OREGON: Judge Denies Settlement Offer To Alleged Victim Of Activist Terry Bean

An Oregon county judge has refused to allow HRC co-founder Terry Bean to make a financial settlement with the underage boy Bean and his former boyfriend are alleged to have hooked-up with on Grindr in 2013.

Bean, who lives in Portland and is a prominent political fundraiser, proposed a civil compromise that could result in the dismissal of the criminal charges. Had the request been granted, the criminal charges against Bean would have been dismissed. Circuit Judge Charles Zennaché said he was unaware of another child sex abuse case that has been settled by civil compromise. In Oregon, judges have discretion to accept or deny a civil compromise. In the Bean case, the alleged victim, now 17, supports the settlement and does not want to testify, said attorney Lori Deveny, who represents the boy. “He has been as vocal as he can be and his voice still isn’t being heard,” Deveny said. “There are certain social mores that we, as a society say, ‘We are not going to let this happen,'” Zennaché said. “I think it’s bad public policy … (and bad) from a public safety perspective,” Zennaché said.

The terms of the settlement offer were not disclosed.

RELATED: Ex-boyfriend Kiah Lawson was sentenced yesterday in an unrelated drug case.

Junction City resident Kiah Loy Lawson was placed on probation and issued a 20-day jail sentence after being convicted in Lane County Circuit Court of methamphetamine possession and supplying contraband, in connection with an arrest last year in Eugene. Lawson, 26, was given credit for time he has already served in jail and was expected to be promptly transported from Eugene to Washington County, where he faces sexual abuse allegations. That case is scheduled to be resolved before the Aug. 11 trial in Lane County set for both Lawson and Bean. They are charged with sexual abuse and sodomy for an alleged encounter with a 15-year-old boy in a Eugene hotel room in September 2013.

  • Gustav2


    • AtticusP

      Agreed. Poor judgment all around on Bean and his lawyers’ part.

      • BobSF_94117

        What’s he supposed to do, confess to a crime he didn’t intentionally commit?

        • AtticusP

          The kid was 15. “Intentionally” or not, the law was broken. And trying to make a civil case out of a criminal one is a mistake. End of story.

          • BobSF_94117

            I am not, of course, privy to all the details, but I don’t think many prosecutors pursue cases against heterosexual adults who have sex with girls who present themselves as adults. Surely the prosecutor in this case, zealous as he is, ought to have quite a few of those under his belt. Oddly enough, he doesn’t…

          • KT

            I am pretty sure they prosecute heterosexual adults who have sex with minors all the time . I really don’t think homophobia is at play here – he broke the law and had sex with a minor. You can’t buy your way out of that.

          • TJay229


          • BobSF_94117

            I don’t recall ever hearing of a case of heterosexual statutory rape that involved a girl presenting herself as an adult and seeking out sex in the adult world. I’m sure it happens, but it’s a rare, rare thing.

          • JustSayin

            Not even close. It is prosecuted every day. Just read the paper s

          • Polterguest

            Rob Lowe is the most famous example of a prosecutor going after someone who slept with a girl who presented as an adult. You really don’t know what you’re talking about here.

          • JustSayin’

            Polterguest, he goes off on these childish tantrums frequently, though I am beginning to suspect that Bob may be be like Bean and think it is okay to have sex with minors… If not he is certainly presenting that way.

          • BobSF_94117

            You know, that’s entirely uncalled for. You don’t know SHIT about me.

            I am leery of prosecutorial prejudice. You may recall, we’re in our 7th or 8th decade of cops unfairly going after gay people when it suits them. Or is that all water under the bridge for you?

          • JustSayin’

            I know that you repeatedly and frequently have the snotty, childish temper tantrums on here. I know you demonstrate a complete lack of adult behavior or sense.

            I know you rant on and on like bill perdummy and make similar childish demands like he does.

            I know that when you know you are beat you try to change the subject instead of answering what is said to you.

            I know you are sounding like a card carrying member of NAMBLA and your irrational defense of Bean is just more ammunition for that observation.

            you are an immature, self centered asshole that whines and complains when people tell him to his face (or screen) exactly how idiotic he is.

            You are not smart enough to shut up and go away, instead you insist on proving your idiocy post after post…

            You don’t get to flip the script, change the conversation or avoid that reality if your own words.

            YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

          • BobSF_94117

            Well, I guess it’s a shame for both of us that Disqus doesn’t have an ignore feature.

          • LADY MABELINE

            You may want to google the case of Zachary Anderson. And sign the petition on Change.Org. Dan Savage has made an excellent case on the kids behalf. If you can listen to Dan’s argument, it will give you a whole new perspective on how to analyze these very sad cases.

          • Jeffrey

            I have to disagree with you here, I do think that if he were screwing a 15yr old girl he would be getting the same treatment. Now if it were a woman and a 15yr old boy the treatment is often different.

          • BobSF_94117

            A brief Google of “oregon statutory rape girl bar nightclub” yields only cases of coerced sex, actual forcible rape, kidnapping, prostitution, abuse of six- and nine-year olds, etc., etc.

            I stopped after a few pages but found not a single mention of a case involving a girl who purposely sought out sex with adult men, resulting in the men being charged with felonies. It’s not evidence, of course, but you’d think such cases would be fairly common, as “slutty girls” are a known phenomenon.

