REPORT: Actor Leslie Jordan Involved In Anti-Gay Fracas At WeHo Starbucks

West Hollywood police responded to a Starbucks yesterday after actor Leslie Jordan reportedly confronted three young men who had been screaming anti-gay slurs at the customers. WeHoVille reports:

Joseph Daniels, a photographer who was present at Starbucks this morning, said the incident began a little after 11 a.m. when the men were in line waiting to order coffee and began using profane language like “faggots.” Daniels said another customer told them their behavior was rude, and the manager of Starbucks appeared and asked one of the men to leave. As he left, Daniels said, “he was screaming and pointing ‘you will die f–ing faggots’. It was very scary and unexpected.” Daniels said Leslie Jordan, the gay actor and screenwriter, yelled at the men to leave, saying “get out of my house.” Jordan, who at 4’11” is known for his diminutive stature as well as his Southern accent, is a regular at that Starbucks. Daniels said Jordan followed the men outside objecting to their language, and he and another customer walked outside to protect Jordan. “The guy lunged at Leslie to hit him,” Daniels said of one of the men. “Then Leslie threw his drink at the guy. Then (another) guy threw his drink to hit me.” Daniels said Sheriff’s deputies showed up quickly and spent about 45 minutes interviewing those present at the altercation. He said deputies urged the gay men not to file charges against the others, saying that if they did the men screaming “faggots” could accuse Jordan of assault for throwing his coffee at one of them and the deputies would have to arrest Jordan.

West Hollywood police says that none of the involved parties wanted to press charges, but Daniels disputes that claim.

  • Kevin Perez

    Shoot him Wardell! Shoot him in the head!

    • JT
      • DonnaLee

        OK I know I saw this movie, but what was it called?

    • Cousin Bleh

      He really missed a great opportunity to ask the bigots, “Can you see my pussy now?”

    • Joe in PA

      We just watched that movie again the other day, and I DISTINCTLY remember that line. Thanks!

      (and yes, I’d do Wardell)

  • Pete N SFO

    Wait, so if someone lunges at you, throwing your coffee is an assault & not seen as an act of defense?! Sounds like the cops didn’t want to do the paperwork.

    • BearEyes

      that seemed odd to me too.

      • TreGibbs

        Another thing that seems odd is that It seems as LGBTs, we are just supposed to allow people to verbally threaten and aggress us – since what is labled “inciting violence” to some, is just “religious freedom” or “a different point of view” to others.
        It’s bullshit – there were enough witnesses. Those assholes went to that Starbucks on purpose, with intent, to incite violence. They are a threat to civilized society and should be charged as such.

        • word UP!
          Fighting Words are real. i’m proud of leslie jordan. but lord…i wish the entire place went full-on assault on those guys. truly. they do this to us because they’re not scared of us. let’s make ’em scared.

          • Just like the idea of Zero Tolerance.

            No fighting back, no protecting yourself, else YOU are the one in trouble.


          • RaygunsGoZap

            Agreed. One of the most wondrous things I ever witnessed was outside a mammoth gay dance club while vacationing in Chicago in the early 90s. I had gone back to put my jacket in the back of my friends car across and down the street. There was a line of 30-40 people queued up to enter the club and along comes a guy like the ones in this story. He noticed the clientele and started mouthing off about fags, AIDS, dykes, rape, blah blah blah. Then, to his surprise and my delight, that entire queue turned en masse and went for him. He took of running, made a left into a parking lot and was literally running across the hoods and roofs of cars to get away. Which he did not! What an ass-beating that fool took.

          • DonnaLee

            LOL….oh man, to have had video on your phone at that time would have been epic!

    • BobSF_94117

      A lunge that doesn’t result in physical contact might as well be a dance step…

      • Rocketeer500

        Exactly. A lunge might be threatening, but there is no physical contact. When Leslie threw the coffee, there was physical contact.

        • RemusL

          I missed the part in the account where it stated the drink actually hit the guy.

