KANSAS: Archbishop Praises Brownback For Religous Liberty Executive Order

“We are grateful that Governor Brownback has acted so swiftly to address some of the threats to religious freedom that have taken on new urgency since the United States Supreme Court’s misguided decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. Given the far-reaching effects that redefining marriage will have on the law, and the fact that this incredibly consequential change in national social policy was effected by judicial fiat rather than the democratic process, there is tremendous uncertainty as to what the Obergefell decision will mean for everyday people just trying live their faith as they always have.

“Over the last several years, Catholic Charities in Boston, Washington D.C., and Illinois have been forced to close their adoption ministries because they will only place children in homes with a mother and father. Just last week, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry fined the Christian owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa $135,000 for declining to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony. Now that a constitutional right to same-sex marriage has been created, these kinds of cases, already on the rise, will undoubtedly proliferate.

“Kansans who believe that every child deserves a mother and a father should not be punished by the government for that belief. We urge Governor Brownback and members of the Legislature to make the protection of religious freedom for all Kansans a top priority in the coming months. Generations of Americans have taken freedom of conscience for granted. We, sadly, do not have that luxury anymore.” – Archbishop Joseph Naumann, via press release.

  • bkmn

    No one forced CC to close down. They shut down because they didn’t want to serve everyone as the law requires. ASSHAT.

    • Doug105

      That and not wanting to give up the free goverment money.

    • CPT_Doom

      Lying liars gotta lie. Not only did all those adoption agencies shut down voluntarily, the Boston agency actually placed 13 children in adoptions with same-sex couples in the 10 years before marriage equality came to the Bay State, because gay and lesbian couples could adopt jointly long before they could get married. In fact, the liberalization of adoption laws was cited as a reason for the Supreme Judicial Court’s decision in 2003.

      And none of these agencies complained about laws that required them to treat Protestants, Jews, Mormons, divorced people and unmarried straight couples equally, even though those “lifestyles” are just as sinful to the Catholics as being gay. I should know, I was raised Catholic.

    • BobSF_94117

      They shut down to make a spectacle. Other Catholic adoption agencies in those states, subject to the very same anti-discrimination requirements, remained open.

      It was, and remains, all a show and lie.

    • Todd Allis

      They could have complied with the law or raised donations to replace the state funding. It’s just as well they voluntarily shut down.

    • Herald

      That is a fact that will not enable them to manipulate their base. So of course they lie, and lie everytime they tell these tales.

  • Jake

    Said the man wearing a dress

    • TampaDink

      With a hate that doesn’t suit him.

      *Thanks to DonnaLee, I realize that I typed hate instead of hat. We now return to our regular programming.

      • DonnaLee

        Oh the hate suits him just fine. Just goes to show you can dress someone like Liberace, doesn’t make them fabulous.

        • TampaDink

          Oops. That was a typo. I meant to type that his HAT doesn’t suit him. He wears his hate proudly & without any sense of irony.

  • RoFaWh

    Awwww! You poor little victim, you! It’s so very sad: you won’t be able to shuffle pedophiles from parish to parish any more, nor will you be able to fiddle the books when you lose a lawsuit. Poor baby! My heart bleeds for you.

  • Ian

    Once again, we find the irony in an organization so deeply concerned with Children’s welfare, is the organization systematically and insidiously hurting the most children world-wide and covering it up to boot. So yea, you fucking clown, you and your criminal organization can go fuck yourself.

  • Gustav2

    If they were “adoption ministries” they should not have been taxpayer funded. Government funding of ministries would violate the Establishment Clause (the real first freedom).

  • ArchiLaw

    And Kansans (whether single or married and whether straight or gay) who do not wish to expose their children to rape should leave the CC.

    • D. J.

      Kansans think they have problems with road quality now…..(and they do).

  • lattebud

    So does this mean you will push for laws that will strip newborns from single mothers and involuntarily place them with a heterosexual married couple? Eliminate tax deductions for children unless there is a mother and father? You will counsel every unwed parent that they are unfit?

    How Christ like!!

    • Gustav2

      In practice, that has been going on in many evangelical megachurches. Any pregnant teen is pushed into a ‘open adoption’ with some childless couple in the congregation.

      • wmforr

        And then the birth mother was forced into slave labor in a Nun-run laundry–at least in Ireland. Which is one reason that the young Irish would rather vote for equality than for the Church.

    • CottonBlimp

      You joke, but this actually happened. Catholic hospitals were literally stealing newborn babies from unwed mothers, and telling the women that their baby had died in childbirth.