          • JustSayin

            Oregon does not have use the phrase statutory rape those cases are charged as 3rd degree rape or 2nd degree rape. It is why nothing turns up.for your search. BTW 18 is the age of consent in Oregon

          • BobSF_94117

            Feel free to try alternative searches. I did and still didn’t find all those newspaper articles you claim are out there.

          • JustSayin

            I didn’t limit the statement to Oregon but you made a broad statement and then justified it by a narrow and incorrect search.

          • BobSF_94117

            You could settle all this with a few of those newspaper stories you say are all over the place.

          • JustSayin

            Search arrested for statutory rape without limiting to any state. Nothing anyone says to you will convince you to stop the childish whining so do it yourself.

          • BobSF_94117

            Can’t find any either, eh?

          • JustSayin

            You are a fool. Just ran it on my phone because I knew you would respond like child or bill perdummy. Stopped after the first six pages all with that title and a couple of lawyer ads. You are a childish twit.

          • BobSF_94117

            I don’t know if I’m a childish twit or not, but I do notice you still can’t produce any of all those newspaper stories I’m supposed to be constantly seeing.

          • Polterguest

            Sorry you are so eager to defend child molesters. I guess we know what you are into, eh?

          • BobSF_94117


          • JustSayin’

            i am sure you have never been that lucky bob and I doubt Polter has ever been that drunk…

          • Goodboy

            If you have a prior history of preying on little boys it’s safe to say that he “intentionally” did this kid with full knowledge of his age.

          • chasmader

            HRC = Self Entitled Rich White Gays (and their admirers)

          • JustSayin

            You don’t pay attention to the newspapers. Day in and day out adult people get prosecuted for sex with teens

          • BobSF_94117

            Then find me a link or two to a story about a girl who went out to bars and nightclubs, hooked up with a guy and, against her wishes and the wishes of her parents, the police prosecuted him.

          • JustSayin

            Apparently your internet skills are limited to making broad. Incorrect statements followed by churlish demands……

        • Nelson Kerr

          Let a jury decide. You should not make civil settlements about major felonies.

        • chasmader


        • JPinNC

          It wouldn’t occur to you to find out how old the person is? You know what a 15 year old looks like. “Let me see your license” would solve that question very easily.

  • justmeeeee

    Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar Duggar

  • KT

    That’s what happens when you are rich – you think you can buy yourself out of anything, including statutory rape.

    • pj

      you think you can buy the white house. i know the kocks think so

  • A Black

    I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand I don’t think he should be able to pay his way out of this, on the other hand the victim not wanting to testify is also important.

    • John30013

      I sort of agree with you, but I think there needs to be a fuller exploration of why the alleged victim doesn’t want to testify. Is it truly his choice, or is someone pressuring him?

  • BobSF_94117

    Circuit Judge Charles Zennaché said he was unaware of another child sex abuse case that has been settled by civil compromise.

    I find it highly unlikely the Oregon has prosecuted any and all cases of statutory rape brought to the attention of authorities. Sounds like the judge is being disingenuous.

    • JustSayin

      That: is not what the judges statement means. It means no.case.law shows a similar case was settled by a private settlement agreement. It says nothing about dropped cases or cases sealed by the settlement. And it certainly says nothing about attention by the authorities.

  • amboy00

    Did he get a new attorney? I thought it was Dickey who was representing him.

  • 2karmanot

    How many times can you stuff a chicken: ans, Bean there done that.

  • TJay229

    I knew it,
    I said it,
    It’s now gonna be told.

    No one who is NOT famous offers to pay hush money unless you have something to hide. I hate that this…. “foolishness” is gonna be used in the worst way against Gheys, Liberals & President Obama.

    • Robincho

      Quite a tasty bucket of herring Mr. Bean has just tossed to the barking seals…

      • TJay229

        And the sad part is, we (homosexuals) are going to get drawn into it.

        All our Duggar slaps… gone!

        • Robincho

          Well, maybe not ALL, but quite a few…

          • TJay229

            Well… The child molestation ones, yes.. The incest ones remain.

          • Johnny Wyeknot

            But unlike the Duggar situation, we are not championing Mr. Bean

          • Polterguest

            Well Bob_SF is.

          • barracks9

            The difference is that we call out our own when it’s appropriate, unlike Fuckabee defending duggaring.

  • Chips of Ambivalence

    I am very uncomfortable with adult men mixing drugs, sex and minors. I also know of a shocking number of men convicted as sex offenders for having sexual relations with underage females, so I do not necessarily believe this is an issue of homophobia. On the other hand, I am certain that similar cases have been disposed of with a settlement. If the now-17-year old does not want to testify, will he be jailed? What if he is unlocatable?

    Bring the case, and let the chips fall where they may.

    • BobSF_94117

      I also know of a shocking number of men convicted as sex offenders for having sexual relations with underage females…

      Where? When? The only cases we usually hear about involve men in positions of trust, like teachers, police, etc., men who know the age of the girls and know that what they’re doing is illegal.

      • Chip

        Where: Texas. When: Over the last 30 years. Who: Young men within 5 years of me in high school, without an obvious racial trend, but generally tending toward lower socio-eocnomic status. Approximately 10 are on the state’s Sex Offender registry. The courts are littered with young and middle-aged men saying they didn’t know how old she was.

