SAN DIEGO: Bride Surprises Guests By Handing Off Bouquet To Male Friend

See what happens next.

(Tipped by JMG reader Aaron)

UPDATE: One of the men in the video has entered the comments. He writes: “LOL… I’m the guy sitting and crying in the video… how did you get this?! My partner Mark and I have been together for 9 yrs and recently moved to Portland. We came home to San Diego for Stephanie and Tony’s wedding and Mark surprised me… I said yes. ;)”

  • bkmn

    No str8 couples were harmed by this act of kindness by a bride on her wedding day.

    • Craig S

      True, but one doesn’t propose at someone else’s wedding — it is supposed to be about the couple being married. Even so, it was a lovely thing to do.

      • barracks9

        I dunno – if we all always did what we were supposed to do, it’d be a mighty boring world. And the bride appeared to have been in on the plan, and was sharing her joy.

        • clay

          some people are about being generous, rather than self-centered.

        • Scott

          It was the brides suggestion. Mark was thinking of a way to ask me and it was her idea to do it this way. She is a very close friend and I thanked her and her groom VERY much for sharing their day with us.

          • Bj Lincoln

            That’s what good friends do and why they are good friends. You are both lucky.
            Congradulations! That was so sweet! I got all misty. I hope you have a long happy life together. I am married to a wonderful woman. It’s great!

          • Scott

            Thanks BJ!

          • ClevelandJim

            Aw, congratulations, Scott!!

          • PLAINTOM


          • fuzzybits


          • Max_1

            It’s an honor to have a good friend step out of her spotlight only to share it with another good friend on a special day for the both of them.

            She most definitely isn’t a bride-zilla…

      • David Walker

        Maybe, but I think it was cooked up between the bride and the man’s guy. We’ve always needed to make things up as we go along, and I think this is the case here. And I think it’s beautiful.

        • Mark Mark

          David, this was something that Steph (the bride) and I talked about for awhile. This was such a small piece of the evening. I could not have done it without her help.

          • David Walker

            I think it was perfect. It may have been a small piece of the evening, but I think she and you planned a wonderful gift and it was extraordinary. I went back to re-watch it and got all misty again. I’ve been with my guy for almost 37 years. We’ve decided not to marry because we’d take a heavy hit on our Social Security. You guys, on the other hand, still have your lives ahead of you and I hope they are happy and rewarding and loving. Congratulations.

      • bkmn

        Clearly the bride was in on it and may have encouraged her friends to exercise their new rights.

        • Rex

          The receipient of the bouquet was probably the Bride’s BFF (or, GBFF.)
          Anyway, she’d better keep her eye on her new husband, you know how some women are drawn to gay men.

      • Robert

        “one doesn’t” ha ha ha says who? you?

      • BostonBud

        When we got married the ceremony was about us but the reception after was about our friends and family who came to celebrate with us. Weddings also tend to be a time when many people get more romantic.

      • ZhyKitty

        Given that the bride was in on it, I don’t think any manner of protocol was breached.
        (I could see it being rude if it were a show stealing moment, but the bride seemed more than happy to share her special day…you saw her smile… it lit up her whole face….and she is the one who took the bouquet to them.)

        Besides, I should think it would bring good luck to the occasion…the more love in the air the better on one’s wedding day, right? ; )

      • Scott

        The bride suggested it FYI.

      • Stephanie Alyse Silvia

        I think it’s my decision about what’s supposed to happen at my wedding. And it was about my husband and I. And we did exactly what we knew would add beauty to our day.

    • oikos

      The newly married couple will now have to divorce since the sanctity of their marriageβ„’ has been destroyed by teh gay.

      • Scott

        Sorry for your ignorance oikos – the straight marriage divorce rate is currently 50% – you think gay weddings are going to make it worse?

        • The Larry Mac

          Take it easy Scott, there’s a lot of sarcasm round these parts.

          • Scott

            Sarcasm is fine but when you’re interacting with people who don’t know you or your sense of humor – it’s probably a good idea to make it obvi.

          • guestyguest

            welcome to the internet where nobody cares who you are or what you don’t know.

          • KarenAtFOH

            Welcome to JMG! Please keep posting, the water is fine.

          • Rich Farias

            Except, since Oikos is a frequent commenter here, we *are* familiar with his sense of humor…

            Congratulations, btw!

        • oikos
        • HAAAAAAA

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        • Rich Farias

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          • DW

            Isn’t there some way to do a captcha or other check for real human beings? These constant bot posts are a real pain, and there are plenty of other sites that aren’t plagued with them.

    • mari

      Not only that, exactly the same scenario could have played out if she’d handed it to a straight friend who wanted to propose to a SO.

    • Gerry Fisher

      “…but how will I explain this to my KIDS?!!”

      • ZhyKitty

        The lovely thing about having the children grow up around all kinds of people is that you never have to explain. They just get it.
        The only people who are asking “How do we explain this to our kids?” are bigots who don’t have anyone in their immediate social circle or family group who is living out and open.
        That’s where the real problem is.

      • Scott

        Hopefully you’re teaching your kids to love and respect one another!