    • Rocketeer500

      Has nothing to do with “not wanting to do the paperwork.” By throwing coffee, Leslie assaulted the offenders. By lunging, there is no assault. The cops were actually very kind to let Leslie know that if he filed charges, Leslie would be arrested.

      • 2karmanot

        “Cops were actually very kind”. Seriously? Cops kind? pppppffffftttt

        • Rocketeer500

          Yes, there are those that want to assist.

      • JT

        I don’t think that’s right. The others were clearly the aggressors. What one of them did to Leslie was legal assault, which does not require physical contact but only the threat. The throwing of the coffee would be an act of self defense. Since assault is a criminal act, they could even be charged with a hate crime, since their language makes clear what their intentions were.

        • BostonBud

          He would still have to be arrested and arraigned. The suit would probably be dismissed but it’s a pain to go through believe me.

          • castaway

            What if it was decaf?

        • Rocketeer500

          Yes I agree with what you said. However, while the offenders were insulting and lunged, there was no physical contact. Leslie “up-ed” the situation and made it a physical confrontation. That’s all I’m saying. Both would have been arrested, and probably the case would be dismissed, but what Leslie did wasn’t smart. Not to say, if places were switched, I’d probably have done worse, but Leslie physically assaulted the assholes.

          • JT

            The thrown coffee would constitute self defense after the lunge. So I don’t think that would constitute upping the situation. That’s what I’m saying.

            I can understand why Leslie would want this to be over but I hope he consults a lawyer. This kind of behavior by homophobic louts just can’t be allowed at all, much less in gay enclaves like WeHo. The bastards come into such areas just to try to terrorize people where they expect to be safe.

          • bambinoitaliano

            But that’s your take even if you are the lawyer. Those assholes could counter the claim and you both ended up in the court and whoever the presiding judge will decide that.

          • JT

            That’s why I suggested consulting a lawyer. There are enough witnesses to the event to make it clear what happened.

        • bambinoitaliano

          I think the police is just laying out the law. Certainly Leslie can go ahead to press charges if he wishes to. Then he will have to realize the procedure that is going to be involve. The law is not on any one side until it’s on trial in the court room despite how obvious it is as written on a news article. I’m assuming Leslie is a busy man with obligation to fulfill. If he go forward with the charges it might derail whatever project he is currently on. Sometimes we have to weight the gravity of the situation before we decide how far should we pursue an incident such as this.

      • Ed

        You have assault confused with battery. Assault (simplified) is the threat of battery. Battery is that which involves unlawful physical contact. Based on this report it sounds to me like the officers could have arrested the lunger on an assault charge, and let Leslie’s action stand as self defense. That said, I’ve read too many news stories about events for which I was an eyewitness that reported grossly inaccurate facts, so I’m guessing we’ve not heard the whole story. Love Leslie, though.

    • JT

      Actually, no physical contact is necessary for assault. Only the threat is required. They were certainly threatening Leslie with their language, behavior and the lunge at him.

    • teedofftaxpayer

      I used to live in WeHo many many years ago and when I did, the Sheriff department wasn’t too gay friendly. Don’t know if they changed any but it very possible they didn’t want to do paperwork. At the same time, Mr. Jordan is a prime suspect for a lawsuit-he said/she said. The cops may have just been trying to protect him.

  • Grant

    This makes me love Leslie Jordan even more.

  • Octavio

    Love the fact Jordan went after them and threw his drink at one of the turds. 🙂

    • BobSF_94117

      I hope he said, “There’s semen in this latte!!!” as he did so.

  • MacCrocodile

    So they won’t write “fucking” out in full, but they will write “faggots” several times in one paragraph. Nice work WeHoVille.

  • Gustav2

    Good Lord, the Hets were in WeHo. What did they expect?

  • So many Brother Boy quotes are running through my head. Leslie is a bad ass.

