MEXICO: Thousands Protest Gay Marriage

Via the anti-gay LifeSiteNews:

Tens of thousands took to the streets of major Mexican cities under the slogan “Mexico is One for the Children,” to ask the government to respect state constitutions that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, after a recent Supreme Court ruling legalized same-sex unions throughout the country. “We are not against any person, we are against this Supreme Court imposition,” said Sofia Miranda, one of the organizers, in an open letter to media who were criticizing the cause. This, she continued, “opens the door to gender ideology and will destabilize our society and damage our children. This is what we don’t want.” Marchers were also asking their parental rights be recognized, as Congress is seeking to pass a national law which will “guarantee the access to contraceptive methods” without parental consent to all girls. The law also states all children have a “right to intimacy,” they should not be discriminated against on the basis of their “sexual preference” and that the state will provide “education and services in regards to sexual and reproductive health” to all children.

Same-sex marriage is recognized nationwide but only a handful of Mexico’s 31 states have so far enacted the mandated legislation.

  • Stev84

    Given the immense power of the Catholic Church in Latin/South America, the child abuse must have astronomical dimensions there.

    • wmforr

      With a huge, huge cover-up.

    • pepón

      At least in Spain, many priests had “houskeepers”, “cousins” or similar that lived with them. There were actually some villages where they didn’t let any priest in without one of those.

    • ExGayTherapyKills

      the only power they have is the power people give them and a lot of them need to be arrested for crimes against children.

  • oikos
    • JT

      Mexican protestors: Priestly kid fiddling is OK because it’s done “for the children”.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        No kidding but also:
        ” to the children ”
        ” on the children ”
        ” at the children “

        • MattM

          “in the children”

          praise jeebus

        • JT

          Saying, “Is Jeebus in you?”

      • bkmn

        I heard Josh Duggar is going to become a Catholic priest.

    • kaydenpat

      Preach it!

    • ExGayTherapyKills

      Why didn’t all of those people protest when the priest were molesting and doing worse things to their children? I heard the Pope told the Spanish to go and make Mexicans the holy people or la raza. Do they really think they are the holy people after they let priest abuse and do worse things to their children?

  • Judas Peckerwood

    How do you say “Fuck you, bigots” in Spanish?

    • oikos

      Vete a la mierda , intolerantes.

      • bambinoitaliano

        How do you say. Congratulation! Now you are acting like Donald Trump calling the Mexicans Rapists, Drug Addicts and Robbers.

      • PBGVNinja

        Que se vayan…. it’s plural. As in “all of you…go shit on yourselves”, re- or in-flective formal imperative form in Spanish. You used the familiar singular imperative form. Google Translate is not always your friend… it doesn’t do very well with grammatical form translations. Words, yes… expressions, not so much. You should see what it does with Japanese or Finnish… scary.

      • PBGVNinja

        One example: Japanese-English translation of “there are no seats on this train”… “it is not the seat”. Literally, in Japanese, the written expression is, “the seat, there is not”, as in “it doesn’t exist”. That’s not how you express the same sentiment in English, but that’s how GT translated the expression the last time I tried it.

  • another_steve
  • GarySFBCN

    If this is anything like the “March for Life” in San Francisco, the Catholic church bused people in from all over the the country to participate.

    • leastyebejudged

      It’s not. Mexicans are very Catholic and VERY bigoted.

      • Randy Ellicott

        And Gays are all weak… you paint with a wide brush there… Especially considering your screen name… Seriously i got Married 2 days short of a year ago in New Mexico, and half of northern Mexico came, not really but we had about half of our guests from Mexico, and some smuggled biscochitos (cookies, not sure on the spelling) from my sister-in-laws mother-in-law. Like any american family there were those who are bigoted and those who are not, and on the average the most prevalent attitude we found within the community was that they really dont care wither way, but family is family and this tall white guy is now accepted as family in some of the roughest parts of rural northern Mexico.

        • Bj Lincoln

          I think the average person anywhere doesn’t really care. You are correct about the wide brush. Thanks for the reminder not to use it and the info concerning your take on this. Congratulations on your marriage and inclusion to family. Being welcome is important to all concerned.

          • Randy Ellicott

            Yeah i would say that i find Mexicans and Mexican Americans far quicker to change attitudes on LGBT once the find out someone in their family is LGBT than white american families, they certainly are in my experience, family is a lot more paramount in their culture than anything else, and religion is used more as a tool to keep families together. But again that is just my experience.

