INDIA: Fashion Ad Stars Lesbian Couple

Ad Week reports:

An Indian clothing company is out with an ad that news reports are billing as the socially conservative country’s first to feature a lesbian couple. Anouk and Ogilvy & Mather Bangalore created the spot, in which the couple get ready to meet—and, the ad suggests, come out to—the parents of one of the women. Three and a half minutes long, the spot aims for a casual tone, showing the women in their apartment, putting on makeup and chatting about clothing, hairstyles and their relationship. The tagline, “Bold is beautiful,” risks conflating putting on a bright-colored dress with being open about one’s sexuality in a highly hostile environment. But the brand deserves credit for aligning itself with a progressive message—the ad seems to be mainly garnering support on YouTube (where it has more than 1.6 million views), even if the spirit of it is lost on the obligatory bigots yelling in all caps in the comments section of articles.

Two years ago the Indian Supreme Court reinstated the criminalization of homosexuality.

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    OneMassiveHinduMom is not going to be pleased.

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    OMG They have a portable typewriter.

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    Absolutely beautiful.

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    Is this only a web ad – seems a bit long for a TV commercial

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    What utterly beautiful women!

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    For some reason it’s just a black screen whenever I try to watch it.

  • That was lovely. Simply lovely.

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    This is great. Delicate and beautiful.

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    Comforting to know that if the Supreme Court of the United States upholds the state bans on marriage starting our slide towards criminalization again, there’ll always be commercials we can fawn over.

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    Beautiful! I love My People.