NEW YORK: Innocent Commuters Trapped On City Bus With Screaming Preacher

“Evangelist Tamesha Morgan preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the NYC Transit. A Must See! Thank you Yeshua.” Including speaking in tongues.

(Tipped by JMG reader Kent)

  • Edd

    Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster I was not on THAT bus.

  • JT

    Young Evangelist girl set ABLAZE on NYC transit

    Aww. And here I was hoping for a burning bush.

    • How would her pants have caught fire on a bus?

      oh….THAT burning bush

      • olandp

        I’m sure that it is…

    • Octavio

      That’s what I was expecting. Why, in my day we had devout Buddhist monks dousing themselves with real gasoline and using real matches to self immolate in public! By cracky! Kids these days. They just don’t have the same gumption! Why, there ottabeealaw! 🙁

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Oh, honey, I had burning bush once. Amoxicillion cleared it right up, but I don’t she needs antibiotics… more like a couple dozen of those green pills I keep for emergency situations.

  • radiofreerome

    “Lady, I don’t care what you think. So, shut the fuck up.”

    • doug van boven

      it would be “SHUTA THE FUCKA UPA!”

  • Steverino

    Screaming preacher = screacher.

  • Gustav2

    And the whole bus got on their knees…well, when they got home to commit some sodomy.

    • scooting closer. Continue on about this sodomy you speak of.

  • Bess Watts

    Can we get a ‘Freedom From Religion’ bill passed?

  • CottonBlimp

    And people think that it’s atheists who are dicks about religion.

    • Corey

      No one called the police? Not acceptable!

    • Jonathan V. Romero

      Most people who think that way about atheists are ignorant themselves. The other bunch are the evangelical lunatics like this crazy bitch in the video! I was actually waiting for her head to do a 360 like Linda Blair’s character Regan in the Exorcist! She seems possessed after all!

      • Timothy Kincaid

        Crazy comes in all packages. I’m not fond of evangelists for any faith or lack thereof.

    • Sk3ptic

      I love how people walk ’round with crucifixes, skullcaps, pointy hats, funny beards and then say, “You should keep your atheism to yourself.”
      –Ricky Gervais

      One of my favorite quotes!

      • Doug105


        • David M


          • Amanda B. Rekendwith


  • BoringLawyer

    Behold what happens when you cut funding for mental health services.

    • Bj Lincoln

      Thanks Ronny.

  • JustSayin

    Brought to us by the International School of Biblical Prophecy….according .to you tube….I’m guessing this was her midterm .,.annoy a many people as possible in a public place.

  • JT

    Can’t these idiots be arrested for disturbing the peace?

  • 2karmanot

    yawn…ah next….ah

  • Disqusdmnj

    As if having to be on a bus in NYC isn’t painful enough…

  • bkmn

    This is why you should always carry duct tape.

    • RaygunsGoZap

      And hat pins!

      • Phil

        So I’m not the only one who uses hatpins for this purpose…..

        • RaygunsGoZap

          I have long arms and a good poker face!

    • gaymex

      Open carry duct tape. It could be in a holster on your belt.

    • Lauchlan Bernard-Christopher M

      Or a Tazer!

  • RaygunsGoZap

    I’d report that bus driver for not ejecting her at the next safe stop. That’s unacceptable.

    On the other hand, this sort of display always ends with me laughing hysterically while gasping for air. They find that hard to not react to

  • ClevelandJim

    Why didn’t the driver pull over and eject her from the bus?

    • RaygunsGoZap

      Because NYC?

      • Ian

        I found her rather benign. I would take her shenanigans over some of the other things I’ve seen on the good ole A,B,C lines.

        • allen

          On my bus they make you turn off your radio if you’re not wearing headphones. I can’t imagine this bitch getting away with blowing everyone’s eardrums on my bus.

          • Ian

            I live in LA now and take the light rail to and from work. Have to say we’re a very sophisticated bunch in LA. My rides are quick and uneventful.. Hell, sometimes even pleasant!

