckians would be much more disturbed at delays in issuance of hunting licenses than marriage licenses, particularly marriage licenses for gay couples.

          • StSean

            that is just ridiculous.

    • Rocco Gibraltar

      Liberty Counsel have obviously employed their A list best and brightest to this case.

      • ScottJL

        Just like their previous cases!

      • Daveed_WOW

        The Liberty Counsel isn’t in the business of winning lawsuits. They are in the business of raising money.

      • Ontogenesis

        Liberty U Law is ranked in the “second tier” — US News & World Reports doesn’t even openly publish its ranking (it’s below 144). Needless to say, I’m thrilled by this lack of quality in our opponents.

    • Ian

      Following rule #1 any 3rd rate law school would teach you: Throw it all at the wall and let the judge see what sticks. Very lazy lawyering.

      • David Walker

        It is, however, a new argument. At least, I haven’t heard this one before.

        Also, are the clerks exempt from the fishing/ hunting license because they are against the killing of animals? Then how does one get to the murder = marriage equality?

        • Ian

          In my opinion there should be NO exceptions, if the person(s) applying for the paperwork are eligible under the laws, who are you to deny them the paperwork. It’s fucking nuts.

    • Gene

      poor thing…one cannot expect special treatment for conscienciously objecting to hair care, skin care and fashion products.
      as it happens, most people in KY seem to be laughing at her, and pissed off at making the state look bad.

      • Ian

        Look WORSE you mean.

        • Gene

          No. I didn’t.
          KY, a state where the largest city (with 1/3 of the sate population) being very gay friendly and advertising itself as a gay wedding destination, the second largest city, Lexington, having a mayor who was Out when he was elected, and even small towns in Appalachia like Viggo passing gay rights ordinances, may not be the liberal northeast, but, most people who live there, like the gay couples in Rowan co waiting for their licenses (and Rowan has a decent sized GLBT community) actually is a pretty good place to live. Is it mass? no. but, its not Alabama or Arkansas either.

          • Ian

            I stand corrected. As a left-coast “elitist” liberal in the Sarah Palin sense, I normally see these types of places from 35,000 feet in the air. 😉

          • Gene

            forgiven…and “HUGGG”

    • If a county clerk is charged with issuing hunting and fishing licenses but has a moral objection to those activities then they need to find another job. So long as those are legal activities requiring licenses then the clerk has to do the job or quit. This isn’t really any different from any other moral objection. No, you shouldn’t be forced to do something against your beliefs but the solution to that is to find another job not require your employer to hire extra people to do your job for you. You do your job or you quit or get fired. Just like everyone else.

  • crewman

    A “conscientious objection” at a job you were not enlisted to do means leaving the job and working elsewhere.

  • anne marie in philly

    “Clerk Is A “Conscientious Objector” – no, she’s a lazy fucking homophobe xstain who won’t do her job! FIRE HER NOW!

    • sfbob

      On the one hand she can’t be fired because she was elected. On the other hand she can be jailed for contempt from now until her term ends. And fined. As she should be.

  • Merv99

    I didn’t know they drafted county clerks in Kentucky.

    • clay

      drafted, inherited, whatever

    • Rambie

      Maybe it was part of her community service after the dog-napping.

  • oikos

    This is not the military and you were not conscripted. This is a civil service job you applied for and probably had to take a test to qualify for. There can be no conscientious objection to serving the public and upholding your oath to the constitution.

    • HadenoughBS

      Furthermore, there’s usually more than a single armed member of any military fighting unit. And isn’t the typical religious objection the prohibition against taking a human life?

      So how does that apply to only a single county clerk available to issue marriage licenses which when signed, sealed and delivered typically don’t result in the taking of a human life (although there may be some side bar discussion on the after effect of the marriage itself)!

      • oikos

        Unless her conscience has caused her to object to every divorced person who has applied for a marriage license and she can prove it, she’s got nothing.

    • Steven Alan Taylor

      Kentucky County Clerks are elected positions. She put her name on the ballot, campaigned, and won.

      • Sean Taylor


      • oikos

        See my third sentence.

      • barracks9

        Succeeding her mama in the position as County Harpy, I mean Clerk. “Ima LEGACY, bitches – YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME. IMA LEGACY!!!1!”

        • David Walker

          Is that her drag name? I was thinking Connie Lingus or Del Shores’ Iona Traylor. I think her first election was Miss Community Chest of 1974. (There actually were such pageants Back Then. They were fundraisers for the Community Chest, forerunner to the United Way.) (Also, one of the regions for Miss Pennsylvania Back Then was Miss Endless Mountains.)