        • BobSF_94117

          I’m not denying there are straight men who have sex with underage girls. I’m saying that cases of girls presenting themselves as adults and seeking out sex online or at bars and clubs and then the men getting charged with felonies are very far and few between. These cases happen, but prosecution under those circumstances is rare.

          • JustSayin’

            you keep trying to sidestep you original claims and narrow things down to some situation you claim does not happen. When you get called on your stupidity you act even more childish..

            Take your NAMBLA membership and go away.

      • TampaDink

        In Florida, we have a glut of female teachers that have made the news for molesting their (mostly) male students. Just sayin’.

  • RLK2

    What an absolute embarrassment these two are to the LGBT community.

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      “embarrassment” is the least of it.

  • prjoe

    Anti-gay groups are going to have a field day with this news. Shame on those child-molesting perverts.

    • HadenoughBS

      They already have been using it against us!

    • Skokieguy

      Yes, but our community has rightly and quickly condemmed his actions and fully support a the authorities investigating.

      Compare that to the DEFENSE of the Duggars, the fact that serial cheater Newt Gingrich was a leading Presidential candidate, the ongoing church abuse scandals, etc.

      If he wanted to be like the other side, Terry could just give a tearful press conference, say that he sinned and repented, then run for Congress or a spot on Fox ‘news’.

  • Webslinger

    This is just as sick and perverted as the Duggar case…

    Let’s hope this youngster isn’t being bought off by this guy! Justice must prevail. Why can the one percenters buy their way out of consequences and the poor can’t?

    • Tor


      • justmeeeee

        a mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound…yeah!

    • Rambie

      Was this the case where the under-age kid lied on Grindr about this age?

      • JustSayin’

        The kid was on grindr so he did lie about his age there, but according to the case reporting in the press the police say Bean and his boyfriend Lawson “knew” the kid was 15. No hard proof of the police claim or when they “knew” or if just one of them knew, along with various other questions not yet answered. However this stunt to buy off the victim after the case was in the public eye makes Bean look guilty.

        • BobSF_94117

          It’s not a stunt. It’s a mechanism that Oregon law provides to civilly settle what might otherwise be a criminal matter.

          • JustSayin’

            wow you get more butthurt every minute about your golden idol with clay feet. It is a stunt you moron, a bad and stupid act that has made him look guilty.

            with every post you write you act more and more like someone else who engages with children like he seems to have.

        • Rambie

          I’m glad otters are my type… very very low chance they’re underage.

          • JustSayin’

            lol me and you.. otters, bears and other furry creatures work. Hairless boys are, IMO, very unattractive.

  • JustSayin

    Beginning to look more and more like he knew the guy was a minor. Shame for many reasons not the least that is a crime . it will be a permanent battle cry for the haters.

  • William

    Rob Lowe got off (sorry!) on a statutory rape charge. He met up with a girl in a bar and they went and had sex. His defense was since the legal drinking age in Georgia was 21, he had the expectation that the girl was old enough. That and celebrity kept him out of prison.

  • ab

    Isn’t that what Michael Jackson did, paid his accuser off.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Another A-Gay creep. Sorry, no sympathy from me.

  • Ginger Snap

    I’m going to hold my tongue on most of this but I need to just add my tiny 2 cents worth on the following statement.

    “Circuit Judge Charles Zennaché said he was unaware of another child sex abuse case that has been settled by civil compromise.”

    Has this judge been living under a rock? Did he never hear of Michael Jackson?

    That’s all I have to add today.

    • JustSayin’

      Ginger, I am pretty sure that since the Judge is in Oregon, the searches he did were only related to Oregon Case Law.

      He has no obligation to look outside the state, and Oregon uses different terminology in their statutes than most other states. For example the phrase “statutory rape” does not exist in their law. They charge those cases as 2nd or 3rd degree rape.

      And while I don’t know anything about the judge, I suspect that he may be not be voted in by the most gay friendly group so hunting for a precedent outside of Oregon would not be in his political interest.

      The major mistake in this case is (apparently) Beans and his ex-boyfriends. Seconded only by not getting a settlement agreement before the case was charged and Bean had to be in court. Third mistake is that after he was charged, he made that offer. It makes him look guilty even if he is not. The case was in the public eye, and there was no way that saying “everything is nifty” would have silenced the haters.

      • Ginger Snap

        Thanks for the info darling. I’m gonna add 2 more cents to this. I say throw the damn book at the rich asshole.

  • Mr D

    I believe someone in the public eye should have known it would only be a matter of time or have been more astute. Neverless I can personally attest that Mr Bean has been doing this for a very, very long time. The minor was dishonest and participatory until it suited him to file charges. The term statutory rape is misleading when both parties are in agreement. Molestation is a term used when the victim is usually prepubescent and the act is involuntary. The discussion should be whether the plaintiff was actually harmed and should the age of consent be lowered. I was a very active teenager who was more than capable of making my own decisions and believe teens are more mature and educated than way back in my day.

    • JustSayin’

      since you claim you can attest to this you must be a co-conspirator of Beans.