  • bambinoitaliano

    I am banking on this movie to be very good and get nominated and win multiple awards. Amazing casts. Please be good. The publicity alone will further expose the hypocrisy of the churches.

    • gaymex

      Thanks for that. I, too, hope it is received well. It is a story that needs to be told. Over and over and over.

    • MattM

      For many, this will be “confirmation” that Liberal Hollywood hates God. Just you wait.

      • gaymex

        Probably right. Liberals always get blamed for truth telling.

      • bambinoitaliano

        Those will not be the one who will go to watch that movie. It will be the general public.

        • MattM

          True. But expect to see Billy D and his squad of red-caped flunkies to throw several shit fits.

          • bambinoitaliano

            As oppose to the shit fits that he already throwing at a regular basis? 🙂

    • Bj Lincoln

      I am going to see this! Thank you.

      • bsinps

        I am too

    • I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!

    • Octavio

      I am anxious to see Bill Donahue protesting in front of theatres. It will be worth the $50 bag of popcorn just for that!

      • bambinoitaliano

        And his merry band of one million mom should be there I hope.

    • DonnaLee

      I got goosebumps when Keaton said they could tell either story, but one of them was getting published.

  • Brian Brown missed out on a trip down to Mexico and a photo
    op, guess he wasn’t invited. This line “opens the door to gender ideology” is very similar to what we saw in France, a clue that the organizers are tied into the same network of ideology/organizers that we saw in France.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      He might not have been there in person, but I have no doubt that he was involved.

    • pepón

      “tied into the same network of ideology/organizers that we saw in France” The Catholic church + World Congress of Families

  • Capritaur

    Well, at least they actually had thousands. That’s more than what could be said about NOM.

  • TexPlant

    they use the same old arguments that have been proven false over and over again proving you just can’t fix stupid!

  • Rocketeer500

    Putos cabrones . El odio en cualquier idioma es aún odian.

  • Que Se Vaya….

    Que se vaya a la mierda tu pinche puta ‘díos’.

  • Looking at another picture you have the same pink, blue, and
    white color scheme that you saw in France and the same style of flags as well. I find it amusing that they would pick a protest movement that failed to stop marriage equality from advancing to base their subsequent marches off of. Sure they got a turn out but that about it, but since then the same look has been used in Taiwan, in the US, and in Mexico.

    • NedFlaherty

      It’s far more than just “copying a protest movement.”

      The uniformity of images, colors, and fonts is a dead giveaway that all these marches are being coordinated worldwide by Frank Schubert and his Mission Public Affairs firm (the original campaign manager for NOM, CA Proposition 8, etc.).

  • MAP

    Please this is nothing more then Catholic Church BS…Mexican families and children aren’t affected one bit by gay marriage..Mexicans are having more kids then they can properly care for due to the Catholic Churches antiabortion and contraception BS.

    • Pete N SFO

      That’s my favorite part of this… that contraception & health ed is offered to young girls without the need for parental consent. Mexico showing the world how it should be!!!

  • bryan

    If they really cared about children, they wouldn’t be trying to raise them to be bigots. Does it never occur to these idiots that their children might be gay, and they are teaching their kids to hate themselves…

    • David L. Caster

      Of course not. Their children could never be gay.

    • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

      I think that is one of their goals.

    • ExGayTherapyKills

      It they really cared about children they would not have let priest do what they did to their children.

  • JT

    Yeah, it’s “for the children” and, yeah, you’re not “against any person.” You just want to deprive people of rights, you duplicitous douchebag. We’ve heard it all before.

  • KQCA

    The anti-LGBT Hispanic evangelicals are coming into their own, with bigotry as their rallying cry…and it’s working for them….BIG time, especially here in the US. In that belief system, there must always be someone else who is “against us” and “less than” that they “must conquer.”
    Here’s a sample of just one of them rising in popularity, hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, California.

    • gaymex

      Unreal. I sometimess want to cry, but I get over that temporary weakness and will fight back. Fuck stupidity.

      • KQCA


        • gaymex

          gracias, and to you.

      • MJD

        Agreed. Ironically, it’s people like this that make me think a gay mafia is necessary. I’m sick of all their bullshit enough to consider returning the favor.

    • Dicky

      Last month, I was randomly listening to the radio in the car and on one of the Spanish language faith channels, there was this guy, with the most American accent, railing, in Spanish, about same-sex marriage. He was going at it for a few hours too; I was stuck in traffic and would flip over every once in a while.

