DC: Suspect Arrested In Subway Stabbing Death Of LGBT Activist Kevin Sutherland

Via the Associated Press:

Jasper Spires, the man suspected of stabbing and killing a 24-year-old at a Metro station Saturday afternoon, has reportedly been arrested. The victim, Kevin Joseph Sutherland of Northeast D.C., died after he was stabbed on a train approaching the NOMA-Gallaudet Metro Station Saturday at about 12:50 p.m. An arrest warrant was subsequently issued for Spires for first-degree murder in the case. Sutherland had recently started working for “New Blue Interactive,” a political strategy firm. Co-worker Brandt McCool told ABC7, “We all really loved working with Kevin. He came on a few months ago and ever since he has been one of the best digital strategists in the country. He’s a bright spot, a pleasure to work with. It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy.” Sutherland graduated from American University in 2013. He was twice elected Student Government Secretary.

More about Sutherland from the Washington Post:

He was known to enjoy the sunset at a Kenny Chesney concert with a cocktail in hand, and he decorated his student government office at American University — where he advocated for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights — with posters depicting glam shots of pop star Lady Gaga. On his Twitter profile, he led with the Latin words of the Connecticut seal, “Qui transtulit sustinet” — “He who is transplanted still sustains.” By all accounts, Sutherland lived by the motto. In photographs and videos Sutherland posted online, he showed reverence and adoration for D.C.’s monuments and the city’s history, highlighting what he considered the nation’s treasures.

Local Connecticut news reports on the crime.

(Tipped by JMG reader DC Dave)

  • Blake Jordan

    I hope the full force of the law comes down on the murderer!

    Rest in Peace Kevin Joseph Sutherland.

    • gewaite

      As opposed to “Haunt us forever”?

  • Sam_Handwich

    is this what the troll on the Limbaugh thread was losing his shit over?

    • oikos


    • crewman

      That makes sense. Sowing dissent between the gay community and African American community is a known strategy of the right wing.

      In 2008-2009 a NOM memo to its board of directors was leaked that described a project designed to “drive a wedge between gays and blacks — two key Democratic constituencies.”

      • clay

        Thank you, Straight Grandmother, for getting that and the original incorporation papers stating NOM’s original purpose was to weaken Obama in the Democratic primaries.

      • gewaite

        “Dissent”? You mean neither side can ever disagree with what the other side says-ever? Are you that paranoid?

      • LMay

        So you don’t care or question how this young man died. To you, it’s as if a natural disaster took place?

      • doramin

        Fascinating, just fascinating, watching you people tying yourselves in knots dancing around the issue. Why don’t you just say it must somehow be the fault of heterosexism? Combined with microaggressions the perp must have earlier suffered at the hands of some conservative white breeder? Then, when your dear, dear friends are throwing you off buildings and hanging you from cranes you can tell them how much you sympathize with their oppression?

    • madknits

      I don’t think he actually gave a rat’s ass about Kevin Joseph Sutherland’s death. It’s just a wedge issue where he can get his rocks off trying to bait the liberals. My hat’s off to those of you who engaged with him, but really, grandpa’s too tired to feed the trolls today.

    • Ninja0980

      It is indeed, not that he gives a shit about Kevin’s death.

    • doramin

      You mean about Master Sutherland being savagely stabbed to death by one of Obama’s Sons? Don’t they know that it’s your world now? Breeders just live in it?

  • MDB

    What a terrible loss. Hugs and prayers to all of Kevin’s friends and family. May flights of angels sweetly sing thee to thy rest, sweet prince. ;-(


    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      Beautiful and ethereal. Thank you.

  • David L. Caster

    The answer to your question is: yes, certainly there are.

  • oikos

    That was a pretty racist comment.

    • Baltimatt

      That was a very racist comment.

      • oikos

        Correct. Flagged it.

        • Uncle Sal

          That makes two of us. And yet another grey faced poster.

    • guest

      Thanks for the ‘pretty’. But ‘raciest’?. Better get out your dictionary.

      • oikos

        Oh someone doesn’t know how to refresh a browser.

        • Bluto

          bagger “logic” – People who abhorrently point out racists are really the true racist because the racist twatwaffle is “righteously & patriotically standing up for the truth”. Well, what the racist thinks is truth which is damn fucking pathetic & revolting to say the least.

          & Oikos, I bet you are the ‘raciest’! lol. Funny how dubious education is a typical racist trait, huh.

      • gaymex

        Fuck you, guest.

    • gaymex

      Goodboy is trolling with racism today. He said similar things above.