    • Gene

      how many men, 4’11 follow 3 guys outside to let them know he wont be taking their shit?
      I’m impressed

      • Hip Byroads

        I can imagine the humiliation those three lunks must have experienced. Never mess around with little guys in glasses with southern accents.

        • Gene

          good point! I was just writing that I hope they press charges, and he shows up in court in drag or semi drag with that accent in full glory, 4’11, but looking down at them from below…. and they have to say “yes Judge, thats the man who attacked us!”. THAT would just be fucking BEAUTIFUL.

          • ohbear1957

            I’d love to see C-SPAN cover it.

          • Now that I would pay to see!

            I love Leslie Jordan. I have for years. I even watched a silly sitcom in the 90s he had a small part on (Sugar and Spice, I think it was called). Always hilarious.

          • ohbear1957

            I’d pay too. What would “Leslie Belle” wear? I’m thinking hoop skirt and “Gone with the Wind” references.
            Even though he’s from Tennessee, “Blanche” in “Streetcar” has possibilities. . . . lots of chiffon.

      • Sporkfighter

        Who’s the little man, and who’s the big man?

    • hdtex

      “Can you see my pussy now???”

  • Sk3ptic

    Wow–a Starbucks in WeHo–the bigots definitely didn’t think this one through, did they?
    I’m surprised they didn’t get more than a cup of coffee thrown at them.

    • TreGibbs

      They went on purpose to aggravate people. That in itself shoud be a reason to press charges.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Where’s the good guy with a high-capacity Starbucks when you need him?

    • Sk3ptic

      And hollow points.

      • Gene

        why are homophobes going to a place that we ALL know serves it coffee with SEMEN anyway?

        • BostonBud

          I don’t think they got the memo from Harlem Hate Paster.

          • BostonBud

            or maybe they did?

        • RoFaWh

          I wonder what would have happened if another customer in line had leaned over and whispered to them “This is a gay starbucks, you know; do you also know that in gay starbuckses, they put semen in the drinks?”

          Best said after one of the assholes has taken that big, satisfying first sip of his drink.

  • Frank Dash

    Sometimes, you have to be “that guy” who engages in a situation. As adults, we try to avoid such moments, but people like Leslie Jordan remind us that at times it is necessary.

    • Gene

      just remember that there can be a cost. I have a cracked rib and really messed up right hand from being “that guy” a few months ago in a bar where a pals girlfriend was getting harassed. I mention this not to point out that I was “that guy” but to point out that doing so 1) hurts 2) almost got me arrested 3 ) the asshole I messed up WAY worse than he messed me up is threatening a suit. (he wont…I could counter, and have witnesses that he stared it, the lady ((ahem)) in question said if he did sue, she would sue him. attorneys have been involved, blah, blah.). Leslie Jordan had to know that such outcomes are the norm, and he STILL took no shit. I am seriously impressed.
      (( by the way.., can you IMAGINE going to court claiming he assaulted you, and he shows up, 4 foot 11, in drag with that accent in all its southern effeminate glory making the OTHER Lindseybelle look like Conan the Barbarian? it would be the FUNNIEST FUCKING THING ever! and no straight boy is gonna risk that.))

  • here’s what makes me sick – what about “fighting words”? screaming FAGGOTS – yeah, it’s harassment, threatening, and i’d even consider it assault. it’s an act done to install TERROR in people. and we’re supposed to “not retaliate”, as retaliation means…what? that WE started it?

    fuck that shit. bigots do this because they’re not scared of us. the time has long since passed that we should turn the other bloodied cheek. MAKE THEM SCARED OF US.


    • Gene

      you are to young to quite remember it, but many here will remember a time when he would have been arrested on any possible charge, and the three assholes given a pat on the back..much less even a slap on the wrist. You see, “homos, fags, and Lezzies” were NOT supposed to ever fight back. and if we did, WE paid for it. still a problem in many places, but, the fact that this did not happen here…and, that I did not immediately think about how it used to be, reminds me of how far we have come.
      and of how fucking old I am …but, I choose to focus on the first part 😉

      • amen brother!