  • D. J.

    She CHOSE to run for her elected position after her mother CHOSE to retire and not run again.

    • clay

      Well, at least her momma chose.

      • MattM

        I wish her mother had chosen to swallow.

  • vorpal

    Don’t you have to have a conscience to be a conscientious objector?

    • KQCA

      Your comment is so sweet it should have a label with the calorie count.

  • KQCA

    “Just stop it. Ya stop this right now, y’hear? Ya stop it right now. Stop this persecuting this woman for her…um.. pretending to be…or…um.. persecuted. You stop this persecuting these persecutors.”

    Or something like that.

    • jomicur

      Christians, like slaves and soldiers, ask no questions.
      — Jerry Falwell

      And neither do Christian judges.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    I hereby conscientiously object to my monthly HIPAA audits.

  • jomicur

    Back when we had a draft, to qualify as a CO you had to demonstrate that you had a verifiable history of opposing ALL war, period–any war under any circumstances. Claiming that you opposed the Vietnam War, say, was simply not enough. For what they are arguing to have any validity, she would have to demonstrate that she has a history of opposing ALL marriages. Given her personal history, that would be a damn tough case to make.

    • TampaDink

      Well, I am SURE that she will be able to provide documented historical data that clearly indicates that she has denied marriage licenses to all sinners, which includes all who do not share her religious beliefs & practices. Mmm-hmm. I just KNOW that she has records to prove her position.

  • Jan Wesselius

    Remember the Mendez brothers, who killed their parents? How can you convict these “orphans?”. Same kind of thinking.

    • TampaDink

      Ah yes….those darling Menendez boys.
      Kyle (who married, divorced & remarried) and Erik (who has only married once (so far) yet neither of them are allowed to consummate a marriage…..yet were able to jump ahead of millions of Americans who didn’t quite qualify for such a license.

  • joe ho

    why getting hillary elected is job one.

    if a republican wins and packs the court with scalias and alitos, church-state separation which has been eroding since reagan will collapse.

    even more special rights for christers and a nightmare for lgbts.

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    So, what religion allows for hatred and discrimination against gay people but allows divorce?

    Do the people who refuse to issue hunting and fishing licenses not eat meat and fish? (If they do, they should be fired as well. If they don’t, then at least they aren’t hypocrites, but that still doesn’t give them an excuse not to do the jobs they are paid for.)

    And, finally, do we pay conscientious objectors during time of war? (I know that we don’t.)

    Do your job or be gone.

    • We do pay conscientious objectors, as they fill non-combat positions. Office work, medical techs, etc.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        Yes, but only if they fill those positions. If they don’t do any job we don’t pay them. I do thank you for telling me, however as until I read the comments, I really wasn’t aware that they were put to work. I guess I thought they were just sent home.

        Moot point as we are no longer drafting people. This woman refuses to do the full scope of her job and is being paid by the taxpayers. Stick her in another position in which she can’t harm her fellow citizens and has no contact with the public. Or fire her with whatever process is in place.

  • ben-andy

    4. times. married. So, she’s like a conscientious objector who’s killed 4 people prior to filing her objection. She doesn’t follow the rules in her own book and now she wants to opt out of the rules of this country. No, siree, Bob.

  • BearEyes

    You took an oath to do your job.
    Now, you’re just taking a paycheque to not do your job.
    Do your job or quit.

  • Comixbear

    I am conscientiously objecting to this witch having this job.

    • Bad Tom

      Let’s all take a vote!

  • ben-andy

    Um, I’m kinda wondering……what with this lady as poster child and Tramp the leading contender for the Thug nomination, I guess divorce has become COMPLETELY palatable to the Xtians? Even MULTIPLE times? Not to mention Bristol’s two out of wedlock conceptions. They really are getting schizophrenic aren’t they.

  • Here is her entire response, with all 21 attachments. Among the attachments are transcripts from both hearings this month. Also filed (links available at the facebook post), Rowan County’s responses to the complaint and the motion for summary judgment;

  • Confused

    Uhm… doesn’t “Conscientious Objector” requires more then just a stated objection to war? Doesn’t your objection have to be not only consistent with your previous beliefs (you have to have always been against war and can’t have supported any previous war), but other facets of your life? i.e. You can’t cherry pick. Meaning she’d also have to previously objected to and fought to deny license to remarriage, fought to prevent divorce, can’t be divorced / remarried herself.

  • Tom Tallis

    She didn’t fast very hard.

    • TampaDink

      Or for very long. I call for a do-over.

      • Mark

        A lllooonnnnnggggggg do-over.

