Josh Duggar Has Fourth Child

There’s another Duggar in the world.

Anna and Josh Duggar have welcomed their fourth child, a baby girl named Meredith Grace Duggar. Josh Duggar broke the news of the birth with a photo posted on Instagram, saying: “Announcing the arrival of Meredith Grace Duggar — 7lbs 14 ozs, 20-1/2in — Anna and Meredith are resting & doing well!” The “19 Kids & Counting” stars are already parents to Mackynzie, 5, Michael, 4, and Marcus, 2. It’s been an emotional year for the Duggars. Their show was pulled from the TLC schedule after Josh Duggar responded to allegations of molestation that happened years ago starting when he was 14 years old. He’s 27 now.

(Tipped by JMG reader Keith)

  • joeyj1220

    keep her safe Mom

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Unfortunately, mom is a facilitator.

      • Michael Rush

        i just pop ’em out , god protects ’em – mom

    • bkmn

      I hope Child Protective Services will be paying them a visit.

      • grada3784

        Probably too late already.

    • Craig S

      That’s effective supply chain management

      • Maggie 4NoH8

        THAT was funny!

  • Ninja0980

    I wonder how long it will be before he moves on her and the other kids?
    I truly am afraid for the children, as it seems there is no one willing to protect them.

    • Todd20036

      Does that surprise you? Look at the enabling the sheeple were capable of when it came to catholic priests.

      This is a microcosm of the same thing.

      • Ninja0980

        Sad to say, it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  • TommyTune

    Memo to the newest Baby Duggar: Be afraid, be very afraid.

    • Todd20036

      Daddy’s little “tickle game” is not normal.

      • clay

        Males don’t change diapers in that clan, right?

  • BearEyes

    I look forward to the day the duggars slither back under their rock.

    • Todd20036

      Wont happen. He’ll do it again, and eventually get caught and put on trial.

      And many times when one molests children, they later become molesters themselves, especially since they will be taught to “keep their feelings in”.

      We will hear more about them, I’m afraid.

      Glad TLC finally woke up to this train wreck. Idiots.

      • clay

        It’s possible for young abusers to develop empathy and learn to stay with consent. That, however, usually requires early intervention and family counseling.

      • RoFaWh

        Re TLC: it sure took them long enough.

  • Trevor Brown

    Parents a word of advice: Don’t name any of your daughters “Mackynzie” like this family did.

  • Hal Watts

    I am sorry for this child, and all of those born into these Christianist households.

  • Pugsandcoffee

    Did I miss the part where God also said, “go forth and alliterate?”

    • Baltimatt

      Yes, I noticed that. I guess all the J names were taken, so they are working with the M’s. Please don’t let one be Matthew! Bad enough we have to deal with Matt Barber and Mat Staver.

  • Mike in Texas

    Another child in danger of being duggared.

  • Porkie

    I thought that Josh Duggar had had 5 kids before his 17th birthday?

  • Blake Jordan

    I thought he already “had” four children… that we know of…

  • Gest2016

    Four fingers and counting.

  • ScottJL

    “Please won’t someone think of the children…?”

    • Arkansan

      I think he does, that’s the problem.

  • Greg B.

    I just threw up a little.

  • JT

    The big question is: how long will he wait?

  • Gigi

    His wife went into this marriage (apparently) with both eyes open. I feel sorry for his kids. Imagine how heartbreaking it will be for them when they realize what a monstrous family they’re members of.

    • Harley

      I’m waiting for the gay child to commit suicide.

      • Johnny Wyeknot

        Better yet, just move out and head for the Ali Fortney Center to volunteer.

      • Gigi

        Don’t even say that.

    • RoFaWh

      Was she home-schooled too?

      • zhera

        Most certainly. She’s from the Quiverfull movement and they are very ‘protective’ of their children’s ‘education’.

  • bryan

    Given his history with little girls, and that sinister smirk on his face, that child is not safe.

  • Baltimatt

    Unemployed people bringing a child into the world? Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

    • Todd20036

      But welfare is ok if you are a republican

      • grada3784

        of course. It’s ok for welfare to the right kind of people.

    • oikos

      When fundie christians do it, it’s gawd’s will, when others do it, they are lazy sinners.

      • Judas Peckerwood

        Ha! you nailed my born-again sister and her husband perfectly. Constantly ragging on brown people who have kids they can’t afford, and then turning around and sponging off my parents for the past 15 years to majorly subsidize their homeskooled brood. Hypocrites the the Nth degree.

