Quote Of The Day – Sen. Cory Booker

“Almost 50 years ago, a couple tried to purchase a home in suburban New Jersey in a neighborhood they loved, but found their efforts thwarted when the house they wanted was inexplicably pulled off the market. The couple later learned from fair housing advocates who had investigated on their behalf that the home was made unavailable to them because of their skin color. The couple’s names were Cary and Carolyn Booker. They were my parents.

“You’d think this problem is relegated to the history books. But in 2015 — today — a couple can try to purchase a home and in 31 states be told it is not available to them on the basis of their sexual orientation. More than half a century after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the federal government has yet to pass a large-scale law that protects Americans from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s time for that to change.” – Sen. Cory Booker, writing in support of the Equality Act.

  • David Brian Holt

    WHY aren’t we advocating for this man to run for president?

    • S1AMER

      Give him time — he’s young yet, and is still working on expanding his resume (mayor … senator … !!!)

      • Octavio

        Yeah. He needs to become governor, unless he wins his senate seat two more times. And yes, he’s fucking gorgeous!

        • Todd20036

          You shallow slut! *hair toss*

          • KQCA

            Well slap me down, I’m guilty as well. Wouldn’t mind looking at him every night on the news for four years.

      • NZArtist

        Veep this round, Pres next.

        • canoebum

          I doubt that. He had some political gaffs with the Obama administration that would surely be brought up in the campaign. If it’s going to be Hillary, she’ll need someone with a higher level of experience, Martin O’Malley perhaps?

      • TreGibbs

        He also is religious, which always helps a candidate in an election. So, who knows… he may be lining things up now for a run in 2024.

    • LovesIrony

      first, I want to see his “man parts” to see if he will do the right thing

      • Sk3ptic

        It would definitely help.
        Maybe Anthony Weiner could give him a few “pointers” on how to take a dick pick.

    • another_steve

      I don’t know to what extent “tenseness,” if any, still exists between Booker and the DNC over Booker’s criticism of the Obama re-election campaign’s anti-Bain attacks against Mitt Romney. Booker committed a very bad no-no at the time, which is to diss your political friends in public.

      It may all be water under the bridge now, though.

      We’ll see.

      • Robert

        i hear those new jersey bridges can be trouble …

    • bkmn

      I am waiting to see what kind of a record he can develop. A couple of years back I heard rumblings about him being way too close to Wall St. but I have not heard anything on that more recently. He at least seems to have taken his cue from the President on matters of equality.

    • Mimi

      I’d like a Booker/Warren or Warren/Booker ticket.

    • e jerry powell

      We are?

  • S1AMER

    Thank you, Sen. Booker, for reminding me yet again (as you have for many years now) why I so respect and admire you!

  • 2amor

    Love me some Cory Booker!!!

  • gaymex

    It’s that simple. Thank you Sen. Booker.

    • MarkOH

      It truly is. Thanks Sen. Booker

  • Gigi


  • Mihangel apYrs

    just sometimes a politician says something sincere – in this case evidenced by his historical parallel.

  • TampaDink

    I read somewhere in the last couple of days that there was a young aspiring real estate mogul who, along with his old man….the source of his original fortune….got into some hot water for housing discrimination in the NYC area. I wish that I could recall where I read that or who the article was referring to. Hmmm.

  • Powerfully spoken, Senator Booker. Powerfully spoken.

    • *NmySkynn70*

      agreed; sadly some of these same injustices are still occurring in the year 2015 . . .

    • MC


  • EdmondWherever

    He is so fucking hot.

    I’m sorry! Sorry about that. What I meant was, of course, that he is an intelligent, eloquent leader, who keeps a mind toward the lessons of history, as well as to the humane and just improvements we can make in the future. And, as a human being, he should not be objectified for his appearance, but judged on his character alone.

    (but he is so fucking hot)

  • TommyTune

    Cory Booker is The Man. As they say en français, Quelle homme!

    • Hue-Man

      Quel homme! (Quelle is feminine)

      • TommyTune


  • Gianpiero

    Also in the 60s in suburban NJ: My parents were prohibited from directly buying a home for themselves and their soon-to-be-born infant (me), because they were not yet legally married. They had to set up a trust to hold the house. Institutional prejudice and nonsense about what constitutes a family have worked to the detriment of so many people over the years, gay and not, for far too long.

    • Gustav2

      I had Jewish friends who later told me they claimed to be Unitarian to get in one suburb.

  • ben-andy

    Ya gotta love Cory Booker

  • Gustav2

    When we were looking to buy, a str8 realtor acquaintance suggested we avoid certain neighborhoods, even ones we knew had gays and lesbians. When we changed to a gay realtor and sat down with our computer, looking at the listings for ourselves, the whole metro area was open to us.

    We live in a city with housing protections, most of the suburbs don’t. I think the first woman was trying to be kind, almost protective of us, it was not necessary. Most folks think the whole metro area has housing protections. We are the only gay couple for blocks and that is just fine with us and our neighbors.