      The Catholics are *cartoonishly* evil.

      • wmforr

        Or born of a jackal in the case of Damian.

  • delk

    Shorter Archbishop Naumann: Please don’t pay attention to our history of child molestation.

  • geoffalnutt

    He needs a long, blond wig, horn rimmed glasses and a magic wand, I think. Also: Does anyone recall Rollerina? NYC – 80s.

  • Mark

    fuck your religion.

  • Paula

    :Generations of Americans have taken freedom of conscience for granted. We, sadly, do not have that luxury anymore.”

    No, you duggaring asshole. It was x-stain privilege and it won’t stand anymore. Other people have rights, too. You want your right to hate protected, at our expense.

    • HadenoughBS

      Sadly, Archbishop, you’re a Papist POS and about as anti-Christ in your actions toward God’s LGBT community as every other person of your standing within the RCC. So sit down, STFU and do Christ’s real work as he preached to his followers. Right now, you ain’t cutting it, buddy.

  • “…and we’re still lobbying to have all age of consent laws overturned as well.”

    • TampaDink

      Only with regard to the sexual conquests of our “celibate” representatives of jee bus.

  • D. J.

    Man in gold adorned hat and dress says nothing about income inequality in Kochland, but thanks the Shitstain that has put their economy into the crapper.
    “Adoption Ministries”, yeah, right……

    • Harley

      Is that like the “adoption ministries” the Christian Brothers did in Europe after WW2? Abducting “orphans” and taking them down to Australia to rape and murder them?

    • Paula

      Anything with the word ministry attached to it makes me suspect of them.

  • Hue-Man

    “…make the protection of religious freedom for all Kansans a top priority in the coming months.”

    So much for the Episcopalians and other religious groups who have adopted marriage equality!

    • jmax

      According to Pew Research, Kansans with no religion outnumber Catholic Kansans 20% to 18%. So he is preaching to a very small choir.

  • JT

    The governor and the archbishop need to get together and have an intense brownbacking session to work out all their pent up frustrations.

    • Harley

      Don’t leave out Santorum.

      • wmforr

        I’m sure they are all quite lax in hygiene when it comes to the naughty bits, so there should be plenty of santorum.

  • Phil
  • royinhell

    I can’t take one more idiot who thinks that ‘religious freedom’ means that christians- and ONLY christians- can do whatever they fuck they like as long as they’re “sincere.”

    • RoFaWh

      Didn’t you get the memo? Fundagelical xtianism is the Only True Religion. Those who claim to believe otherwise know that Truth in their hearts and when they claim disbelief are merely lying for personal advantage.

      This means that their “sincerely, deeply held religious beliefs” are fake, and can be disregarded.

      IOW, no religious belief except the tenets of fundagelical religion can possibly be sincere or deeply held.

  • talldoggy

    What they mean to say – instead of ‘forced’ to close is – chose to harm families.

  • Freeman

    If your whole religion is based upon the luxury of being able to discriminate against a demonized minority group, you may want to go back to the drawing board.

    • Duck

      Like those folks who scream about “Sodom and Gamorrah” as proof that gays = bad. I’m thinking that if you focus on the same-sex aspect of the attempted same-sex gang rape as the bad thing (not to mention the offering up of virgin daughters, who does that?) and not the gang rape part, your moral values really need reevaluation.

  • Dale Snyder

    Oh yes, they were FORCED to close their doors.

    Lie much?

    • Stev84

      Every time he opens his cake/pie hole

      • Robincho

        (More like his cock/pee hole…)

  • lattebud

    I can only imagine what the Pope is thinking while reading this.. “Do we have a position for an Archbishop in a location that he will be more concerned with his parishioners than the media? Maybe a position where he’d have to get his hands dirty? And away from young men!!”

  • j.martindale
  • Bj Lincoln

    So sayeth the man in a dress.

  • jomicur

    Pedophile enabler says what?

  • 2patricius2

    That’s some outfit on a man who is so against marriage equality. Can we say “high camp”? Hard to take such stern words seriously coming out a face topped with a hat like that.

  • Blake J Butler

    bullshit on very thing this guy has said. Has anyone checked under the robe and make sure all the alter boys are accounted for.

