Celebration In San Francisco

  • jimalene dela cruz

    I am really happy that same-sex marriage was approved on all states. Way to go, US! Way to go, equality! Hoping that more countries will follow your footsteps.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      America can be slow to do the right thing, but when we do do something historic the world often races to catch up. We are not perfect, but we are the modern day Roman Empire. English is the lingua franca because of the United States. We are an economic, military, and cultural powerhouse never seen before in history. (Granted we’ve become a tad stupid in the past three decades).

      As goes California so goes the nation.

      As goes the United States so goes the world.

      I am hoping that the 2016+ years become years of equality. Years of people standing up against the Oligarchs, the Theocrats, the Fascists and we make a world of equality across Income, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Education.

      I am normally a cynical and angry bitch, but this week is what I have been waiting for. I think a shift, a massive shift, is happening.

      • pch1013

        Also: As goes San Francisco, so goes California. 😉

        • Rebecca Gardner

          Amen brother!

      • Steven Leahy

        Well I agree with most of your post but anymore we are on the trailing edge of being progressive and doing what’s right, not the leading edge, among advanced nations.

        I’ll feel better about the US when we have free and equally accessible healthcare for all among other things. It’s out of control.

      • DonnaLee

        Don’t tell me you’ve gone soft Rebecca? 😉

      • bkmn

        And any Democratic candidate that runs to the center should be toast. If they embrace progressivism they will win. People are ready for a living minimum wage, universal healthcare access, legal pot, a progressive tax system and on down the progressive list. This is something the Democratic party and their apparatchiks like the DCCC and DSCC need to understand and embrace.

  • MarkOH

    “I can be free, I can be me”

    Says it all (damn onions)

  • Steven Leahy

    I wish I were there 🙂

    • brian

      C’mon out. We have an extra bedroom, so long as you leave after a while.

      • Steven Leahy

        No desire to stay there long term. I’m a hotel guy anyway 🙂

        • brian

          Works for me. It’s all about hospitality after all.

        • brian

          Better tet, I’ll put a mini fridge in the spare room and you can pay us the going rate for a room in SF, about$350 per day. Cheers.

          • Steven Leahy

            Been there before many times. I can afford the hotel. No thanks, Cheers 🙂

  • RoFaWh

    And all those celebrating are smiling, happy people.

    In contrast, whenever you see a gathering of fundies or haters, no one is smiling. It’s all frowns, pursed lips, and unhappiness.

    • Sporkfighter

      But hasn’t this always been the case?

      • Octavio

        Proof that the churchy crowd really don’t enjoy anything. Therefore, they must make everyone else feel just as miserable.

  • oikos

    Got to stop peeling those onions.

  • DaddyRay

    I moved to San Francisco in the summer of 1994 on a Wednesday and on Saturday I woke up to see a demonstration. I lived at the Tropicana that overlooked the corner of Castro and Market to see people just take over the streets and have the police arrive block off the street and not even try to break it up was amazing to me. My partner and i went down to see what was up and it was a same-sex marriage demonstration – up until that time I had never really even thought about it but the demonstrators and arguments made me start thinking. Fast forward 21 years and here I sit on a Saturday with Marriage Equality a reality all thanks to people demonstrating and demanding our equal rights.

    Thank you to everyone who has fought for this. We need to keep fighting to pass ENDA and strike discriminatory laws still on the books in may states, shut down quackery gay conversion therapy programs and most importantly maintain what we have achieved because as soon as we let our guard down the conservatives will pounce on the opportunity to reverse our advancements. Do not think for a minute that the fight is over.

    • karen in kalifornai

      I miss San Francisco.

  • J̶a̶l̶a̶p̶e̶ñJoe Smithson

    Any of you piss elegant hand queens want to take a trick day with a butch fairy such as myself? All puppy’s lunch and frotteurs considered. Crushed fruits need not apply.