      Second according to the Law, the term statutory rape is an adult having sex with someone under the age of consent. a.k.a. a MINOR

      Third,under the law a MINOR cannot give consent.

      Fourth, Molestation, as a term, is not limited to prepubescent and all sex with a minor is legally involuntary since they cannot give CONSENT.

      Fifth, the law is that a sexual act perpetrated on a MINOR is HARM…

      You, Bean, and BobSF all seem to be card carry members of NAMBLA and for that all of you should be castrated.

      • Piet

        Every time you respond to a message on this thread you sound more like Bill Perdumb. Now we know you think anyone who doesn’t agree with you in every tiny respect or who might be thinking along a line of inquiry that’s one degree off your rigidity is going to be charged with belonging to NAMBLA so you could probably just cut and paste for the rest of your career here. Save your wrist, darling.

        • JustSayin’

          Piet, you really have a reading comprehension problem and your not really original … don’t like what I have to say to some one else? tough shit…

          so do yourself a favor, and not say stupid things to me (like the above post) and you wont’ get a since 12 foot shoved up your ass too.

          • Piet

            Threats, now. My, my. You know what — it is not okay to accuse people of being child molesters or members of NAMBLA just to keep the tone of a comment thread negative or reinforce your own opinions. You’re way over the line on that. Strong and masculine, though. I bet you’re fun in bed. Wanna come up and try my silk sheets?

          • JustSayin’

            you have never been that lucky.

      • Mr D

        I speak from the perspective of being an active teen from 16 up. I can attest to this because I was once a minor from Oregon and knew Terry then. I am and never have been attracted to minors myself even when I was one. Though I am a little creeped out by the idea, it would be hypocritical for me to be badmouthing when I was actively seeking older guys myself. Teenagers have sex with older men, if they are treated with respect as I was, I believe there is no harm. This has happened millions/ billions of times with no adverse affect. The lowering of the age of consent to 16 would also prevent innocent teens from being prosecuted when they turn 18 and their partners remain underage, a similar but whole other story.

        • JustSayin’

          mr. D. your claim that something happened millions/billions of times with no adverse affect is a claim without basis.

          As I posted above to Zhera, the prisons are filled with child molesters who, in surveys, admit that as minors they were molested and that they believe it is okay for an adult to have sex with a minor.

          child molestation is one of the most under-reported crimes on this planet.

          Public Policy (and law) says that anyone under 18 lacks the capacity to give consent. They cannot enter contracts, buy a car/register it, buy insurance, rent a home, buy a gun, buy a drink,etc etc etc on their own. They must get consent from their parent or guardian. There is a reason for that. They don’t have the maturity to discern between proper and improper at an adult level.

          That you, as an individual, may have had a “good” experience does not make it the norm, and as the headlines and criminal reporting shows, sex with a child is not a good thing for a majority or even a plurality of kids.

          Advocating for adults having sex with children, under any circumstance, is the same thing the every convicted child molester says and what NAMBLA and other kiddie fucker groups does.

  • Joseph Miceli

    Um…didn’t Michael Jackson settle without having to go to trial for the exact same thing?

    • JustSayin’

      it has never been “proven” he diddled the kids, and unlike Bean the settlements he made were before the complaints hit the courts.

      Besides (apparently) diddling kids, Beans’ major problem is he waited until the kid filed a case with the cops before he offered him money to keep quiet….errr settle out of court.

      Also Jackson’s accusers all were in California which has different rules, laws, and legal opinions than Oregon does. so that plays into this whole cluster fuck.

      • Joseph Miceli

        Thanks for clearing that up. In my opinion no one should be allowed to buy their way out of child abuse charges. “Settling out of court” is just blackmailing abusers. Predators need to be jailed. Period.

        • JustSayin’

          I happen to agree with you on that. Unfortunately our laws are whacked with different states having different definitions of age of consent and how the age thing applies. In this I mean in some states if two 17 year olds are screwing that is fine but if one turns 18 before the other and they screw, then the 18 year old is automatically a sex offender, which is ridiculous.

          other states have different combinations so it can get fucked up.

          but anytime some adult who is say 25 or 30 or more has sex with a 1-17 year old, they are in fact a perv, IMO, and deserve to be thrown under the jail.

          what disheartens me about some of the posters here in this thread, is they are defending Bean but when Dennis Hastert was outed publicly for paying blackmail related to molesting a high school kid 40 years earlier, those same people were rabid in attacking him for molesting kids.

          I am no fan of Hastert but if he is wrong for it, then so is Bean. The primary difference is that we don’t know if the blackmailer (or the teen(s)) involved were as eager for sex as the kid in Bean’s case was. I am betting they were but cell phones, internet and grindr did not exist then. it is easy to believe that many of them had a crush on their coach, it is all too common, and in your teens just about any possible sex is an opportunity you will beg for.

          It still does not make it right for the adult to take advantage of that kid or kids adolescent horniness and it certainly isn’t legal.

  • Yank

    So, the judge has never heard of Michael Jackson?
    Still, I support the decision.

