Where Gay Men Are The Happiest

Via the Washington Post:

Planet Romeo, an Amsterdam-based dating and community site, collaborated with the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany to carry out an online survey of 115,000 gay men around the world. They combined rankings on public opinion, public behavior and life satisfaction – how gay men feel about society’s view on homosexuality, how gay men feel they are treated by other people, and how satisfied gay men are with their own lives, respectively – into one worldwide ranking on gay happiness. Iceland tops their list as the country where gay men are the happiest, followed by Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Canada, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The United States ranks 26th in the list. The 10 worst countries by this ranking are Kazakhstan, Ghana, Cameroon, Iran, Nigeria, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda.

Hit the link and scroll down for the full ranking.

  • bkmn

    A bit surprised Russia isn’t further up on the unhappy side.

  • Rocketeer500

    Not surprised that Kazakhstan is ranked the worst.

  • Capritaur

    We are so close to completely uprooting the foundation of Western civilization, I think it’s time to talk about world domination.

    • Rocketeer500

      Before world domination, we need to learn how to control the weather better. Some of you guys are just going crazy over Texas.

      • oikos

        We were just testing their infrastructure.

      • bcarter3

        We’re just softening them up for the Invasion.

        • PLAINTOM

          FEMA arrives shortly.

      • Megrim Twist

        They asked for it.

    • GC
      • oikos

        Christers and repugs won’t go for the cooperation model, therefore we need to send them off world somewhere.

        • Gery Weißschädel

          Apparently Mars is on the list for manned missions.

        • Rocketeer500

          I hear Kazakhstan is lovely this time of year.

          • oikos

            I’m thinking an ice shelf in the Antarctic.

          • JustDucky

            Seems reasonable. And I don’t see why they’d object to that. After all, it’s not like they believe in global warming.

    • Tor

      We obviously have a lot of work to do in Africa and Eurasia.

    • BobSF_94117


      • DaddyRay

        I know, the first rule of learning about the BIG GAY WEATHER MACHINE™, is you don’t talk about it out loud.


      Everyone please refer to appendix Omega in the Gay Agenda.

      • SockMikey

        Is there an app for that?

  • Once SCOTUS rules in our favor, and we can neutralize right wing xtians spewing hate and violence, our country should shade into a darker green. Sigh talk about a pipe dream.

  • Tor

    And Kazakhstan wants the Olympics….

  • Mikey

    the numbers of respondents for each country sort of skewer the results and render them questionable.
    There’s no reason for Canada to be so low on a “happiness” index for LGBT people. Unless the questions included aspects that had nothing to do with LGBT life. Canada has had full equality, full rights, for a long time, longer than every country on this list save one (and that one, by a matter of mere days).

    • Canadian Observer

      When did 6 become “low”, especially when four of the top five are nordic?

      Then again, we do love to complain here in the land of ice and snow, and the two week break for mosquitoes and black flies…

  • another_steve

    These “surveys” are so stupid. They only capture the opinions of out queers who participate in surveys and polls. A very small segment of our community.

    I live in the United States and am quite happy, thank you.

    All the cashiers at my local supermarket know me and my man. When one of us is missing, they worry and inquire. I live in a state — Maryland — where back in 2012 a majority of voters voted to afford me and the love of my life the same dignity they wished for themselves.

    Life is good.

    • BaddogLtd

      Totally agree Steve. I’m always a little doubtful of polls that treat the US as a single entity. Folks in Massachusettes were marrying before almost everyone on the list and folks in Texas may be much later. But for many of us inbetween the quality of life has been dramatically improved. Life is good : )

      • Mark

        Agreed! Following the color scheme – Texas is pitch black – with a couple-two-three metro areas of dark purple.

    • GarySFBCN

      Having worked with teams developing safe-sex surveys, many closeted gay men do participate in surveys such as this.