        • Bj Lincoln

          I think kids in gay families, for the most part, grow up feeling loved and accepting of others as well as more confident in themselves. Mine did.

  • John P.

    That was probably planned, but sweet nonetheless. And the crowd goes wild!

  • LonelyLiberal

    “Marry you? Of course! Kiss you? Honey, when we get home, I am going to destroy you and you’re going to love it.”

  • Treg Brown

    That was awesome! And no way did my eyes get watery…

  • oikos

    The best thing about this is that no one bats an eye anymore. We’re mainstream now.

    • Gustav2

      Just remember oikos, you are just not that special anymore!

      • DaddyRay

        oikos will always be special to us

        • Gustav2

          Every once in a while, I get the feeling we are still invited to a party, etc. by some folks because we are the only gay couple they know. It still is a ‘thing’ in the Midwest.

          When you are the only non-family members/school friends, you get the hint.

      • oikos

        I’m ok with that as long as we all have rights.

    • barracks9

      In some places, not all. Still quite some work to do in a lot of areas.

      • KQCA

        You are so right. I think a lot of JMGers are fortunate to live in areas and in situations where they can’t even imagine that unbridled hatred for LGBTs still thrives as strong as ever…with the support of local law enforcement.

        • BudClark

          I live just outside Palm Springs, and I’ve had more hassles HERE than ANYPLACE I’ve lived. And Palm Springs is supposedly 35% gay, at least during The Season (approx. Labor Day – Memorial Day).

          I’m seventy years old and in a wheelchair. I don’t pinch boys’ asses, or make bear noises at hot daddies.

          What’s to hassle??

          Me, evidently.

          • KQCA

            Man, oh man, I am so sorry to hear that. I’m with ya, though. I’m just up the road from you. I’ve been to Long Beach to visit clubs for a nice evening and gotten egged and had bottles or rocks thrown at me on a few occasions. Things heat up when equal rights for LGBTs is in the news.

            Only a few years ago my own estranged brother showed up out of nowhere and gay-bashed me in Ontario-CA, then lunged his vehicle at me. The Ontario police department shrugged it off. Fortunately, the District Attorney had a different perspective and he was at least tried and sentenced to probation.

            My 80-year old father encouraged my 60-year old brother to follow through on his threats to return with a gun and finish the job. The authorities said there was nothing they could do on that end until he actually showed up and shot at me. I am told the probation sentence discouraged him from following through with his threats, since there is now a record of his violence. Of course, it’s not the first time in my life he attacked me, but this time there is a record.

            Of course, my father and my brother stand confident in their born-again Christian principles, which means they have no conscious about their actions. Like born-agains do, they forgave themselves as they perpetrated their crimes, claiming they are covered by the blood of Jesus.

            The San Bernardino County Sheriff department defended my father and my brother’s actions by refusing to investigate or take a report for the events that occurred within the county’s jurisdiction.

            They also turned an eye when my 50-year old sister loaded her van with morons to go gay-bashing on Friday and Saturday nights because one of her fellow bashers had connections to the department.

          • That is appalling.

  • JD

    Very good of the bride to give up some attention on her wedding day. That’s model behavior.

    • People4Humanity

      sharing the joy!

    • Blake Jordan

      Statistically speaking, this will probably not be her own wedding…

  • wmforr

    Went to the Dentist yesterday for a cleaning by Val, his dental assistant who does the cleaning. Don’t know when I last saw her, but I said,

    “I have to get my husband in for a cleaning, too.”

    She said: “Doesn’t it feel good to us that word after all these years?”

    She said she is a Congregationalist, and her minister performs same-sex weddings. No, Teavangelists, you do not represent all Christians.

    • Rex

      Your Dentist wasn’t out hunting, was he?

  • Lakeview Bob

    Very very sweet.

  • Webslinger

    so simple

    • DaddyRay

      Well our hotness may be impacting the Ice-caps – I can’t be sure, I’m not a scientist

    • Rocketeer500

      But wait. Where are the tornadoes? Damn it! Where are the hurricanes?

      • oikos

        God, being angry about this event in San Diego, will strike with vengeance…………………in Oklahomo.

        • Rocketeer500

          Thank God. I live in San Diego. Let him be off-aim and hit Oklahomo.

          • oikos

            I don’t think her aim is off. The bible belt takes a beating on a regular basis. πŸ™‚

          • KQCA

            Not to worry; he is ALWAYS off….by a very long shot.

    • oikos

      I’m fairly sure we’ll get blamed for the ice caps too.

    • lattebud

      Economic boom in wedding industry is should be there too.

  • Bernie Keefe

    Well there goes my eyeliner, Thanks Joe. Muwah!

  • JR

    Awwww… That made my heart feel big.

  • BearEyes

    kudos to the bride.
    congrats to the soon to be newlyweds

  • KT

    The bride deserves a lot of credit for sharing the spotlight on her wedding day. The gay couple is lucky to have such a good supportive friend.

    • KQCA

      Yep, and the groom is lucky to have that woman as his wife and possibly mother to his children.