  • justmeeeee

    So…sorta like he wanted to pay blood money? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  • Octavio

    OK. I haven’t really been following this. I think we all agree having sex with someone under the age of consent is bad. And I have a checkered history from age 12 to 18 having had lots of consensual sex with boys my own age as well as lots of much older men. I have no regrets. But is the prosecutor forcing the teenager to testify in court against the teenager’s wishes? The teenager is gay and has, at 17, decided he doesn’t want to press charges? Yet he’ll end up doing jail time because he doesn’t want to appear in court and yell “Je accuse!” Is that what is happening? And what is the precedent for that?

    • JustSayin’

      Sadly not everyone in this this topic agrees that sex with someone under the age of consent is bad, and that is a problem. There are a couple of them trying to spread misinformation and incorrect legal definitions on here, and a couple more trying to attack me for pointing out their bad posts and in some cases pointing out (aggressively) that the things they are saying in defense of a child molester are making them seem like they think sex with a minor is okay.

      Oregon lists the age of consent as 18. this apparently occurred when the kid was 15. The prosecutor does not need the boys agreement to go ahead with the prosecution, the kids statement is already on file and if the kid refuses to testify it will stand in his place.

      Many states don’t allow a victim of any crime to recant or “not testify”. there are a bunch of variations and variables depending on each state. But basically once the state is notified of the crime it generally does not need permission from the victim to proceed with a case against the criminal.

      In this case, if the prosecutor subpoenas the kid and the kid gets on the stand and does not want to testify, the kid can “take the fifth”. In that case the judge can/might tell him he is protected from prosecution, particularly if the prosecutor has offered that immunity, and order him to talk.

      If the kid still does not talk, technically the court could find him in contempt and jail or fine him for that. usually with a minor it does not happen, particularly when the prosecution has the report that the kid filed to work with.

      There are reams of precedents on this issue across almost every type of crime. It goes to the reality that historically victims have been bullied, threatened and for other reasons made a complaint and then tried to have it squashed. Think battered wife or gang member ratting on the leader.

      • zhera

        Many good points here. There’s one thing I react to, though:

        A victim doesn’t get a Grindr account and meet up with adults voluntarily. I know that the law says it’s wrong, I just can’t think of the boy as a victim.

        Also, JS: Throwing NAMBLA accusations at people who disagree with you ain’t cool.

        • JustSayin’


          read the posts preceding those statements and you will see those people are, in short, saying the boy is at fault and the old man is innocent, and other variants of that. When you defend a pedophile and blame the victim you are supporting the concept that having sex with a minor is not only okay, but a good thing. When you claim “the law is wrong” about sex with a minor, you are proclaiming your own preferences. Those are the claims and behaviors of NAMBLA and those that molest kids.

          As for having a grindr account at 15, there is something wrong with that, and in fact I have never said the boy did not get into things with his eyes wide open, I have consistently said that legally he cannot CONSENT to anything. The adult is ALWAYS responsible.

          but here is a question for you,

          Your name is a feminine name and I assume you are a woman. So from a woman’s perspective when you hear of a man being accused of raping a girl and someone says “she was asking for it dressing that way” (or whatever) what is your response?

          is it “A victim doesn’t wear those clothes and meet up with adults voluntarily.”?

          Typically that type of sentiment in that situation comes from the religious hags and prudish types, and of course from the molesters themselves.

          and if it is NOT what you think, then you might want to exam the sexism of your opinion about the boy with a grindr account.

          They are literally the same thing just a different medium is used.

          How about this situation.. In Jefferson Parish LA a female teacher seduced one of her 16 year old male students. she had sex with him in a car and at her home. She then arranged with another female teacher to have a three way with this same boy in a different Parish.

          When this story broke, a Male teacher in the same parish was found to be having a sexual affair with a 16 year old girl, but no threesomes.

          The Male teacher was just sentenced to 15 years in Angola, he must register as a sex offender. He lost his ability to be a teacher.

          The first female teacher was charged with a misdemeanor, does not have to go to jail or register as a sex offender and still has her teaching credentials. Her friend has not yet been tried. I should note that the first female has a politically powerful father.

          In your opinion which of these kids ‘asked for it’?

          I hope you answer the questions, I am very interested in how you will respond.

          • zhera

            I will try to answer everything, point by point.

            1. I did read some of the comments you answered with NAMBLA accusations, but quickly got tired of your use of inflammatory words. Pedophile, victim, child molester, predator… these words belong in a conversation about Josh Duggar, not here.
            How about this: In England the boy would’ve been legal. In Norway he’d been legal at 16.
            It’s perfectly appropriate to discuss whether the law is right or wrong when the law is different from place to place.

            2. Bean broke the law, there’s no question about that. But he claims to not have known the boy was 15. I don’t know the truth and neither do you.

            3. I am indeed a woman (not that I see how that’s of any significance), and here’s my perspective:
            Your examples are NOT the same as the case with Bean. Being RAPED because of clothing, or alcohol level, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is NOT the same as going on Grindr and agreeing to have sex.
            I take issue with the ‘Statutory Rape’ wording that is used legally (though apparently not in this case as it’s even worse). Voluntary sex, allthough with a minor, is NOT rape. Rape is an intrusion on someone’s personal space and integrity. How can one call it rape when both parties want it, and walked away afterwards with no hard feelings of any sort?

            There’s no sexism on my account, I feel the same way whether the minor is male or female. I realize that there are people who are sexist about this, your anecdote with the teachers being one example.

