Another Bid For President Trump’s Cabinet

  • pickypecker
    • Sk3ptic

      I already have…

  • bambinoitaliano

    The clown car has been upgraded to the crazy cuckoo train folks!! Everyone is riding the comb over hair tail of the Doornail Stump

  • AtticusP

    OK, now this is starting to turn into a bad Saturday Night Live skit.

    • Todd20036


      • AtticusP

        Good point… 🙂

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Bitch, you crazy.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Where is crazy eyes? I’m sure she wants a position in the cabinet. Somewhere in the health department i bet.

    • AtticusP

      She’s too busy trying to deal with Ladybird in the closet to have time for the Cabinet.

      • canoebum

        I thought he filed for divorce.

  • RaygunsGoZap

    Pam Gellar will be Homeland Security bitch!

    You get the Office of Protocol

    • bambinoitaliano

      Yes, a coven of witches a la Pam Geller, Sarah Palin. Ann Coulter stirring the cauldron of jiggery pokery of apple sauce in the White House. You wonder why Disney dragging it’s feet on Hocus Pocus 2.

      • Mark

        That makes three “C’s”
        and that rhymes with “T”
        I tell ya, we got trouble
        With a capital T
        Trump’s got Trouble

        • TheManicMechanic

          That’s three C’s alright, but it doesn’t rhyme with “trouble,” that’s for sure.

  • bkmn

    And I know who could be the Donald’s barber…

  • Rocketeer500

    I’d nominate her as Slut-of-the-Day.

    • Max_1

      She puts out?
      … I mean, I know she fucking sucks.

      • BudClark


        But the question is:

        WHAT does she put out?

        Gamma rays?

        • Max_1


        • Robincho

          And soot, when it’s menses time…

  • BudClark

    Why Coulter? Any blonde Fox News bimbo would fuck serve as well.

    • bambinoitaliano

      She got the hair for comb over spare.

    • RoFaWh

      I’ve noticed that the female real estate agents here tend to favor Fox News Blonde Bimbo hair-dos. Now anxiously awaiting the opportunity to turn one down because her hair is bleached.

  • Gustav2

    Trump is a more telegenic Ross Perot.

    • Octavio

      Yes, just barely. Perot, however, was only 3 3/4 inches tall.

      • Gustav2

        …in heels.

        • bambinoitaliano

          on top of a pot of gold.

    • TampaDink

      Will Trump drop out of alleged threats of his daughter being accused of lesbianism? (And then jump back in at the last minute….in true deference to Perot.)

  • Max_1

    Trump and his cabinet of women… his harem.

    • McSwagg

      He must have been working on his ‘binder full of women’ during the off season.

  • Gigi

    What qualifications does that skin covered cadaver have?

    • bambinoitaliano

      She got the face of a horse and bray her opinions on any given subject.

    • Ginger Snap

      She’s a lying blond bigoted bitch.

      • Kruhn

        And a cameo on Sharknado 3… Oh Hell No! LOL

  • BudClark

    tRUMP unleashing The Blonde Giraffe on the world makes McCain’s Palin gaffe pale in comparison.

    • McSwagg

      Wow! A giraffe and a grizzly bear. We should find that dentist from Minnesota and send him on safari.

  • Ian

    Flashes of Himmler.

  • BaddogLtd
    • hudson11

      buddy, you could have yer own blog with random bits of genius. you’d still have to hang here tho.

      • BaddogLtd

        Hah thanks Hudson. I do have my own Tumblr but it’s dark and pretty humorless. Just a place to post my serious work and stuff I like. As far as the politics and laughs I’m pretty hooked on the JMG community. When I’m not learning about something I’m laughing about something. Amazing bunch of people here : )

  • MattM


    • MattM


  • Paula

    A recent picture of Ann at a family reunion.

    • AtticusP

      She’s put on some weight, I see…

      • RoFaWh

        3 μg, I’d say.

  • Geezus Christ

    Let’s move her down by the Texas-Mexico border and make her our Secretary of DaFence.

    • McSwagg

      I didn’t know that the Mexicans were afraid of scare-crows.

  • BudClark


    This is a joke.

    Please, Pastafarius.

    This IS a joke.

    Isn’t it?

    If it isn’t, we’re DOOMED.

    Doomed, I say … DOOMED!

    Wonder how much a lead-lined, self-contained bomb shelter in the desert is going for these days …

    • 2amor

      When you find out be sure to let me know……

    • vorpal

      Doomed to HILARITY!

    • While it wouldn’t be great for the country, the people involved could play themselves in a *movie* about what it would be like if they did get in – it would have to be directed by Mel Brooks . . .

      • McSwagg

        Didn’t Ronny Raygun play the part of President a few years back? I heard he had a really bad script.

    • canoebum

      With all the fixins’, about $80,000.

  • CJAS

    I don’t know. She might be able to scare terrorist away.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Celine Dion is mighty piss!

