President Obama Breaks Into “Amazing Grace” During Charleston Eulogy

The eulogy started out very somber and presidential, but became increasing preacher-like as it went on. And then Obama did something that will battle gay marriage for tomorrow’s headlines.

  • bkmn

    Twitter reaction is incredible:
    Matthew Murphy
    Twice today our Prez has spoken, once to our joy & sense of justice, and once to our grief & sense of loss. Both times beautifully. @POTUS

    deray mckesson
    President Obama’s use of grace, as opposed to the expected theme of hope, as the thread for the eulogy was masterfully delivered.

  • Duh-David

    So much cooler than playing a saxophone.

  • Edmund Allin

    He’s doing rather well for a “lame duck” President. 🙂

    • Most presidents at this point have realized they aren’t going to get most of their agenda done. But in Obama’s case it’s freeing. He is being more open and candid than we’ve seen him on the national stage at least.

      • yetanotherLaura

        Plus he already got the biggest item on his agenda, the ACA, and it’s survived TWO Supreme Court challenges. I’d say his legacy is in pretty good shape, and it’s wonderful to see him relaxing and opening up now that he doesn’t have to face any more campaigns.

        I hope he’s as good an ex-President as Jimmy Carter!

  • Giant Monster Gamera

    Absolutely amazing speech. If this morning’s decision didn’t do it, this is going to send the few remaining silent wingnuts into a sputtering rage.

  • ChitownKev

    Great Speech.

  • KnownDonorDad

    TESTIFY!!! Also…

    • JCF

      ^ That’s awesome!

  • Lakeview Bob

    I love this man. He is so fucking decent.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Yes ! Such a polar and glaring opposite of the ” other side “.

    • Schlukitz


      That word speaks volumes and perfectly describes a man who has done so much for the LGBT community and the country in general.

    • StraightGrandmother

      That’s it Bob, you nailed it he is Decent.
      I honestly do not think he has his ego all wrapped up in being President, for him it is the power that he has to do good.

      • Gene

        I know, know, know I should not do this, but I get so sick of….someone, saying he, and his party, don’t matter. there are moments like this, moments that, in truth, would NOT happen if the other one was President, that make me so, so happy that BHO IS President. he is, at his core, decent. and decency, in politics, is rare.
        and…a treasure

    • Roger

      And that word is SO rarely suitable in the political realm. President Obama is *really* one of a kind.

  • J̶a̶l̶a̶p̶e̶ñJoe Smithson

    BO burned it down giving the eulogy at Sen Pinckney’s funeral. Spontaneously singing Amazing Grace and the crowd was stunned (In other news BO can’t carry a tune in a bucket but he was on fire). What president does that? THIS ONE. Between the eulogy and the SCOTUS ruling, I’m a blubbering mess today.

    • Schlukitz

      That makes two of us.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Hey with some coaching , his baritone can be stabilize and he will be good to go. As a president, he is certainly surging in his final year. Definitely will leave a better legacy than a lot of former presidents. Compassion goes along way. Those clowns have yet to learn that.

      • barracks9

        I’ve heard him sing better (one of the press dinners?) and damn, it’s difficult to sing if you’re at all choked up – especially at a memorial service.

        • sergemstrp

          exactly,plus,even if you sing out of tune,it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sing at all.I sing ALL the time : )

          • ZhyKitty

            Hear, hear!

          • BlueberriesForMe

            O/T: I paid a visit over to Wing Nut Daily today. To use your phrase: I don’t think the “foaming frock” level has ever been higher. Everyone to the lifeboats!

    • StraightGrandmother

      Me Too
      Gosh I love that man.
      He is everything good about America.

    • Cuberly

      Just finished watching the whole eulogy. Like you, I’m a blubbering mess.

      Today has been. Wow……

    • Soren456

      I loved it that he couldn’t carry a tune. Somehow, it was just that more sincere.

      (And he didn’t know the words either.)

  • GunnaHurt

    That man never fails to amaze me.

  • kcken

    The first black president of the United States, singing at the funeral of a fellow black man who was killed by a white supremacist.

    As a happy gay man, who can now legally marry anywhere, I’ll GLADLY give up those headlines tomorrow for this.

    Now, Pardon me while I get a tissue….. something in my eye.