      • KQCA

        Any idea what his name was?

  • David in Palm Springs

    This, she continued, “opens the door to gender ideology and will destabilize our society and damage our children.”

    In English, sweetie? Is this another cryptic statement claiming that children will somehow be indoctrinated into the gay “lifestyle” if homosexuals aren’t demonized in society? Actually, allowing gay couples to marry creates more stability in society; and children that end up being gay won’t feel ostracized. That’s the opposite of damaging.

    • “Gender Ideology”…talking points straight from the hierarchy there.

  • gaymex

    Israel stabbings, antigay marches in Mexico and elsewhere…Evangelical religion needs to be banned from the planet. I’m tired of hate disguised as love or hate disguised as parental concern for children. It’s fucking hate.

    • pepón

      I don’t think they need help from evangelicals, the Catholic church is more than enough.

      • Raising_Rlyeh

        Kind of apropos , but there are catholic evangelicals. Not nearly as popular as protestant evangelicals, but they do exist.

  • David L. Caster

    I recognize those talking points. Could it be….the RCC?

  • Rocco Gibraltar

    Es muy facil..don’t marry a gay.

  • Toasterlad

    Well, it’s nice to see that thousands of Mexicans are accurately prioritizing the problems in their country.

  • joe ho

    • Arkansan

      Always appropriate attire..

      • It never ceases to amaze me how atheists can, and usually are, just as arrogant and obnoxious as fundamentalist monotheists.

        Living proof that it doesn’t require a deity to be a hateful asshole – just oxygen.

        • Arkansan

          Kisses to you also.

    • Jude Newton

      I so want that!!

  • kaydenpat

    It’s always some b.s. about the children.

  • Tosufai

    Thousands marching against basic LGBT rights over here, oppressive laws designed to distract people from the real problems of their respective countries over there, hunts that lead to torture and execution everywhere else.

    And yet, despite all this horror, the rhetoric continues that because LGBT folk can (apparently) just hide who they are then they have no real struggle. Just stop being so damn provocative y’all.


  • Bj Lincoln

    NOM can’t get 10’s of Americans to march against marriage so I am impressed that they had so many people marching.

  • LarryChemEngr

    How do you say “tough shit” in Spanish?

  • Blake Jordan

    When has it ever been on the right side of history that the majority is against the rights of a minority???

  • MattM

    While I assume this event was influenced by the Catholic church, it’s not truly a Catholic church event if all the participants aren’t wearing adult diapers.

  • this makes perfect sense because everybody knows that the only real problems affecting the people in mexico are gays marrying, right?

  • I despise the frothy mix of: LGBT hate, anti-contraception, and keeping children from legal relief.

    What keeps religion in business isn’t men, but women. Men are 100% in charge of all the religions, but its mainly women that keep this bullshit charade going. And its women and their children who are hurt most by those religious rules. On the streets in Toronto it was mainly women protesting the idea of teaching their children about CONSENT! Consent! How on earth could teaching your child that they have the ability to say no to sex be construed as something wrong? Religion.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    ¡Oh, por favor, que alguien piense en los niños!

    • matt n

      well, american right wingers support these mexican marchers…. until those ninos cross over the border into texas. then they are a huge threat

  • well, i guess i really don’t understand mexican politics at all. birth control, but no gay? ??? i thought they didn’t like either, if they are the mexican RCC types.

    • Tor

      Mexicans have a strained relationship with the church, going back to one of their revolutions.

      • matt n

        yes, the church screwed them over and i’m glad they’re not forgetting that

  • KnownDonorDad

    Finally we can look at Mexico with a smug sense of superiority on this issue.

  • Porkie

    But, Hatchet Face; …..what happened? You used to be so happy and friendly, religion fucks us all….

  • Prixator

    Fuck this crap. One more iteration of “think of the children!” by people who mostly don’t care about 1) children other than theirs, and if they do 2) only until they are born – wanted or unwanted.

    Most of these types do not want the government to provide pre-natal care and further aid or services after birth to low income mothers, especially those who are not married! It’s against their craptastic religion to reward sinners!

    Fuck them all for their clinging to an ideal that never, ever was realistic.

  • “We are not against any person, we are against this Supreme Court imposition,”

    Odd how hypocrisy, bigotry and bullshit all sound the same – in English or any other language.

