Baylor University Drops Sexual Conduct Policy Reference To “Homosexual Acts”

Via the Waco Tribune:

Baylor University has dropped language in its sexual conduct policy specifically outlawing sexual relationships between same-sex partners, though the university does not appear to be endorsing gay and lesbian couples or sex outside of marriage. The university’s sexual misconduct policy previously listed “homosexual acts” among the sexually related conduct that could prompt disciplinary action, along with adultery, fornication, incest, sexual abuse, harassment and assault. But that clause is dropped under a new sexual conduct policy approved by Baylor’s Board of Regents at its last meeting. The policy now no longer outlines specific actions that would be considered violations. Instead, it simply states that, “Baylor will be guided by the biblical understanding that human sexuality is a gift from God and that physical sexual intimacy is to be expressed in the context of marital fidelity,” and that students, faculty and staff relationships should be consistent with that position.

Back in 2013 the school’s student government voted to replace “homosexual acts” with “deviate sexual conduct.” That change was vetoed by the student government president. (Tipped by JMG reader Rob)

  • Gustav2

    Soooo the Federal grants and student loans can continue to prop up the overpriced institution.

    • customartist

      Yes, that is at the very root of this action

  • JT

    Say what? That was in their policy?

    • Mike in Texas

      Yes … Baylor is in Waco and the reason why so many of us refer to Waco as “Jerusalem on the Brazos.”

      • JT

        I’ll never think of Baylor in the same way. I forgot it was Baptist.

        “These changes were made because we didn’t believe the language reflected the university’s caring community,” Baylor spokeswoman Lori Fogleman wrote in an email.

        Yes, I’m sure that’s why the change was made. Or maybe you want to avoid lawsuits for married same sex couples?

        • customartist

          AND there’s an Election coming

          • David Walker

            AND the federal funds.

  • Billanddogs

    Well, the good news is that Baylor University has progressed to the 1960s now. I guess they must be mighty proud of themselves.

    • Robincho

      Keep it out there on the cutting edge, Baylor. You never disappoint, chiefly because we expect nothing of you. (I still say that the best thing to come out of Waco by far was the drag queen, Blanche de Vidian…)

      • DavidAZ

        Blanche de Vidian! LMFAO. We are a clever people indeed.

  • It will only be a very short matter of time before the SBC and it’s minions badger the school into recanting. (Only yesterday I was thinking about how the local Baptists attacked Texas Christian University for having the nerve to allow a dorm/housing arrangement for GLBT students at a Disciples university).

    • Paul

      Yep. Anyone remember the World Vision fiasco last year?

      • David Walker

        I was really hoping that would be the tipping point. On the bright side, it did piss off a lot of people, especially younger evangelicals. That was still back in the days of “we’ll take what we can get.”

  • disqus_oCvsL5SBJH

    HOLY CRAP! This is really huge! Christian educational institutions are particularly backwards. This is a step into the middle of the 20th century, but that it’s a step out of the 19th century… is big

    • Gene

      its pathetic…yes. But, ANY movement by a SOUTHERN BAPTIST institution shocks the hell out of me…this will NOT go over well among the shell shocked (by the last week) citizens of Fundylandia

  • Blake Jordan

    Do they let in “colored” students yet?

    • As a former Baylor Bear I have to speak up. It’s fine to attack them on their actual positions and actions, but that one is neither fair nor accurate.

  • customartist

    Baylor does not want to lose their tax status.
    *see Wikipedia, Bob Jones University, History

  • FYI, the president of Baylor University is Ken Starr. Yes, that Ken Starr.

    • BobSF_94117

      Which only makes me think they’re doing this to provide “proof” that Christian schools are being “forced” to change by the govt.

      • Baylor is more liberal than the SBC. They separated from the Texas State Convention decades ago and started their own seminary to compete with the far right one in Ft Worth (Southwestern). They are not liberal in the broader sense onlycompared to how right wing the SBC is. (I almost wrote “has become” but there’s no change. They are what they always were.) They are widely and often lambasted by preachers for being “liberal”.

