The Young Professionals – S.O.S.

The Advocate recaps:

The video for the duo’s rendition, which sounds a lot sexier and slinkier than the bouncy original, features vintage footage of the Swedish quartet and premieres exclusively today with The Advocate. The duo explains they they were originally asked to cover the song for an Abba tribute album. “Having the opportunity to choose the song from all these amazing songs and being able to create a new production for it and make it our own was great experience,” they tell The Advocate via email, adding, “Of course if we discuss “LGBT” music, ABBA is the corner stone of the genre.”

(Tipped by JMG reader Matthew)

  • WildGift


  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Not doing it for me. Sorry.
    Now this video in some other Scandinavian country.

    And get this: there’s supposed to even be some song in it or something.

  • ETownCanuck

    I agree…Meh…
    Benny Andersson was my first crush though 🙂

  • vorpal

    I just LOVE their gay video, All of it but Me. Really very awesome and under-appreciated!

  • Dean

    It’s okay but it doesn’t even come close to the original.

  • SilasMarner

    I rather liked it. Would be fun driving in the car with the volume cranked HIGH! 🙂

  • Dean

    P.S. I never considered SOS “bouncy”. It’s one of the bleakest (and best) songs in the entire Abba catalog.

    • Trog

      Totally! I’ve always LOVED Abba for that quality: they can sing such sad songs that, on the surface, sound upbeat and catchy. Like:

      “Knowing Me, Knowing You” “SOS” and (my favorite) “The Visitors”

      Then there’s the all-out bleak tracks, like “Winner Takes It All” and “One of Us” and “The Day Before You Came.”

      God… now I’ve gotta hear me some Abba.

      • My husband and I make up extra mundane things that happened The Day Before You Came: “I must’ve took a dump around a quarter after three. . .I looked into the bowl and thought, ‘did that come out of mee-eee. . .?” Yes, we’re immature. A lot. Our friend is an ABBA freak, and we like to wreck them a little for him. Ever hear, “Just Like That?” To this day–because of me–he can’t sing it without the lyric, “he had a temporary home in my flat,” changed to “he left a temperamental gnome in my flat.”

        • Dean

          I’ll be doing my utmost not to sing that line as well from now on.

  • Zollergasse

    Now listen to the original and get lost in those incredible voices.

  • A Big Sarcastic Fairy!


  • iamvince

    What made the original so great was the harmony of the girls. This has nothing of that. Not to mention I find using original footage like that somewhat insulting.

    • motordog

      They also took out the didilee-didilee-didilee-didilee-didilee-didilee-deeeee part right before the chorus!

  • I’m not usually a fan of covers, but I like this!

  • noni

    I always have to smile and chuckle at how the the girls can never quite remember the choreography. Kind of like high school cheerleaders.

  • TreGibbs


  • Joshua Lumsden

    Whenever I am cleaning my kitchen, and go under the sink for dish soap, I see those steel wool pads, and this song goes into my head.

  • abbafan65

    Childhood fantasies of Björn spring back to life……..

  • Chuck in PA

    So when you really love me

    You should bring me Edelweiss

  • Pinky

    Meh what a boring hipster rendition. Horrible. That had no life in it. Sure you may view ABBA as kitschy but they had great pop melody and vocals. This had absolutely nothing but the “oh look at me aren’t I clever doing ABBA” Tribute albums actually have people who love the music doing them…