    • BaddogLtd

      Agreed. I remember the embarrassment of being an American during George W’s time in office. It’s nice to have a reason to feel good about ourselves again.

      • David Walker

        I thought maybe the tears and chills and shivers were done for the day. I’ve been reading JMG all day and missed this service. Having heard this, I found the full eulogy and it’s even more moving. I love this man, his wife, his kids so much.

    • KQCA

      Eloquently stated.

    • Librarykid

      None, NONE of those rethugs could lead a service like our wonderful President Obama. He’s got some preacher in him as well as being a rightous man.

    • Sk3ptic

      This man has a genuine SOUL. And I don’t mean as in a hokey jeezusy ghost, I mean a conscience, a moral compass, a drive to improve the human condition…not to make a quick profit at the expense of the rest of the planet (I’m talking to YOU fuckers: Brian Brown, Ken Paxton, Linda Harvey, Frothy, Duggar, Mike Huckabee, Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, OMM, the bulk of the Republican party…et al).
      Obama will be remembered with the best of the best of this country’s presidents. Guaranteed.

    • Craig S

      I couldn’t be prouder to call him My President.

    • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

      In a city where only a few generations ago, black men, women and children used to be bought and sold.

  • Dan

    I was watching the speech live and I could hear tea bagger heads exploding everywhere. The Johnny/Jamal line will bounce through the Fox rage echo chamber for years to come.

  • bkmn

    That is going to piss off some of those Obama hating black pastors and “bishops”. Good.

    • Snarkaholic

      I’m sure Manning is crying into his fifth semen-flavored latte!

  • Todd

    The conservatives will be ever so pissed that we have a President who dares to not have a stick up his butt.

  • Sam_Handwich

    Best president ever

    I wish i was as excited now as i was in 2007.

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      I actually think Bernie has an actual chance.


      • Toasterlad

        I’m VERY excited for Bernie.

      • Schlukitz

        He has been a fierce LGBT ally.

  • AtticusP

    Damn proud that I voted for this man twice. I wish I could do it again.

    • Schlukitz

      Hear. Hear.

    • MDB

      Amen !!!

    • Gerry Fisher

      He’s a very, very good man. T’ain’t perfect (who is?). But he’s quality.


        You just cant let go of that T’aint perfect line. Please don’t mention again to me that you voted for him you said it several times. But it just seems as if you must keep an asterisk next to him, Who is perfect if I may ask you? No seriously who? Are you perfect?

  • GunnaHurt

    I’m actually in tears for about the 10th time today. Yes… I CAN feel a brand new day.

    • Schlukitz

      How similar this must have felt to the black community when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed.

  • Gene

    the pastor who helped me so much during husbands illness was in this crowd. she is an AME pastor. she said it was ….Amazing. her message was brief…but it said it all. “in congregation. President spoke. transdendent”
    and if anyone says elections don’t matter…well…(snort) grow up.
    I have never been prouder to be an American
    oh..and..while I FULLY, TOTALLY get why so many here hate religion…understandably so….THIS is what I grew up with. this is what it Can be. This is the source of that forgiveness from the families. When yoy all think (as some have privately told me ) “I kind of like Gene, but I don’t get the religion thing at all”…well…I grew up with…this. and the power of this.
    I don’t ask you to understand or agree with it..but, you just saw it. and..oh, the comfort it can/does bring.
    in any case….we are a nation that is about 12 % black. but, this is our President. He is black. and, he just lead us in a moment that is already resonating around the world (my emails from south Africa, China, india, finland, Norway, and England, are testimony to this).
    elections matter. and, I am truly happy at this moment, on this day of both GREAT joy, and sorrow…that B. H. Obama is the president of the United States of America.

    • Gene

      Kind of a crying, blubbering mess right now, but…I am REALLY, REALLY happy to be spending this day with my little husband…and, well..the lot here. I mean that.
      I really mean that.
      Thanks to ALL who post here, support each other, share our pains of the past (expecially among the older folk) and hopes for the future..the humor..all of it. this is…the best of days..
      Special thanks to Joe. its his site, and StraightGrandmother…she has done WAY, WAY more than most of us realize to help our cause, and deserves all respect, and all honor.

      • Schlukitz

        I think all of here at JMG are sharing your feelings as well today.