    • People4Humanity

      ha ha ha ha

  • Rebecca Gardner

    I was at work until 2:30 this morning and missed all the celebration. 🙁

    But you can count on me being in the SF Pride Parade this year. This is historic and I cannot miss it. If you are in SF and see the Dykes on Bikes, this will be me tomorrow.

    • People4Humanity

      You rockin’ some bad-ass bike, sister!

      • Rebecca Gardner

        That’s one of my three motorcycles and she really deserves to be in the parade this year. She’s so beautiful.

        I normally take my obnoxiously loud Harley with straight pipes that set off car alarms because the crowd loves that ground shaking noise. (It really does make the ground shake)

        This year we need to look polished and proud because we are finally equal human beings, and my retired CHP bike embodies that.

        • People4Humanity

          Smooth move. How did it go?

      • billbear1961

        Love WINS!!

        • People4Humanity

          billbear, you won a while back with Claude Jacques Bonhomme!
          me? I’m still on the prowl.
          (file under: It takes a village.)

          • billbear1961

            You’re a cheerful and loving man with a big HEART.

            Whoever catches you will be a very lucky man!


    • Ed Burrow

      I’m flying into SF tomorrow!! Shoot me an email!

    • Todd Allis

      You’ll be early on in the parade then, right? I’ll be further back with AVEN, the asexual group.

  • pch1013

    I’m a member of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. A couple of years ago, one of our singers (I’ll call him Mark, since that is his name) was diagnosed with cancer. Another of our singers (Melvin) took a year off from his life to be his primary caregiver. After Mark’s health had stabilized, Melvin was offered a job in LA and moved there, but he quickly realized the strength of the bond he had formed with Mark, and so he moved back up here to live as Mark’s partner.

    Last night, during our pre-concert warmup, Mark asked Melvin to marry him, and Melvin said yes. Then we performed the premiere of our Pride concert – the music of Elton John.

    “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” never sounded better.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      I love you guys. I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of your talents so many times, most memorable being at the SF Ballet before the Nutcracker.

      As if what you all give to the world could not be more beautiful, you added to it with your story of Mark and Melvin.

      Now if you’ll excuse me I need to get to my box of tissues.

      • pch1013

        There are still a few tickets left for our matinee and evening shows today. Just saying. 🙂

  • tcinsf

    I am very glad to see Gavin Newsom getting the credit he deserves. in 1994, he became a borderline pariah in his own party for his; he got lectured by all the “elders” in the party (Feinstein, I’m talking to you) and Obama wouldn’t stand next to him because he didn’t want to be associated with the gay marriage issue. I’m glad Obama and the rest of them came around, getting straight people to come around has been part of the struggle, but Gavin was always there.

  • DN

    Billy Bradford! Hell yeah!


    Confederate flag at South Carolina State House pulled down

    • DonnaLee

      She at least tried to do something about it.
      I’d have set it on fire instead.

    • billbear1961

      CJ saw this on Facebook and showed it to me, but we hadn’t seen she’d been arrested, for taking down that HATE RAG.


      • bkmn

        The minority SC House leader (obviously a Dem) has agreed to represent her. He reported that everybody at the jail loves her. And she only learned how to climb two days ago.

  • billbear1961

    To the Windsor/Obergefell Five!

    To the Constitution of the United States!

    To Liberty and Equality!

    To JUSTICE, Imperatrix et stupor mundi!!



  • Spray on abs


  • KQCA

    i still cannot believe the Supreme Court ruled in favor of this. I just couldn’t imagine seeing it happen in my lifetime, probably because i’ve witnessed and been subjected to so much anti-gay hatred from Christians. They sought political power in order to oppress others and the tide has turned on them….and they can’t handle a little justice after all the vile hatefulness and assaults they have unleashed on LBGT people the past 50 years.

  • JCF

    Friday night (coincidentally—or not!) was LGBT Pride Night at AT&T Park (sadly, the Giants lost to the Rockies—though they won today, Saturday. Go Giants!). The event, plus Friday’s “historic decision”, was celebrated during the game’s broadcast on CSNBayArea.