  • ChrisInKansas

    Ugh. Stupid non-existent allergies. πŸ™‚

  • DesertSun59

    Nice, but that wedding wasn’t about those men.

    • DaddyRay

      True, that is why it was extra sweet of the bride to share her special day

    • Rebecca Gardner

      That’s right. Which is probably why the Bride did what she did on her special day. Don’t rain on their parade.

    • Scott Carpenter

      As you pointed out, it was the bride’s day – so why are you second-guessing her?

      • fuow

        Because some people are busy being itchy-scratchy princesses, thinking it will make the rest of us regard them as queens.
        Fail. Total fail.

      • BostonBud

        Actually, it was the Bride AND groom’s day. They both got married to each other. If marriage equality has taught us anything it’s that BOTH people equally make a marriage.

    • Mark Mark

      Your right DesertSun59, it wasn’t about my partner and I, it’s about the love, joy and acceptance that permeated the room. We (Bride,Groom, my partner and I) have the very same group of friends and family they were all there and this was the best way in our eyes to make it happen.

    • Stephanie Alyse Silvia

      The wedding was about celebrating love. Which is why we decided to include our amazing friends who we love and adore. “Those men” are our family. Love is love.

  • Rex

    So great that the bride was willing to share her special day. Some people are selfless that way. Nice to know that some people, even straight people, get it.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Why didn’t you post a “Waterproof Mascara Required” warning for this video.That was so beautiful and look it didn’t destroy the opposite sex couples wedding day or marriage. In fact, it made it even more beautiful.

    • Mark Mark

      It’s not suppose to make you cry πŸ˜‰ its suppose to make you smile. That what my husband does to me.

      BTW that’s me on my knee praying to baby Jesus that he says

      • Rebecca Gardner

        They were happy tears. Congratulations!!!

  • daveinsf

    Darn it Joe, can you please post NSFW on these? Balling like a baby at my desk does not inspire confidence in my team.

    • KCMC

      second that emotion

  • kevin000

    Kudos to the couple for sharing their day and making it special for someone else.

  • KnownDonorDad

    Why look at all those guests, horrified at the destruction of the sanctity of marriage before their eyes! They’re clearly shocked and enraged, I tells ya! πŸ˜‰

    • Sk3ptic

      And get off my lawn!!

  • Elliott

    That bride is just awesome. And I’ll bet she made her day even more special by doing what she did.

    • KQCA

      You are so right. And if she becomes a mother, she will be the kind who will truly love and embrace and cherish her children unconditionally. I think that this demonstration shows how fortunate the groom is in his choice of life-mate.

  • Mike in Texas

    Aw … sweet moment and sweet bride.

  • Now thats a true blue, through and through friend to share her big day and the attention with a best friend.

  • Jim

    What a wonderful bride!

  • TreGibbs

    This happened to me ! The OUTRAGE that followed was something I will never forget…

  • David Dunn

    What say we play this clip on continuous loop in the lobby of the upcoming GOP debates and sell barf bags. I’ll donate my profit to either Bernie or Hillary (but I hear my rep Chaka Fattah might need it more)!

  • Bill

    How others could not be happy for these 2 human beings is beyond my grasp.

  • KQCA

    So…wait…the gay agenda includes flowers? and jewelry? And here I’ve been sitting at the ready to take dictation on a task list.

  • Scott

    LOL… I’m the guy sitting and crying in the video… how did you get this?! My partner Mark and I have been together for 9 yrs and recently moved to Portland. We came home to San Diego for Stephanie and Tony’s wedding and Mark surprised me… I said yes. πŸ˜‰

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Scott, honey congratulations… If you are as happy as my husband and I are, you have my condolences… just kidding… Congrats and hope you have the best wedding and marriage ever!

    • B Snow

      Congratulations to both of you, and to your friends in the video who just got married.

      And congrats on the move to Portland. We’ve got family and friends there, and our next trip to the area will be in September for a wedding with two grooms on top of the cake. πŸ™‚

  • Megrim Twist

    I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.

    • The Larry Mac

      I’m only crying because of the vertical cellphone video. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • mattkorey

    Now there is an unselfish bride. Good for her. And good for those lads.

  • Map

    What a wonderful friend the bride is to these to gentlemen..She is so unselfish and was able to share her big day of happiness with them . Congrats to the guys and you have an amazing friend.

  • billbear1961

    The magic of the bride’s bouquet!

    Congratulations, gentlemen!

    (And to the newlyweds, too!)

    • dustin fibers

      Thanks Bill…beautiful

  • BudClark

    That’s the way life SHOULD be. Made me cry happy tears too.

    • B Snow

      Right? I don’t think I should read any more news after this.

  • NMNative

    How incredibly sweet of the bride to share her special day with her friend. Cute video. May both couples have long, happy lives together.

  • Stephanie Alyse Silvia

    Thank you for all of the love and support! I hope that people understand that Tony and I did this because we knew it would add so much love and joy to my special day! Scott and Mark our dear friends! And to see them so happy, makes us happy! Love is love!! :))
    Stephanie & Tony