    • leastyebejudged

      And WHAT is she WEARING ?

      Married three times ?

      I’m wondering what they looked like.

      • Maybe like these guys?

        Borrowed from 2kramanot

        • Max_1

          What eight-pacs they sport…

  • Porkie

    Um Yeah…..I just joined the military for the retirement benefits and the education program but I am kind of, like, a concientious objector, so I am not going near those pointy shooty things…..

    Just how many conscientious objectors are there currently in the US armed forces?

    • Veylon

      Battlefield medics, maybe? I’m pretty sure there’s a class of people that’s simultaneously willing to die for their country and unwilling to take a life even at the cost of their own. Despite what some people seem to believe, pacifist is not a synonym for coward.

      • Porkie

        Being a pacifist is as far removed from a coward as you can get,

        But this woman is like a soldier who enlists in peacetime and discovers her pacifism the day that war is declared.

  • Bad Tom

    Refusing to kill people IS NOT the same as refusing to allow people you are tasked with serving to be full citizens of the republic.

    • SFBruce

      Add to all that the fact that the people you are tasked to serve voted you into office, and pay your salary.

  • AtticusP


    • McSwagg

      Nah, that’s just the cat piss.

  • joe ho

    beating back religious overreach will occupy us for at least the next decade.

    legislatures and courts have accorded religion privileges that go far beyond what is required by the first amendment and the free exercise clause.

    it’s time to roll back those religious special rights.

    with the rise of the “nones” and the accelerating erosion of traditional religious belief systems, we are gaining the momentum we need to get this done once and for all so the us can finally be more like the rest of the industrialized west, where the principles of secularism are more firmly established and the right-wing religious folks are more thoroughly marginalized.

    • leastyebejudged

      “beating back religious overreach”


      • Bad Tom

        I have a whip that could use some exercise.

  • danolgb

    A conscientious objector is someone who objects to mandatory military service, not someone who voluntarily signs up and then wants out of part of the job. Words have meaning.

  • Steven Alan Taylor

    A conscientious objector doesn’t serve in the role they object to. They find a different role, or are left out of service entirely.
    If she’s a conscientious objector, then she’s not C.C. anymore.

  • Octavio

    This new ploy ain’t gonna work.

  • Lori

    You can’t be a conscientious objector at a job you’re allowed to quit.

  • paisleyface

    I wanna see the bitch’s draft card! This is utter and complete nonsense. You don’t voluntarily (even paid) work someplace where you decide you can’t do the job, that’s the bosses decision and in this case, the law is the boss. What is so hard to see here? She wants a reality tv show or episode on some show that hasn’t been cancelled due to pedophilia. Imagine joining the military and then saying “I can’t do the job because I don’t condone murder.”. You’d be out on your fat headed ass in a heartbeat after your court martial.

  • Merv99

    Every time I look at that picture it looks for half a second like she has straws sticking out of her nose.

    • The first time I saw this photo I thought she was doing the heil hitler arm thingy.

    • BudClark

      Can one snort Hillbilly Heroin?

  • D. J.

    I hope this backfires and Kentucky somehow invalidates their RFRA law enacted in 2013.
    If taxpayers pay your salary, your religious views should not outweigh the rights of the taxpayers you serve.
    If she believes in snake handling, should she be performing it in her office?

  • bambinoitaliano

    Awww look at that face that stands for the sanctity of marriage. 4X.

  • Ninja0980

    Sorry, Liberty Counsel’s logic doesn’t apply her because no one forced this woman to become a clerk.
    And if she is allowed to refuse to issue licenses to certain groups of people based on religious beliefs, who will be next?
    Interracial or interfaith couples?
    Either do your job or resign, period.

  • Robert Adams

    I was a conscious objector. I did not show up in a military uniform every day and expect combat pay.

    If your conscious objects to issuing licences, get a real job such as digging ditches or cleaning septic tanks. I hear honey-dippers are in demand whereever conservatives congregate.

  • Happy Dance

    She didn’t consciously object to marrying four different men, requiring three biblically forbodin divorces, now did she?

    • D. J.

      I think I read she was married to one husband twice, so I think the count is 3 husbands 4 divorces.
      I bet her divorce decrees would be informative.

      • Happy Dance

        Is she 4 divorces or 4 husbands (still on 4th hubby?) I can’t keep up any more lol.

        • Max_1

          Either way, she’s a serial adulterer…

          • Happy Dance


          • Max_1

            Of course to her, she thinks it’s because she’s hot property…
            … However in tighter religious circles, she’s just a whore.

