Pride Magazine Relaunches As Pride Life

For its 17th annual issue Pride Magazine has changed its name slightly and you’ll soon find it stacked around the gayborhoods as Pride Life – which is the same name as its sister publication in the UK. Inside you’ll find my interview with the always hilarious Panti Bliss, which I’ll excerpt here once the physical copies hit the streets.

  • bkmn

    Will be keeping my eyes open for it.

  • Duh-David

    In all my travels, I’ve never seen a copy, except for here on this bloggy thing. Is there a list of which gayborhoods I should find it in? I suspect it doesn’t really make its way out of NY.

    • Guest

      It’s always stacked up in the Castro bars.

    • JoeMyGod

      Distribution is handled by the local pride groups.

  • ColdDesert

    Is anyone else sick of the clown-faced performance artist being the spokes-symbol for gay people?

    • JoeMyGod

      If you are referring to this year’s cover, the five most recent covers have been Edie Windsor, President Obama, Dan Savage, Dan Choi, and Rachel Maddow.

      • ColdDesert

        I was referring to drag queens in general. They’re vapid self centered performance artists of little substance. Their schtick might have worked in the 1970s and 80s but it’s kind of old hat at this point, yet every week one of these embarrassments trots out to give their two cents that no one asked them to give.

        • Duh-David

          Thank you for offering to take on the overwhelming task of traveling to various cities and speaking to large pride festivals, eloquently, graciously and with not a little bit of humor, on a wide variety of social and political issues; and thank you for offering to market yourself to your 40K twitter followers. We will add your name to the list of approved gender-conforming spokes-symbols.

        • Jeffrey

          Have you ever heard of a dame called Panti Bliss? She’s an impressive presence as a man or a drag queen. Thats why they end up as spokespersons because they are outspoken. If you want a spokesperson who you feel better represents you then BE that person.

        • Lars De

          Just out of curiosity, if no one asked them for their two cents than who is it that they’re always giving it to?

          If you find gender queers and drag queens an embarrassment it might be you that has a problem with your identity, not them. Whatever the case relax Mary, there is room in the boat for all of us.

        • zhera

          “They’re vapid self centered performance artists of little substance.”

          Yeah, and the worst of all is Panti Bliss! Right? Right?


        • Capritaur
        • Drag queens are beat bloody every day. Drag queens are murdered– a lot. In our place!
          Drag queens stood up at Stonewall.
          Or we’d be in jail for dancing!
          Drag queens are treated like shit for daring to exist.
          Yeah, they can be self-centered. They’re in pain. They dream of being pretty. Their images help magazines sell. Is it too much work to try to find em pretty? If so, how bout we just don’t ridicule em?
          I too can be a homophobic gay. We are the embarrassments.
          Signed, a woman who can pass for straight.

          • ColdDesert

            That’s all fine and good, but my point is that because of this image every gay person is supposed to just gush over what I think is really clumsy performance art. They’re not pretty, they’re crass and irritating and I don’t understand why they suddenly get to steal the show and be proclaimed spokesthing for everyone.

          • “Fine and good” — Murder, jail , being spit on?
            “Not pretty?” Jebusghazzi, could they try harder? For less love?
            “why they suddenly get to steal the show and be proclaimed spokesthing”
            These battered heroes from Stonewall to Gay Ireland know our issues better than anyone– Nothing sudden about it.

            Do gays gush over the kid? We might find ourselves saying,That’s brave, that is OUT.
            A bit flaming for you? Deal with it.
            Why shouldnt such performance artists be on covers– especially when it is good for the magazines! Crass? Irritating omg in the USA?? And you suppose you’re not irritating? You think that’s what’s bothering you?

            Just because you “don’t understand” doesn’t mean there’s nothing TO understand. Think about it.

        • Robincho

          Ever hear the sound a hippopotamus makes as it tries to extricate its hip-deep left rear leg from a muddy swamp? I’m pretty sure it sounds exactly like you, as you try to pull your head out of your ass.

      • BobSF_94117

        I would totally love to see all those folks painted up in Pride clown makeup. 🙂

    • Ireyon

      They’re the spokes-symbol? Really? Was there an election I didn’t notice?

      Or were they elected by unanimous vote of one?

      If I can live with someone like Pope Francine on The Advocate’s cover then you can live with this. If you need a hugbox to shield you from scary ideas or images go to your local university.

    • Edd

      If you don’t like it, go live in russia.

    • Dramphooey

      I want the well-spoken, intelligent and fearless to be our spokes-symbol. The only thing that would disqualify is anything unethical or criminal. Your concerns are meaningless.

    • PepeSF

      Those “clown-faced performance artists” earner their right to say and do whatever the hell they want on June 28, 1969, at a little bar in Greenwich Village. You may have heard of it. They spoke for me that night (albeit a few months before I was born) and I’m more than happy to have them keep doing so, however they see fit.

  • Octavio

    Thanks for the heads up, Joe. I look forward to reading your interview as well as the photo essays by Alfred Eisenstaedt and Margaret Bourke-White. 🙂

  • Brian in Valdosta

    Oh, how I miss living in a city where such publications are to be found. I live in a cultural and social desert.

    Of course, I imagine that for white, christianist, bigoted, xenophobic gobblers of fast food and strangers to strenuous activity, southern Georgia might be considered a paradise.

    Happily, I am not one of Them.

  • Lars De

    I really hate the logo, if that is in fact the logo. The cut off letters are a bit jarring to the eyes which may have been what they were hoping for. I have no knowledge of what works on news stands these day, this is just one bitchy opinion. Anyone else find it less than pleasant?

    • PepeSF

      Yup, agree with ya. Just seems random and without reason. On the other hand, there’s a great barbershop in the Castro called Joe’s, that does a similar thing with its logo. But given the accompanying tagline, the cut off treatment makes total sense and is a great big slice of visual wit.

      • Jude Newton

        Lars, I agree 100%. From a marketing standpoint that logo is ridiculous. Pepe, that is a fantastic example of a play on words.

    • jarring yeah but otherwise how do they avoid looking like they took the LIFE magazine logo? that’s a look no one can afford

  • OMG thanks for the tip. I’ll be here watching for quotes and links.
    Dayum, you rock.

  • JCF

    Who’s on the cover? (That’s certainly not Panti)

    Speaking of drag queens: color me wildly “Meh” re Violet Chatchki’s RPDR win, w/ her cinched-up advertisement for anorexia (I was for Ginger Minj).