  • Sam_Handwich

    and then there’s white youth – who shoot up classrooms full of little kids, movie audiences, political rally attendees, prayer groups, etc

    • Goodboy

      That’s why I don’t trust white kids. They’re all little shitheads just waiting to act out. Oh wait. That was me. Nevermind.

    • Bluto

      Just dropping this off here.

  • Octavio

    The idea of someone stabbing me or another person while I’m riding public transportation (or anytime/anywhere) is something I have a hard time understanding. There’s no word yet why Mr. Sutherland was attacked. But his assailant apparently has a record of similar crimes? Just another senseless murder in ‘Merikuh. Very tragic. 🙁

    • ab

      I work as a rail operator, for the last 13 years and I have had 3 stabbings on my trains. One was a robbery, one was over drugs and one involved a man with mental health issues.

      • Bluto

        Now that’s job stress.

      • Octavio

        That’s just . . . I dunno. Words fail. Stay safe.

    • doramin

      Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s all “society’s fault”. Root causes and all that. Must have been seeking “justice for Trayvon”.

  • Ninja0980

    From the various reports so far, this doesn’t appear to be anything more then a robbery gone bad and not a hate crime.
    Either way, let’s hope the book is thrown him but good.

  • TampaZeke

    How tragic. How infuriating. How senseless!

    RIP Kevin.

    Sharing a last name with Kevin strangely makes this hit even more close to home even though I didn’t know him and never met him.

  • Ian

    I’m stunned. In broad daylight on a train. I can only assume was a hate driven murder, but do we know the motive yet?

    • Circle Thomas

      I’m not. Someone tried to mug me at gunpoint on an Orange Line train on a Saturday morning at 9:00 AM a few years back. It’s the reason I now own a car again.

    • tristram

      From present indications, it was an attempted robbery – which is much more likely than a random hate crime in any event.

      • Ian

        I figured. It’s a damn shame is really all I can say. Someone was killed because stupid and evil teenager wanted their stuff. It’s just a damn shame a life was taken really cheaply.

  • Goodboy

    Wow. Without even knowing what he did I’d define Spires as a very dangerous thug just by looking at him. Some people are just meant to be in Prison.

    • gaymex

      Please, that’s really racist.

      • gewaite

        I don’t know if it’s racist; it’s certainly “lookist”-nobody can identify criminals by looking at them.

        • Ramona Love

          also the “thug” dogwhistle

  • Kruhn

    Wow! NOMA- Gallaudet? That is supposed to be one of the safest areas in DC. It’s a sad day indeed.

    • al

      No way. Not safe. But the time of day makes it much more shocking.

      • Johnny Wyeknot

        Actually, it is very safe given that the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is adjacent to the metro entrance. I am amazed because ridership was at a peak with everyone headed to the Mall for the 4th in mid-afternoon. So sad.

        • DCJoe

          The entire Metro rail system is safe yet none of it is completely safe as anyone can get on in any part of town and where they choose to commit a crime may have nothing to do with where the train has stopped. I ride the train and will continue to. I walk the streets at anytime of day or night and will continue to. I’ve lived in the crux of AM, Mt. P. & Col. Hghts for 25 years, seen a lot of changes, mostly for the better. I keep my eyes open and am aware of my surroundings but and I always warn my friends, shit can happen anywhere at any time to anybody in DC. But isn’t that really the case everywhere?

          • Johnny Wyeknot

            I agree totally. I have been in DC since 1970 and in my inner-NW neighborhood of Bloomingdale for 25 years. The trick is to not walk around with earphones on looking at your cell phone. Certainly not saying that this happened on Saturday, but I see this everyday.

  • BlueberriesForMe

    The murderer was held and released (the charges were changed) in a similar incident (violent robbery) 2 days previously.


  • A reason I am an advocate for the death penalty. This wasn’t a spur of the moment accident like a gunshot during a robbery can be. Stabbed multiple times, how horrific.

  • gaymex

    Tragic and insane. Condolences to his family.

  • Jeffrey

    What a terrible shame. Im working in DC this week. Haven’t been on the Metro. Just now hearing about this, but makes me glad I Uber everywhere.

  • LAguy323

    Here’s some irony for you: There’s a gay man, married to his husband, with the same name as the accused killer:


  • Diggy

    Gay lives matter!

  • Waldez

    On a crowded train just after noon and no one came to his aid, what does that say about society. Sad that anyone should lose their life this way, sadder yet that the Police and Media keep using the term “random” to excuse murder. Getting struck by lightning is random, decent humans being murdered is not random.

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    Death be not proud, though some have called thee
    Mighty and dreadful, for, thou art not so
    — John Donne

    The Death of Kevin is just the brutal waste of a life full of promise,
    now without tomorrow.