        • oikos

          Praise jeebus it’s a miracle! 🙂

    • People4Humanity

      My guess is the elder Quiverfull Duggars support them.
      With no money coming in from TouchingLittleChildren channel, it may not last.

      • People4Humanity


      • Arkansan

        They have made a lot of money from the show over the years and have invested it in properties and businesses. They knew Michelle’s muffin wasn’t going to stay moist forever and planned for this. I think the whole family will live quite comfortably as long as they have sheep to follow them.

        • People4Humanity

          I looked at the web site for county property taxes, and Duggar family
          does hold quite a portfolio of real estate. Much of it appears to be farmland.

    • Julia Soler

      She was pregnant before he lost his job. Are any Duggars in fact on welfare? If so, can you name them?

      • brian

        Not yet anyway. Jim Bob is rich, maybe he’ll step up and support the lot of them.

      • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

        Their house is a church so they don’t pay taxes and Jim Bob and his wife are “entitled” to free health insurance at the taxpayers expense for life for serving in the Arkansas House of Representatives. The kids are covered by the same insurance until the age of 26 years.

        • ozbrad

          Vagina reconstructions don’t come cheap even with group rates.

    • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

      They’re too proud to take charity but if the congregation would bless them with a “love offering” in their time of need…

  • billbear1961

    That man shouldn’t be anywhere near kids. In any event, he should never be left alone with them.

    I have my doubts about his parents, as well–criminal negligence being THEIR crime.

    But, because they are Christers, they have special rights in this dysfunctional country, and will NOT be held accountable, ANY of them.

    Which is WRONG.

  • Mark

    JD has got be one fucking idiot. In light of the past molestation – he still just has to get on out there and post his brand. He is so fucking stupid he doesn’t get it that the world sees that new little girl as ‘potential victim’. He needs to tuck his dick in his pants – and stay off the stage AT LEAST for the dignity of these kids. As it is, this one will forever be known as the ‘one after’ – with guilt and shame she will have to carry all because Daddy is an idiot and less.

    In case you don’t quite get it Josh – the gig is up. It’s over. You have fucked up way past what society will accept or forgive. You have shamed yourself all the way to the bottom…5 times over. So sit down, shut up, get off the internet. And leave these little kids alone.

    • Todd20036

      He is so fucking stupid he doesn’t get it that the world sees that new little girl as ‘potential victim’

      You could have just stopped there. He will never get it.

      • David Walker

        I am NOT coming to his defense. Just to clarify: they were pregs before he left FRC. That is no way justifies anything this piece of shit has ever done. It’s just that sometimes timelines are needed. I’ll go away now.

    • And when his children and nieces and nephews get old enough they will discover who he is thanks to the internet. Hopefully they will be savvy enough not to let Old Uncle Josh anywhere alone with their children.

      • Reality.Bites

        The kids are home-schooled, not allowed internet or outside friends. They’re essentially prisoners of a cult.

        • People4Humanity

          The only way for the kids to get a message to the outside world is to tuck a letter into a book describing their tortured existence, and hope that someone reads the dang thing. That depends on how good their momma teaches duh english.

          • douglas

            They only use one book cause IT’S ALL YOU NEED!!

        • RoFaWh

          “Duggar” constitutes one of the strongest arguments in favor of outlawing home schooling.

          Home schooling is clearly just a way for dimwits to brainwash their kids and, while they’re at it, keep them out of public view until the bruises fade.

          • Julia Soler

            Outlaw all home schooling? By all parents? Even those who, like my son, (an atheist) are not members of a cult.

          • RoFaWh

            I’m afraid the answer is yes, you too. The majority of homeschoolers appear to do it for reasons that don’t hold water.

            If those homeschooling because the local schools are bad or cult-infested started complaining — loudly, vociferously, and annoyingly — about those who homeschool for ideological reasons, we might get some decent regulation of homeschoolers.

          • Peter Wde

            Nope, afraid the answer is no.

          • Maggie 4NoH8

            I have to think of the kids in this case… My answer is ABSOLUTELY.

  • TomF.

    Yes of course. The allegations go back to when he was 14. He’s 27 now, so therefore he’s all grown up and over that phase of his life and it’s time for us to just sweep it all under the rug and FOR FUCKING GET ABOUT IT JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY! After all, he’s a “married man” (doesn’t mean much now that queers can get married, but WTF) and is responsible and adult and over all that molestation allegation shit. Deal!
    OK, then.

