HRC Slams Rand Paul & Marco Rubio

  • bkmn

    Shorter message – Rand “Pubehead” Paul and Marco “not touching immigration” Rubio are no friends to teh gayz. HRC needs a new media editor.

    • AtticusP

      They should lose the soundtrack to begin with. It sounded like Judge Judy was going to show up at any minute.

    • stevenj

      That’s an insult to pubes.

  • S1AMER

    Good job, HRC! I trust we’ll see the same on the many, many other Republican candidates.

    Meanwhile, it’s important for all of us to help spread the word to those around us.

  • another_steve

    Please, queer blogosphere: Can we now put to rest all the inane HRC hate?

    HRC is the adult voice of the LGBT movement. HRC is the people who canoodle with people in power and get Presidents of the United States to “evolve.” HRC is the people who avoid the reckless anti-religion rhetoric one so often sees in the queer blogosphere. Rhetoric that is so politically damaging to our movement.

    Enough with the HRC hate, fellow queerlings?

    • Silver Badger

      Define HRC hate. Your message is unclear.

      • another_steve

        I refer there to all the anti-HRC sentiment expressed on this and other queer blogs.

        If one says anything positive about HRC, one is called all manner of nasty names.

        As I fear poor another_steve will be, in this thread. :-/

        • LovesIrony

          you insult those that criticize HRC and then its poor me I’m so wronged.

        • Joseph Miceli

          You are entitled to your opinion, but the impression I get is that they aren’t very effective. Pandering to politicians to get access, cocktail parties and awards… when do they get tough? ACT UP, Freedom to Marry, GLAAD and many more all seem to do more with less glitz. Maybe I’m wrong, but that is the impression I get.

          • another_steve

            Joseph, it takes a village.

            We need our lawyers and we need our “screamin’ in the streets” activists and we need our backroom black-tie canoodlers.

          • Elaygee

            BOTH strategies worked together to make it happen. One without the other wasn’t enough. it’s like bad cop-good cop.

        • Silver Badger

          Thank you for your answer another_steve. Gay people are just people. We don’t really get along much better then straits. No matter who does or says what, there will always be someone to criticize.

    • LovesIrony


    • johncAtl

      For those of us who are older gays HRC still has a lot to prove. Their early years were devoted to cocktail parties and A-list gays. And I donated to them in their early years and for every dollar I donated they seemed to spend five dollars trying to get me to donate more.

      I don’t hate HRC. And I’m impressed by some of their recent efforts. But I’m not convinced yet. Why is their headquarters building in such a high-rent area of DC?

      • Todd20036

        Just south of DuPont? To be fair, they should be in DC somewhere, and DuPont wasn’t always high rent. They may have locked in a very reasonable rent

  • LovesIrony

    toast, clink

  • Lakeview Bob

    Not now nor have I ever been impressed with HRC. That was not impressive and a waste of money. I do not understand HRC.

    And on a lighter note, Rubio has really ugly ears. LOL

  • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

    Rand Paul, if the latest polls hold up, is probably not even going to qualify for the August debates. He’s in low single digits. A spectacular fall for somebody who was long considered the front-runner.

    Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • JT

    • Bill_Perdue

      Never forget that the Democrats absolutely refused to cleanse and pass ENDA or to include us in the Civil Rights Act or to support a Civil Right Amendment with teeth and that their only interest in the weak-kneed Equality Act is in it’s potential as pre-election propaganda.

      This has been going on for 40 some years.

      • JT

        Same old song and dance from Johnny One Note.

        • Bill_Perdue

          Same old evasion from someone who values their partisan goals but not the needs of the LGBT communities.

          • JT

            You’re a joke. You have no real concern for the needs of the LGBT community and are only interested in pushing a ludicrous, unrealistic line that would lead to a succession of political losses. If people had followed your line, there would have been a Republican in the White House since Bush, we’d have an overwhelming majority of wingnut SCOTUS members, there would be no same sex marriage, no end of DOMA or Prop 8, and there might be a return to Scalia era outlawing of same sex relationships. That would be the reality of Perdueland.