  • Phil

    Pull the cord to signal a stop. When door opens, push God’s disciple out. Bus continues on its way, much quieter ride though. Bonus points if they slide under the bus somehow……

    • kaydenpat


  • olandp


  • /thwack

    Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there.

  • oikos

    I have zero tolerance for that. I would have been in her face and then filed a complaint with the transit authority about the bus driver doing nothing.

  • oh sweet merciful fuck….

    i can’t. i can’t. i just can’t.

    the crazy, it hurts.

  • BrianInNH

    So she screams at people trapped on a bus, but youtube comments are disabled to prevent other people from expressing their opinions of it?

    • Octavio

      Well, that’s entirely fair and just. No?

      • David Walker

        And typical.

      • oikos


    • TerryInIowa

      However, I noticed that the “vote down” button works.

      • Bj Lincoln

        Really? I will have to check it out. Thanks.

  • amboy00

    Someone Auto-tune that!

  • GeoffreyPS

    I would have started singing a song that everyone else would know (or could pick up quickly) and see if people would join in. “THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND…”

    • oikos

      Or Dr John Valby:
      “Eat, bite, suck , fuck
      Gobble, nibble chew
      Nipple, bosom, hairpie
      Finger, fuck , screw.”

    • sherman
      • vorpal

        That was the first thing that came to my mind, too. (I love repetition, though, and find it quite comforting.)

        One time around the age of 19, I sang that loudly in the bath for about three hours straight.

        I think my mom decided at that point that her son was mentally retarded.

        • MDB

          ♪♫ Bath-time fun ♫♪
          (followed by non-stop Rubber-Duckie)

          * I thought you clever gatitos hated playing in water. 🙂

          • vorpal

            We GENERALLY do, but unlike some other kitties, I am unable to reach all of my parts with my tongue (I have tried VERY HARD but failed :(….), so bite the bullet and bathe I must for the sake of my loved ones’ noses!

      • Six Pins Delores


    • Timothy Kincaid

      I think the Hokey Pokey could do the trick.

      • David M

        Sad news in the entertainment world. Larry LaPrise, who wrote the song
        and dance classic ‘The Hokey Pokey’ is dead at 93. His funeral went off
        with only one hitch, while transferring Larry to his coffin, they put
        his left leg in, and that’s when the trouble began.

  • TommyTune

    I believe it was St. Francis of Assisi who said, “preach the gospel at all times and if necessary use words.”

  • KQCA

    Imagine being walled up in a city in the sky with her and billions like her for all eternity.

    Now a lake of fire sounds like a picnic, doesn’t it?

    • David Walker

      Mark Twain: Heaven for climate, hell for society.

    • Michael Rush

      the correct reponse to this is to get as close to her ear as possible and scream at the top of your lungs ” WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP SCREAMING ” repeatedly until it works .

      the part of miss manners was played by … me !

      • KQCA

        ROFL I think I love you.

      • StraightGrandmother

        Actually if I was there I would have stared a chant from the back of the bus
        I’m quite sure people would join in as it does not directly impune her, but it out shouts to her in a very Patriotic chant that I don’t want to hear what you are selling up there at the front of the bus!

        Just like when that transgender invited guest heckled Obama in his house, the crowd started chanting, Obama! Obama! Obama! same concept.

  • bryan

    She inspired me to ‘sin’ some more : More alcohol, more debauchery, more wild, random sex with other men. Anything than spend an eternity with her. Thank you blessed sister.

    • Bryan

      I’ll have what you’re having…

    • LonelyLiberal

      Hi, I have a bedroom, booze, a horny husband, and am available any time you like.

    • Cuberly

      I think MAYBE at the most I’d be willing to spend a half-eternity punching toni pupkins and scott retchedly in the dick.

    • ChitownKev

      Back in the day, there was a street preacher that used to mostly preach by the old Marshall Fields’ downtown and every damn time my buddy and I would pooch on by, he would always start in with the “sodomites and the homosexuals” and we just pooched on by even more queenier than we already were.