    On the other hand, because of archbishop Naumanns speech, I feel the sudden urge to let Jesus DEEP inside me……

    • Octavio

      Every time I’ve climbed the giant pyramid at Teotihuacan I’ve been greeted by guys selling locally made souvenirs. And they always have hand-fashioned dildos made of fired clay in the shape of priests, bishops and the pope. Occasionally they have nun dildos. The colors and details are very professional. 🙂

  • DavidR51

    All these states who passed these so called “Religious Liberties Bills” are nothing more than a license for a church or religious person to discriminate when that they see fit. No government entity or person has made your religious beliefs illegal. You can spew your nonsense anywhere you want and not go to jail for it. The only threat to religion is that your hate is making people leave the churches in droves. In a way, you are doing this to yourself. Instead of blaming the gay community or gay marriage, why don’t you look inside yourself to see where this religious hate is really coming from. People are getting tired that most religious institutions are mixing politics with religion just to serve their own stupid agenda. I hope Christianity will be a relic in the future since most educated people do not need to be co-dependent on a phony belief system based on myths and legends.

  • Steverino

    Is that a red herring peeking out of his sleeve?

  • ted-

    I can’t take anyone too seriously when they wear a costume and not fight crime. Cross-dressing in the privacy of your bedroom is acceptable; this not so much.

    • Robincho

      Catwoman just called. She reminded us that costume-wearers also CAUSE crime. It is in this category that Naumann falls…

      Oops! John Donne on line 2: “Naumann is an island.”

      • ted-

        She helped Batman, so there! Don’t underestimate Catwoman. 🙂

  • Ninja0980

    For the last time, no CC were forced to shut down because of their beliefs.
    They were shut down because they wanted to take public money and not play by the same rules as everyone else you lying pedophile protecting sack of shit.

    • Phil

      Actually, they “exited” the foster care system, because they were no longer going to receive state funds, due to their wanting to operate Catholic Charities under their own rules, which were discriminatory. Here in IL, another agency stepped in and took over their entire operation, social workers and all. The only change to the foster parents and kids was the name of the agency on the stipend checks.

      • KCMC

        same here in MO, lost foster contract for region after making stand not supporting teens in state care ability to access birth control.

      • Harley

        I swear. FACTS FACTS FACTS! Why muddy up his victim hood status with FACTS.

        • Stev84

          They haven’t needed any facts for 2000 years. Their entire business model is fact free.

  • John

    Dear Mr. Archbishop;

    I’m confused, when did you start to be concerned about children’s welfare? Was it before or after you and your brother priests molested those children?

    People actually concerned about the welfare of children

  • Christopher

    Because these people always know what’s best. Umm, ok.

  • TampaZeke

    And by “threat” they mean “totally made up shit that only exists in the minds of insane people”!

  • Harley

    But he didn’t finish his comment. “And for this right to discriminate we will gladly not accept any money from the government, whether it is federal, state or local dollars. We will not accept any tax money at all. “

  • Except that it’s doomed posturing, bishop. It has as much chance of surviving as a sno-cone in Hades.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Lying pedophile enabler says what?

  • Happy Dance

    Do they think dressing like that makes them more God-like?

  • 2karmanot

    Holy drag queen Batman, yet another Church eunuch blathering on about sexity situations.

  • Toasterlad

    Every time a Catholic official mentions children in public, he should immediately be arrested.

  • Xuuths

    Revoke their tax-exempt status!

  • Eric in Oakland

    “…there is tremendous uncertainty as to what the Obergefell decision will mean for everyday people just trying live their faith as they always have.”

    That uncertainty is caused by the lies of him and other hatemongers. The decision will have no effect on “everyday people just trying to live their faith as they always have”.

  • Mark

    Uh…dude. You want to call me a sin….and you’re standing there all dolled up in lace and gold? And, I don’t think your brand has much draw in Kansas. I grew up there and never heard of a ‘catholic’ until I was done with Santa. But, I do remember my grandmother saying ‘the only good catholic is a dead one.’ She said the same thing about snakes.

  • Congratulations, Brownstain, you’ve got the pedophile endorsement. So much WIN!

  • Stev84

    In Oregon a priest installed a camera at crotch height in the bathroom:

    A boy found it and when questioned by his parents he lied to them and told them that he notified the police but that they didn’t have any evidence and couldn’t investigate.

  • William

    So if I convert to Aztec, human sacrifice on the Kansas capitol steps is a-okay, what with religious freedom?

    • RoFaWh

      Only if you get a permit first, from the Kansas State Department of Heretical and Aberrant Pseudo-religious Belief.

      OSHA rules forbid the use of obsidian daggers unless they’ve first been autoclaved.

      • William

        Damn government bureaucracy, once the heart is removed, there is little chance of serious infection.

