TRAILER: Attack On Titan

Screen Rants recaps:

Attack on Titan features an all-Japanese cast and will only receive a limited theatrical release in North America, courtesy of FUNimation Entertainment, so the marketing materials so far have all been in Japanese. For those who had difficulty following the events of the previous trailer, we can now offer the first Attack on Titan trailer with English subtitles, which introduces the premise and the main cast of characters. The visual effects in this trailer reflect the movie’s modest budget, but nonetheless the Titans look very creepy, with their blank eyes and massive mouths (all the better to eat you with). As the trailer explains, the Titans can only be killed by attacking a weak spot on the back of their neck, which the Survey Corps can reach using a grappling system calling Omni-directional Mobility Gear.

  • bkmn

    Arigato Joe-san.

  • Dramphooey

    Creepy, bizarre anime done as live action: interesting.

    • Drew2u

      *cough*Parasyte*cough* >_>

  • ben

    The anime and the manga were both incredible. Highly worth the download

    • pablo

      I have friends who love the series but I can’t seem to maintain attention during episodic anime. I don’t know if it’s the unnecessarily convoluted storytelling or the animation itself. I do enjoy feature length anime, especially Satoshi Kon and that’s including Paprika.
      Anyway, looking forward to seeing what the hype is about.

      • Drew2u

        They blow their budget on the animation regularly which results in amazing battles and velvety-smooth animation in some episodes while other episodes they do nothing but stand around and talk.

  • shellback

    Boom! Blam! Whoosh! Repeat.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Cool! Live action version of the awesome Anime.

  • pj

    chic japanese warriors…..super cool

  • David in Palm Springs

    “As the trailer explains, the Titans can only be killed by attacking a weak spot on the back of their neck… just like in the video game Shadow of the Colossus.”

    Aside from that, it looks really good.

  • goofy_joe

    While living in Japan, I saw some horrific acting on their TV shows. This, however, looks amazing!

  • Rocco Gibraltar

    I’ll take a battle of Mothra vs Gamera (the flying turtle friend of children) any day.

  • It’s the 1%ers’ attack on the world.

    • Webslinger

      I love it…they should have had their faces on the Titans that would have been AWESOME

  • Gest2016

    I think the Titans represent the American auto industry in the 70’s, lumbering giants vulnerable to stealthy Japanese attack and defeat.

    • BlueberriesForMe

      1. I think the Titans represent marriage equality which, as everyone knows, has destroyed civilization.
      2. Thanks, Obama!

  • Dale082

    I love anything Japanese, so I am definitely seeing this!

  • Giant Monster Gamera

    That they have a weakness at the back of their neck seems a little too much like a video game to me, but I’ll be seeing this. The new prospective boyfriend doesn’t like creepy Japanese horror movies so I’ll have to watch alone.

    • Drew2u

      If you like food and series that leave you feeling adorable afterward, check out “shinya shokudo”, also known as “Midnight Diner”. That could be something the bf may enjoy.

  • elvigy

    Did anyone else see the move “Cabin in the Woods”. This makes me think of the ending of that movie.

  • Octavio

    Good to see the set from the Maze Runner getting so much use.

  • Wolf Sawyer

    For people unfamiliar with the franchise, it also has a strong LGBT fanbase for its characters just fyi

  • motordog

    Aww…when I first saw “Trailer: Attack on Titan” I was somehow hoping it was a trailer for season 2 of the anime…though this does look interesting, too.

    • Daniel S

      If I’m not mistaken, season 2 is out. I haven’t watched it yet, but I know I’ve seen it on

      They have a plethora of really good anime there, it’s how I keep up on Fairy Tail and others

      • geru

        Gah, had my hopes up for a minute. I couldn’t find it at anilinkz, and according to IMDb the second season is coming out 2016…

        • Daniel S

          Sorry to get your hopes up, I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention to it. They must have been releasing the dub versions on their website.

  • Todd20036

    That show is great! But rather bloody. It’s a good story, and I have a few theories on the origins of the titans that would be extremely disquieting:

    One of the heroes is able to become a titan because of a chemical he was injected with.

    What if the other titans were also made from humans? What if they are nothing but babies “recruited” by an organization out to conquer the world?

    So the heroes are having to kill altered infants, who in turn are trying to slaughter the humans.

    • motordog

      My theory (and I only know what’s in the anime) is nanites. I noticed some of the titans have groomed facial hair (I definitely saw one with a dapper mustache) and different length/styles of hair on their heads. I guess the nanites recreate whoever they find…granted, to a larger scale and not quite ‘perfectly’. In other words, those titans are probably people born before titans ever appeared, eternally trapped (insane?) inside a bio-mecha programmed to ‘destroy all humans’. I presume the reason they don’t find normal human ‘pilots’ inside the other titan/mechas the Survey Corp destroy is because they were in there so long (decades if not centuries) that they had a more complete melding.

  • Pugsandcoffee

    the anime is great, if a little weird. I hadn’t even heard of it until I went to NY Comiccon a few years ago and finally had to go ask a girl why everyone was dressed the way they were.

  • JW Swift

    “…Omni-directional Mobility Gear.”
    Soooo, OMG?

  • Joe

    I was reading the Manga (the colossal edition combines volumes 1-5, weighs about 2 lbs) this weekend on my trip to Tampa. LOVING IT

  • Drew2u

    What I like about this series is the fact that the protagonist fails ALL THE TIME. He’s set up to be this badass main character but everyone is doing everything better than him. It’s a nice twist on the shounen genre.
    With that, I love the philosophy behind the walls and the corps with all the wealthy and nobility living in the very center, thus the most protected and most out-of-touch. It reminds me of the Nights Watch versus King’s Landing in Game of Thrones (or Fleabottom versus the Red Keep).
    I hope these two points have made it into the movie.
    (Also, I would have lol’ed if Mikasa was played by a westerner)

  • 2karmanot

    Sounds like Oklahoma or Kansas

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    There are a couple of animes I’d love to see done live action
    High school of the dead, shaman king, deadman wonderland, hellsing, or code geass.

    • flakingnapstich

      I’m now imagining what a live action Hellsing would have been like with Heath Ledger as Allucard.