  • Jack_Carter_USA

    Oh good, fresh meat.

    • Oh’behr

      Shudder. And ewww.

  • Cuberly

    Well one down, only 15 more to pop out, right?

    Unemployed, potentially huge lawsuit looming, can barely show his face outside the house, prospects looking rather iffy. Hey! Let’s add more kids to our quiver.


  • Homo Erectus

    No child left behind. Or is it never left a child’s behind?

  • Reality.Bites

    Please check your math, Joe. He’s already had five children according to the police.

  • John Ruff

    Maybe he can sell used cars again to pay for all these little Duggars.

    • Arkansan

      It should be known as the Vulva dealership.

      • LonelyLiberal

        The Dodge Finger would be their primary model sold.

      • Marides48

        I drive a Vulva wagon.

      • Arkansan

        Free child restraint with every purchase.

  • MonochromeMouse

    someone needs to DOX those two and report them to CPS so all of his potential victims are taken out of his house and far away from that monster
    ****************************** edit ********************************************
    just to be clear, i am against DOXing 99.99% of the time but in a case like this where another person, especially a child, is in danger i think it is acceptable if the information is given to police or child protection services in order to get them removed from the dangerous environment

    • Oh’behr

      May I ask a naive question. What is DOX? I looked it up and found antibiotics for pets. I know it’s not that …

      • MonochromeMouse

        DOXing is where someone uses the internet to find a person’s personal information like real names, addresses, phone numbers, place of employment, etc… it is mostly used by trolls in order to screw people over for fun but it has also been used by groups like anonymous to help report dangerous criminals who’s activity would otherwise go unnoticed to the police

        • Oh’behr

          Thanks for answering my question.

  • Larry Larson

    Was “Molester” their divine inspiration for all the “M” names?

  • Arkansan

    The county should set up a spay and neuter clinic for the Duggars, like they do when dog populations are out of control.

    • Marides48

      Issue Duggar license?
      I think a Spay & Neuter program would be appropriate.
      All the Duggar males should be “FIXED”.

    • clay

      I don’t think we’re allowed to propose a trap-neuter/spay-release program.

  • OrliJoe in Fla

    Are child molesters allowed to keep custody of their children?

  • Cosmo Tupper

    Probably one of his sister’s kids. They can’t seem to keep their pants zipped for a god-fearing family. Make sure you don’t fuck unless you are in the process of procreating. Remember, that is god’s will to only have sex for the purpose of procreation. Fun of the sport is OUT!

  • Another future victim, I see.

    • JCF

      We can only hope “future”, and not present.

  • Cosmo Tupper

    Yes, I think it would behoove the local authorities to require a guardian ad-litem to protect the children of Josh Duggar from his wandering penis!

    • People4Humanity

      … and his duggaring fingers.

      • People4Humanity


  • People4Humanity

    Does one of The Big Gay™ Agenda© members here have advanced skills in computer technology, who could determine the location where the picture was taken — so appropriate Child Protective Services could be alerted?

    It would put the kibosh on Josh having “privacy” on the Internet.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    That poor girl. She is being raised by an admitted pedophile. Will grow up in a household where she will be home schooled and taught that she is a worthless, lesser human simply because she is a girl. She will grow up to be nothing more than a baby making machine that believes she has no other purpose.

    Religion sucks!

    • KQCA

      Good point, Rebecca. Not only did he admit and dismiss it, the entire family supported in his favor and against the girls in the family…and all of the news articles are preserved for humankind’s public viewing from here on, in digital format. Those little girls will have to live with the facts they will learn about their own family.
      Like the old song says, “and the beat goes on.”

  • Arkansan

    Does anyone else notice the wife’s facial features and mouth resemble that of the Duggar girls? How does that happen?

    • clay

      How does that NOT happen when he has only two feminine ideals– mother and potential mother?

    • JCF

      Down thar, the family trees don’t branch.

  • Chuck

    Do they make infant sized chastity belts to protect this little one?

    • clay

      I’d prefer a devise that disabled the perpetrator.

  • bambinoitaliano

    The farming for the next crops of victims continues. I would say god has mercy on their soul but It’s just as effective as me yelling at my computer screen.

  • geoffalnutt

    It is the Duggaring of the world. There are natural disasters…and then there’s Duggaring. Run!

