First Ladies of Disco – Show Some Love

Martha Wash, Linda Clifford, and Evelyn “Champaign” King.

(Via JMG reader Jonathan)

  • Oh-oh, Oh-oh, OH-OH!

    Ladies lookin’ good!

  • leo77

    I’m usually a little cynical when it comes to these musical project pieces but I thought this was fantastic—I’ve been busy cleaning getting ready for company tomorrow and this stopped me in my tracks. The song, the voices, the video. Great stuff.

  • Mark

    What a great video and seeing / hearing these three wonderful ladies, made my morning!!

  • Rolf

    Well that was definitely Febreze for Rihanna’s video below.

  • Randy Left Brooklyn

    This is very good. I was a little uneasy about watching this, because I liked them all years ago, and I wondered how the strong voices were going to work together, but I really liked this.

  • Happy Dance

    I actually liked this song! Very catchy! I was saying, “OH! OH! OHHH!!” Cause I love lots of somebodies!! 🙂 Thanks, ladies!!!

  • Feedback

    I’d kinda like to see the cop and the kid end up french kissing. That’d be the only suggestion for improvement.

    • Robert Schaaf

      That was my thought, exactly. Otherwise, fabulous x 3.

  • another_steve

    My vote for the greatest disco song of all time: Evelyn Champagne King’s “Shame.”

    • JCF

      It’s Top Ten, fer shur…

  • 10_39

    I wish someone would bankroll all the splendid production values these women deserve.

    oh-oh, oh-oh, OH-OH will be stuck in my head for the rest of day. And I’m happy about it.

  • bruincheerleader

    REAL SURVIVORS!…love this!

  • TheManicMechanic

    This is good, but part of me misses these voices being backed by a lush orchestral arrangement versus a bunch of Pro Tools samples. The simple but very effective video fits so well.

  • Luke Taylor

    So good to hear Evelyn King again. Her performances live are even been than digital.

  • Kruhn

    My gordis Martha Walsh looks Awesome! You go girl! And damn you ladies for making me cry like a two year old over the scenes in this video!

    • Stacey Jones

      Glad I wasn’t the only one,lol😊
      after all these years of shame, it’s good to see someone show some love

  • DonnaLee

    This was nice, a sweet song to break up all the haters losing their shit lately online. Their facades are cracking and the ugly is showing.

  • seant426

    Friends with Linda and Evelyn. Wonderful women and very supportive of our community.

  • Emma Duncan

    catchy little bugger.

  • JohnMark

    Great video with some great voices!