      • Gigi

        I remember when my man and I used to be chased down the street by skinheads with baseball bats calling us FAGGOTS! It was called Saturday night. Luckily the kids these days (mostly) don’t have to deal with that kind of shit.

    • Gerry Fisher

      I think that kicking them out–and having a lot of the customers backing up the fact that they were kicked out–is good retaliation. Beyond that, we’re starting to get into “Oh, yeah? Wanna take that outside? Rumble in the parking lot in an hour!!!”

      • we had an incident in toronto a few weeks ago, these trash guys driving through the Village, shouted faggot at my friend, who went right up to the driver’s side door and opened it, shouting “step out here in my neighbourhood and call me a faggot to my face” – crowd former, the douche sped off. with each day, they’ll learn not to fuck with us.

    • JT

      Fuck that shit indeed!

  • Octavio

    After reading the article it’s obvious to me that the “kill the fags” mentality is alive and well in Santa Monica and West Hollywood. The community insisted on more protection, so they’ve got four beat policemen walking the streets most days/nights of the week. But it’s just a matter of time until more LGBT people are assaulted and most likely killed by fag-bashing ass wipes in those areas of sunny L.A. 🙁

    • MattM

      Which is a shame. I recently moved out of West LA to the Bay Area. For all the issues I have with WeHo culture, those blocks along Santa Monica always felt pretty darn safe, or at least significantly safer than the parallel set of blocks on Sunset.

      Let’s hope this trend doesn’t continue. It really will ruin the neighborhood.

      • pch1013

        Not that the Castro is all rainbows and unicorns these days either. Until recently there were people hanging out in Jane Warner Plaza who regularly screamed “faggot” at passers-by – they’re gone now that they’ve taken the chairs away, but I’ve endured similar verbal assaults elsewhere in the neighborhood too.

        But since the people committing those assaults are ‘street people’ and thus protected by SF’s traditional culture of tolerance, we have no alternative but to put up with this harassment.

        I also know two people of color (one black, one Asian) who have been attacked in recent weeks because of their race.

        • MattM

          The Castro is definitely “grittier” than WeHo.

  • wc1e

    This is a hero in my opinion.

  • Hip Byroads

    I hope that coffee was piping hot.

    • peterparker

      It wasn’t coffee. It was iced tea. I was standing 3 feet away when it happened.

  • popebuck1

    Kick ass, Brother Boy!!!

  • tomfromthenews

    Even Karen Walker could have told these idiots you don’t cross Beverly Leslie unscathed.

  • hdtex

    I adore Leslie Jordon….larger beyond his size.

  • KQCA

    Everyone, with equal rights in the news and a lot of sore losers out there, we have to keep our guard up and our eyes open at all times in public. Stay safe, everyone. Every one of you is important.

    • Michael Abbett

      Of course, Milady!

      • KQCA

        Yay..a BBC fan! 🙂 MmmmmmwahhhH!

  • JT

    Starbucks, huh? Is that a sodomite semen latte you spilled all over yourself?

  • SockMikey

    If they will do this in public during the light of day, they will probably go further in other cases.

    Their pictures should be shown to people that have been assaulted, robbed and stabbed in that area recently to see if they can identify them from a batch of pictures.

    There have also been nighttime robberies on Santa Monica Boulevard and on Palm Avenue, where an employee of a gay bar was stabbed and his companion was beaten in December.

  • Blobby
  • MattM

    The Starbucks at the corner of Santa Monica and Westmount is literally across the street from a gay gym and that LASC store. It’s SO gay that it was used for the Boy Is A Bottom video. These men are either completely blind (highly doubt it) or were there intentionally to start trouble.

    Sorry, but I find it improbable that these homophobes ended up in this flagrantly gay section of Santa Monica Blvd by accident. They were looking for a fight, assuming the homos would not retaliate out of fear.

