NORTH CAROLINA: Senate Overrides Gov’s Veto Of Magistrates Refusal Bill

Via the Associated Press:

The state Senate voted Monday night to cancel Gov. Pat McCrory’s veto of a bill that would allow some North Carolina court officials to refuse to perform gay marriage activities because of religious objections. The 32-16 vote was above the three-fifths threshold necessary to override a veto. The bill still must clear the House again for the veto to be blocked and the law enacted. That vote was scheduled for Wednesday in the House, where the outcome is less certain because 10 lawmakers were absent last week when the bill first passed. The bill says the court officials who disclose a “sincerely held religious objection” must stop performing marriage duties for both gay and heterosexual couples for at least six months. The chief District Court judge or the county register of deeds – both elected officials – would fill in on marriages if needed.

Republicans dominate the North Carolina House by 74-45-1. The initial vote to approve the bill in that chamber was 65-44. The three-fifths override threshold is 72 votes.

  • SBrooks360

    Sons a bitches

    • Joe in PA

      That was my dad’s favorite curse, thanks for the memory. 😉

  • David Walker

    Governor vetoes bill. He gets to look like he cares. Senate overrides veto. They look good to the constituents. Win/win for everybody except us, and who cares about us?

    • MDB

      I saw this on Reuter’s last night. The House still has to finish the job but it appears there is little doubt that they will, indeed, do so. Once again North Carolina steps back into the Stone Age. One would haventhought that they might have learned something from the smackdown of Amendment One. But then again it IS North Carolina, never mind…………………………..

    • AmericanPaPISSED

      Isn’t this just a boycott waiting to happen?

      • David Walker

        One could hope, but it’s vacation time and the Outer Banks, Smoky Mountains, and Blue Ridge Mountains beckon.

    • Jonty Coppersmith

      It was certainly a win/win for the governor who wanted to appear moderate while knowing full well that the legislature would take care of his veto.

      • David Walker

        Srsly. How “transparent” can you get?

  • TommyTune

    It’s a shame to see such a nice state go completely down the tubes since the Republicans got hold of the reins of state government.

  • chris james

    I think NC is in a contest with SC to see who can be the most bigoted state…and Lindsey Graham thinks he can run for President LOL.
    The sad fact is that NC has a lot of northern transplants and many of them are of retirement age. Since we see the kind of elected officials dominating the state I can only imagine all those folks brought their prejudices with them to the south and they are going to pay for it.
    Let the lawsuits begin.

    • Joe in PA

      and a LOT of tech companies that won’t take kindly to this.

      • Todd20036

        That’s what will change people’s minds. If this state continues to discriminate against us, many Fortune 500 companies will relocate and/or not expand.
        Money talks. Just ask Indiana.

    • Ninja0980

      Not only that but the 2010 elections allowed Republicans to gerrymandered the state.
      Sad to say but the Republicans will be in control until the maps can be redrawn.

    • Stev84

      NC has a lot of normal people around Raleigh-Durham. The rest are the usual southern assholes.

      • RobynWatts

        So does Asheville. In fact, we are really hated in Raleigh since the Republicans in state goverment wanted to take over our water system and airport and turn it over to private entities (in other words, auction infrastructure off to the highest bidder to pocket the cash).

        Also, Charlotte isn’t well like for the same reason that the state wants to take over Charlotte-Douglas Airport.

      • Chris Baker

        hey, Charlotte too! It’s all the rural voters dragging us down.

        But remember, as of a few years ago, this is the first time in a Century that Democrats haven’t controlled the legislature. Democrats blocked the marriage amendment until (R)s took over. (NC was one of the the last states to pass a marriage amendment, BTW).

        Yea, this law is BS, but just a minor, half-assed, last-ditch effort that will have little or no effect, since those magistrates won’t be able to perform -any-marriages, so it will be more of an inconvenience to the straight couples, since there are more of them.

  • Ninja0980

    Sad to say but there is already a state that allows this and it’s the one I’m in, good old New York.
    I understand why the deal with the devil was made but it irks me that some county clerks are allowed to treat county clerk offices as churches and refuse to do their jobs when it comes to us.
    Such a shame NC appears to be ready to do the same thing.

  • Joe in PA

    must stop performing marriage duties for both gay and heterosexual couples for at least six months…. WTF? So after 6 months it’s ok to start discriminating again?