  • bkmn

    Not only will the Republicants oppose this but there will be some of the Blue Dog Dems who will balk at supporting protections for gay people. I think the party needs to let them know they may not have as many party resources ($$$$) available to them next election cycle.

    • Cedrick66

      True, but there are hardly any left now. Most have been replaced by republicans and some of those left have “evolved” on lgbt issues while still being assholes in general.

  • AtticusP

    Senator Cory Booker gives me hope that, long after the Mitch McConnell’s and Donald Trump’s of our world are dust, people like him will continue to make Americans proud to call themselves by that name.

  • Bill

    I’ve followed this guy’s career for years. He’s one to watch, for sure.

    Keep building your resume, Mr. Booker.

    I fully anticipate casting a vote for you for President one day.

    I truly do.

    A new kind of man for a new kind of country.

  • Sam_Handwich

    “If an individual wants to discriminate against Negroes or others in selling or renting his house, it is his right to do so.” – Ronald Reagan, 1966

    • anne marie in philly

      and yet the teathuglicans worship this shitstain…teh stoopid, it burns.

      • MattM

        Seeing a stupid man in one of the most visible and powerful positions in our country validates their stupid existence.

      • *NmySkynn70*

        right; he was one of if not the WORST POTUS; i don’t get why they “loved” him so, i was a kid during this time, but from my scouring the internet trying to justify this unrequited love, i found that policies hurt allot of people that weren’t like him (whyte, elitest, wealthy) . . .

  • anne marie in philly

    RAMEN, brother corey!

  • bambinoitaliano

    I just want to be sandwich between Cory Booker and Brian Sims. What? It’s a very hot day and I’m burning up here. Can’t help it you Americans parading your hunks before my eyes.

    • Sam_Handwich

      i’ll bring the mustard

      • bambinoitaliano

        Ewwww I was only thinking of mayo 🙂

        • Sam_Handwich

          i have hot pepper spread too….so watch it, Buster

          • Johnny Wyeknot

            I have a nice tomato handy.

          • bambinoitaliano

            Ohhhh hot and spicy and sweaty. Me like!!

          • AtticusP

            OMG! Thank God I have delivery coming soon. First world problems…

  • Marc

    The more I hear from Sen. Booker, the more I love him. I hope he goes very far in politics!

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    I love you totally Sen. Booker.


    A president in the making.

  • josephsinger

    I still do not know why he has not chosen to go for a higher profile political position. I was sort of hoping he might enter the presidential race a a democrat.

    • Tor

      He’s young. He’s only been a Senator for, how many few years?

      • Porkie

        …and you were saying.

        • Tor

          Yeah, but he’s smart, and can only gain from more experience. That woman, on the other hand, gains nothing from her experiences.

  • TexPlant

    he needs to be on the ticket with Hillary

  • Steven Leahy

    Cory’s my hero.

    Definitely in the top 10 allied LGBT advocates we’re had. Maybe top 5. Or top 3.

  • Queequeg

    I’d like to see him as Hillary’s running mate.

  • Mark

    I knew some folks in south Florida who had a little apartment building. They handled the ‘unwanted tenant’ by pulling the KKK/redneck already in the complex. And due to the discrimination laws, they were helpless to do anything about him. But, they just wanted to let the ‘unwanted tenant’ know of the issue as they didn’t want them to be in any uncomfortable living environment.

    I suspect every single one of the ‘unwanted tenants’ could read right through that bullshit.

  • GreatLakeSailor

    He’s a looker, that Booker. Love him on social issues. Let’s work on swaying him to more Progressive positions on economic issues – on that he’s got quite a ways to go.

  • John T

    This is why it drives me insane when white people say stupid shit like “racism is over, racism is in the past, get over it already.” Cory Booker is only one generation away from an era when black people were not allowed access to the various ways in which households accumulate wealth. His grandparents had it worse and his great-grandparents probably had it even worse. Meanwhile, my great-grandparents immigrated to this country and were allowed to homestead fertile farmland for free, and my other great-grandparents were able to get bank loans to open a small business and buy a house in Oregon when the state constitution still prohibited black people from living here. This material stability and wealth provided a launching pad for my grandparents to do even better, who then sent my parents to college, who then were able to provide me with a fairly affluent upbringing.

  • sword

    But the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was created for Blacks…not those ‘icky’ gays.

  • JCF


  • Tor

    Almost 70 years ago my partner’s parents had a similar problem because they were Catholic.

  • rednekokie

    He’s absolutely right. Unfortunately the situation will not change as long as so many people believe that sexual orientation is a changeable habit. Lots of education needs to be pounded into them.

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      I am convinced it would not make a difference even if they knew it wasn’t a choice.

      • OZ_in_TX

        That’s true… when confronted with actual living LGBT people saying ‘this isn’t a choice!’ the haters just shift gears and say, ‘Well then you’re mentally ill.’

  • NMNative

    Perhaps a presidential run in the future Senator?