    • shrpblnd

      I live in WeHo, and everyone here calls this the Gay Starbucks. There are gay flags a half block away in the middle of the street. There is absolutely no way these troglodytes did not now exactly where they were, and clearly they intended to cause a scene.

  • RLK2

    Way to go. We need to see more of that. Way more!

  • Gigi

    Two things: 1) Who in his right mind would pick a fight with Leslie “Karen Walker’s Arch Enemy” Jordan? 2) At least one of those haters must have been a closet case trying to prove to his buddies that he’s a Grade-A fag basher.

    • Ben in Oakland

      Just what I was thinking.
      It reminds of the episode in “Naked Civil Servant”, where Quentin Crisp confronts some would-be fag bashers: (not an exact quote):
      You had better get out of here before someone figures out which one of you is queer.

      • wmforr


        “You can’t touch me now. I am one of the Stately Homos of England.”

      • Gigi

        One of my older brother’s (hot) friends used to call me a fag, but only when other people were around to hear him. He used to talk about how fun it was to beat up fags. Then of course one night after he’d had a few drinks, and no one was around, he hit on me. At first I thought it was a joke and that he’d punch me if I accepted his advance (as if), but then he started to cry and came out to me. Ugh. Like I needed that kind of drama when I was 16! He’s out and proud now. Go Team Gay!

        • Ben in Oakland

          has he apologized to everyone?

          • Gigi

            He apologized to me. I don’t think he ever really bashed anyone. My brother certainly wouldn’t have participated. He said he was all talk. When he came out to my brother he said, “Ya I knew. Do you wanna go to the beach?”

      • Steverino

        “Many queers are tough, and many toughs are queer.”

    • Leo

      The closet case? At the risk of being politically incorrect, my money’s on grey-polo-with-top-button-done.

      • peterparker

        I was there. Grey Polo ended up taking off his shirt because it was soaking wet. It was all I could do to refrain from saying “You sure look hot with that shirt off, boy!” I didn’t think he was particularly hot…but I knew it would infuriate him.

    • LonelyLiberal

      In any conflict, my money’s on Leslie Jordan.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Beverly, God I miss that 2 foot hunk of midget.

  • Sporkfighter

    Three frightened little men, unsure of their place in the world, unsure of themselves. There’d be reason to pity them if they weren’t so vile.

    • RoFaWh

      They’re twenty-somethings (or so the news reports indicate). They haven’t yet learned how to interact socially with people different from oneself, and to disguise their nervousness they played the “obnoxious tough-guy talk” card. Bad mistake!

      Let us be thankful no one hauled out their dainty pearl-handled revolver and plugged them between the eyes. Sadly, that’s what it’s going to take to teach the ‘phobes that the targets of their wrath sometimes have stingers.

      It’s somewhat like a huge gray football of a nest built by bald-faced hornets right over your back door. They won’t bug you if you don’t bug them.

      • MJD

        I don’t think a bullet to the head is a good deterrant for homophobes (for religious murderers, yes). Giving them time to think in a hospital might be more effective.

  • MikeBx2

    Three anti-gay bigots walk into a Starbucks in W. Hollywood? Were they lost, confused or just stupid?

    • RoFaWh

      They had all received unrealistic praise of their cocks.

      Oh, my, an entire three inches! Fuck me hard, big boy!

  • StudioTodd

    Anyone who watched last year’s Celebrity Big Brother knows that Leslie Jordan is a feisty fucker and will not hesitate to stand up for himself.

    • TampaDink

      I adore your Marguerite avatar!
      “They’re not CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      • StudioTodd


        • TampaDink

          It’s all dork sided.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Who knew Beverly Leslie was so butch!

    • Ginger Snap

      You’ve know all along and now one of your dark little secrets is out.