    [rhetorical question]

    • KT

      Seriously, it makes no sense. After six months, they will still refuse to perform the marriage duties so they will be prevented from performing them for another six months. So they will never perform marriage duties – it will be an endless loop of discrimination.

    • Jonty Coppersmith

      I think it is so they can’t JUST refuse gay people to their face on a case by case basis. If they don’t want to serve gay folks then they can’t officiate any marriages at all. What I’m not clear on is whether this bill only covers magistrates or does it also cover clerks in the register of deeds office who are responsible for issuing marriage licenses?

  • Ninja0980

    Another thing to note.
    The same people screaming about how clerks and magistrates shouldn’t be fired for refusing to do their jobs have no qualms if someone who is LGBT is fired solely for that reason.
    Gotta “love” the hypocrisy.

    • TrollopeReader

      I’m sure they’ll find some mis-translated verse in the bible to justify their hypocrisy ….

  • JustSayin

    No surprise here……now the question becomes will the liberals who could not be bothered to vote during the midterms learn to get off their asses and vote in every election? Or will they continue to say it is someone else’s duty, that one vote doesn’t count, or they were just too darn busy looking fabulous to take the time to vote….2016 and 2018 will tell.

    • Jonty Coppersmith

      Young people often only vote in presidential years. Older people generally speaking vote more consistently. It will be harder now for younger folks to vote here. Under the new voter ID law college/university ID will not be accepted for voting. The republican controlled boards of elections in many places have also abolished polling places on college campuses to make the young vote even smaller. Other groups will likely see reduced participation including the poor, disabled, and racial minorities. The Democratic Party here, as in many places, has suffered greatly recently. One of the big party leaders was murdered by her gay friend in an attempt to cover the fact that he had been stealing party funds.

    • Vista-Cruiser

      Exactly. This is a direct and foreseeable result of Democratic-leaning residents of North Carolina not bothering to vote in 2010 and 2014.

  • JustSayin

    So what happens if the judge and register of deeds also object? And why does the register of deeds marry people? Does the law there deed the wife to the husband?

    • TrollopeReader

      odd how “obey and submit” applies to marriages, but not to magistrates ….

    • Jonty Coppersmith

      The register of deeds office maintains deed records but also birth, death and marriage certificates. That is where you go to get a marriage license. I don’t think the register of deeds usually performs marriages, only that they will now sub for recusing magistrates. So I’m wondering if this bill allows the magistrates to opt out but the register of deeds can’t?

  • BudClark

    They can kiss tourist and corporate money good-bye. Tourist money,
    because it is literally UNSAFE to travel in a state where one is a legal
    “stranger” to one’s spouse and children; corporate money, for less than
    altruistic reasons, in some cases — multi-state companies simply can’t
    be bothered with the tax reporting nightmare — one is married and has
    to file jointly in State (A); one is not married and has to file singly
    in State (B); of course there is the SMALL matter of same-sex
    couples becoming “UNMARRIED” and one’s children becoming “UN-ADOPTED”
    when one crosses state lines … never mind the blatant violations of
    the 1st and 14th Amendments. IF SCOTUS rules in our favor, I’m not sure
    how much THAT will “straighten” out these blatantly unconstitutional
    KKKonservative KKKriSTAINist KKKultist illegal “religious privilege”
    laws, but one can hope. Gee, it must be nice to have a sinecure where
    one doesn’t have to perform the portion of one’s duties that one doesn’t
    “believe” in and still be paid one’s full salary and benefits OUT OF
    THE TAXPAYERS’ POCKETS. And, oh, by the way, “taxpayers” include GLBTQAI
    *citizens*. One wonders if scientists can still hold their jobs if they
    don’t “believe” in gravity or evolution. One would doubt it.

  • shellback

    What happens when an enlightened magistrate refuses to marry xtians based on sincerely held beliefs?

    • TrollopeReader

      fired. on the spot!

  • John P.

    It’s going to be real close.

  • Mark

    I’m so pleased NC is doing so well and there’s no need for things such as jobs creation, infrastructure is in perfect condition, homeless are all cared for, there are no hungry residents – must be great to live in Utopia! (snark)

    • MickinDetroit

      bread and circuses to distract the lumpen prols that dominate the american electorate.

