Seen At New York City Pride

(Via JMG reader Michael)

  • Sam_Handwich

    nice buns

    • e jerry powell

      Needs more buns, to my taste. Sentiment is great, but needs more man candy.

  • Arkansan

    That photo makes me want to give him a big ole hug, and I can’t even tell if he has the usually required facial hair.

    • John P.

      With that butt and those shoulders, I think you can get past that LOL!

    • Jeffrey

      I don’t know if this helps you decide, but here is the front

      • David L. Caster

        In a heartbeat.

  • Mark

    That is some nice looking mexican ass!

  • MarkOH

    Well, we know it isn’t Joe because he is in London ……….but, woof!

  • DaddyRay

    I have never wanted to go down on, errr I mean to, Mexico so much

  • Mark

    I think I want to have some fun in Mexico!!!

    X marks my next vacation spot!

    • Todd20036

      You slut!

      Not that I’m disagreeing with you, mind you.

      • Mark

        At my age, I just hope he can stand on his head. That way, if I can’t get it up….I can just drop it in. 🙂

  • Gigi

    I love this man.

  • Philly Mike

    Shiver me rigid timber!

  • DaddyRay

    I prefer that ass to the ass across the street

    • Gerry Fisher


  • Gindy51


  • bJason

    I had no idea the Mexican national motto was “Mexico – high and tight”
    Very nice!

  • Olive Yurdic

    Dayum. My borders are open.

  • Craig S

    South of the Border indeed.

  • Michael Rush
    • motordog

      lol, I had to look this up, it was so awesome! aka the ‘puss caterpillar’…just like the Donald’s toupee, it is toxic to the touch! XD



    • robirob

      Ok, that is freaky. I want one and stare at it all day.

    • RobynWatts

      There will be hair to pay…..

      • LonelyLiberal

        Hair toupee?

        • Hunter M

          Craig bought his wig at a thrift store, you know why?


          ‘Cause he didn’t want toupee!

          • LonelyLiberal

            For that joke, there’s hell toupee.

  • bkmn

    Is JMG getting a kickback from the Mexican tourism board?

  • JustSayin’

    I usually don’t like saggy britches but that works….on many levels..

    • Todd20036

      When you have an ass like that, you can get away with that look. Most don’t.

      • Jeffrey

        An ass like that gets away with a lot!

        • Craig S

          An ass like that gets a̶w̶a̶y̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ a lot!

  • Octavio

    El hombre en esa foto es un buen tipo y expresa mis propios sentimientos sobre el problema Trump perfectamente. Y me gusta su trasero, también.

    • gaymex


    • Sk3ptic


    • BlueberriesForMe

      “Now, when you don’t know what a word means, use context. What do you think “trasero” means?”

      Me: Ummm, “ass”?

      Google translate says “rear” which I think is just fine as well.

      • Octavio

        I was going to write nagales, but it is a bit too colloquial.

        Correction: NALGAS not nagales . . . lol!

        • Joseph Miceli

          Nogales? I think a trip to Arizona is in order.

          • Octavio

            Nalgas are “butt cheeks” in Spanish. That’s what I had intended to spell. The senior moments are getting worse and worse. But a trip to Nogales would be nice. I’ve spent many afternoons in the winter sun on the Mexico side of that city drinking beer and enjoying the ambience of the old part of town within the shade of a big rock that sticks up out of nowhere at the bottom of that canyon-like place. Nogales then Hermosillo and down to Guaymas. There are still hidden beaches where one can hide and live for about $50 a week. Who needs floors? 🙂

          • Joseph Miceli

            Don’t you mind me. I was just being a smart ass. I know, completely out of character!

          • Octavio

            My sweet “nalgas” — you being a smart ass? That’s why we all like you so much. 🙂

          • Joseph Miceli

            Sarcasm is my ground state.

      • MattPS

        Ways to say “ass” in Mexico:
        Nalgas (most common; also can be used in singular to indicate right or left ass cheeks).
        Culo (Although, when you’re doing the nasty, it’s more a reference to the butt hole. Can also be diminutized [“Culito”] as a sign of endearment: “What an adorable culito you have.”. Also, don’t confuse culo with “culero”, a word which describes Donald Trump perfectly: (asshole/douchebag).
        Fondillo (Terribly, terribly old fashioned. If you use it, you run the risk of being laughed at).
        Nachas (colloquial form of nalgas).
        Petacas (Literally means velise-like suitcases, but you get the idea).
        There are undoubtedly more words–especially regional–but I’m not coming up with them at the mome.