        • Gene


    • sw42

      The comedian Paula Poundstone wrote today, “I’m an atheist, but Obama’s words at Reverend Pinckney’s funeral are not lost in translation.”

      That’s about how I feel.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Adam Schmidt

    And I’m wondering how the wingnuts will reconcile this with their belief that he’s a Muslim.

    • Dan

      Oh don’t worry. They’ll find a way.

      • Gustav2

        “Well he obviously didn’t know the tune EVERY Real Christian™ knows by heart.!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!”

        • JCF

          He DOES know the tune. He knows it well enough to ad lib on it, in the (black) Gospel music style. I thought it was a very fine (not perfect), but more importantly, SOULFUL rendition. [Even when he was out of tune, he got back in tune…eventually]

          • lymis

            You think something as obvious as that iis going to stop them?

    • Randy Ellicott

      Well because…. BENGAHZII!!!

      • lordy, we have a whole slew of gahzi’s today.

        RACEGAHZI !

        LGBTGAHZI !

  • Giant Monster Gamera

  • another_steve

    So this, people, is what you get when faith in the transcendent (as that faith manifests in its thousand ways) and human goodness are combined. You get a Barack Obama.

    How lucky we American people are to have Barack Obama as our President.

  • Richard Rush

    That brought tears to my eyes. Oh, how I wish that I could vote for him to serve a third term.

  • BaddogLtd

    So many things for the right wing to froth over today. Expressions of Love. Dignity. Empathy. Amazing how they will turn all of it into a hateful diatribe through the day and come the morning. We won, but it still makes me kinda sad.

    • yetanotherLaura

      Don’t be sad today, Baddog. Take one day to just be happy. You deserve it! I’m not even reading the sadz today; I’m so fundamentally thrilled at the progress our country has made, I don’t want to let any narrow-minded bigot mess up my wonderful mood. I recommend that for you, too.

      • BaddogLtd

        Yeah you’re right. I’ll be sad for them tomorrow. I’ll be happy for us today ; )

        • yetanotherLaura

          That’s the spirit! There aren’t many days that can bring this much pure joy. Just soak it all in; it’ll be incredible armor for any crap that comes along in the future, knowing that 2/3 of the country (and rising) and the Supreme Court have your back.

    • Gindy51

      Me too. They are missing so much of the joy that life has to offer. I wonder what made their hearts sand minds so damned small.

      • Snarkaholic

        They atrophied…from lack of use.

    • MDB

      For those from Emanuel AME now in the Glory of God the Father, we are sad they are gone but yet rejoice !!! The work they began will now live on. May the Alleluia’s lift your spirits !!!

  • sergemstrp

    could we have him for 4 more years ?? Pretty Please ??

    • Giant Monster Gamera

      He’d win in another landslide. I’m so happy that he’s still young and will be with us for many more decades.

      • ArchiLaw

        BHO for Supreme Court Justice!

        • Bad Tom


        • Gindy51

          Now wouldn’t that frost some cupcakes on the right…..

        • Lindoro Almaviva

          Can we have both him AND Michele Obama in that court, PLEASE!???

          • JCF

            I’d love to see Michelle (two Ls: “Michele” is {vomit} Bachmann!) representing Illinois in the Senate. 🙂

          • Librarykid

            My dream ticket, Hilllary and Michelle. They would clean up Washington and the nation and maybe appoint Cruz ambassador to Cuba then lock the door after he left.

        • yetanotherLaura

          He’s a constitutional law specialist; there’s no reason he wouldn’t be incredible on the Court. President Hillary or Bernie, please make it so!

  • J̶a̶l̶a̶p̶e̶ñJoe Smithson
    • Octavio

      Works for me.

  • KQCA

    Regardless of differences, I love this president. I voted for him. Twice. I would vote for him again. I would kiss the soles of his shoes and the pathway he walked. I am the son of a vile racist and I am so thankful to have lived to see these days.

    • Talisman

      I, too, am the son of a vile racist. I have gotten to the point that I won’t go home because it’s an endless series of curses and complaints about Obama/Democrats (not to mention endless Faux News). I’ve been called everything in the book from a pansy to a communist…I told him the last time we spoke that I’d rather live my life with hope and compassion, than nurse despair, selfishness, and hatred. You reap what you sow.