    • BudClark

      Most of these “religions” with Quiverfull tenets are becoming more and more open about trying to out-produce us so they can take over the world.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Put a lock on the crib.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    Another one who will continue the tradition of treating her uterus like a clown car. The quiverfull movement is really disgusting. They rob the kids of their childhood and force them to take care of a sibling as if it was there own child. The whole goal is to put breed us heathens and make the US into a theocracy.

  • Jan Wesselius

    I feel sorry for their kids to be born into a family where incest runs rampant. It is a Sodom and Gomorrah house hold that is a blasphemy of God. They should be investigated and the kids taken away for adoption to a family that is safe for children to be raised in. Like a Adam and Steve home.

    • Julia Soler

      Well, fundamentalists (eg. Orthodox Jews, traditional Catholics-think Opus Dei, and Quiverfulls) do tend to “outbreed” liberal religious people and secularists. Maybe the latter should assess the situation–if they care the kind of world/country our grandchildren will live in.

  • Mark

    think they both need to be spay ‘n neutered.

  • Mark

    Get a real job…. Spam ‘n flagged!!!

  • Silver Badger


  • MDB

    Trolling JMG much, spam-whore ????

  • goofy_joe

    There is a serious mental illness in that family.

  • Six Pins Delores

    “…molestation that happened years ago starting when he was 14 years old.”
    Once a child molester, always a child molester.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Politically, I have no use for the guy, no pity. Socially, I hope he’s one of the few who are no longer at risk for offending. I hope his child is safe from him. Fingers crossed.

    • clay

      It didn’t sound like his family did anything to teach him empathy or to understand consent after the fact. Unfortunately, they seem to have taught him not to get caught breaking any rules, and that was it.

  • Circ09

    Joe, Josh did not *have* that child. That would truly be g-d’s miracle. Men take way too much credit. On another note, that copy is written terribly. If a person didn’t already know the situation it would be easy to mistake Josh as the victim instead of the perpetrator.

    Poor damned kids.

    • mari

      He thinks he is the victim – the victim of the nasty media that brought this up after he’d decided he was sorry. Of course, he was only sorry for himself. He said he stopped (and I’m not taking his word for that) because he realized that if he continued he would ruin his own life.

  • uhhuhh

    Has he raped her yet?

  • Queequeg

    Idiocracy at work. The world is overpopulated and the dumber the people are the more likely to start early and have larger families. Soon everyone will just sit around watching “ow, my balls” on TV. (movie reference).

    • Curieux Bleu

      Well yeah, little Joshie starting molesting early in life. Now he is in the “rent a marital uterus” phase, just like Dad, sex on demand no Q’s asked, no restraint or birth control needed.

      Just lust and fuck like a mink.

      Like Gawd” speaks” into his schizoid little ear, … and no real concern for the gigantic burden he places on his brood mare “wifey” Anna, or on the larger society which will implode from planetary unsustainability. … as long as his personal money train is like manna from heaven … right?

      Because…. wait for it …..

      Jeebus !!!!

      Cuz birth control makes baby Jeebus burst into tears of sacred blood. Or something.

      • Queequeg

        Well stated!

  • J̶a̶l̶a̶p̶e̶ñJoe Smithson

    Congratulations! Josh got one in the hole! Has he molested her yet? He’s a curious boy!

  • e jerry powell

    Filling that Quiver.

    Not going any further than that, because it’s just too easy.

    • JCF

      Quiver? He fathered ‘er!

  • chrisinphx

    So he just makes new victims to play with, nice.

  • Blake J Butler

    And Josh has a new “girlfriend” to play with. It’s sick enough that TLC is giving them a special to talk about handling child abuse. Fuck that, their doing it for the ratings so all the fundies will watch josh and his constant pedosmile self around all those kids. They are making a joke out of child molestation survivors, they have no idea how MANY people they are offending by doing that.

  • DesertSun59

    One of his siblings is gay or lesbian. I suspect we’ll hear about them once they’ve committed suicide.

  • Xuuths

    Child Protection Services needs to be on alert.

  • Michael Hampton

    Why isn’t there a law to stop admitted child molesters from having children?

    • JCF

      But legislatures are more interested to prevent anyone (inc child molesters!) from ever having an abortion.

  • TexPlant

    more kids for him to molest

  • JCF

    Attn, CPS…

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      Yup… keep a close eye.

  • RB118

    Another generation…

    • JCF


  • ericpayne

    Are his two daughters dead-bolted in their bedroom at night, like his sisters were? Inquiring minds want to know…