  • Bj Lincoln

    At the small strip mall, at the only way in or out of our peninsula, there is no security. The drug dealers, drunks and general nasty people bumming money are getting thick. About a month ago the wife came home telling me there is now a skinhead hanging out. He is giving the ‘heil Hitler’ salute and has a confederate flag tattooed on the back of his neck. He is harassing everyone. He tried to bum money off my wife and she told him to back off. He has made it his mission to harass her. Yesterday, on her way home from work, she stopped in to get smokes and soda. He started screaming at her, calling her gay and female slurs. She just ignored him. This pissed him off so he approached her and asked what was she going to do about it. She walked into the nearest store and called the police. The guy and his buddy ran like hell when the cop car pulled in. The officer took her complaint AND the complaint of almost every store owner and several employees who have been threatened. I suggested that all employees have their phones ready to record the crap going on. This will either scare them away or have proof to the landowner that they NEED security. They are losing customers because of this and the place is started to look run down.

    • Bj Lincoln

      PS. Good for Jordan! I am not taking crap off anyone any more either.

  • Leslieknows

    Leslie Jordon don’t take no shit and every gay man and woman should take note of this and follow his example. If you are anti-gay and make me your target, with words or fists, you will be assaulted by me !!!!!
    Case f*cking closed !

  • Diogenes

    Maybe West Hollywood needs to pass some hate speech laws, similar to those in the UK:

    Sherrif’s department employees should probably be required to live in the city….we met one that commutes from AZ.

    • Oh, jeez. Don’t get the freedom nuts started.

      But here’s at least one person who will agree with you. 🙂


  • leastyebejudged

    Cops are pretty much universally lazy assholes.

  • Gianpiero

    I was there for the whole incident. The place (also known as Gaybucks) was filled with dozens of customers and staff, very many of them, as usual, gay. The guys—very young, maybe 20-22—started making their comments in a seemingly joking manner to each other, while they were standing in line (“I thought I’d see you here, faggot.”). Somehow it escalated, and the language started getting louder. (It didn’t help when the guy ahead of them in line started complaining, in a loud voice to the staff, “They’re using inappropriate language!”) After they were confronted by the manager and the security guard, one left, followed a short time later by the others.

    Mr. Jordan was seated at a high-top table on the other side of the room. He started pointing and responding with his “Get out of my house!” (or I heard, “Not in my house”) comments. The guys were already on their way out the door, and sheriffs must have been already alerted, because they were there almost instantly. Much as I admire Jordan, there was no need for him to follow these guys outside, and even less to throw a drink at them. Their language was not directed deliberately toward him, he was not part of the initial confrontation or conversation, and the situation was already on its way to being resolved.

    Had there been any intimation of violence beyond the name calling (which had drawn everyone’s attention) I have no doubt that the large crowd would have shut it down quickly, even before the sheriff’s deputies arrived.

  • Bill

    I live right around the corner from this Starbucks. Wish I’d been there.

    Some ‘fagot’ yellers would have been eating some teeth. Theirs.

    If someone is aggressive and uses slurs against me and I fear for my safety, I’ll defend.

    They only way these losers will learn is if they know when they do things like this, we won’t stand for it.

    I encourage ALL gay men to learn self-defense.

    A man knows when another man knows how to fight.

    Learn to fight. So that you will not have to.

  • Richard Rush

    I expect the right-wing ‘news’ sites to characterize this incident as, “Viciously hateful homosexuals attack people for simply exercising their First Amendment right to express their moral values.”

  • NIFP

    OK, someone with legal expertise please clarify this for me. When I was in nursing school, we were taught that assault is the threat of touching someone without consent. Example: Telling a patient that you are going to give them their shot of medication whether they want it or not. Battery was the actual touching w/o consent. Example: Holding the patient down and giving them the shot they had refused.
    So, to me, Leslie seems to have been assaulted. However, he committed battery by throwing the drink (if it hit). Amirite?

    • William

      My understanding has been assault is saying “I’m gonna kick your ass”. Battery is doing it.

      California does have strange variations of law, so that might be an explanation.