  • Octavio

    El periodista dijo que la manifestación era una coalición de los evangélicos, católicos y muchas otras iglesias. Los evangélicos son la religión de más rápido crecimiento en México. Y ellos practican el mismo fanatismo y el odio hacia todos LGBT. En el barrio Cuauhtémoc que incluye el gay-céntrica Zona Rosa tiene un número más alto de homosexuales asesinados en la ciudad. Es peor ahora que en el pasado.

    Nuestros hermanos necesitan que se mantenga fuerte y luchar con todas las herramientas legales disponibles. Esto tomara tiempo. Hasta entonces todos tenemos que tener cuidado. Es obvio que todavía hay problemas en partes liberales de los EE.UU. como West Hollywood. Es lo mismo en México y con el resto del mundo. Nuestra lucha por la igualdad y la justicia nunca se acabará. Sin embargo, va a mejorar. Desafortunadamente, muchos de nosotros moriremos luchando.

    • matt n

      well,t hat’s a shame. i didn’t know it was that bad in the more liberal areas, like the zona rosa of mexico city

      • Octavio

        Between 2004 and 2006 there were 54 murders of gay men (confirmed as gay). The yearly average number of murders in that part of the city is 67. The old Washington Blade claimed that number to be much lower, but they’re in D.C., not D.F. The Mexican stats do not include those unconfirmed as gay or whose families paid the police to keep silent about the circumstances of their family members’ deaths. D.F. is actually a relatively safe place to live or visit — as long as you are not stupid and go walking in places you have no business being at night or hail scab taxis in the tourist zones any time of day or night. And you do not have to be a tourist or be drunk to get into trouble. See:

        The State of Guerrero, which includes Acapulco, probably has the highest incidence of gay bash crimes and murders. But stats are sketchy. Gay “friendly” bars have been bombed in recent years, but the local police like to blame everything on the local drug cartel.

      • D.B.

        I’ve been traveling back and forth between NYC and Mexico City for the last two years, often with my partner in tow. We stay in the Zona Rosa. So far, we have never had a bad experience — absolutely everyone we’ve met has been welcoming and accepting of us as a couple. In fact, I would say that I see more gay couples walking hand-in-hand or openly displaying affection in Mexico City than I ever do in American cities. (Of course we don’t walk through sketchy neighborhoods at night, and keep generally aware of our surroundings, but those are things you do in any big city.)

    • Steven Leahy

      How true.

  • matt n

    well, that nun thinks being gay is an illness. i wonder where she got her medical degree.

  • matt n

    that has to be the most not fun parade mexico has ever seen. mexican parades are usually happy, not mean.

  • StraightGrandmother

    said Sofia Miranda, one of the organizers, in an open letter to media who were criticizing the cause. This, she continued, “opens the door to gender ideology

    Boom! Busted Catholics. This is straight out of Pope Francs, “Gender Ideology.”

  • zoli

    with all due respect to the interviewees, fuck them and all people who think they have a right to limit what is family only to their hetero selves. and fuck the religion that tells them so.

  • Arkansan

    With all the problems Mexico has going on and gay marriage is what they choose to fight against?

    • Steven Leahy

      Agree…but same thing with ANY country with a gay marriage battle – including this one!

  • Happy Dance

    Homosexualidad—I had one of those once!

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    “opens the door to gender ideology and will destabilize our society and damage our children.”

    Unlike all those family-friendly drug cartels. Gays are the real threat.

  • NedFlaherty

    The images, color choices, and fonts prove that most of these international anti-LGBT protests are all produced by Frank Schubert and his Mission Public Affairs firm (the official campaign managers for NOM, Proposition 8, etc.).

  • nyc guy

    Now this is the element of Mexicans Trump & supporters wish would come here illegally.

    • Guest101

      Brian Brown and Tony Perkins would help these protesters jump over the fence at the border.

  • GayEGO

    If these uneducated, religious human beings are not against anyone, they should not be against equal rights for all of their citizens. If they are against marriage equality they are against equal rights for all of their citizens, it is as simple as that. Where it is now the law of the land in Mexico and there are only a handful of Mexican 31 states that recognize it, it looks like they have a ways to go to catch up to the U.S. which is “Almost” there.

    • ExGayTherapyKills

      The Pope told the conquistadors to go and make holy people in Mexico, so Mexicans really believe they are the ‘Holy People”, kind of like Hitler really believed that the white people were the super race and that they should kill off all other people. Many people like Donald Trump fail to see that.