      I, too, am proud that I have voted for Obama. He’s made mistakes, and broken promises, but overall he’s been a kind, compassionate President, and a decent man.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Amazing president gifted with amazing grace.
    Just perfect!

  • John Calendo

    My fucking president sings, bitch!

  • MikeBx2

    This day! No words.

  • Alpha 50327

    Cue Todd Starnes shitting on this in 5… 4… 3… 2…

    • Giant Monster Gamera

      He already has. Several times.

      • pleasebereasonable

        Todd, what is actually unbelievable is that a person can be such a huge douche bag, and shamelessly so. Most of us at least try to be a decent person….at least ONCE in a while.

        • Octavio

          You need to tweet this to Todd. Seriously. I would, but I don’t do twitter.

      • Gustav2

        Here we go…..

      • BaddogLtd

        unbelievable even for Starnes. A racist white man massacres 9 black church goers and you’re playing the race card if you mention it? Disgusting. Jeez, I’d like to kick him in his pussy.

        • Octavio

          I’d like to render him into soap.

          • Schlukitz

            Not a bar of soap I would even want to wash my hands with, much less lather all over my bod. 🙁

          • Octavio

            For cleaning sidewalks? Scrubbin’ down the pig barn?

          • Schlukitz


          • BaddogLtd

            Heh Heh, I don’t think anyone would buy soap that makes you smell like shit.

        • JCF

          Toddster doesn’t have enough balls to have a pussy.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        To Which I Tweeted……

  • Matt

    OMG… the Teabaggers heads will first implode, then explode. I can’t even imagine the collective angst being felt nationwide at this moment (among the ever-so-righteous-right).

    • Mark_in_MN

      If we could harness it and store it in batteries, we’d probably have a supply of energy for quite some time with minimal additional green house gas emissions (other than their bloviations that is).

  • J̶a̶l̶a̶p̶e̶ñJoe Smithson

    Paging Karen Walker…I need a G & T, STAT

  • MC

    Lordy, I’m crying a lot today.

    • Nychta

      Me, too. Yet I’ve rarely been so happy.

  • HanyBaal

    That’s My President

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    Obama, I love you i do, but PLEASE! stop! My ears! That was like the 12-tone version of Amazing grace. Oh who cares, it was a great moment.

    • JCF

      Hey, have you ever sung for a murdered friend? Please, don’t be a critic for a sung eulogy.

  • CityWOOF

    That was incredible. I was watching live and couldn’t believe it. What a President. Such a game-changer and history maker. I do love him. #ThanksObama

  • John T

    “Black churches taught us to forgive white people. We learned to shame ourselves”

  • Megrim Twist

    I am stunned. I love the long pause before he begins singing … considering whether to go for it …. saw him feel it and go for it. More tears. WHAT A DAY!

  • Tommy Marx

    I am an atheist, and let me tell you I’m crying like a baby. What a beautiful, beautiful moment!!!

  • ChitownKev

    The comments at foxnews are what you’d think SMDH

  • Paul Forsyth

    That was incredible!! Made me cry. The whole speech was incredible.

  • BaddogLtd

    Two people love each other and wish to spend their lives together. The right wing threatens insurrection. 9 people massacred by a right winger and the left sings of grace. The line can’t be drawn any clearer.

    • Silver Badger

      You are 100% correct.

  • JCF

    “Obama did something that will battle gay marriage for tomorrow’s headlines.”

    With all due respect, I disagree. Not a “battle”, but ALLIES in the great struggle for human rights for ALL. (All! All! All! All!!!)

    • Schlukitz

      Beautifully stated.

      • JCF

        Thanks, Schlu!

    • Cuberly


    • JCF

      Sadly, what DID “battle” for the headlines, is that interminable coverage of the prison break (and despite his crimes, RIP Richard Matt). Geez, couldn’t that story have played out tomorrow? I know it’s a BFD to the people in the immediate area, but for the rest of us . . . I want to see more marriages in Mississippi (et al)!

  • Davidjs

    Even though I am an atheist, I would love to see President Obama say ‘fuck it’ and decide from now on to go all old-time Southern Baptist preacher (the ones who preached fire-and-brimstone and who could whip a crowd in a frenzy) against his political opponents and in defense of what he believes in (except TPP. That deserves to die a quick death!).

