Morning View – Provincetown

  • Lakeview Bob

    Great picture.

  • Mister Don

    Well-used poles

  • anne marie in philly

    ah, the seacoast in the morning, the salt air, the cool breeze…

  • sherman

    I think the person writing this article was speaking directly to Billy Perdue:

    O rancid sector of the far left, please stop your grousing! Compared to you, Eeyore sounds like a Teletubby. If I gave you a pony, you would not only be furious that not everyone has a pony, but you would pick on the pony for not being radical enough until it wept big, sad, hot pony tears. Because what we’re talking about here is not an analysis, a strategy, or a cosmology, but an attitude, and one that is poisoning us. Not just me, but you, us, and our possibilities.

    • Jeffrey

      You’ve either mixed up your comment with another post or you’ve mixed up your meds 😉

      • Octavio

        Sherman obviously caught the virus from the article he posted a link to in the Guardian.

    • David Walker

      Could it be the legendary sparkle pony?

    • 2karmanot

      My Pony has a horny and is magical.

  • Bluto

    muddy banks – is this a santorum reference?

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    If those clams could talk!

  • David Walker

    Joe…here’s one to dance to after the tranquility vanishes. Lyrics NSFW.

    • BearEyes

      The Boatslip played that this week

    • 2karmanot

      Made tears

  • Phil

    Looks like a good location for a strip mall. We’ll call it Rotting Pilings of Provincetown. We can have a 7 Eleven that sells gas, a Bed Bath and Beyond, a JC Penney Outlet, a Sears Home Store, an Outback Steakhouse…..

  • BearEyes

    We’re home from P’town now and I miss it already.

    • 2karmanot

      Missing P’town is for ever!