Freedom To Marry Celebrates

Lovely. Who’s the vocalist?

  • Furface

    From the end credits it’s Jayme Dee/

  • Lakeview Bob

    Shazam couldn’t recognize it. But I like this version.

  • SockMikey

    This week, we celebrate Independence Day and our national journey towards equality and freedom for all. Watch our beautiful new video featuring the song “L-O-V-E” performed by Jayme Dee. Thanks to our friends at PYNC for help in making the video.

    Jayme Dee Website

    Jayme Dee Twitter

    Jayme Dee Facebook

    Jayme Dee YouTube channel
    (Click Playlist in upper left of below video to see all her videos)

    • bkmn

      And unlike Republicans they had her blessing to use her work.

      • Gustav2

        Republicans don’t need no blessing, they have Jesus!

  • Gerry Fisher

    We’ve been given additional Freedom to Merry this week. 🙂

  • MarkOH

    Happy 4th, everyone, as this country continues to move towards equality for all. (and, I just proposed to my husband after 24 years. Fortunately, he said ‘yes’)

    • Rocketeer500


    • Gustav2

      Congrats…After 30 years what’s-his-name and I don’t want to rush into anything.

      • MarkOH

        LOL, we are wondering too but, he needs the health insurance. 😉 Used a ring of my grandfathers, my mother was so pleased (it was her dad’s ring)

        • Gustav2

          We are walking in tomorrow, taking off our rings, exchanging, then re-exchanging.

        • Amanda B. Rekendwith

          Such an absolutely lovely sweet story.
          May continued happiness be yours.

      • DaddyRay

        It may just be a phase, you might grow out of it

    • David Walker

      Congratulations. And enjoy the beautiful fireworks you two will be generating.

      • Six Pins Delores

        Just as I read MarkOH’s comment I heard the first random fire works of the season. Literally Really!

      • DaddyRay

        With you it’s like… pow, pow, pow, like the fourth of July, every time!

        • David Walker

          See ya in choich.

    • Bj Lincoln

      Awesome. Congratulations. Best wishes to you both.

      • MarkOH

        Thanks, Bj

    • Todd Allis

      Congratulations! May the next 24 and beyond be awesome!

    • Hal Watts

      Congratulations to you both! My now-husband of over 30 years and I flew 2000 miles to a blue state to get married last year. As of last Friday, we could have driven 2 miles to the county courthouse. Oh well, we DID have a fabulous wedding trip! Here’s wishing you and all the newly-engaged and freshly-married the best!

    • fuzzybits

      Congrats. 👬❤💍

    • Six Pins Delores

      Just wonderful!

  • Sam_Handwich

    and the drama continues in Dumbfuckistan, USA

    • The Professor

      Well, when you are that inbred, it take some extra time and slow explanations to get things cleared up.

      • Six Pins Delores


  • Love Wins
  • Ironic that several of the images come from the famous Get Up! ad in Australia, a country where politicians on the rightwing are doubling down on their opposition to marriage equality (and sounding just as absurd doing so as you’d expect…).

  • Jim in TO

    Nice, but given Julian Shaw who is seen several times in this video (including the proposal at the end) is from New Zealand (straight ally actor) and this is from a marriage equality commercial from Australia, my answer to the question posed “What country would say no to love” would be Australia.

    • Six Pins Delores

      So hope Australia joins equality soon.

  • Bj Lincoln

    Beautiful. Happy LOVE everyone!

  • goofy_joe

    That was beautiful, this fourth of July holds special meaning for our community! I’ve always been proud of my country, but this year it’s also proud of me.