    • jmax

      As long as you promise to make Governor Shitstain the first victim.

      • William

        I ain’t cleaning that up.

    • Octavio

      Yes. But you have to eat what you sacrifice. The Aztecs didn’t kill their own people for shits and giggles. They also made jerky. 🙂

      • William

        I may have to re-think the whole Kansas angle. We would have Brownback leftovers for weeks.

        • Octavio

          I don’t think we could disguise the poor quality meat in highly spiced sausage. 🙂

          • William

            We could sell them at the Republican convention.

          • Octavio

            We could have them double printed. Underneath the second full color print of her face done in fading ink we could have a similar sized image of the middle finger printed in ink that wouldn’t fade in the was. After the first wash the only thing left would be the finger. We could sell them for a minimum of $50 each. It’s what Republican’ts deserve. Need. Want. Expect. Yearn for. 🙂

          • William

            My plan was to sell Brownback sausages at the repuglican convention. They do love to eat their own.

    • wmforr

      But at least the Aztecs practiced “traditional marriage” according the Chief Justice Roberts–i.e. polygamy.

  • MBear

    catholics are such vile, perverted, violent creatures – why does anyone of import give them any attention, power, money, or care?

    • chrisl

      Some christians get the sermon on the mount, like others they try to live by the golden rule.
      This guy, he’s a waste of skin.

  • Necessitas

    When I see him in that white robe and pointy hat advocating exclusion and discrimination, this is exactly what he reminds me of:

  • The Cool Cookie

    Here’s what irks me about this Brownbacker (my name for him) thing. There was NOTHING in the SCOTUS ruling stating that Chruches had to accept gay people, there was nothing in the ruling that even gave muscle to the idea that ministers had to perform SSMs. YET, and NOW, that this stupid law is on the books, in a year, Brownbacker will be hailing the success of a law that was unneeded and unwarranted. I can here him now at the RNC Convention “Kansas is proof positive that these laws work in protecting religious liberties…” Such bullshit.

  • Ginger Snap

    So they are actually pissed because they can’t make money off of baby/child trafficking. Yes I call it trafficking when there is any money involved with child adoptions.If they really cared about children they would use the church money to place children in homes.

    • THANK YOU! Its nothing short of slavery with the selling of children, what most folks call adoption. We looked into adopting about 20 years ago, but couldn’t afford the nearly $30,000 it was at that time. If they really and honestly cared about placing children in “forever” homes, then they seriously need to reduce the price. I know some people who would have been tremendous parents but couldn’t afford the fees.

  • sword

    At what point will the cowardly IRS begin to revoke the tax-free status of the Catholic Church for violating Federal laws?

  • I see that part about not bearing false witness was left out of the Bishop’s Bible.

    Or he borrowed Tony Perkins’.

  • Octavio

    More reason to ignore anything catholic. What ass wipes.

  • bpuharic

    You know, I’m a straight guy but I’m TIRED of the whining and whimpering from Christians about their ‘freedom’

    IT USED TO BE A CRIME TO BE GAY! Yes, xtians, you used to put people in JAIL for acting in the privacy of their own bedrooms. You’re worried about your TAXES when gays used to have to worry about PRISON FOOD!

    God, get a paper bag. Stop hyperventilating…

    • ted-

      Your comment actually made smile and quite possibly made my day. I thank you for it.

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    Ironic to have this man, who had to become interim bishop of KC, in replacement of Robert Finn, sitting in judgment and preaching “religious freedom.” Robert Finn was the Catholic Bishop in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph and the highest-ranking U.S. Catholic cleric to be convicted in a decades-long child sexual abuse scandal.

    In September of 2012, a judge found Bishop Finn guilty on one misdemeanor charge after he failed to report a priest who had taken or possessed hundreds of pornographic pictures of young girls. Even though Finn was found guilty in a court of law, he remained the Bishop of the Kansas City – St. Joseph Diocese.

    Glass houses and stones…

  • deebee1222

    Nice dress on the Archbishop. Wonder what size heels he wears?

  • anne marie in philly

    where did he get that dress? go directly to jail, child rapist!