            4. Now about those teachers. It brings up an interesting argument, and that is ‘power’. Teachers, priests, doctors, guardians, coaches, etc. have more than the legal age to worry about. Their position of authority muddles the issue. Example: Woody Allen marrying (?) his ex-wife’s adopted daughter.
            Teachers should never ever have sex with their students, male or female, minor or not. I believe it’s normal for universities etc. to have rules about this.

            If there’s an element of power in the case of Bean then that changes my view drastically. The age difference might be such an element but I doubt it in this case. If drugs were involved, or Bean and/or his boyfriend had some kind of power over the 15 year old, then were moving into predator territory.

            5. Now, if you respond to this it will probably be a lot about LEGAL CONSENT and how the law is the law.
            Once, not so long ago, it was illegal for two men to have sex. And the legal age for heterosexuals and homosexuals (at least males) was different in many places.

            Should not such laws be challenged? Is it not the right thing to do if one believes that the law is wrong?
            Would challenging the unbalanced legal age for straight/gay make one a predator? Am I now a NAMBLA in your eyes?

            FWIW: The only illegal sex I’ve had was when I was a minor. And I have no regrets about that. The boy wasn’t a predator or pedophile or any of that. At 16 I fucked a 26 year old (legal in Norway). Also no regrets, no pedophile. In Oregon this would make me a ‘victim’. Does that make sense to you?

          • JustSayin’

            Zhera, Thank you for answering and I will respond in the same format you did.

            1. You didn’t like the words I used, that goes to your bias and likes. If you don’t like my words, that is your right but I stand by them. The people saying the boy was at fault are supporting the concepts of NAMBLA and child molester. Supports of a concept earn the label associated with it.

            you then go on to insist the those words Apply to Duggar but not Bean. Yet we don’t know that Josh boys sisters did not “want it”, but heaven forbid we say that. In fact the general consensus here is that the Duggar parents in sending their daughters to counseling based on how “the girls” enticed Josh were horrible people. But you are doing the same thing with the boy while ignoring that reality with the girls.

            2. You are correct, none of us know if the boy told Bean, we only have the cops statement to that effect. We also DON”T know if the Duggar girls knew what Josh was doing but we do know they publicly seem to be really okay to going to the therapy that blamed them for his behavior. No one dared asked or suggested the girls “liked it”, but you believe that is a factor for the boy. That is a sexist point of view. good for the goose good for the gander.

            3. Your definition of RAPE does not comply with the U.S. Law in most jurisdictions. While you may feel that rape is limited in the way you say, that does not make it reality. In fact the big push in society comes from woman demanding that “positive consent” be officially given for each and every possible implication of a sex act, but the fail to describe how that would be proven or disproven.

            the reality is that a girl who dresses in booty shorts and belly shirt and gets drunk, or goes to a party and gets drunk and horny is simply in a different medium. She is in a public place, that is her medium. He is a teen who did it more efficiently. both have the same level of culpability and thinking otherwise is using a sexist lens in evaluating their actions and judgements.

            Neither should be judged as “wanting it” so they are “guilty” of their own molestation. An adult who has sex with a minor is engaging in child molestation. That is the law, that is the definition.

            Your point is sexist in that it says for the girl to have had sex it must have been forced. That she was not conscious of her choices in attire or activities like drinking. That is a sexist point of view.

            4. I never made a comparison to Bean in that example, nor is the Power issue the question i asked you. You did not respond to those questions. Please consider answering them directly.

            Additionally as for the power issue goes. A adult offering money, liquor, drugs, sex etc to a minor is exerting undue influence and power over someone who lacks the maturity and experience to make proper decisions. Kids do stupid stuff all the time for lots of reasons, generally bad ones. It is exciting and enticing to be wanted by an older person, to be offered a drink or joint by them. That adult is preying on the limited abilities in decision making that is the hallmark of teenagers everywhere.

            5. Trying to conflate what two adults do to what an adult does to a child is immature, disingenuous and very Christian-hater like of you.

            Your defense of Bean and having sex with children, though not as strident as the others, certainly puts you in the same group. There are female pedophiles, lesbian pedophiles just like there are male and gay pedophiles. They exist and are legally and morally repugnant.

            6. Your sexual activity in Norway, and I can only assume you are from there/lived there at the time, may have been legal there (i will have to look up that age gap) then, but not in Oregon if you had been in Oregon. It is still illegal in the United States In fact we have specific laws against Sexual Tourism which is defined as going places to procure sex with minors.

            If the male you had sex with had been a resident of Oregon and was visiting Norway and fucked you, he could have been prosecuted in Oregon when he came back to the U.S.

            As for what makes sense is that the law cannot be written for one off examples. The majority of Adult/child sexual interaction that comes to light involves a predatory adult. There are reasons why minors cannot sign binding contracts, legally buy guns, get married without a parents permission, vote, buy alcohol, own a car in their name and a host of other things. It is because they are, as a group, proven not to make the best decisions in doing those things. They lack the maturity to make those choices.

            We have too many children having children in this country as it is and I will never support that as a good thing.

            Expecting those kids, no matter the access or teaching, to use birth control or std prevention is absurd, self blinding and as unrealistic as the religionist view that teaching kids about sex will only promote it so we will teach abstinence instead.