          • Bill_Perdue

            Republicans and Democrats both pigheadedly refused to enact anti-discrimination bills or to repeal your DOMA.

            It doesn’t matter which party of bigots, yours or your Republican sisters and brothers in in office.

            Judges responded to mass actions and massive pressure when they ended your party’s DOMA.

            As for the personal attacks, they’re just a desperate response from someone who values their partisan goals but not the needs of the LGBT communities and is trying to cover their ass.

          • JT

            Hilarious. With Republicans in the White House and wingnuts in SCOTUS and Congress, somehow SCOTUS is going to vote for gay rights? Yes, that’s very believable.

          • Bill_Perdue

            With Republicans controlling the state Supremes in Massachusetts and California they ruled in our favor on marriage and not because, like you, they’re right wingers, but because of mass pressure.

            Your ignorance of how change occurs is as boundless as your need to try to excuse (rebranded) bigots like the Clintons and Obama.

          • johncAtl

            Sorry Bill, it’s you who is ignorant in believing that the U.S. will ever become Venezuela. Oh wait, Hugo died. How is that socialist utopia in Venezuela working out now?

          • Bill_Perdue

            Socialists think that Venezuela is a capitalist state with a large populist movement that’s very badly led. The same dangers exist there that existed in Allende’s Chile.

            Only Obots, Fox viewers and those who get their politics from the CIA believe that Venezuela is or was a socialist state. Do try to catch up with reality some day.

          • johncAtl

            I take great pleasure in knowing that you are miserable every day waiting for your socialist utopia…knowing that it will never occur in your lifetime.

          • Bill_Perdue

            I’m happy to see that you losers lost the House and the Senate and that, even though he only a sellout centrist,
            BS’s candidacy is going to tear your party up.

          • JT

            Are you from another planet? Do you think a wingnut Congress and President would appoint anything but wingnut SCOTUS members?

            Either ignorance is bliss or you are a charlatan.

          • Bill_Perdue

            I think all the progressive decisions of the Supremes are made because of pressure, you think it’s because of who appointed them.

            As I pointed out, the decisions of Republican dominated courts in Massachusetts and California indicate a near total lack of political knowledge and total commitment to partisanship.

          • Spray on abs

            Make that Perdon’tville.

          • Bill_Perdue

            Democrats are the party of don’t’ when it comes to getting anti-discrimination laws enacted. That’s why you’re such unhappy losers. It like when your and your Republican brother and sisters lose and your get upset and desperate.

            Socialist are the party of no to your racsim, warmonger and union busting.

          • JT

            You are now speaking incomprehensible rubbish.

          • Bill_Perdue

            Why are you denying that your party of loser loser lost the House and the Senate?

      • Polterguest

        please to explain what you mean by “cleanse”

      • non

        Democrats and Republicans both pander to their bases long enough to secure their votes and then promptly abandon them in a mad dash to appear centrist. They no principles and are only motivated by a lust for money, power, and adoration.

        If we behave like cheap party loyalists, and automatically give our votes to Democrats without demanding specific action in return they will continue to take as little ACTION as possible while spewing pretty rhetoric and stealing credit for the hard-won victories earned by LGBT activists.

        • Bill_Perdue

          I agree with a most of what you said but there’s little point in demanding specific actions in return for votes.

          Democrats and Republicans have the same politics, except for a few cosmetic differences and neither deserve anyones votes. Both are the enemies of our rights and of working people in general and both are warmongers and union busters.

          We should demand change and get it by building mass movements and independent political action.

      • JT

        Even by your own silly view, things would have been worse if they were left to popular opinion because it was not leaning towards gay rights 40 years ago or anytime since until recently. You need to get out of your distorting bubble and see reality.

        • Bill_Perdue

          That’s why we have a movement, not to serve the Democrat party as you demand, but to serve the LGBT communities and to change opinions, which we did on our own.