        • BobSF_94117

          Relatively liberal or not, the taint of Ken Starr will never fade as far as I’m concerned. Association with him is cause for suspicion.

          • I fully agree. Moreover as I personally know people whose lives were damaged by Starr’s attempts to get them to claim things about Jim McDougal or the Clintons that were not true (and that Starr new weren’t true) threatening them with jail or taking away their adopted children and the like, my disdain for him is stronger than most people’s. He’s a vile, revolting excuse for a primate.

        • JCF

          “Baylor is more liberal than the SBC.”

          That really would NOT take much!

          • As difficult as this will be to explain to anyone not raised in fundamentalist culture but there are a great many fundamentalist Christians who think Southern Baptists are far too liberal. What with their women wearing makeup and even PANTS! I know that to people from other traditions or other parts of the country the SBC seems like the far right, and from their perspective that makes sense but there’s a whole lot more farther out in crazyland than that.

  • Am I right in thinking this is some sort of progress? For Baylor?

    • KQCA

      I think I’m thinking what you’re thinking. Maybe it’s a glance toward progress, yet, for whatever reason they may have, it does point them toward a more enlightened horizon.

    • Stev84

      Underhanded progress. They’ll still claim that being gay (or doing gay stuff) is against the Bible

      • But it does put them into position for further “evolution” on the issue.

        At a time when “homosexual acts” were illegal, and when same sex couples could not get legally married, the people who condemn us had some legal and societal support for their “moral condemnation.”

        The legal and societal support for their moral position is disappearing. When you think of it, that is exactly what Justice Scalia was ranting about in his warnings in Lawrence and Windsor. And Scalia is still angry that there has been this legal and societal shift toward justice.

        The biblical condemnations are not really supported by what’s actually in the Bible. There is not a single one of those “clobber” verses that stands up to scrutiny when applied to a loving monogamous same-sex relationship between adults having the legal capacity to consent. And with marriage now legal nationwide, the idea that such a relationship is “outside the bonds of marriage” and immoral on that basis, also crumbles.

        Baylor is positioning itself for a gradual change, as the remainder of the culture that does not yet “get it” eventually gets accustomed to it.

        Yes, even Southern Baptists might actually get there (and likely before the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church).

  • i really wish HR people would treat graduates of institutions like these with the respect they deserve.

  • Bruno

    Who cares? Why anyone LGBTQI would go to this school is beyond me. Religion is truly a disease upon this planet. It’s poisoned humanity. Look at the US. The south again and again gets to bring this country down because of fictional characters in a book that they don’t even read! lol

    I long for the day when religion is put in it’s proper place — a fictional one.

    • Circ09

      Sports scholarships and their Law school. I know several graduates. Some good people. Some not so good. I thought Brittney Griner coming out was one of the best things that could happen to make change at Baylor since they like to fundraise off their girls B-ball but now that she has gone off the rails-role model wise- I’m not so sure. And their Football team now does awesome & has a nice new stadium so girls B-ball isn’t such a big deal now.

      • Bruno

        Who cares about their sports scholarships. Universities are meant for education not for viewership of sports events. The corruption in sports at the college level is unprecedented. No one should be watching college sports these days, especially college football. My hubby who is a true sports nut (as in ESPN alerts) finds it hard to watch college football these days.

        And their law school? I can only imagine what that’s like.

        So sports is what makes Baylor and not education?

        christianity is a cult. It’s time this country move on.

        The south is the obese, diabetic cousin who sits at the table complaining that O’bammy is a terrorist and that the gub’ment is evil. And let’s not even start with the racism….

        It’s time to leave the south behind. Once and for all.

  • The students attending university’s are adults. Able to sign contracts, and join the military, no smoking or drinking for a few years yet however. So, how a university can violate a student’s right to privacy, or to remove their legal right to engage in any form of legal, consenting sex confounds me. Has anyone fought these antiquated rules in the courts?

  • JCF

    If ever there were a school that should NOT prohibit “homosexual acts”, it’s the Baylor Bears! 😉