      • Chicago joe

        I found if you out-crazy the crazy they usually just shut up…stunned into silence. Works all the time on the EL and the DC Metro. Also guarantees a seat to yourself

        • RoFaWh

          Care to give some examples of your technique?

      • CatApostrophe

        If you’re thinking about the guy in the suit with a microphone/amp who screams at passersby for their visible sins, he’s still there, last I checked. I used to work like a block down the street from him and he’d yell at me daily for smoking and wearing shorts (I’m a woman, though I doubt he’s accepting of dude shorts). But yeah, he’s all about the sodomites. That’s his jam.

        • ChitownKev

          That’s the one,

          A runway of visible sins; FSP know all the things he’s screamed at passers-by on State Street.

  • sherman

    I’m not going to watch it unless someone can assure me that the title is correct and she was actually “set ABLAZE”. Bonus if some hung christian pulls it out and tries to quench the flame.

  • MWK45

    If anyone wants to know what Hell is actually like, that video gives a pretty accurate depiction of it 😉

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Ah, man! I saw her friend on the 6 this weekend but I only got the Jeebus stuff. Not a speaking in tongues to be found. Yet more evidence that the worst part of MTA is the 6. They can’t even get the religious freaks right.

  • Rolf

    My bladder, not god, woke me up this morning.

    • John

      That’s remarkable! Your bladder woke me this morning, too! Praise Bladder!

  • Richard Rush

    I see little substantive difference between this woman and Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham, Peter Labarbera, et al.. The only difference i see is in their choice of venue, and style of presentation.

    • John

      But that is a significant difference. Fishhead and Merkin and Babykins Graham – whatever their other manifold failings – don’t actually trap people and scream at them. Their messages are disgusting, but can be avoided. This loon committed a form of assault.

  • tcinsf

    More evidence of Christians being oppressed.

  • AW

    “You can’t tell me that my god is dead!” Didn’t SCOTUS just kill god though? She really needs to check with Judge Moore on these things.

  • Shut the fuck up, you ignorant bitch!

    There. I said it.

  • Mark

    8 seconds was all I could take. Rodeo would have been easier.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Religion is a mental disease.

  • Cuberly
  • zhera

    What a nightmare! On their way to pastor Manning, no doubt.

    I wonder what the reaction would have been if she’d been Muslim and shouting Allah Allah, go with Allah.

  • JT

    Here’s the way to respond to these assholes.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Why didn’t someone start a very LOUD group chant : Shut up Now ! Shut up Now !

    • Clive Johnson

      Have two or more people improvise verses out loud from an imagined hidden gospel, the one in which Jesus discusses his masturbation techniques. Trade these verses back and forth while trying to achieve a kind of Shakespearean poetry with these blasphemies:

      “Where famine lies, make abundance with thy hand. Jesus, Mark chapter 47, verse 22.”

      Every so often yell out “Can I get an amen!?”

  • Garth

    Report -> Hateful or Abusive Content -> Abusing Vulnerable Individuals -> This video is promoting disturbing the peace. The other individuals on this bus have a right to right the bus without this person breaking the law by being a public nuisance.

  • meonthissite

    Doesn’t this fall under the disturbing the peace clause?

  • J̶a̶l̶a̶p̶e̶ñJoe Smithson

    Hey all you NYC boys…is this illegal? I know if someone caused a disturbance like this on a city bus here, the driver would pull over and have the police respond.

    • Corey

      I know that if this shit happened in DC, she would be walking herself to work.

      • kaydenpat

        Yep. That’s way too annoying to have to tolerate when you’re just trying to get somewhere.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      Very hard to control. I’ve seen a lot more of them on the train than bus. Trains get all sorts of types all the time. Strippers using the poles (clothing on– well, most of it), dancers, singers, poets, accordion players, beggars, and yes, sadly, preachers. If they don’t prevent someone from exiting or cause a safety risk, it’s kind of like the religious freaks in the train station or on certain avenues asking everyone that passes “Are you Jewish?” As long as they cause no harm and only speak, fly your freak flag. And yes, people argue with them. It’s part of the show.

  • Drayfield

    Where’s Lea Delaria when you need her!