      • BaddogLtd

        But a survey in San Francisco is going to look dramatically different than one taken in Lubbock Texas. I think that’s where the disconnect happens. If I were a gay man in Belgium would I look at this poll and say “Oh I’m not visiting New York City, gays aren’t happy in America”.

        • GarySFBCN

          You really think that people make travel plans based upon this survey?

          • BaddogLtd

            Well that’s not the point I was making but if you read TommyTune’s comment at the top of the page that’s exactly what some folks are doing.

          • brian

            Or at least, I hope not.

      • bambinoitaliano

        Happy to be downlow does not make happy gay no? Wonder how many priests that goes on Grindr did this survey.

        • GarySFBCN

          I don’t know if they are happy, but the claim was that closeted gay men don’t take these surveys and I say that they do.

    • Gustav2

      In Columbus, Ohio the cashiers at the local market say: “Oh, you dragged him along today! Special occasion?” because I only go when we are having company. I cook for company, he cooks everyday.

      Yes, life is good because everyone treats us like we are married, even tho we can’t.

      • Ian

        Such a sweet story. I was at our Mega-Vons in Pasadena and the lovely cashier I always go to and I exchanged “I Love Lucy”-esque stories about our boyfriends, we are the Lucys of our relationships. Corner. Turned.

      • brian

        This mid-morning I went to our local Safeway and within minutes of entering the store I was welcomed by a cashier saying hello over the store intercom. Needless to say, I flushed with embarrassment. Small town feel in California’s third largest city, San Jose (population 1 million). Life is good here if you can afford to live here.

        • fuzzybits

          We could in the 80’s. 🙂

    • Cylux

      Surveys that compare Iceland (123 participants) & Uruguay (53 participants) favourably to Germany (29325 participants) no less!

      • GarySFBCN

        Actually, as a percent of total population, Iceland had the highest participation out of the 3 countries. But probably not a statistically significant sample size.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Yup. the sample is very small. Not scientific enough to warrant any credit. I am not very happy with this survey. does not mean I’m not a happy gay in Canada. They never pole me 😛

      • brian

        LOL. I can relate. Although I did get a telephone POLL last evening.

    • zhera

      Tough luck! The survey says you shan’t be happy, so wipe that goofy grin off your face!


    • aschops

      That was an online survey – respondents could participate even if they were not out. I doubt many of the Middle Eastern respondents, for example, would be “out queers”.

    • canoebum

      To be fair, such surveys not scientific, but they can provide useful information. Sure, its not gospel, but it does shed some light on the state of things worldwide. I read it and found it interesting.

  • Kathy Coman

    Problem with the map: Greenland, a part of Denmark, approved same sex marriage.

    • canoebum

      That just happened yesterday. This poll was probably taken over a few months ago, with the results just now ready for publication.

  • GarySFBCN

    It would have been enlightening if the surveyors compared the gay happiness data with the happiness factor for all people in each country.

    • scorpiomike

      That is what I was thinking. Some of the happiest places in this list seem to match with previous lists I have seen for people in general.

    • zhera

      At least for Scandinavia it’s a very similar result.

  • Dennis

    I don’t see “between Hugh Jackman’s arms” listed

    • LonelyLiberal

      Mostly because it’s “Between Hugh Jackman’s Legs.”

    • TommyTune

      Well if you can’t go there in person you can at least smell like you have. His signature scent is Timbuktu from L’Artisan Parfumeur. It’s a wonderful fragrance and one of my favorites.

    • zhera

      Arms? Disappointing. I would expect JMGers to say thighs, or ass cheeks.

      • BlueberriesForMe

        All 3. Plus a few more.

    • BobSF_94117

      Well, of course not, silly. By definition, it’s off the charts…

  • TommyTune

    A handy list to have around when contemplating a vacation abroad – for places to go and places to avoid like the plague.

  • fuzzygruf

    Where is “Atop Jeremy Piven”???

  • Ian

    Having just returned from a Scandinavian adventure. I know exactly why those boys are so happy. They make the winters worth it! Looking at you Zhera!