      • NIFP

        Your understanding is in line with mine, William. Yet on so many cop/legal procedurals, they’re always talking about assault when what I think they mean is battery (or maybe both, but assault is all that is mentioned).
        Which raises the question of how can one defend against assault without getting into legal hot water themselves? Walking away is not always an option (or a safe one, anyway).

        • William

          I used to love watching the show COPS. There was one incident from California I recall. A man called the police because some man was trying to break into his house. When the police pulled up, the burglar was halfway through the kitchen window. The resident told the cops that he had clocked the intruder a couple times with a frying pan. Apparently that isn’t allowed in CA. They were both taken away in cuffs.

    • bitwise

      The definition and terminology changes from state to state. In Texas, both the threat of harm and the physical contact are called assault.

      • NIFP

        OK, I just looked up both terms on, and assault can mean both.
        However, in a continuing education class I took on Medical Ethics, in our book at the time (Medical Law and Ethics, 4th ed., Bonnie F. Fremgen, 2012), there is a discussion of Tort Law. Intentional Torts included assault and battery, among other things.
        Assault was described as being “sufficient for the patient to just fear that he or she will be hurt or has an ‘imminent apprehension of bodily harm’.”
        Battery “requires bodily harm or unlawful touching … and not just the fear of harm.”
        I’m really glad I kept the book! But maybe this all only applies to healthcare?

  • douglas

    “The guy lunged at Leslie to attack him”…….throwing the coffee was self defense. Or is George Zimmerman the only one who gets to claim that?

  • sw42

    I love Leslie Jordan! He was absolutely brilliant in Sordid Lives. It was the first movie I ever saw that made me really understand how a gay person’s life could be so turned inside out by other people bigotry, and he was brilliant. Anyway, yeah, go Leslie.

  • Rillion

    Glad he disn’t get hurt. He is scheduled to perform Sat night on the rsvp cruise to Alaska. I wonder if he will mention or discus this from the stage.

  • Jack M.

    I’d be inclined to think that the cops were running interference for the bigots, but since this is the W. Hollywood PD maybe not.

    • karen in kalifornia

      LA County Sheriffs (there is no WeHo PD) have long been criticized for their propensity of standing by while borderline hate crimes happen. Don’t forget, no one in WeHo is going to meekly take bigoted harrassment just like what just happened at this Starbucks.

  • karen in kalifornia

    The town of West Hollywood DO NOT have their own police force. The city contracts with Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept which is a whole diff can of worms. No local policing except these harrassed citizens at the WEHO starbucks.

  • motordog

    I admit, I have never liked Leslie Jordan’s work. I just find his characters very annoying. After reading this, though, I completely respect him as a human being…well done, Mr. Jordan!

  • Like one of the other comments said: shoulda popped a cap on ’em, then just claim “Castle Doctrine.” With how fucked our nation is? Probably have a better chance of sticking. #WeAreMorons

  • Joseph Miceli

    Leslie Jordan is an absolute delight! I waited on him once and he was a hoot. I think he acted fine. Frankly, some asshole calls me faggot and lunges at me he’s going to get more than coffee in his face.

  • Steven Leahy

    I wish there were a video

  • RLK2

    The problem is that gay people are always too nice, always trying to be accommodating to others. I doubt any other minority would have tolerated that and would have beat the crap out of those homophobes. Time to Act Up! Dignity is a two way street. Why respect them if they don’t respect us? The problem is that these types think that gay people, especially gay men, won’t hit back. It is a bad stereotype that needs to be debunked by putting some of these assholes into hospitals.

  • Jim

    It’s not really very smart to get into a tussle with three loud-mouthed jerks if all you’ve got to protect yourself is a cup of coffee. What if one of these guys had pulled a knife or a gun? Never do this. It’s nuts. Let the store manager deal with it and stay out of the way. Words can’t hurt you, but fists can break your bones.

  • HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn

    Clearly, the attackers smelled of gin and regret.

  • Give that man whip and a discus. We have ourselves a new Xena.

  • Ogre Magi

    I love Leslie Jordan, he is like a little warrior gnome from D&D