    • BostonBud


  • Rod Steely

    Do idiots like this really think that they are convincing ANYONE to join their cause?

  • DaveMiller135

    A captive audience is always best, for an unpleasant message.

  • Clive Johnson

    “You can’t tell me that god is not real…”

  • Randy

    I wonder why she-a talks like this-a. Religious crazies are not a new phenomenon. I think she needs to change her meds. I do like her saying, “I don’t care what you think.” None of them do.

  • vorpal

    Mental illness-a can be-a so ugly-a!

  • 2patricius2

    She’s off her medications.

  • Gigi

    Comments are disabled for this video.

  • JaniceInToronto

    Is being such a disruption even legal? Aren’t there rules for riding on public transit in your city? She needs the butterfly net.

  • pleasebereasonable

    I couldn’t watch the whole thing…did ANYBODY tell her to shut the fuck up?!?!?!?

    • CatApostrophe

      I did watch the whole thing (well, I listened to it. I was also browsing a Pinterest board of unusual lamps) and people didn’t tell her to shut up, but a few kinda joined her. It started with a few stray “Amen!”s but ended with some actual camaraderie before she got off the bus.

  • Bernie

    Joe, you forgot to add the tag “crazy people”

  • Gigi

    Joe has made many pleas for us not to make such comments on JMG. Christianist trolls take comments such as yours and use them as “proof” that we’re all out to get them. That’s not true. We just want them to leave us alone.

    • zhera

      I’ve never seen jerrydoubleu before. Could he be a troll/plant?

      • Gigi

        It’s possible.

    • jerrydoubleu .

      do something

      • sherman

        ok, flagged your comment

        • Acronym Jim

          As did I. Thanks for the impetus, jerry.

      • Max_1

        ISIS is on it… If that matters any to you.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Lucky lady consider how the cops handle the mental derange.

  • Michael Hampton

    I think it’s hysterical that the youtube video says in the description that it is used “for instruction, comment, teaching….” and the comments section has been disabled. Ha!

    • Gigi

      Not easy to hear the “message” when you fingers are plugging your ears.

    • Max_1

      The women around her are with her too…

      Some chime in with the phrase and the one taking the video even comments an affirmation back at her. They intend it to be ‘instructional’ is what has me concerned. Not so much the lack of FAITH in the comment sections… That hypocrisy is to be expected from them.

  • Brian G

    This is why I wear noise canceling head phones on my commute into NYC

  • PopChips

    I hope her God is deaf because all that screaming is annoying.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Girlfriend’s the one “not gonna wake up tomorrow” if she’s that winded.

  • MDB

    Pentecostal crazeee whackjobs-ah !!!

  • jayhalleaux

    That’s why I bring my headphones…

    • Tor

      That’s why I mute my hearing aids.

  • map

    Religious terrorism !

  • pj

    60 people spend 9 minutes wondering why they live in new york……

    • Acronym Jim


  • MDB

    Another “graduate” devotee of the Int’l School of Bible Prophecy. A literal who’s, who of crazy nut cases.

    Contact: [email protected]

  • rextrek1

    that woulda drove me Bonkers….esp. bein an Atheist

  • bdsmjack

    Stupid box.

  • MDB

    Is it legal to carry portable canisters of mace for personal protection in NYC ???

    • Jeff Chang

      Not a good idea. Mace used in a closed environment does damage to the user. Much better is a cattle prod.

      • MDB

        Industrial cockroach repelant then ???

        • Carl


        • noni

          Perhaps a Taco Grande fart?

          • Tor

            Ohhhh. That just pisses everybody off.

  • Dale082

    I wish someone would’ve gotten together with a few other riders for a chorus of “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” over and over, until that woman got the hint.

  • Gerry Fisher

    “You can tell it’s true by the volume of my voice! Please make your donation *here*…”

  • A Big Sarcastic Fairy!

    Nuff said.

  • Carl

    Well if she was talking in tongues a true christian would know that unless someone else was able to interpret that they should remain silent (1 Corinthians 14:28). I sense a false prophet.