      • Mark

        I used to shop at Bread & Circus when visiting in MA – great store! Oh, I see what you did! you’re right!

  • KnownDonorDad

    The bill says the court officials who disclose a “sincerely held religious objection” must stop performing marriage duties for both gay and heterosexual couples for at least six months.

    So they’re cutting off their nose to spite their face. Lovely.

    • That Guy

      That’s… not as bad as I originally thought. I pictured court officials picking and choosing which marriages they perform, but this at least means that any bigoted shitbags will only be able to disrespect one gay couple before they’re moved to somewhere else. Still another black eye for a state that’s inflicted many on itself the last 5 years.

      • MickinDetroit

        What black eyes? any of these folks going to lose their seats? No. Actually, if anyone is at risk here its the Gov for the veto. I wouldn’t’ be surprised to see a recall election certified for that betrayal.

        • Jonty Coppersmith

          We do not have citizen-sponsored initiatives or propositions in this state, nor as far as I’ve ever known do we have such a thing as recall elections. Regularly scheduled elections serve as the only recall option.

          • MickinDetroit

            ah… no wonder he felt he could veto it. I suppose he also didn’t really have to worry about it much anyway with veto proof majorities in both houses.

            Back to the original point though…any R going to lose a seat over this? Of course not. It’ll likely featured prominently on their campaign literature.

          • Jonty Coppersmith

            No one will lose his seat, or at least it would shock me greatly. The things they have done here are astounding from attacking teachers trying to force them to give up tenure in order to be eligible for any raises, to limiting unemployment to only 12 weeks, to a flat state income tax which essentially meant about a 20% tax cut for the richest people while the middle tax bracket saw about a 0.3% cut, and the lowest/poorest actually saw a fraction of a percent increase. Those along with limiting medicaid and implementing all kinds of new fees and taxes on previously untaxed services have allowed them to claim a budget surplus.

  • TrollopeReader

    Isn’t NC the place where the “pastor” wanted us all rounded up, and placed in a walled-in community (and they’d provide some sort of food)….and we’d all die off, and then there would be no more gays and lesbians, ‘cuz we only come from gay breeding, or something….

  • rextrek1

    ..and NC will see my tourism dollars…NEVER!

  • These odious politicians who are suckling off the teats of the extreme right wing xtians have taken a page from the deny abortion care folks. To fence it in with ridiculous nonsensical laws, to pervert the federal law any way they can. We may win SCOTUS, but our fight looks to be a long slog thru the morass of religious stupidity.

  • Octavio


  • Ian

    It’s a little on the … inaprops side to have something in your constitution requiring three-fifths vote…especially a southern state.

  • Fox

    Just to clarify, the bill doesn’t actually use the words gay or heterosexual. It goes with the generic “may not perform any marriage.”

  • Michael Hampton

    Yet another in a long list of reasons I will never travel to North Carolina.

  • ben-andy

    When we saw this pass last week, I posted some maths about it. Since it is all about numbers, I’m using the ones given above. Note that 65-44 is only 59.633028% in favor. Last week we saw 66-44 which was exactly 60%. Probably the fog of war.

    The NC House has 120 members. But the override percentage is only calculated on the number of members both PRESENT and VOTING. If 10 members were “absent”, which has been widely reported, then there was at least ONE member present who didn’t vote. So, if they get to 72, this moves directly to the courts and we know how that will come out though it will take probably at least 2 years.

    But what if they DON’T get to 72? We only have to peel ONE vote off the full house because 71/119 is 59.663866%. These are OTHER vote tallies that would be greater than or equal to 60%. Right now it is THEY that have to put up or shut up [though they won’t shut up, but I’ll take SADZ any day]:

    71/118, 70/116, 69/115, 69/114, 68/113, 68/112, 67/111, 66/110, 66/109, 65/108.

    People will be “sick” or “out of town” or needing to “wash the cat” or any number of other “excuses”. That might work both for and against us. But, corporate pressure is leaning for us. NC doesn’t want to be another Indiana. And this bill is WORSE as it is public officials who’d be doing the discriminating which is also why it is not Constitutional.

    But that might take it going all the way back up to the Supremes and the Windsor Five all still serving on that court in 2018.

  • Cosmo Tupper

    Loving the radical christianists more and more every day…..NOT!