  • BaddogLtd

    I guess Anne feels her stock is on the rise since her appearance in Sharknado 3. Yes, this really happened.

    • bambinoitaliano

      From Sharknado 3 to jump the shark!

    • Kruhn

      The sharks didn’t eat her or crazy eyes because they’d get food poisoning. They’re smart sharks.

  • 2amor

    I can’t even imagine, Trump/Palin, Coulter….. So happy I live in Mexico!!

  • TheManicMechanic

    Coultermort for veep!

  • oikos
    • pickypecker

      am thinking it just wouldn’t give me that ‘fresh’ feel, tho.

    • BaddogLtd

      Hah, it should be on a roll of sandpaper.

    • AtticusP

      i’ll take a case, please

      • vorpal

        My ass deserves so much better.
        I think we should install these at the RNC, though.

    • Steven Leahy

      Let me eat some beans and rice, extra spicy.

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      I don’t wish anything this rough on anyone with sensitive skin.

    • People4Humanity

      Is this the brand with wood chips and splinters embedded?

      • oikos

        and small staples

  • KnownDonorDad
  • BaddogLtd

    Sorry honey, seems like the creature’s already chosen his bride

  • MikeBx2

    It is much more lucrative for those like Coulter to have a Democrat to criticize in the White House. So of course she loves Trump and even says she thinks he ought to run third party, which would virtually guarantee they’d lose.

  • Steven Leahy

    At first I thought it said “horseland security” and I was like OK, I could see that…

    • BaddogLtd

      I think it says “Whoreland”. Let me get my glasses..

      • Steven Leahy

        Eww I think she might struggle as a whore

        • BaddogLtd

          Bwah hah! That would make a good business card. – ANNE COULTER / STRUGGLING WHORE

          • Tor

            ;;; deleted.

        • pj

          be like doing it with a broomstick

  • Kruhn

    Since we’re doing Trump Cabinet follies here are my guesses. And may God have mercy on America’s soul.

    Secretary of State: Michelle Bachmann
    Secretary of Treasury: Stuart Varney
    Secretary if Defense: Sarah Palin
    Attorney General: Jim Bob Duggar
    Secretary of the Interior: Clive Bundy
    Secretary of Agriculture: Bristol Palin
    Secretary of Commerce: Carly Fiorina
    Secretary of Labor: Scott Walker
    Secretary of Education: Ken Hamm
    Secretary of Housing and Urban Services: (Too bad she’s dead, but Leona Helmsley would’ve been the perfect ironic choice)
    Secretary of Health and Human Services: Jenny McCarthy
    Department of Veterans Affairs: Pam Gellar
    Department of Energy: Stanley Pons (of cold fusion fame)
    Department of Transportation: Elisabeth Hasselbeck
    Secretary of Homeland Security: Ann Coulter

  • William

    I nominate the Jury of the Damned to lead all cabinet posts.

  • 2karmanot


  • delk

    Poor, desperate, past sell-by-date, hag.

    Everyone has been ignoring you.
    In the words of Martha Stewart, “That’s a good thing”.

  • RJ Tremor

    I wish this was Trump doing the trolling of all trolls and faking out the GOP and its looniest of loonies… I really do.

  • BaddogLtd

    The only position Coulter looks qualified for is on
    one of those imaginary “Death Panels”.

  • That picture of Coulter – could someone put it up next to a picture of Lord Voldemort and caption it “separated at birth?”

  • GreatLakeSailor

    I thought you had to be living…and human…to be in government in the US?

  • geoffalnutt

    I saw its face. It’s okay. I took a shower. I feel much better.

  • James


  • Cody

    LOL!!!!!!!! Literally. LOL.

  • LonelyLiberal

    This is past “farce” and heading to the point where you just shake your head because there are no words.

  • So what vehicle now? Clown motorcycle with a sidecar?

  • kevin000

    Ann Coulter has never humbly suggested anything.

  • SilasMarner

    She could keep us all safe by keeping her legs closed.

  • Marides48

    The GOP is going to have to trade-in the “Clown Car” for a much larger “Clown bus”!

  • pj

    coat rack

  • tomfromthenews


  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Just FYI Donald…..

  • teedofftaxpayer

    Sounds like all the haters are going to line up for a position in Trumps’ Reign. Too bad he won’t make it in the general elections.

  • TexPlant

    the story above this features the Lion and here is the scarecrow

  • Oh, dear sweet Annie. He has a C-word for you, but it’s not the position you’re hoping for.

  • pogdaddle

    Jar Jar haw haw

  • Davester

    Yes, perfect choice. She will reveal herself to terrorists without wearing her special lead-based makeup, and they will instantly turn to stone.

  • TreGibbs

    Sure – you can always fit another clown in the clown car.

  • TreGibbs


  • leastyebejudged

    On the bright side, if it happened we’d know for certain that it is the end times…