        • JoeNCA

          I like big traseros and I cannot lie.

          • Lane

            Me gustan traseros grandes y no puedo mentir.

        • Lane


      • Michael Rush

        ohhhh …. someone once told me there was a party in their “trasero” and i went to the wrong place .

    • TheManicMechanic

      I love it when you get all Antonio Banderas on us.

      • Octavio

        Gracias, guapo. No hay de que. 🙂

  • yowsuh123

    Props from Chicago.

    • pj

      yeah thanks for the giant trump sign….really enhances the skyline

      • yowsuh123

        The day (and it will come) Trump sells (better: has to sell) this high rise, there will be a huge gathering of Chicagoans on hand to witness those letters being removed (and hopefully dropped into the river).

        • pj

          hope its soon….the sign is nasty

  • motordog

    Aye…muy guapo…yo quiero!

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      Awwww! I was so sad when Cesaria died. She had a one-of-a-kind beautiful, gentle, peaceful yet strong voice.

  • Toasterlad

    This is perfect.

  • Olol!

  • Harley

    Looks like I’ll be making a run for the border.

  • RobynWatts

    I approve that message.

  • Craig Calhoun

    He’s on Instagram –

    • Sk3ptic

      Oh my 🙂

    • Mike P

      He looks good from any angle. Hot man!

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Super yum !

    • BlueberriesForMe

      Thanks for the link :=).

    • You are our hero!


    Burrito indeed. I love Mexican food.

  • Jeffrey

    I approve this message!!

  • MDB
    • Galvestonian

      Muy Guapo !

  • Arkansan

    Break me off a piece of that!

    • Jeffrey

      by the way, born and raised in Arkansas, myself

  • Traxley Launderette

    I volunteer to stamp his passport.

    Stamp it hard.

    And repeatedly.

  • Jeffrey

    un sabor de Mexico, por favor

  • zhera

    Dat ass!

  • barrixines

    OK I am no Photoshopper…

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      Very nicely done… and so à propos. 👍👍👏👏👍👍

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    He could make my taco Pop !

  • Nathan Broussard

    I’m loving Mexico

  • TexPlant

    Making me think about entering mexico!!!!

  • seant426

    Now, that’s a taco salad that needs tossing!

  • Galvestonian

    No photos from the front ???

    • Jeffrey

      The front

  • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. México lindo y querido.

  • MBear

    All of a sudden I have this strange urge to invade Mexico

  • J̶a̶l̶a̶p̶e̶ñJoe Smithson

    I want to make a run for the border. ¡Yo quiero Mexico! I hope his name is Jesus, because Jesus loves you means something entirely different in Mexico!

  • TreGibbs

    I don’t get it… doesn’t everyone feel this way?

  • J̶a̶l̶a̶p̶e̶ñJoe Smithson
    • BaddogLtd

      Every time I think I’ve run out of reasons to smile, fate hands me another chuckle. It’s good to be alive!

    • David L. Caster

      Trump’s office sends the following statement:

      As of today, Donald J. Trump is no longer affiliated with NBC. Mr. Trump stands by his statements on illegal immigration, which are accurate. NBC is weak, and like everybody else is trying to be politically correct—that is why our country is in serious trouble.

      [Trump himself:] “We must have strong borders and not let illegal immigrants enter the United States. As has been stated continuously in the press, people are pouring across our borders unabated. Public reports routinely state great amounts of crime are being committed by illegal immigrants. This must be stopped and it must be stopped now. Long ago I told NBC that I would not being doing The Apprentice because I am running for President in order to Make our Country Great Again.

      “If NBC is so weak and so foolish to not understand the serious illegal immigration problem in the United States, coupled with the horrendous and unfair trade deals we are making with Mexico, then their contract violating closure of Miss Universe/Miss USA will be determined in court. Furthermore, they will stand behind lying Brian Williams, but won’t stand behind people that tell it like it is, as unpleasant as that may be.”

      I believe the name for Donald Trump would be Fame Whore

  • Joseph Miceli

    Suddenly hungry for Mexican food. That there looks like Dinner!!!

  • JCF

    Heh-heh. This is going to be one of those threads that will crack (ahem) me up, I’m sure…

  • teedofftaxpayer

    Love the finger and love the ass.

  • Kruhn

    Nice ass on that hunky Mexican! Perfect protester