  • doninkansas

    Here is the Diocesan Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/archkck And here is Archbishop Naumann’s as well. https://www.facebook.com/archbishopnaumann/timeline

    My post of the archdiocesan timeline about this:

    Archbishop Naumann. it is a sin to bear false witness. None of those adoption agencies were closed down, they chose to stop providing adoptions rather than follow state laws for groups who received state funding. Don’t want to follow state law, then don’t accept taxpayer dollars. The church itself can say and do anything it wants about accepting or not accepting same-sex marriage, but any individual who enters the public square as a public business or group that accepts any tax payer funding should not be allowed to discriminate against anyone for any reason. Don’t want to serve gays or any other group, don’t feed at the public trough. Personally, I think ut should go for tax exemptions as well, as you are benefiting from my tax dollars and I would prefer not to expend them on any bigoted, discriminatory organization. That is my personal religious and moral belief. Maybe I should sue under the new law for recompense?

    Do let the “good” Archbishop know what you think of this.

  • Interesting that his chosen backdrop should be a photograph of a long-since deconsecrated church, and not even one in America.

  • tasteless chap

    Who gives a shit what this child rape cultist has to say!?

  • Galvestonian

    “threats to religious freedom” ??? Bigotry, intollerence, hatred, the removal of rights from tax-paying citizens ? Are THOSE are the rights you are referring to ?

  • Kissmagrits

    My dear Archbishop Naumann: Governor Mossback should be impeached and you should keep your ignorant mouth shut. Questions?

    PS: Love the new frock!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Every time I read this kind of shit, the happier I am to no longer be associated with that vile and retched Church.

  • Cyril

    doesn’t he have some children to molest

  • Every child deserves loving parents, gender has no meaning when it comes to parenting. Having said that however, equal marriage or as its properly named now MARRIAGE, does nothing to rip children from opposite sexed homes and you lying sack of shite know that.

    I thought y’all took vows of poverty, how many people could that fancy dress of yours have fed?

    Ditch the drag queen clothing, dress in muslin and burlap and dime store flip flops, move out of your mansion, give all of your money to house and feed and clothe the desperately poor. But what I really want you do to is to get down on your knees in public and repent for the pedophilia you and your church has hid for fuck knows how long, and then we can talk.

  • DesertSun59

    An incredibly deceitful press release. No surprise. Their entire cult is a massive deceit.

  • Bradford Kelly

    I often wonder if the Catholic church was really just set up so that Gay men could dress up in Hats and robes, Listen to fabulous music and hang out in gorgeous buildings – oh and Fuck each other because this is all that the catholic church seem to bring to the world these days. That and kiddy fiddling.

    Bells and Spells darling

    • William

      Don’t forget the shoes, wonderful, fabulous shoes!

  • Dear Romish Priest, the Supreme Court IS a part of the democratic process here in the United States of America. Fuck off.

  • Amanda B. Rekendwith

    Asshat. I mean him, not what he’s wearing.
    You still have your freedom of conscience.
    But our peaceful CIVILization works best when we treat ALL others CIVILLY as we go about our own pursuit of our own happiness.
    If you guyz would live up to your religious teachings, CIVIL laws wouldn’t really be necessary. But because you seem unwilling to do that, we spell out for you what CIVIL behaviour is really all about.
    No one is coming to take away your fancy hats, your silk robes, or your sincerely held beliefs. Or to make you marry anyone you don’t already. But own your bigotry: it is still bigotry even when you attempt to pass it off as just another demand of your angry gawd, and you are just being obedient serfs.

    And seriously…you think no one can see the lies your organization spews?
    Your delusion would be awesome if it wasn’t so damn harmful to others.

  • Sean Taylor

    Fucking Catholics

  • GayEGO

    Religious Liberty? Give me a break! How about Religious Oppression on LGBTs? The majority of Americans are tired of this nonsense which is evident by these type of churches losing members.

  • ScottChicago

    Judicial fiat? What a crock. But then, you would want to go back to the Middle Ages, where politicians answered to the Pope’s fiat. The “Christ Above Culture” model (see book by Niebuhr) does not apply in this world any more.
    And I also find it quite interesting he’s got Bob Barron’s documentary behind him in that picture. Barron, now rector of Mundelein seminary in Chicago, has spent much energy on social media making dire claims (the usual diatribes against the supposed secular ideology) about what would happen if same-sex marriage were legalized. In his last video, he put a picture of Stalin behind him. Stalin? Stalin killed many people, but not because of religious beliefs.
    If it were not for the “secular ideology,” most of us would be dead in infancy. Without secularism, no medical advances that reduced the infant mortality rate

  • wmforr

    Liar, liar, cassock on fire! Catholic Charities was not “forced to shut down” by the government. They were perfectly fine placing children with gay couples, until the Church stepped in and said no-no. And still, they were not “forced to shut down”. They simply lost government funding, and the Church was evidently unwilling to fund them.