          • Happy Dance

            She’s the Pam Blondi of KY!

          • Clearly she hasn’t seen any KY in there in decades.

  • canoebum

    Excuse me…she was not DRAFTED into compulsory service, as were the conscientious objectors to the Viet Nam era draft, as an example. She choose to run in a competitive election for a public office. She swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of the US when she entered into that office. In no way is she entitled to such a special status.

    • Hue-Man

      You’re completely wrong – her situation is so much WORSE. She risks spending eternity in a mythical hot place, suffering unending torment because she filled out a form for two gay people. There can be no greater sin than filling out forms – the Devil is looking for new recruits.

      • David Walker

        Indeed, lady…try objecting conscientiously to THAT.

  • William

    There ain’t nothing conscientious about her choice of clothing or hairstyle.

    • D. J.

      Or husbands, it would appear…

      • William

        She can get any man she wants, with a roofie and a brick.

  • D. J.

    She’s been on Kentucky’s payroll for over 30 years. She was deputy clerk while her mother was clerk. She thinks she owns Rowan County.

  • so he thinks she should be sent to a work camp, where she will find work she is willing to do?

  • Sean Taylor

    funny, she doesn’t look to me like there’s been much fasting going on.

  • Ian

    FASTED!? The hell you say…

    • Max_1

      Well, one donut less counts for something…

    • sfbob

      She ate REALLY FAST.

  • actually, she does not qualify, as she does not object to marriage in any form, just in certain cases. but hey, if she wants to go thru the essay submission, interviews with the psychiatrist, chaplain and then an investigating officer, and convince them that she is utterly opposed to marriages………. otherwise, in this failed attempt at a militarized comparison, she is awol.

  • Prion

    “The ACLU has seven days to respond…”

    Damn, they’ll need more time. It’ll take at least six days for the ACLU staff to stop laughing!

  • David Lightman

    The problem is, if she were a soldier, is that she wants to be a conscientious objector AND be in the infantry at the same time and pick and choose her combat deployments. Sorry lady, it’s one or the other, you can’t have both.

  • SFBruce

    Gee, I thought county clerks in Kentucky were elected, not drafted.

  • Max_1

    “Conscientious Objector” = refusal to perform duties

    In the military, they throw your ass in jail.

  • Max_1

    If she were Muslim, it would be called SHARIA LAW.
    … She’s Christian so it’s never SHARIA STYLED LAWS when Christians enforce them.

  • JoyZeeBoy

    CONSCIENTIOUS?? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

  • Timothy Kincaid

    Funny… they don’t let the conscientious objectors be in charge of military decisions.

  • KnownDonorDad

    I’m surprised these martyr wannabes didn’t come up with this sooner. It’s still BS, of course, just surprised it took them this long.

  • Tor

    Does she fully realize who is representing her, and what their track record is?

    • David Walker

      Don’t nobody tell her ’til after the ruling.

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      They’re just throwing their overcooked pasta on the wall to see if any of it sticks.

  • billbear1961

    Yes, of course, of course, because being asked to respect your neighbour’s civil rights–to show them the same respect in public that YOU demand for yours–is JUST LIKE being asked to kill people in a war.

    TRY AGAIN, assholes.

    There’s nothing quite like an evil scoundrel trying to pass himself off for a hero.

    Absolutely pathetic!

  • Steven Leahy

    She distantly MIGHT be considered a conscientious objector if she were forced against her will and drafted into being a county clerk.

    • Chrissy

      Exactly. Those Liberty University law degrees are worth their weight in paper.

      • McSwagg

        Do they become ‘Heavy Weight” Lawyers if the diplomas are printed on card stock?

  • lymis

    Even if this were a valid analogy, the point is that a conscientious objector is GIVEN ANOTHER JOB. It’s not that they get sent to the front lines and are allowed not to carry a gun while everyone else protects them. (And yes, serving as a medic on the front lines is still a different job.)

    She’s claiming that she should get full pay for not doing the job she refuses to do, but not doing a different job, either.

    There has to be a sewer somewhere she could be pumping out.

  • JustSayin

    Was wondering what their next flaccid and ineffectual slogan in the war on marriage would be… we know..

    As for fishing and hunting licenses… The 14th amendment is silent on those but not; on marriage.

    • Tor

      That clause about fishing and hunting licenses could be a slippery slope.

  • jessi

    I eat cows and pigs so I’m not bitching but, fishing and hunting are killing. one might need a license to kill, but to love???

  • Justin

    She may conscientiously object from the unemployment line.

  • Slippy_World

    So that means Olive Garden can’t fire me for praying to the Linguini instead of serving it ?