            A couple of other points.
            We are not in Norway, so trying to compare those laws to ours is tricky path to justify. New York and Atlanta have more residents than Norway has citizens. The scale makes it impossible to compare apples to apples.

            You may be one of those girls that went out and got what she wanted, good for you. That does not mean, and society proves, that a majority of teen girls have the maturity you claim to have had, even though we only have your word on that.

            Sex with minors is also the hallmark of religious cults that “marry” teen and preteen girls. Think Warren Jeffs.

            If, as you advocate, our country changes all of its laws relative to age of consent, then you promote the claims of those cultists and in a sideways move promote their polygamist sexualization and possession of females as a males property.

            And what age would that be? I know of some very mature 5 year olds and sadly they are over seuxalized. Is that okay with you? or is 13 your lower limit?

            then why not 12, cause that special kid will be a mature 12 and voluntarily fuck a 26 year old, like you did at 16.

            I will repeat, your viewpoints that a girl who dresses provocatively and engages in public situations/drinking which leads to sex does not put any responsibility on her but a boy who efficiently broadcasts the same thing over the internet is responsible for the acts of the adult, that he voluntarily got raped/molested, is both absurd and sexist.

            The medium does not matter, a minor cannot consent to sex with an adult. The boy is no more responsible for his molestation than the girl is.

            I know you don’t like the law and are advocating for child sex, but that does not change either fact or law. The typical minor in this world does not have the emotional or mental maturity to decide if sex with an adult is okay.

          • zhera

            Thank you so much for making me waste time on writing that long reply. I should’ve realized that you would twist everything into your worldview, and that I would come off as a child sex promoter on the other end.

            I will not waste more time on you and your bollocks.

          • JustSayin’

            ahh, see your own words don’t stand up to scrutiny so now you are mad and somehow I am the one that is twisted. Not very adult.

            It is a shame that your response, and attitude, is exactly the same as all those people claiming our marriages is kin to man on dog, or marrying a toaster.

            They also reflect a sexist and paternalistic attitude towards a females abilities to chose and be responsible for her choices, but a boy who finds a way to have sex is somehow guilty in his own molestation.

            That reflects a double standard.

            Your idea that the legal age of consent, which you demanded be considered in your long response to me, seems to go out the window when asked real questions about the limits, at least your limits. That does not look good for your argument.

            You challenged me with the question if your advocacy made you a member of NAMBLA, and you most certainly understand that my response is correct. You are defending the ideals and concepts of NAMBLA and every child molester on the planet. Their response is always “they wanted it”, “they knew what was happening”, “they liked it”, and a variety of similar claims. Just like your statement about how much you wanted and liked sex with an adult when you were 16.

            Statistically it is borne out that a molested child is more likely to molest than a child who has not been molested. Surveys from prisons where child molesters are incarcerated show that almost every one was molested as a kid/teen and thought that sex with kids was okay.

            you are mirroring those statistics and responses.

            You call it a waste of time, but your arguments fell apart with very little effort.

            Reality sucks doesn’t it Zhera?

        • NZArtist

          And this is why it’s impossible to have reasoned debate about ‘age of consent’ and how magically on your 16th birthday you gain the mental faculties to initiate sex. Suddenly at the stroke of midnight all those latent genes activate.

          • Eric in Oakland

            Whenever this topic (age of consent) comes up I’m reminded of the story of one of my oldest friends. She started dating a twenty-five year old guy when she was fifteen. She initiated their relationship and never considered herself a victim. In fact, they have been happily married now for about thirty years.

          • JustSayin’

            And that is a one off situation. There is no way that is normal in the teens in our society and it most certainly is not the norm for adults that chase teens. The quest of young flesh means a constant search for the next one as the current one reaches the age threshold of the chaser.

            Some rare kids do that, I have a friend named Christy from San Francisco with almost the exact same story as you mention. That still does not mean it is average or normal and society should never accept it as so.

          • ok, i gotta chime in here. it’s way late to the party, but whatever.

            lots and lots of teens have consensual sex with “adults.” oh, goodness. i see that *every day* in my neighborhood. and before that, in DC and in Chicago. and from the age of 14 onwards, i was one of those kids.

            heh, i still remember the dentist (best oral sex ever) who ran out on me when my dumb bf revealed we had to go to study hall first thing in the morning. we were all out drinking (fake IDs work!) and dentist thought we were “college students.”

            i live in a place where most people are “of color.” but before that i lived in TX, in a place where most people were “white.”

            some teens like adult lovers. this blog is infested with old people (joking, folks, cause i’m one) and sometimes it seems to me like almost no one here has any understanding of today’s sexual reality. which is very different from that of the 80s, or 50s, for that matter. teens are very, very aware of sex and what it is for. even in places where they only teach kkkristian biology in school, the kids still know. hello, the internet? it’s made of… you know the answer.

          • JustSayin’

            CD, my post that you responded to was in response to a very narrow situation. A 15 year old dating a twenty five year old and that relationship has survived for decades. That is not the same issue your response we addresses.

            As a culture we should not be promoting teen/adult sexual liaisons. Doing so is wrong for many reasons, the least of which is that doing so is a sidewise bit of support and justification for all the freaks like Warren Jeffs spiritually marrying young girls because tbword rape is too ugly for them.

