Sweet Equality Cakes

From the fundraising page:

The anti-LGBTQ movement, led by anti-gay villain the Family Research Council, has raised over $500,000 dollars and counting for Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the anti-LGBTQ bakery that refused to bake a cake for the wedding of Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer. This incident sparked the dialogue about businesses refusing services to the LGBTQ community. We find the idea of rewarding bigotry silly and shameful, so in response Planting Peace, in partnership with Rachel and Laurel, is going to turn this negative message into something Sweet for LGBTQ homeless youth. Planting Peace invites you to buy a virtual cupcake. All funds raised will go toward creating a “Sweet Equality Cakes’ bakery in the same area where Sweet Cakes by Melissa was located. Sweet Equality Cakes will use the bakery to provide job training for homeless LGBTQ youth.

Just over $4100 has been raised at this writing.

  • zhera

    I love it when good people turn the bigots’ game around and do good things. Like when a school (can’t remember where) got picketed by WBC and the students used that to raise funds for an LGBT charity.

    Love it!

    • Marc

      University of Illinois (Chicago): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7Of_2ykZpQ

      • Octavio

        Smart kid. 🙂

        • Smart yes, but the size of his heart is amazing. What a wonderful young man he is. I hope he finds success and love in his life.

  • KCMC

    Sweet Meloni cakes for All!

    • Marc

      I do not tire of that. At all.

      • KCMC

        Salty cakes

    • zhera

      I’ll have the canoli…

    • JT

      The hottest dialog ever was the exchange between Keller and Beecher when they part.

      Chris Keller: I’ll see ya.
      Tobias Beecher: When?
      Chris Keller: Back here… or in Heaven.
      Tobias Beecher: You really think we’re getting into Heaven?
      Chris Keller: Ah, you and me together? God doesn’t have the balls to keep us out.


      • KCMC

        wow. may need to see that at some point.

    • Joe in PA

      I swear…IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT! Oh my. Vapors happening here.

    • Joe in PA

      and BTW, your avatar is the best! Just the right amount of ‘smart ass’ with a hint of “I’ve got this”. 🙂

  • Mark

    So monkeys, surely we can help this wonderful cause! I’ve already donated – don’t have a lot, but have done what I can.

  • Ninja0980

    I donated some money but it sadly won’t be enough.
    I’m also not surprised that we haven’t raised that much money.
    It’s sadly easy to raise money in hate then in love.

  • Andrea_Rae

    I love this, going to donate now 🙂

  • There is a bistro located close to Sweet Cakes called Sweet Betty’s. It was owned by cool gay guy named Rob. Anyone know if it is still owned by him and LGBT friendly? http://sweetbettysbistro.com

  • Octavio

    What an excellent idea. Money is on its way. 🙂