    • SockMikey

      Are the offspring and others in the pantheon of the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” covered? 🙂

    • McSwagg

      You may pray to the linguini if it is flying. If it is merely sitting in a bowl, you must serve it to the customer.

    • KQCA

      I think this comment just made me fall in love with you.

  • grada3784

    Does God listen to the prayers of adulterers? Or does he do the same number on them as he does to gays? 1Cor6:9 seems to say she’ll be in the same place as us, seeing as how she’s an unrepentant adulterer.

    • Max_1

      If she is correct by her buybull…

  • crankyd

    What a horseshit analogy. These guys are lawyers?!
    A conscientious objector, traditionally speaking, refuses to harm or kill ANYONE, not simply a select group of people.

    She’s just a garden-variety bigot of the most un-sainted stripe.
    Also, a pig in need of slaughtering when the pig-slaughter apocalypse finally arrives and rids the Earth of filthy vermin such as her piggy-faced self.

    • Xuuths

      A conscientious objector has to work elsewhere. They don’t get to go into war zones but not carry firearms.

    • billbear1961

      A conscientious objector refuses to hurt (and kill) people–this woman and people like her WANT to hurt others (people they hate). They ENJOY hurting others.

      This is a lot like when they compare themselves to people who fought FOR civil rights in the 60s, FOR equality.

      The haters fight AGAINST equality, yet still say they’re like people who fought FOR it in the past.

      They are scoundrels and villains claiming they hold the same moral status as the conscientious objector and civil rights heroes of the past.

      There is NO LIMIT to their incredibly galling HYPOCRISY.

  • Xuuths

    How did these morons ever pass the bar?

    It doesn’t matter what your state laws are, the SCOTS has ruled you must treat same-sex people the same as everyone else.

  • stevenj

    Conscientious objection was used a lot during the Vietnam war. The objectors (many were religious objectors) were offered non combatant duties and some just went to jail. Hopefully that is what will happen here. Kim Davis will be told to either accept another position or it’s off to jail.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Fine. In the same way that we don’t put conscientious objectors into the armed forces, given them guns, and then watch them enter into combat while refusing to fire their weapons, she needs to be removed from her position and placed in another one. It should be the government’s job to get her the hell out of our way.

    • BudClark

      She would make an excellent door-stop.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    See the problem with that is, she doesn’t have to issue the license-her clerks do. But she refuses to allow her name on the license. That doesn’t make her a “conscientious objector” that makes her disregarding the law.

  • DaveMiller135

    “Like a noncombatant who cannot shoulder a rifle, a county clerk who cannot issue” same-sex licenses “can still faithfully and devotedly serve this country, and their county,”

    She can still serve her country and county, but obviously not as a county clerk. They’re often hiring at the post office.

    • McSwagg

      That’s no good. She would object to selling Harvey Milk postage stamps. God forbid a letter comes through from Finland with a Tom of Finland postage stamp.

  • How is this hippo still in office? I get the novelty of voting for an animal, but this is a legal situation and we need an actual thinking human being in this office.

    • BudClark

      Ad hominem,, but I’ll excuse it, having called Maggie G. a “moo-cow” on MANY occasions (chuckle).

      • I know, I know, it’s an insult to hippos to imply this horrible bitch is one of their number, but her attitude reminds me of them. Especially her attempts to viciously attack her enemies for merely existing. There are videos of people on rivers being chased by hippos for nothing more than floating by.

  • Liar, Liar, XL Pants on Fire

    I see no evidence of her having fasted. She may have perjured that part of her brief.

  • BudClark

    CIVIL law allows adulterers, fornicators, masturbators, rapists, murderers, prisoners, etc. to get married.

    Why doesn’t THAT twist your (ugly) titties?

  • TexasBoy

    But you’d never put a conscientious objector in the pilot seat of a B-2. So why is the poor dear in the position of county clerk? Move her to the billing department for the city utilities, where she won’t have to face those she deems unworthy.

  • ScottChicago

    No one is forcing her to get married to another woman. Perish the thought. This she has no basis to be a conscientious objector

  • NMNative

    Hypocrite X 4. And I’m pretty sure that outfit is mixed fibers. She looks like gluttony might be a bit of a problem as well.
    But, yeah, she has a problem with gays.

  • Fox

    So let her go work the dog and bicycle licensing window.

  • Gordon.

    I think the cow should keep fasting until she wins this.

  • jaygoji

    I don’t think she’s fasted enough. Just sayin’. But seriously the sheer audacity of a 3 times adulterer to cry religious objection is beyond laughable.