    • zhera


      I’m not gay, and not a man, but I’m very happy that gay people are happy in Norway!

      ps. Where did you go on your adventure?

      • Ian

        Well, all that notwithstanding you’ve got a wonderful country! And I went to Copenhagen, Bergen, Gothenburg, and back to Copenhagen. All in it took three weeks. I spent the majority of the time in CPH because I’ve got a family I stayed with when I studied in DK. I’m in love with the Danish people. Outside of DK though, Bergen is my favorite city in Europe.

        • zhera

          Bergen is my city. 😀

          Did it rain when you were here? We do get a lot of rain…

          • Ian

            It did rain a day or two I was there. To be expected in April. It was damn cold though everywhere I went. Copenhagen was really nice weather for the time I was there and now my family is reporting that it’s absolute crap.

          • zhera

            Cold = another excuse to snuggle. 😀

            I’m happy you had a good time here.

          • Kevin-in-Honolulu

            I absolutely ADORE Norway, Zhera! I am trying to find out how I could live there several months a year…preferably winter and spring.

          • zhera

            Are you crazy? You prefer Norway over Hawaii?

            I mean, it’s great that you like it here so much but, dude; Hawaii! WTF!


  • DutchBoy74
  • zhera

    I think the interesting part here is the red/grey/green column. Russia and Uganda are indeed horrible places.

    • BobSF_94117

      I have little doubt, the vast majority of Ugandan citizens, gay or straight, would be thrilled to move to Russia…

  • Octavio

    Notice how dark and green Uruguay is, right there between Argentina and Brazil. Yup. Nice place. 🙂

    • Steven Leahy

      Ever seen Burnt Money/Plata Quemada? One of the best movies with gay characters (and most erotic) I have ever seen. From Argentina and based on the true story of two gay lovers who were criminals in 1960’s Argentina and Uruguay.

      • Octavio

        I have not seen that film. I will look for it. Thanks. 🙂

    • canoebum

      High on my list of places to visit.

      • Octavio

        It’s an odd country. No real mountains to speak of. Montevideo is a smaller version of Buenos Aires. But Punte del Este will open your eyes. And the small pueblos along the Rio de la Plata are exotic confections of colonial architecture decorated in ancient American automobiles from between the world wars. The autos more often than not actually run, too. And the Rioplatense accent is even thicker in Uruguay than in BsAs, which is quite an accomplishment. 🙂

        • canoebum

          Thanks. My fiance is from Maracaibo. After our trip to Cartagena next week, Uruguay may the be next destination for us. I’d love to go visit him in Venezuela, hear him sing (he’s a gaitero), but with the way things are there now, it’s simply not possible. I’d be targeted for kidnapping before I got out of the airport.

          • Octavio

            You are 110% correct. Even before Chavez fucked over Venezuela you would have been marked for a drug mugging. Criminals are famous for being extra friendly and offering strangers chewing gum, which is drugged and will knock you out for hours. I thought it was just an urban myth. But I’ve met too many people (including Venezuelans) who have been robbed with “chicle evenenado”. 🙁

  • Gregory In Seattle

    The US ranks below most other developed countries, and below even a few developing countries. Imagine my surprise.

    • Steven Leahy

      I think in the US it depends heavily on where you live. Some areas are probably great; others, like where I live, not so much.

  • Paul Weidig

    I notice that The (Infamous) Gambia is missing from the list. Also none of the United Arab Emirates.

    • Also missing: Ryan Gosling’s bed. Then again, you can’t really put it on a map or everyone would be applying for entrance visas.

  • SockMikey

    “Where gay men are happiest”

    I saw that map and immediately thought, They’re happier coloring maps!

  • Cyril

    I was just looking for a reason to book a trip to South America

  • Adam

    You can keep calling Israel’s acceptance of gays “pinkwashing”, but 7th place is 7th place.

  • So… do they have a poll like this for lesbians?