  • Jan Wesselius

    Can she be sued for harassment? As a menace to society?

    • lattebud

      Domestic Terrorism.. .”Yes officer, I believe her threats were authentic and legitimate to injury or kill large numbers of people”

  • Bj Lincoln

    I would have put up with it for 1 minute then calmly ask her to be quiet. If she continued, I would have asked again with a strong warning more firmly. After that, one quick punch would be all it takes. I have NO patience for that shit. I don’t understand why the bus driver didn’t kick her off!

    • noni

      He goes to the same church.

  • anne marie in philly

    bus driver should have stopped the bus and thrown her to the sidewalk. bitch needs to STFU.

  • TexasBoy

    She USED to drink-a? She used to party-a? She used to fornicate-a? Damn, no wonder she’s all wound up, she needs loosen up and get back to drinkin’, partyin’ and whorin’!

    • kaydenpat


  • Geezus Christ

    I’d be praying that the brakes would give out on that bus.

  • noni

    More Christian Tyranny. The people on the bus know they can’t say anything because Religious Freedom. We’re conditioned to show deference to this crazy kook because religious freedom.

    • Tor

      I think it is more, they don’t want to say anything because it will just stir the crazy further. Urban people have developed a skill to avoid the crazies as much as possible. Sometimes you are trapped for a while. You don’t want to make it worse.

  • kaydenpat

    The NY buses don’t have an emergency strip? No way would I ride for long with all that screeching going on. Public transport is a time for me to rest my eyes.

    (Dang it. Why she got to be Jamaican?)

  • Err in Manning

    Wait, is ‘Tamesha Morgan’ a performance name for Erin Manning?

  • Fuck Jesus

    Two words: Pepper spray.

  • Timothy Kincaid

    My ‘good news’ is so compelling that I have to hold you captive and scream it at you at the top of my lungs.

  • coram nobis

    “If you come across someone praying too loud, go home and lock the smokehouse door immediately.” – Harry S Truman

  • Cherry

    Jesus Fucking Christ. SHUT-A THE FUCK-A UP-A

  • fuzzybits

    Set ablaze? Well that was misleading!

  • Acronym Jim

    I too, thank God. I thank God that I wear hearing aides that I can turn off and remove when confronted with obnoxiousness like this.

    • Tor

      I can mute mine from my iPhone. Very handy.

  • Tor

    I find it interesting that the deity chooses crazy people to spread his message.

  • Shawn Dowling

    I’d have just had to slap the fucking holy ghost right outta her!!

  • Happy Dance

    Why does every thing have to end in “a”? LOL’a!

    • Max_1

      Preach-ah speak-ah Ya-baba Ya-shaket-ae Jee-sus-ah

  • Brian in Valdosta

    I want Saturday Night Live to re-enact this scene but at the end I want all the passengers to give each other a silent but knowing look, and then one of them will open up a window and ten of them will hoist the crazy twat up on their shoulders and deftly toss her out the window.

    Then they would return to the ride. Silently. No cheering. Just a nice quiet ride.

  • James

    Fuck these people.

  • ChitownKev

    This is nothing…The Red Line in Chicago between Cermak and 95th is the place for itinerant preaching, speaking in tongues, so much more…and yes, it does filter on occasion to Roosevelt and past headed North

  • Ogre Magi

    I wonder what she would do if some one dressed up like Tim Curry’s character from the movie Legend got on the bus while she was doing all that

    • Acronym Jim

      I’m guessing she’d just get louder AND hysterical and would undoubtedly add even more syllables to monosyllabic words.

  • Max_1

    Yet… not one person pulled for the stop and then address the driver?

  • Been there many times on the subway. Some loon screaming about the blood of Jesus.

  • coyoteandhawk

    Whatever happened to disturbing the peace ordinances. People must enjoy this abhorrent behavior. I’m sick of it in all forms.

  • PROPHET Patrick

    THUS SAITH THE LORD: All the mockers and scoffers will appear before me on the day of Judgement. It is my SPIRIT speaking through her. Turn to my Son now your Judgement is approaching.