    • Hue-Man

      MLK’s speeches. You forget that he was a young man in his 20s and 30s, dead before he turned 40.

  • Joseph Miceli

    Wait…I thought he was a Muslim? Fox said so. He’s not a REAL Christian.
    Sure sounded like on to me.

    • Gene

      I grew up knowing real Chistians…the ones who got in the mud after floods and cleaned and fed the dying…but did not go about wearing their faith on their sleeves…this man, our President, is one of them.
      huckaby…santorum? hell no.
      this day…could not, if won lotto, get better. Truth won out this day. on so many playing fields, in so many ways..truth won out today.

  • Azgaard

    Presidential as f***


    • KnownDonorDad
      • JCF

        I tell ya, he probably sang this song ~15 years ago, and that’s why Michelle say Yes!

        • Octavio

          He’s got a better voice for doing Al Green, and that’s a good thing!

      • KQCA

        Yes, I knew at the first note that I had voted correctly.

  • sherman
  • Paul Forsyth

    I wonder if The President would do my eulogy?

  • carswell

    That pregnant pause at the end between United and States. Whoa.

    What a mensch.

    • Schlukitz

      I too have been wanting to use that word to describe our President because it is so on the money.

      “Mensch (Yiddish: מענטש‎ mentsh, cognate with German: Mensch “human being”) means “a person of integrity and honor.”

      • carswell

        As my mom the onetime nun always said, you don’t have to be Jewish to love Yiddish. 😉

        Though I’m not uncritical of Obama, this isn’t the first time I’ve thought the word applied to him. Glad you concur.

  • sherman

    A point I’ve seen several people make – Amazing Grace was written by a former slave ship captain who was seeking redemption.

    • Octavio

      I did not know that. Thanks for the info!

      • MDB

        “Amazing Grace” is a Christian hymn published in 1779, with words written by the English poet and clergyman John Newton (1725–1807).

        Newton wrote the words from personal experience. He grew up without any particular religious conviction, his father was a Catholic and his mother unafilliated, and his life’s path was formed by a variety of twists and coincidences that were often put into motion by his recalcitrant insubordination. He was pressed (involuntarily forced) into service in the Royal Navy, and after leaving the service, he became involved in the Atlantic slave trade.

        In 1748, a violent storm battered his vessel off the coast of County Donegal, Ireland so severely that he called out to God for mercy, a moment that marked his spiritual conversion. While his boat was being repaired in Lough Swilly, he wrote the first verse of his world famous song. He did however, continue his slave trading career until 1754 or 1755, when he ended his seafaring altogether and began studying Christian theology. He became an ordained Anglican Priest.

        Check out the 2007 movie “Amazing Grace” about William Wilberforce, and the Atlantic slave trade starring Ioan Gruffud, Albert Finney, and Michael Gambon.

        • Schlukitz

          Exceedingly interesting, MDB.

          Thanks for sharing that with us.

          • MDB

            Wiki has much more detailed info about the period during which Newton was a totally self-absorbed, hateful and arrogant S.O.B. The fact that he found redemption/ and then turned his life around, in service to others AS an Anglican priest was actually two miraculous events in his life.

  • bob

    All very nice that he sang, blah, blah, blah. However, his record as one of the more terrible presidents (expansion of Patriot Act; sedition prosecutions; secretive administration; Snowden and Manning; TPP; and, on and on, anyone?).

    Not being a wet blanket, but the love is misplaced.

    • BaddogLtd

      Fuck off.

      • bob

        An intelligent and thoughtful addition to the discussion.

        • BaddogLtd

          Go eat a bag of dicks, shit-head. Nobody cares what you think.

          • bob

            “Eat a bag of dicks, shit-head”…? Now we know why you have a growling, wild animal as a talisman.

          • Silver Badger

            Children stop! This is a great day for us. Don’t throw a tantrum and spoil things.

    • Matt

      Wow Bob. I’ll bet you are the life of every party.

    • Toasterlad

      Thanks for taking the heat off me, Bob!

      • brian

        At least you are gracious in defeat.

    • bkmn

      As opposed to where we would be under Mutt RMoney?