            The typical 20, 30, or 40 year old out to fuck a 15 year old is not there for the long haul.

            Also I will remind you of all the vitriol spewed when Denny hastert was found paying blackmail to cover up sex with a teen. No one here was making the arguments to defend sex with kids that they are about Bean. And we know that the boy involved with Bean was there voluntarily what we don’t know is how many of Denny’s boys were with him voluntarily.

          • Eric in Oakland

            I’m not saying it’s the norm. Obviously it isn’t. But the fact that it happens at all should teach us not to overgeneralise. And while I’m very much against exploiting teenagers, I am also leery of this tendency to infantilise them.

      • Octavio

        Thank you. Very well presented.

    • LonelyLiberal

      Like you, I’ve been on the other end of the (proverbial) stick. It’s a slightly different place to be, however, and I never felt pressured. Quite the opposite, in fact, as I knew what I liked and went for it. 🙂

      We don’t have much information from the young fellow at present, so I’m not willing to make a judgment on it.

  • Josh447

    This case is a bit complex. First off the 15 year old boy did not file charges against Bean, the state did. The boy also does not want to continue with this prosecution and would rather settle financially and be done with it. That is to the boys best interest which the court does take into consideration. This piece of the puzzle is to beans benefit.
    Another male came forward this week and gave information to the prosecutor that he was underage when he and Terry had sex in 1979. That is the information that the judge was unaware of but now in fact is.
    From my understanding one cannot settle with a victim if the case is a felony charge, which in this case there are two for 3rd degree sodomy. If the judge were going to allow a settlement he would have to reduce the felony charges to misdemeanors, as misdemeanors can be civilly settled.
    From what I can tell of this case, the victim has not been served well. The fact he was cruising Grindr for sex while under edge may be an issue, but it seems the poor kid got dragged into a lovers dispute of which he was not involved. it would seem his life got turned upside downand is now being drug through what is probably the most traumatic part of this situation; that being caught up in a criminal legal matter he never intended. kids are sexually active way before 15. These pedophile cases really need to be looked at on a case by case basis as it seems the trauma this kid may be incurring has nothing to do with sex but more to do with legislature. And If it is the victim we’re really concerned with here, a financial settlement might be best, reducing the felonies to misdemeanors and let everybody get on with their lives.
    I don’t believe Bean is a serial pedophile whatsoever as his boyfriends have always been well over 18 years of age, including Lawson. To think he is a serial pedophile is wholly unprovable and circumstantial evidence would prove otherwise. I don’t see him as a threat to society at all, but with all of his past incredible work to progress gay rights, a total and complete asset.

    • TJay229

      Wow… Two questions:

      1) Do you wear a skirt or pants as a part of your cheerleading outfit?

      2) Are you a Tumbler or Pom-Pom cheerleader?

      Cause you definitely are this soon to be Convicted Child molester, personal cheerleader.

      And quick fact, since you mentioned that the young man didn’t want to testify, the young man WILL get money, its called “civil suit”, but Terry will be behind bars, first. Chid Molester.

  • Josh447
  • Aman InAmsterdam

    I wouldn’t call that boy a victim. He wanted sex, didn’t he? And hooked up with an old(er) man. What’s the problem? I did the same when I was 15. I was fully aware of what I did when I went to a cruising area to find dick.

    • TJay229

      In America, we have laws that say at what age you are able to have sex without it being child molestation… The boy was 15, horny or not… He was a child under OUR laws.

      • Aman InAmsterdam

        Well, I wouldn’t have wanted the men I had sex with when I was 15 ending up in jail. My intention was to have sex, not to ruin men’s lives.

        • Josh447


  • Skokieguy

    Circuit Judge Charles Zennaché said he was unaware of another child sex abuse case that has been settled by civil compromise.

    Really? He never heard of Michael Jackson?

    • TJay229

      In the two alleged child molestation cases, both were proved false.

      The first one, after the 20yr seal was opened, the boy, admitted that Michael never touched him, that it was his FATHER who made him say those things for money, the father commited sucide.

      The second case, there was enough evidence that the mother was after money as well.. She tried it with other celebrities too.

      I didn’t mention Waynes “sudden realization, cause the Judge basically laughed at him and said” uh, you swore twice he never touched you.. Now hes dead, you remember he did…? Get outta my courtroom”

    • Josh447

      Another guy came forward about Bean, check my posts below.

  • chasmader

    Wow, what a clear lack of judgement on Bean’s part. Yes the kid said he was at 18. Everyone knows there’s a big emotional difference between 15 and 18 and it’s pretty obvious. I’m sure this chicken hawk knew what he had.
    And wtf was the founder of the HRC doing trolling Grindr, on meth, as has been reported? I’m SOOOOOOOO glad I stopped giving money to these clowns years ago. They used to do some good, but not lately.

  • JPinNC

    I just don’t get it….. doesn’t something go off in your head saying “this is a child and this is wrong!”? As fast and smart as 15 year-olds think they are, they are still children. Terry Bean should know better.

    • JustSayin’

      sadly JP, if you read some of the comments here, many people don’t think like you and the majority of Americans do. Those individuals, to put it politely, are advocating for lowering the age of consent for a minor to have sex with an adult… They, like Bean, should know better, but as you can see from their posts, they don’t.