          Only after the polls swung in our favor did the bigot Obama and many other Democrats and even a few Republicans begin rebrand. HRH HRC was among the last of the bigots to attempt rebranding.

          “Hillary Clinton evolved on same-sex marriage within the first 72 hours of her presidential run, as her campaign said Wednesday that the former secretary of state now backs marriage equality as a US constitutional right.

          The about-face, dropped as Clinton was preparing the second of two progressive-leaning appearances in Iowa, represents a significant – if not completely unexpected – shift from her previous statements that same-sex marriage should be legislated state-by-state rather than on the federal level.”

          • JT

            the Democrat party

            You’re giving yourself away as a repuke operative now, billybob.

          • Bill_Perdue

            There is nothing about your party that’s democratic.

            It’s owned by the rich and it serves them and them only. It promotes racism, wars of aggression and income inequality, as do you by voting for it.

  • JT
  • Don’t know as I’d call this a “slam.”

    In this audience, yes. But play the same clips at Free Republic, and it becomes a “Greatest Moments” video.

    HRC, once very long ago, had teeth. Now we get stuff that looks more like they gummed it to death.

    • Todd20036

      Which can make for a heck of a blow job

      • I once had a boyfriend with dentures…

        Oh! My! FUKKIN’! GAWDZ!!!!!!

  • Michael Smith

    O/T but it looks like widower Paul Hard won his Alabama recognition case:

  • Mike in Texas

    At this point, I’m not sure it was a wise choice to expend resources going after Rubio and Paul. Neither one seems to have much chance of getting the nomination.

    • LovesIrony

      they’ve got to spend some of their money on something besides themselves

      • MattM

        Excuse you. Fancy, invite-only dinners totally help all those poor queers. Obviously.

  • David From Canada

    George W. Bush said many times that gays should not be protected by hate crimes laws because they are already protected by the law and no one deserves special privileges.
    These 2 jerks, Rand and Rubio, sound just like Dubya. Danger!!

  • Queequeg

    Now when I see HRC in a headline, I never know if it is Human Rights Campaign or Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    • Todd20036

      Agreed. I was wondering why Hillary was concerning herself with also-Rans. Hillary doesn’t need to advertise much yet. The GOTP is doing a great job at tearing itself down. And the cons are doing it for free

  • Octavio

    I watched both little Youtube projects by the HRC. All I could think about when watching was, “Blunt force trauma to the base of a couple of heads.” That’s all. Nothing more. 🙂

  • Clungeflaps

    She’s done little to demonstrate that she is much different than either of them. She’s just a passive aggressive republican.

    • bkmn

      This HRC would be the Human Right Campaign, hence the different logo than if it were Hillary’s campaign. As for Hillary she is incredibly more supportive for LGBT rights than any of the GOP asshats. I will take a supportive ally with ties to Wall St. any day over someone like Rubio who’s strings are pulled by bankers and chemical companies and will screw over LGBT citizens without a thought.

      • non

        I guess we should just shut up and believe that we have no other options but the candidates that the bankers have chosen for us. That’s how democracy works, right?

        And Hillary doesn’t merely “have ties” to bankers, she is completely and totally subservient to them. She is bought and paid for.

        They divide us into minorities who only care about our minority issues and then conquer. The last thing they want is for us to realize that we are all part of the 99.9% *majority* we are all being manipulated and screwed over by the same few hyper-wealthy assholes.

  • Bill_Perdue

    HRC is correct to criticize Republicans but they’re afraid to criticize Democrat bigots and rebranded bigots like HRH HRC, Bill Clinton, who inflected DOMA on us and Obama, who ensured the passage of Prop 8 and spent much of his first term in high bigot mode.

    That’s why ENDA didn’t get passed and didn’t get cleansed of its cult exemptions.

  • ExGayTherapyKills

    I wonder how many ant-gay Christians/republicans post here?