      • Snarkaholic

        Wearing weird, ugly underwear!

    • Schlukitz

      But you are a wet blanket, Blanche.

      You are!

    • Under Obama, we have progressed further in a single decade than we could ever have dreamed of.

      A decade ago I thought this day would be beyond my lifetime. and yet, in great part because of his decisions, here we are.

      He has also done a great deal for women, and trans people, and poor people , so many others.

      I have my disagreements with him. Nobody’s perfect. But all said and done, I wouldn’t replace him. I would simply want him to do more.

    • Uncle Sal

      your profile photo does you great justice!

      • BaddogLtd

        Good one Sal

        • bob

          The depth and penetration of your political arguments are truly remarkable. What delicious insight you add.

          Do you foam at the mouth, as well?

          • BaddogLtd

            . .

          • bob

            I hope you washed them first….

            Bad Dog!

          • BaddogLtd

          • bob

            Your selfie, no doubt?

            To quote something you wrote to me, ‘nobody gives a fuck what you think.’

          • BaddogLtd


          • bob

            Bad Dog!

            Look, young man (I assume you are one or the other); I don’t know you from a hole in the wall. I mentioned important facts of the historical record. If you don’t like the historical record, or if it does not jibe with your personal feelings, I’m afraid that is your problem.

            Your initial (and succeeding) comments were not questions, facts or insights — merely attacks. Is this they way you behave in all of your relationships? Are you employable? Are you loved? I imagine either of those things are impossible.

            You clearly have anger management issues and need to seek help.

          • zhera

            Your trolling skills could do with some work.

          • bob

            Requesting simple civility is … trolling?

          • HomerTh

            Wet blanket. Yup.

          • Silver Badger

            Climbing on your high horse is trolling.

    • Oh’behr

      I’ll give you TPP.

    • Silver Badger

      No one claimed perfection. However, considering the opposition he has had President Obama has done a great job.

  • Octavio

    The President warbles a bit off key, but there’s no question he’s working on all eight cylinders and not blowing any smoke. Now, what will the bible thumping teabangelicals say about his not being christain enough to be president? Todd Starnes will begin tweeting that he’s not black enough? The man certainly has style. Looks good in a suit, too! LOL!

    • bkmn

      I was wondering what some of those Obama hating black pastors are going to say when one of their long time parishoners asks them about how the President is one of them.

      • Octavio

        Yeah. Like that Jackson on FUX? I can only imagine. 🙁

    • SockMikey

      Humanity and class too!

    • johncAtl

      Why do I think that Todd Starnes is naked and has rubbed his whole body with raw bacon whenever he tweets?

      • 2guysnamedjoe

        Because it’s a very likely scenario.

  • Toasterlad

    I hate the church, but I love lots of church music, including “Amazing Grace”. I certainly don’t begrudge the President singing at the eulogy for people who devoted a great deal of their lives to the church, despite my generally low tolerance for ANY politician invoking religion.

    At the risk of being tacky, though, and with full respect for the emotion of the moment…don’t quit your day-job, Mr. President.

    • Schlukitz

      You weren’t at risk of being tacky…

      You were tacky!

      • Toasterlad

        Yes, I’m afraid I was.

        • Schlukitz

          None of us are perfect. I’m sure that I’ve made my share of tacky remarks in my lifetime as well. 🙂


    • johncAtl

      I have three versions of Amazing Grace in my iTunes library – Glen Campbell, Susan Boyle, and my favorite – Judy Collins.

      And not tacky at all. I think if he did it with Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots in the background it would be amazing.

  • That Guy

    This might be the most moving thing I’ve seen all day. Love this president. All the best to the people in Charleston.

  • WiscoJoe

    What a uniquely American day, perhaps the quintessential day of this era of American politics.

  • Daniel

    Beautiful singing voice he has. I’m sure the Toad Starnes brigade of good christians will be along shortly to mock the “a wretch like me” part.

  • timpundit

    I’m going to miss him so hard. Thiscountry is blessedly lucky to have him.

  • Jeffrey

    What a week. I feel wrung out.

    • BaddogLtd

      I know. I’m surprised this site hasn’t crashed with the see-saw of happy/sads!

  • jack

    OMG. Thank you, Mr. President.

  • Jeffg166

    Dubya, shudder, shudder, shudder.

  • jugomono

    Bawling, & I’m an atheist Canadian living in Costa Rica. So why do I care…really? But I do. Some of my best friends are ‘merican & my late husband was. Good luck USA. Major steps forward today.

  • Mow


  • Bertlay

    I’m 38 years an atheist. Throw away the bible and I would join this man’s religion in a heartbeat.

    • JCF

      …or, you could just read/interpret it IN CONTEXT, not “set in stone”. Even the scary parts can be interesting, and give a fuller picture of that “Bronze Age” everyone hates on. “To forget the past is to be doomed to repeat it” yada-yada, doncha know.

      But how ’bout Our President? Man, can he ever preach the Good Book! ;-/

      • Bertlay

        I’ve actually studied the bible while considering going to seminary school, even to the point of actually reading it from beginning to end. I said nothing of forgetting anything. And I’ve studied the historical context of the bible. There’s a reason that actual biblical scholars, as a group, believe least in the validity of the bible as a supernatural document. So I’ll not edit my comment.

  • Bertlay

    You just know that Roof is thinking to himself “What have I done?”

  • SockMikey


    • Cuberly


  • skeptic

    Can you imagine any of the clowns presently in the clown car doing something like this? I sure as hell can’t.

    • Steven Leahy

      I am sure several of them can recite “I wish i were in Dixie” flawlessly!

  • Steven Leahy

    He has a pretty decent voice too 🙂 Don’t think I have ever heard any president sing, ever. This guy is a class act till the end.

    • Oh’behr

      I thought he sang from his heart. That’s all I needed to hear. I thought it was and is beautiful.

  • danolgb

    The whole eulogy was amazing. It’s well worth a listen. At one point, the camera panned to Boehner sitting in the middle of the audience. He had that same smug look on his face as he does at the State of the Union. I don’t think he has any empathy for any other human.. or maybe he was terrified..

    • johncAtl

      If he looked terrified it meant he was out of scotch.

    • TampaDink

      It was comforting to see Boner there, I was concerned for the safety of everyone present, knowing how much he’d have liked to swoop in to run the country…right into the ground.

  • TheManicMechanic

    Such a joyous noise!

  • ChadSF

    Amidst all the joy today, this is still in my mind. I thanked our President today on twitter for his statement about the Supreme Court decision despite where he was going to go. Thank you Mr. President. This was really amazing.

  • dwieboldt

    You folks bring even more tears to my eyes. Thanks Joe for all you do. This community is like walking into a well crowded family room full of friends, inspiration and comfort in hard times.

    • BaddogLtd

      Well said. It’s been an amazing week and it’s felt extra special to share it with the great community here on JMG. A lot of people made me laugh and a lot of people made me think and everybody made me feel like I was part of a big, madcap family.

  • BaddogLtd

    The funny things is before Obama I just accepted that politicians never spoke from the heart in public. Every word and gesture seemed/was scripted down to the last detail. It’s going to suck going back to those old ways, no matter how much I approve of the next candidate.

  • hdtex

    I was fortunate to watch this in real time. One of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard. Such a breathtaking moment when he broke into the song.

  • GanymedeRenard

    Wow, just wow! Tears here. And a beautiful voice there. History will be kind to you, Mr. Obama. The world is thanking you.

  • Silver Badger

    President Obama is definitely the best president America has had in living memory. I like both Bill and Hillary Clinton mind you, but President Obama is one of the class acts of his century.

  • Secure

    Obama is the best president since Lincoln.

    • JCF

      Love Prez O . . . but FDR.

  • guest

    …he is amazing, a hell of a speaker, charm and proper inflection…dammn, we are going to miss him….

  • WiMountainBear

    I am NOT religious… I was moved to tears… We all make mistakes… Glad he’s our President.

  • guest

    …get this guy an emmy. seriously.

  • anne marie in philly

    a-MEN, brother president; preach it!

  • KQCA

    I wish I could hug our president. I would probably crumble and weep at his feet.

  • Robert Flanagan

    I watched the whole eulogy, a wonderfully inspiring speech! When he began to sing, I actually, with tears in my eyes, stood up at my desk and cheered!

  • DaveMiller135

    Team Barack.